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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
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Advanced Placement Modern European History

- Advanced Placement European History -
Class Debate Information: Debates

Persuasive Arguments
For the Existence of God

The class will be split in fourths; each group will assume responsibility for arguing their assigned position of one the following:

The Cosmological Argument
The Teleological Argument
The Ontological Argument
The Moral Argument

Groups will meet with members for 20 minutes for discussion, questioning, and understanding of arguments. Each member of the group must know their argument and why their argument is superior to the others.

Eight groups of four will then be formed. This group will consist of one person from each of the above groups. Each person will argue his or her position of the existence of god. Be persuasive and support arguments with logic as well as reason. Members should rotate and debate with 3 separate groups.

Individuals will then meet with their initial groups and discuss successful arguments (pro and con) of their rational for the existence of god.

Each group will then select a spokesperson to argue their position to the class. Each spokesperson will have a maximum of seven minutes to present their argument. SELL, SELL, SELL!

Order of presentation will be determined by lottery.

Each of the other spokespeople will have two minutes to ask questions of the arguer.

A closing persuasive statement (a retort) will be given by each spokesperson not to exceed three minutes. This presentation will be delivered in reverse order.

Spokespeople will be awarded 20 points for an outstanding argument. A secret ballot will determine the winner.

Ballot Criteria
Was debate rehearsed, loudness, read or explained, organized, addressed to audience, use of time, persuasiveness, thesis clearly defined and explained, answers to questions, and retort.

The team receiving the most votes will be awarded 20 points.
The team receiving the second most votes will be awarded 15 points.
The team receiving the third most votes will be awarded 10 points.
The team receiving the fourth most votes will be awarded 5 points.

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- AP Modern European History in Depth -

Lecture Notes and Further Reading
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| Borg vs Hick: Theories on Jesus and Christianity |
| Kant's Epistemological Model and Religious Pluralism |

Liberating Dachau
| World War II - Dachau Concentration Camp Complex |
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Dachau, Germany
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A Modern-day Controversy
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Famous Modern European History Quotes
| Index of Quotes by Speaker / Historical Period |
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AP Class Activities
| Play the Role of Philip II |
| Visual Interpretations - French Revolution Art |
| "Ism" Maps of Europe and Asia |
| Industrial Revolution: England's Advantage |
| Marx and Tocqueville | America's Entry Into World War I |
Trials - Simulations
| Trial of Martin Luther | Trial of Adolf Hitler |

Helpful Information for Students
| AP Essay Writing Skills |
| Student-Developed Class Presentation Topics |

Debate Information
| Guide: Individual Debate Position | Debate Self Evaluation |
| Existence of God | Catherine the Great or Frederick the Great |
| Locke - Hobbes | Voltaire or Rousseau |

Additonal Course Info / AP Class Policy
| AP European History Syllabus: Quarter 1 | Quarter 2 | Quarter 3 |
| Writing Assignments, Exams, Critical Book Reviews, More |
| AP Booklist and Fees |



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