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Advanced Placement Modern European History

- Advanced Placement European History -
Class Activities

Visual Interpretations of History

Each student will receive one picture pertaining to the French Revolution. Pictures will contain a caption, as well as a month and year.

Tennis court Oath
The Tennis Court Oath - June 20, 1789. Members of the Third Estate, meeting in a building that housed the royal tennis courts, swear to remain united until they are allowed to draft a new constitution.

Analyze your picture:

Look for lettering, do words have common themes?

Are there numbers? If so their significance.

Observe clothing, what does the clothes say about the person? i.e. Sansculots or culots?

Search for symbolism, a dog may symbolize loyalty; a bunny fertility, etc.

Does this picture capture an exact moment?

What purpose does this picture serve?

Is the painting retelling an event or detailing an underling theme?

Who is the intended audience for the work?

Does the artist have an agenda? If so what is it?

Can you find Waldo?

The key is to observe and ask yourself questions! After all, what is the meaning of life?

Storming the Bastille
Storming of the Bastille - July 14, 1789.
Soldiers defend themselves by firing on the mobs storming the Bastille.


Type a two-page essay. Do NOT go over two pages. Write this paper in the following sequence:

1. The events which led up to the moment of the picture.

2. Your analysis of the picture.

3. The result of this event, action, or message.

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- AP Modern European History in Depth -

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Additonal Course Info / AP Class Policy
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