"poverty" A SUBJECT
Relation amoung neighboring countries

Nearly 20-30% of total budget is allocated to military, weapons and Maintenance of borders

Most poor countries have problems with their neighbors and are the largest buyers of weapons. Bad relation increases unnecessary buying of weapons. Nearly 20-30% of total budget is allocated to military, weapons and Maintenance of borders. Again dependability on developed countries that sell products with monopoly at high price tags as are patented and gives no right to produce. Buying weapons mounts further tensions and to maintain parallel strength more budgets allocated to military by pruning social expenses. Weapon seller countries should be taxed highly by international bodies to discourage their sales tactics; taxed amount may come as boon to social reform internationally.

Many items produced in neighboring countries that can easily be accessed at better and cheaper price but due to bad relation this becomes impossible. Good relation among neighbors will solve many problems even if any dispute exists that is easily solved.

1. Exchange of dialogues periodically rather quite often between neighbors will communicate opinions, problems and way to solution is definitely helping hand to improve relations. Emphasis given on bipartite and not tripartite.

2.Offer of help and support in crisis of neighbor will bring relation in harmony.

3.Declaring neighboring country as favored nation and opening door expedites trade relation thus dependability on each other, reduces possibility of misunderstanding.

4.Inter- dependability smoothens relation. This relation is like wife and husband. After whole day fight and silence, they need to depend one bed and most disputes are solved when they are in bed and again two lips together.

5.Exchange and cooperation in Social and cultural activity improves understanding population of both nations.

UN.org role is questioned? has failed for collective campaign and dominating countries have taken over control keeping collective opinion aside. Weakness of UN.org has resulted going own way to punish or invade other country. For UN it is not 1945, it is 2003 and should review to improve system of functioning so the reliability is maintained intact. UN.org is security to weak countries but continuation of ignorange will only weak its name and world may form wrong opinion.

Relationship among neighbouring countries promote understanding in military cooperation, trade promotion, economic promotion, cultural promotion, mutual benefits and above all deeper ties strengthen unity to face 3rd force's aggressive attitude.

Is veto a necessary tool to UN security council?
UN needs the restructuring its functioning for maintaining its integrity that is fit to the modern world. It need to be real democratic.

An estimated 1 billion people around the world  inadequately housed and of those, an estimated 100 million homeless. [United Nations commission on human settlement (habitat)]

China has nearly 1.3 billion and India has nearly 1.1 billion population, they together make 39% of total world population of nearly 6.2 billion. And they together have nearly 30-35% real poor people that comes to 0.84 billion. That means even if these two countries are serious enough to bring down their poverty level, will contribute to minimize world poverty from 60% (that is 3.72 billion) to nearly 37%. So, even International Organizations need to realize the contribution of poverty by these two major countries.