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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Um, disregard this page for now until we can figure out if this list is still around... we think it is... We'll let you know either way.

In a world where only the strong survive and the weak are forgotten, the fittest players carry on...

OverPower Unlimited

The Mailing List For OverPower Players Since January 25, 2000

The OverPower Alliance Mailing List Fan Club was the premiere source for everything OverPower on the Internet. The OPA enjoyed a long successful run, but the volunteers involved moved on with their non-OP lives... then there was hope from none other than the infamous twinz. OverPower Unlimited was born, your OP Mailing List!

Talk about anything you guys want, OverPower, Decks, Strategies, Heroes, Comics, Rasslin, other CCGs, Porn, cool stuff on eBay, ANYTHING!

Once you're all subscribed, when you want to send an e-mail through to everyone on the list, direct it to OPU@topica.com.

We will of course get to see the message first, just in case you try to talk trash on the infamous twinz or say something that might offend someone. Remember, send your messages to OPU@topica.com.

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