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twinz, inc. HeroClix
"Top 10 Ways To Revive OverPower"

Brak's Winning Entry

Top Ten Ways to Revive OverPower:

10) Hypnotize Bill Gates into thinking OverPower is a good business venture.

9) Britney Spheres.

8) Cause X-Men TCG to die to eliminate competiton.

7) Destroy all CCG's and pass law condeming all who create CCG's except OverPower.

6) Put a million dollar bill in every other pack as an incentive.

5) Transfer the Marvel curse from the card games back to the movies.

4) The Necronomicon.

3) Put the word "Pokemon" on all the packages of cards.

2) Find those accidental inserts!

And the number one way to revive OverPower...

1) Freeze Hell over.