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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Most Wanted

Here you'll find a collection of OverPower's Most Wanted heroes that we will NEVER see

Yup, that's right. That ugly green guy on your level 8 power cards. Arguably the Hulk's strongest villain, and one of the downright nastiest. A victim of The Sewer's "all-star" roster, he'd be nice to have.

No, not this crappy Horseman of Apocalypse garbage or Mr. Leather-Wing from Mutant-X, although the title kicks ass. We want Warren... not Psycho Warren, not Alterniverse Warren, just plain ol', original member of the X-Men, blue-faced playboy that hangs around Psylocke Angel with feathered wings. Is that too much to ask?? Yay! They've announced the arrival of Angel in The Marvels expansion! What's that? The OP staff was fired?!?! But isn't that a good thing? Oh. Damnit, on to the others.

Well, OverPower never gave the fans a whole lot of say in improving gameplay, the future of the game, and what-not. On the other hand, the comic book industry will give the fans what they want, if you whine long enough! Now how'd we get on this topic... Oh yeah, Blink! She finally made her way back into the books with her own limited series ("Blink" of course) that's evolving into a monthly series ("Exiles") featuring Blink and her Age of Apocalypse compadres. Took 6 years, but Blink's back. Unfortunately, she'll remain just a name on your AoA location, as she'll never see true OverPower print. *sniff*

Can you say "May play any Superman specials" ?? You can? Great. However, we're not too fond of those inherents. Give the man his own kick-ass stuff. Too bad DC3 never happened. :(

Black Tom Cassidy
Banshee's evil brother. Juggernaut's best friend. One of the most dangerous men in the X-Universe. Along with his nifty little powers and magic stick, Black Tom would provide interesting and powerful gameplay for everyone.

Yup. Marvel's original vampire hunter. After a smash-hit movie and a should-have-been-released PC game (courtesy of Zero Gravity.... read: advertisement), Blade would make one cool OverPower character. 'Nuff said.

This mutant hayseed/eternal just happens to be one of the hottest mutants on the scene. Sam Guthrie graduated from the nomadic X-Force to become a member of the legendary mutant outlaws, the Uncanny X-Men. Then he went back to hang with the Cable-trainees. This proves that he's worthy of his own OverPower cards.

Spider-Man's first super-vilain. Also recognized as Kraven's brother, who's listed below. Anyway, just give him a decent Intellect, along with outstanding abilities & specials, and this Russian terrorist will give EVERYBODY the chills.

Cloak & Dagger
Even after the 'spectacular' Classic expansion, we seem to be missing some of Marvel's classic characters. Let's see what Tyrone Johnson & Tandy Bowen are capable of!

OK... Maxwell Dillon. In our opinion, one of Spidey's coolest villains. "Absolute Evil" would have surely brought us some cool baddies, like our man Electro. His old costume was great!

Evil Ernie
Hell, we'd settle for anybody from CHAOS! Comics. Lady Death, Purgatory, or even Smiley the Psychotic Button himself. CrossOverPower woulda been nice.

Impossible Man
One of the most humorous characters to ever *POP* out (pun fully intended) of Marvel's House of Ideas. Give ol' Impy a nifty inherent and some awesome specs with the great art he deserves, and there you have it: Instant Impossible Man.

Kraven The Hunter. The man who nearly KO'd the wall-crawler for good. Easily a F/S character, with awesome specials to boot. Yet another classic Spidey character DYING for attention.

One of the first (and coolest) of Spidey-villains to hit the scene, Dr. Curt Conners could unleash his primal rage onto the world of OverPower. The Sewer said he was coming. It's just a matter of time... but don't hold your breath.

Definitely a must, if we EVER get to see another OP set. C'mon, who wouldn't want to see the Main Man rompin' and stompin' over the OverPower world?! We know for a fact that Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson would be muy excited if Lobo entered OverPower play.

Marvel's Lord of Lies, Ruler of Hell, Master of Manipulation. As his listing on the Sanctum Sanctorum location indicates, he was well on his way. Give ol' Beelzebub an 8I (To compete with Malebolgia and Neron), and Marvel's dispicable devil will prove to be a formidable opponent of any deck.

Mr. Freeze
Victor Fries, one of the coolest (again, wonderful pun) Batman villains around. Not exactly dumb as a stick, if ya smell what we're cookin'. He'd have decent E & S, too! Again, although DC3 is impossible, he'd be a must for any DC expansion.

Moon Knight
Get yourself any Moon Knight issue, and sit back for a great read. He's easily capable of a 7F, along with a decent Intellect rating. Specials? He's loaded with devices. Marc Spector, where are you?!

Make 'im while ya still can! Even though Pyro's been fighting it hard, the Legacy Virus has the potential to eventually put him down for the count. Don't miss out on one of the coolest X-Men villains around. Pyrokinesis would explode onto the OverPower scene; and since the Legacy Virus was recently cured in the books (Uncanny X-Men 392, right?), Pyro should be healthy in no time!!

Look at one of your many MojoWorld locations. Closer now. What's that, you say? No Shatterstar hero? Exactly. And with X-Men OverPower, they missed the perfect opportunity to display this interesting character's potential. Give the possible son of Longshot & Dazzler the credit he needs, courtesy of an 8F.

The Skrulls
They gave us The Kree, they gave us The Shi'ar, and they even gave us The Brood. How could the Skrulls be far behind? They can shapeshift for cool specials, and have some well-known heavy hitters in the MU.

No, not that Stryfe. We mean the one in the comic books. Yeah, Cable's clone. The man responsible for unleashing that oh-so-nasty Legacy Virus onto the Marvel Universe. Give this villain at least a 7I, and you're on your way to kickin' some major mutie booty!

The Undertaker
Look Ma, no pupils! The WWF's own Phenom. And he's the star of his own CHAOS! comic book. CrossOverPower really woulda rocked. How cool would it be to have a 'rassler on your team?!

Wonder Man
Lights, Camera, ACTION! Have you all seen the Avengers: United They Stand cartoon yet? You have? We're sorry to hear that. But did you see his new action figure?! Simon Williams with light-up eyes & fists sits upon our 19" monitor. Yes, we said 19". Regardless, he definitely would have been fun to put on your OP team with Beast.