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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
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Advanced Placement Modern European History

- Advanced Placement European History -
Student-Developed Class Presentations

Student Presentations

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students an opportunity to explore aspects of European history of personal interest that may not otherwise be part of the general focus of the course. The presentation will allow / require the student to:

Identify an area of specific interest and pursue meaningful research on the subject.

Demonstrate individual creativity both in the selection of the subject and the presentation.

Provide a thoughtful and informative presentation for the class.

Topics may include anything that is relevant to history that has previously been or is under current consideration during the quarter.

Presentation Selection Process and Criterion

The following will act as guidelines during the development and presentation process:

Each student will submit a written proposal for their presentation no later than (date to be announced in class).

Each student proposal will include:
1) a basic overview of the presentation
2) educational justification
3) expected learning/goals and objectives
4) target date

Each presentation will be no less than 15 minutes and no longer than 25 minutes.

After each presentation students will be subject to questions from peers and evaluators about any aspect of their presentation approximately 10 minutes

visual aids
make the information interesting
connect themes to other known events even to today
it is much easier to give a presentation concerning a topic which you feel passionate about.

The following will be the process by which each presentation will be evaluated.

Each presentation will be evaluated by a panel of five to four students plus Mr. Sedivy.

Each presentation will be evaluated on five key areas (each ranked on a scale of 1-10):
1) Informational Value
2) Creativity
3) Time Utilization
4) Thoroughness and Accuracy of Research
5) Overall Effectiveness

All paperwork - research notes, etc. and a bibliography of sources will be collected upon completion of the presentation and factored in as part of the total score.

Each presentation will have a total value of 200 points.

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- AP Modern European History in Depth -

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