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twinz, inc. HeroClix


The Unstoppable Juggernaut. Charles Xavier's step-brother, Cain Marko. Introduced to the OverPower scene in PowerSurge, this guy has made quite an impact in Strength-based decks, which we figure is his best use. He has 2 big attacks, and one is an off-skill. We love to toss this guy in with the Incredible Hulk and the other heavy hitters for a "Good Ol' Slobber-Knocker."

OK, Mr. Cain Marko was given OverPower birth in the PowerSurge expansion, which cranked out some big guns. This hero only gives him a 7S, so we had to wait until IQ to see him get some justice. We can't see any reason to use this version, as Juggy was totally upgraded later.

Now you're talkin'. He gets the 8S, and is upgraded in Energy and Fighting since PowerSurge. At 19 points, he'll pay for his own meal. Juggernaut can be an extreme help in your Strength-based decks, so please tell your opponent to keep their hands in the cart at all times, 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Act as a level 8 Strength attack. If successful target must immediately discard 1 placed card.

Do we really have to go over this? OK. Use it. Level 8 Strength attack, and if successful your target must ditch a placed card. Yes, use it. Already said that!

Acts as a level 5 Energy attack. Juggernaut may play 1 additional Special card.

Hmmm, your judgement here. Personally, we use it. It's a higher Energy attack than Cain can make with a Power card, and if you're feeling lucky, use it with one of Mr. Marko's other remarkable specials to make your opponent very unhappy.

Acts as a level 7 Fighting attack.

Duh. Real no-brainer here. Juggy has a 5F stat, and this is a 7F attack. Toss this baby in and prepare yourself for a real knockout. If you're not stacking up too much on Juggernaut, toss in two.

Avoid 1 Strength attack.

A lot of people use these, and a lot of people don't. For us, it depends on which way the wind is blowing that day. If you're not playing against a strength deck, the only strength attacks you're most likely to see will come from Teamworks with the dinky bonuses. On the other hand, it can keep High-Speed Impact the heck away from your precious Cyttorak baby. Your choice.

Opponent's team is -3 to all Intellect attacks against Juggernaut for remainder of battle.

Whoopie-Ding. Unless you're pitting Juggy against a bunch of geniuses, this card probably won't do jack shit. Keep this IQ common in the box.

Opponent must discard all Universe cards held in hand or all placedUniverse cards, whichever is a greater number.

This is what we like to see. Interesting, nonetheless. If you see that they have maybe a Teamwork and an Ally placed, go for it. Personally, we place this one on Juggy until we see such a phenomenon occur, and then proceed to make the enemy ditch some. Just ask GDMJR himself how useful this card is. He should know, 'cause we used it on him in a game and he ditched 3 cards! There went his Venture!

Avoid 1 attack made with a Universe card.

Ack. Same rules apply as for Ignore Blow. This one restricts you to Teamworks and Allies, since we have yet to find a use for Basics and Trainings nowadays. Personally, we use it to collect dust.

Juggernaut's hits to K.O. number is increased by 2 points for remainderof game.

Doesn't make much of a difference. Only 2 points, and the majority of the KO's we witness are of the Spectrum-type. Don't bother.

The Vault's Team may keep duplicate Level 2 Power Cards of different Power Types.

Ah, Marvel's super-villain containment facility. Has a little something for every occupant. We've used it once or twice. Go with Strength: Juggernaut, Rhino, Venom, and either Serpent Socitey or Hobgoblin. Leave the Marauders to those un-original people with the X-Babies decks. Duplicate level 2 Power cards. That's what wins you the games, yesiree--No, wait. That inherent sucks. Well, Space Ghost had some problems with 2's at this year's comicon, so the Vault would've made him happy as shit. However, it could be better. Just forget that it's there, unless you plan on reaching the Power Pack with those pesky duplicates.

Final Analysis
Nothing stops the Juggernaut! Yup, this guy packs more punch than Mr. T! We pity the fool that messes with the Juggernaut!