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twinz, inc. HeroClix


OK, somebody decided that The Shi'ar were to get the 8I in Monumental. Not a bad choice. However, these specials are getting out of hand. OverPower needs to go back to the basics so we can see some more Negates, Avoids, and all of that other stuff that usually appears in decks. The Shi'ar just don't have this stuff. Read on to find out why Gladiator is the best the Royal Guard has to offer.

THE SHI'AR <MN> 5-4-3-8
Not a bad grid... The 8I makes it obvious that this bird-derived race belongs with the rest of the OverPower smarties. 20 points--That means that you need someone to cover for them. We'd go for Professor X, since he has a 7I and is Lillandra's chosen escort. As you'll see in the following, the Shi'ar really only have 1 card that's worth sticking them in a deck, so go ahead and put them in Reserve with no shame.

Acts as a level 5 Any-Power attack. May make 1 additional attack.

Um, AA. Yeah, it's a level 5 AA, but it's an AA. Yeah, it's an Any-Power attack, but it's an AA. Ya don't have to waste yer time with this one. But if you're in a busy mode, go ahead and toss one in. Probably won't do you any good though.

Add 3 to Shi'ar Venture total, or opponent -3 to Venture total for this battle.

Whoopie-freakin'-ding. Three (3) whole Venture points. Chances are you're still gonna win or lose, regardless of this thing. Leave D'Ken in the box. He's mean anyway.

FANG (Says JW, but it means JZ) <XM>
Acts as a level 5 Strength attack. Attack may not be defended with a Special card.

Well, on their own, the Shi'ar can pack a 3. At a first look, the card may appear to be useful. But wait... Look at the nasty pick-up art. Then look at all the other Shi'ar specials that aren't useful. Yup, this one belongs with the rest of 'em. You want a nasty Strength attack? Read on for the best the Royal Guard has to offer.

Acts as a level 8 Strength Power card. May be used to attack or defend. May not be combined with Universe cards.

Oh yes. Let the big boys play. Seeing as how The Shi'ar can't even come close to using an 8S Power card, Gladiator is a must. Hit 'em hard!

No cards with an Intellect icon may be played against The Shi'ar for remainder of battle.

Well, we look at Gladiator, then we look at the rest of the Shi'ar stuff. Then we decide that thus far, all cards that are not Gladiator-compliant should remain OUT of the deck. And the correct spelling is "Shi'ar", kids!

Shi'ar may look at top 6 cards in opponent's Draw Pile.

The damn thing is the key to the whole Age of Apocalypse storyline, and this is the best use that Fleer could come up with? Nevermind, we answered our own question: Fleer. Anyway, this is your choice. Personally, it doesn't come near our decks. However, it would give you Venturing strategy for the next hand. Whatever.

Acts as a level 3 Fighting attack, +1 for each Mission card in Shi'ar's Defeated Missions Pile.

We're gonna have to put the veto to this one. Don't bother unless you plan on having 5 or 6 Missions defeated at the time you draw it. And if you are in that much trouble… Well, you're in trouble. Get Gladiator back out and hit 'em again.

All Any-Power cards on Target Character's Permanent Record become Fighting cards for remainder of game.

Nope. No way, no how. Keep this one in the box, no matter what. Totally worthless to us. If you're having that much trouble with a Spectrum KO, then find a way to get Gladiator back out, 'cause he's the only thing that keeps The Shi'ar in decks.

Outer Space team may not Place any Universe cards.

OK, for all of your astral needs. Hmmm, looks like any way you go about it, you're going to get a multi-skilled team. We have yet to use it as a HomeBase, so we'll just list who's on the roster and let you play with ideas. Brood, Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, Adam Warlock, Shi'ar, and the Starjammers. Oh yeah, and they can't PLACE Universe cards. Not too bad of a downside.

Final Analysis
We decided that the only possible use for the Shi'ar and their big & bad 8I is to stick them in Reserve with Gladiator, and let him show you why he's the only thing that the Royal Guard has to offer in OverPower. In the comics, however, the Shi'ar could kick the crap out of many X-Men. It's been done, and Rogue's been hit enough times to verify it.