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twinz, inc. HeroClix


He came from the future to join the legendary X-Men to prevent the ruling of the world by Sentinels. Also, he stated that one of the X-Men was a traitor and would kill the rest of 'em. Some say that Charlie was the X-Traitor as Onslaught. However, he didn't kill any X-Men, did he? Did he even try hard enough? Anyway, let's see how good Bishop is in OverPower. Very good. Very, very good.

BISHOP <OP> 5-6-4 (15)
Bishop was granted OverPower stardom back in '95 when the game just started. Even though 15 points was a hefty sum, and he was only max-6, his Specials more than made up for it. Why he got 2 huge attacks in Original? We dunno. Maybe Fleer should've given everybody huge attacks. Getting back on track, don't use this one unless it's as an activator.

BISHOP <OHP> 5-6-4 (15)
Hey, this one is more useless than the previous. Wow, they have the same stats!! Why do we review the placards? No particular reason except they're on GDMJR's checklists.

BISHOP <IQ> 6-7-4-3 (20)
Major upgrade! Got a +1 in Energy and Fighting for a whopping 20 points. Again, he's well worth the price. Toss Hawkeye in Reserve and you got it made. The only way to go with Bishop.

Avoid 1 Energy attack - Bishop's Energy skill is increased to 8 for remainder of battle

Like we said, Bishop has awesome Specials. Honest! Yeah, just kinda ignore this one. The chances of it doing any good at all are as good as Todd giving you his balls.

Avoid 1 attack.

He already had two big freakin' attacks, and PowerSurge gives him an AG! Bishop is definitely gonna have a red dot on his forehead, so toss a couple in.

Attack made on teammate is now made on Bishop, who may defend it

If you like to use these, go ahead and put one in, we won't stop you. But you may be better off with JLA or something from your Battlesite.

Acts as a level 4 Intellect attack.

No, this isn't one of the big whopping super-duper attacks we've been preaching about. However, it's a higher Intellect attack that he can normally make. We toss one in just for fun, but we're not building your decks. Maybe we should though. Hey, that's an idear.

Acts as level 9 Energy attack

Wa-Hooooo! Here's the reason Bishop is so freakin' incredible. And you thought Cable's gun was cool. Bishop's is just as good. If you don't have it for your Bishop, we have one for trade! Yeah, use it.

Acts as level 8 Energy, Strength, or Fighting attack

What the?! Another big momma attack! And this one's MultiPowered! Okay, Bishop definitely goes on your front line now, right? Oh, and we have this one for trade also.

Sort through Defeated Heroes Pile and remove 1 Event card. Put Event card into Draw Pile. Reshuffle Draw Pile.

Interesting, very interesting. Yet another One Per Deck card. Very useful when using some event that doesn't let you use a specific power card type, so you can knock your opponent into conceding for another round. Or maybe you wanna use "Shi'ar Power Play" again. Whatever. Go ahead and use it unless you're not playing with events, of course.

Acts as level 4 Fighting attack, may make 1 additional attack

Yeah, right. Check out those Xavier Security Enforcer skills. We just had 2 gigantic attacks, and you're gonna want to use an AA in his main power type. We have this one for trade too. And a lot of it. Please don't use this one. Save a tree.

During the Discard Phase, Opponent may remove 1 Hit from any Character.

This location is packing some heavy hitters. If you choose to use it as a homebase, you'll probably pick Bishop, Cable, Professor X, and Magneto. But if you wanna use the Acolytes or Colossus, go ahead. The inherent is downright nasty, so beware if you're gonna do the homebase thang. As a Battlesite, it could pack some major heat, but what do you choose as your OPD? One of Bishop's biggies? The Master of Magnetism? One of Cable's cool One Per Deckers? Fabian Cortez?! You make the call.

For remainder of game, both players must draw 1 card from top of Draw Pile for each Activator card played by Opponent. Draw card before resolving Opponent's action. Discard duplicates.

This one is wild and crazy. It's not gonna change much during the game, since nobody gets the advantage. All it will do is run you both into your Power Packs quicker. Then again, it's not even gonna do that if they're using Unlucky At Love instead of The Sewer.

During Discard phase, replace each unusable Power card with 1 card from Draw Pile. Discard Duplicate & Unusable cards.

Any way you go with this as a homebase, it's gonna be Spectrum. Just remember you can't use Wolvie even though he's on the friggin' picture. Way to go Fleer! It can be very useful as a battlesite, since you get a variety of good attacks and a decent amount of avoids.

For remainder of game, The Danger Room team's attacks made with Power cards may not be defended by Opponent's team's Special cards already in play.

We haven't tried this one out. Maybe we never will. Oh, where it says "may not be defended", it means "are not affected." Can anybody out there give us a really good reason to use this? There's no Blue Beetle in it for you, but at least we'll recoginze you.

Final Analysis
And that concludes the individual analysis. We told you he was really, really good, didn't we? We proved it too. Ha. Yes, use him whether it's a straight-out Fighting team, an E/F team with Fuzzy Elf, Cable, Quicksilver, some other X-People, or if you choose to use (hey, that rhymes) Avalon or the Danger Room. In the books, he's back from outer space and the star of his own title, called Bishop: The Last X-Man. Hmm, that's funny 'cause when Bishop was introduced to the X-Men (in X-Men #8), he referred to Jubilee as "the last X-Man." Her response? "REALLY? Cool."