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twinz, inc. HeroClix


by the infamous twinz

Oh, and you can bypass all this if you want by checking out a cool Java Client courtesy of the folks behind OverPower Online. Make sure you read it anyway though, 'cause it's funny at times and very informative.

Q: What the heck is IRC?!
A: IRC is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat. That means the chat is in constant motion, with everyone in the channel (chatroom) typing in real-time.

Q: Okay, so how do I get into the #OverPower channel?
A: To get started, you need a program that runs on the IRC client. We suggest mIRC, since that's what we use. You can download the latest version of mIRC here.

Q: I did that. Why isn't there anyone in the #OverPower channel?
A: Because you're probably on UnderNet. Our channel is located on IRC Highway. It's no big deal, just a different server. Go to the #OverPower homepage for more info on this topic. Use any of the servers listed below. If you add all those servers into the same Group, then your client will automatically move to the next server if the current one is full.

To connect to any server use: irc.irchighway.net
To connect to an European server use: eu.irchighway.net
To connect to an American server use: us.irchighway.net
To connect to a Canadian server use: ca.irchighway.net
To connect to an Asian server use: as.irchighway.net
To connect to an Australian server use: au.irchighway.net

Q: I feel silly now. Why is that?
A: You didn't go to the #OverPower homepage prior to viewing this section.

Q: Ah, that makes sense.
A: That wasn't a question. Next!

Q: I finally got into #OverPower on IRC Chat, and the only person there is @Guardian. Why won't he talk to me?
A: Guardian isn't a person. It's a bot. It patrols the channel just like our troops in the desert. The @ in front of its name indicates that it is a channel operator. All the operators have 'em.

Q: What do the channel operators do?
A: Operate the channel, duh. Operators (ops) have the power in the channel. They control and mediate everything that happens. They can change the topics, kick & ban people, and tell you what to do. Or else! There are different ranks of ops also. Don't worry, they don't bite and they're not violent, just the opposite.

Q: What do you mean by ranks?
A: Some operators have higher access than others, which shows that the person with more access has higher authority. The highest level is 500, which is held solely by the Channel Manager (CM). The current CM is JCTango, co-creator of OverPower Online.

Q: Why isn't Stryfe in charge of #OverPower?
A: While #OverPower has changed servers many, many times over the years, it's also changed ownership a few times. Stryfe is now known as kNe3Lb4Z0d, and he still comes around to show the new boys a thing or two. Tango Fett is in charge now, he's a good guy.

Q: Can I be an operator?
A: Don't beg for ops, ever. We're not in charge of access, but the only way to become an op is to come in the channel often, and you gotta be nice to the big guns.

Q: Why isn't there anyone else in the channel, besides Guardian, whenever I go in?
A: Because people like you don't stay! Come in and hang out for a while, even if nobody else is there. We'll be along soon, as we like to stop in throughout the day to see what's going on. Another name you shouldn't worry about is statbot, that's also a bot who's there for other purposes.

Q: Wow, how come you guys know so much?
A: It's a gift.

Q: Oh. Can I join your fan club?
A: We don't have an official fan club, but feel free to bow down before the infamous twinz any time you please. Or send us Blue Beetles, that's always helpful and philanthropic.

* Guardian hates chefsride