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Advanced Placement Modern European History

- Advanced Placement European History -
Class Activities

Play the Role of Philip II

Here Are the Stakes:

The Netherlands was Spain's economic lifeline, as Philip and his ministers were all aware.

Three quarters of the ships plying the trade route between the north and the peninsula were from the Netherlands.

The loans, which had helped to finance the late emperorŐs wars, were largely negotiated there.

But this fortunate inheritance could be destabilized by dissension, civil and religious, or by the greed of neighboring states.

Act One: 1555
You have just received the Netherlands. Your father Charles V is retiring.

What does this mean? In the north every one speaks Dutch or Low German, in the south everyone speaks Walloon, a dialect of French.

The country is overwhelmingly Catholic. But Lutheranism and Calvinism are growing.

Calvinism was particularly congenial to the mercantile element in Antwerp.

Amsterdam with importation, exportation, speculation and every form of finance along with six hundred agents in insurance. Business respected Calvinism - they liked the role given to the educated lately in the management of congregations and policy.

Magnates resembling feudal lords own the greater part of the land and it was this group who is organizing the struggle for independence.

Many looked hungrily upon the wealth of the Church and heard with envy of German barons who had enriched themselves by seizing ecclesiastical property.

You don't understand the language - French or Dutch as your father did who grew up in the Netherlands.

You don't understand the magnates, their customs or their debts.

They're extravagant and a little free with women. They don't like you and associate you and all Spaniards with Inquisition. In fact, you have appointed too many Spaniards to lucrative posts in the Netherlands.

When you ask for money - a tax on movable property - they refuse but vote for a small sum they think is adequate for current needs.

Philip II: What Will You Do?
Any ideas on how to make Philip II sympathetic?

Religious? Political? Economic? Social? Intellectual?

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- AP Modern European History in Depth -

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