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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Blue Beetle
Good Deeds Page!!

Current Tasks:

1. Tell Us Who Has The Original Art For The Blue Beetle Character Card

That's right kids! The infamous twinz have dedicated part of twinz, inc. OverPower to everybody's favorite duplicate hero from the Justice League expansion. Stay tuned here and check out #OverPower for your opportunity to win a signed Blue Beetle hero card!! We're also accepting Blue Beetle donations, so if you have some JLA cardboard that ya wanna get rid of, e-mail us!

Players / collectors who have earned a Blue Beetle along with Certificate of Infamy:

1. Tak
Tak found us pics of Tyler Mane for our X-Men Movie page.

2. Mark Reeves
Mark won the first offical twinz, inc. OverPower contest. Click here for details.

3. Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson
Chad completed the previously listed task of hooking us up with a Catwoman: Whiplash holo.

4. Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson
Chad has again been recognized for his contributions to OverPower players, so he got another award.

5. Mike Alberts
Yes, one of us won our own bounty at the Pittsburgh Comicon by advancing the furthest with Blue Beetle. So yeah, that means we presented one of us with our own award.

He was kind enough to send us files of the OverPower Meta Rules from the old official site, along with some other great material to be used. A truely dedicated and helpful OverPower player!

Players / collectors who have donated Blue Beetle hero cards for our worthy cause:

1. Larry VanEtten: OP Orange King
We greatly appreciate LVE making his EXTREMELY generous contribution of Blue Beetles.

2. Vacant (This could be YOU!)