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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Baseball Superheroes

What's the deal with these, you ask? We came across two baseball subset cards at a local show, and matched 'em with their OverPower counterparts. We've since completed the set, and all the pages will be completed shortly. The cards were from the 1998 Skybox Dugout Axcess set.

Click on the names to go to the respective page that features the card images and the write-ups that appear on the card backs.

1. Barry Bonds & Thor

2. Andres Galarraga & Mr. Fantastic

3. Ken Griffey, Jr. & Spider-Man

4. Chipper Jones & Captain America

5. Andruw Jones & Silver Surfer

6. Hideo Nomo & Human Torch

7. Cal Ripken, Jr. & Iron Man

8. Alex Rodriguez & Namor

9. Frank Thomas & Colossus

10. Mo Vaughn & Hulk

Note: Some of the OP images were from the OverPower Scans Museum, a great site that we contributed to, but like many OverPower sites, is no longer available.