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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Home of the ONLY trading page that is updated to the minute.

Last Major Update: 07-28-03

twinz, inc. is back!
Like the new look? We do too. Gettin' back to basics, twinz, inc. style. Surf around and enjoy the nostalgia, we're cookin' up some new stuff which should be released shortly. We mean it this time!

Sorry about the banners & pop-ups... it's supposed to be just the banners, which we kindly threw at the bottom of each page since Tripod requires it for their free accounts. As for the pop-ups? Well, don't bitch to us, 'cause they're not supposed to be there. Send a nasty e-mail to Tripod about it. Do you see pop-ups on our HeroClix site? Nope. Dunno why they're rearing their ugly heads on our infamous OverPower pages. Maybe one of these days we'll get a real server. Donations are welcome. Or just send us some Blue Beetles, that always brightens our day. We'll put your name on the Blue Beetle Appreciation page too. Doesn't that sound good? Of course it does. Send us something.

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