"poverty" A SUBJECT

: Religion has important role in social development and reforms, as its impact on public is intense

Can play important role to eradicate poverty by its influence on people. Religious leaders have responsibility towards society who trust and have faith on them. I dont want to go deep in religious matters but I wish to acknowledge, religion is for discipline but inter-religious and religion-to-religion fight has spread so much that living is getting disturbed. Realization of writings in holy books will be purposeful to all of us will lead to growth of humanity. It is place where society is attracted most. This strength of religious place needs to be used for reformation. Each religion has described helping poor. If followed properly will address real objective. Fanatic attitudes should modify according to modern needs. Following the same old time, which was then required for the society, may not be viable in present life as change in circumstances, living life, atmosphere. Rightly use of religious strength will teach society of tolerance and peace. If poverty and reform is given priority by religions, will expedite poverty reform and faith is intensified.

·Governments should take initiatives to evolve religious leaders will bring awareness of social structure and crisis among them.
·Donation collected in spiritual account to use in rightful purpose is poverty eradication and social reforms.
·Direct touch with public, religious leaders will identify areas of poverty, causes of poverty and for its reform.
·Religion can educate people, which will ultimately make people realize responsibility towards society.


Democracy in underdeveloped democratic countries is partial to high class or caste or medium class. In present circumstances democracy privilege is availed only by few classes, for rest it is curse due to poverty, improper education facility, unequal employment opportunity, lack of social security in unorganized sector workers, unequal human rights and absence of hygienic food and medicine. Poor doesnt   even know what democracy is! They follow what they are influenced by leaders or other influential people who dominate in forming Governments. For poor / illiterates and low caste democracy is in night as in day light they are either bonded laborers or low paid AND face brutal poverty. Elections are generally based on castisism, which further fuels the relation among casts. Majority of low salaried or bonded laborers are from low caste population. System of castisism prevails mainly in rural areas due to lack of proper education systems and lack of awareness of human rights.

The purpose of election and democracy is defeated as democratic pattern says each individual has right to vote or elect the Government. It fails because illiterate and poor vote for temporary or artificial benefits. Politicians seeking help of brutal elements to gather masses or vote manipulations in voting booths that make politicians to spend exorbitant amount rather exceeds higher than targeted by election commission. Due to absence of real motto of development and poverty alleviation politicians opt spending much on canvassing their symbol or accusations on other political party or seek help of castisism. Unaccounted money plays major role in this circulation. Politicians can be of grate help to bring measures. 

·         Education system should be so organized that urban and rural communication system is intact. Educating rural population by urban college or higher education students or educationist. Most of energy of students is wasted in collage politics and election that energy need to be utilized in educating to rural children and population of current affairs and the rights and duties apart from basic studies. This system will rather bring people together and understand each other. 

·         Public awareness of rights and responsibilities need to be broadened so that individual can use and function accordingly. Education standard and literacy level is required to be uplifted.  

·         Each political party should go to public with the ideas of employment generation development and growth of the country and poverty alleviation and proposal of the solution and make people understand how they can solve, How can solve is very important to bring to public instead of political accusation and castisism. Over spending on election will only help corruption and generation of unaccounted money. 

·         Birth of terrorists and militants are from the poverty and illiteracy as they are more attracted for temporary benefits due to poverty, unemployment and unequal human rights. Proper and equal provision of rights of employments and human rights will definitely reduce this curse to its limitations. Terrorism gains strength from masses and masses requires respectable source of income and living rights. If any political party in its agenda offers and serves to masses, will definitely gain masses votes without over spending in elections or accusations or castisism. 

Awareness and education among politicians of social and economic problems and conditions will bring solution to purposeful election and democracy. 

Democratic elections for democratic countries become curse when money dominates election campaigns; and huge amount is spent on elections. Expenses exceed many-many folds than eligibility as per election commissions. Candidates who are able to raise large amounts of money considered having chances of eligiblility. Bulk contributions come from wealthy individuals and businesses. The individual contributions to political parties are too little. Most use unaccounted money for election campaigns. Finally these expenses are on the shoulder of ordinary citizens directly or indirectly.

A politician spends money on election expects a return on it. Is this not the root to high corruption?

Candidates for political party leadership seeking public voting!!

One ruling party elected for all states of in country eases to implement policy agenda. After consensus with all parties at parliament, states will not be hurdle. Different political parties in different states, is opposition to centre managed agenda. Many growth policies remain unimplemented in opposition governed states for want to avoiding credit to central rule. This practice only hampers growth of country and its states. Economic growth does not reach to all evenly due to political rivalry, so, purpose of democratic system fails. Candidates opting to win party leadership if get voted by people would be choice of people. Nominated candidates would come to people thru media or any audience gathering method, to prove their eligibility. Those elected would have chance to be party and country leadership. Political parties would be more prepared to nominate candidates for public choice. This way political party would interact better with people to know more about their choice and money game would be minimized.

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Widening gap between poor and rich need to be arrested. Whole world should be open to identify the causes of poverty and step forward to reformations

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