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All the decks you'll find on this page were composed with Norman Barth's OPDeck, the definitive OverPower deck building program. We left the decks in their original form, since Norm did a great job with the HTML option. Feel free to e-mail us with success stories of our decks, or to tell us that we have absolutely no skill and you want our heads on a platter. We prefer the first, 2 to 1.

Bad Bad Girls Big Energy Intellect
DC Energy / Intellect Energy Cheese
Inman's Team Stark Enterprises
FF Villains Gamma Base
Marrow & Friends Weather Control
Beyonder Energy Team Hired Muscle

Note: For most of the decks, we didn't list the generic homebases (Marvel Manhatten, Marvel Universe, Omniverse, & Team OverPower). Of course, if you're in a tourney, and your opponent's using one, you'd better have one to cancel that 1 crucial Venture point or to place that Unlucky at Love.