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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Victor Von Doom. Sworn enemy of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four. THE most electrifying villain in comic book history. Doom personifies exactly what all heroes today fear. Part of OverPower's first set, he came out with a strong grid and some crap specials. IQ came along and showed the world what Doom's mind is capable of. This is the one villain who is truly absolutely evil. ALL HAIL DOOM!

DOCTOR DOOM <OP> 7-6-6 (19)
Seeing as how everyone should have at least 5 of this one, you won't have a problem finding him under your couch.

DOCTOR DOOM <OHP> 7-6-6 Oversized (19)
Geez, you people & your technicalities. Don't flaunt it. Use the damn card with the blue head.

DOCTOR DOOM <IQ> 5-3-4-8 (20)
ALL FEAR DOOM! Well, his Intellect anyway. He was greatly downgraded in the other stuff. Personally, we think he deserved a higher Energy, but that's the way that Fleer bounced the ball. And broke it.

DOCTOR DOOM: 2099 <CL> 5-3-6-7 (21)
We're not big fans of variant heroes, especially Human Torch: Invaders (Jim Hammond deserves his own). Anyway, all this does is make him tougher to fit in your deck and raises his Strength to a 6. We don't feel that the guy claiming to be Doom in the future is worth using.

Acts as a level 4 Energy attack, may make 1 additional attack.

Nope. Get it outta here. It's TP time for you!

Doctor Doom may use Intellect Power cards level 6 through 8 to avoidany attack made against Doctor Doom or teammate for remainder of battle.

Personally, we hate these IQ ones. Those Power cards can block most attacks anyway, and that's only if you have 6, 7, & 8 in your hand at the same time. Screw it, Doom should be capable of better. He's Victor Von Doom for cryin' out loud!

Doctor Doom may make 4 attacks, 3 attacks at +1 each, 2 attacks at +2 each, or 1 attack at +3. Bonus not applied to damage, or Venture total.

We use it. You can use it 2 ways 1) Get rid of the little Power cards in your hand to annoy your opponent with the +1 bonuses, or 2) Use an Intellect Power card and give it some "UNH!". Yep, it goes in.

No Energy cards may be played against Doctor Doom for remainder of battle.

Um, unless you're facing an Energy deck, you don't have an excellent chance of this one becoming useful. Better leave this one out of your deck so you don't end up discarding it later.

Attack made on Doctor Doom is now made on teammate of his choice, who may defend it.

Ah, the infamous AC. The original shifter. If Doom's getting jumped when you play, stick it in. But if they're leaving the Latverian monarch alone, forget it. New sets are beginning to eliminate shifting anyway. Take that, X-Babies!

Draw 1 card, do not discard if duplicate.

As far as we're concerned, it's worthy. Go ahead and put this OPD in. Play it straight from your hand, and it could become that attack that you've been waiting for. Believe us, this thing works. Stop denying it.

You may look at top 2 cards in opponent's Draw Pile.

Top two cards? Top two words: S*CK IT.

Opponent -6 to venture total for this battle.

Oh yes. Doom suffers no losses. Only minor setbacks. You will fear the power of Doom, or you will feel his wrath. Tell your opponent to say good-bye to those Missions that they just Ventured.

Latveria Team's Reserve Character may enter battle immediately upon KO of Front Line Character.

The common team for this HomeBase is Doom OP, Human Torch: Invaders, Invisible Woman: Malice, and Silver Surfer IQ. Energy / Fighting all the way, and it's a sure cheese deck.

Final Analysis