"poverty" A SUBJECT
Constructive education system

UNICEF estimates that there are at least a million child prostitutes in Asia alone with the greatest numbers in India, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. 

Constructive education system is still lacking in many countries especially poor and developing countries. Our high schools, collage and higher education students at present are indulged mainly in theories and books written many years back. Without social involvement in the field selected, study is purposeless. Social involvement is research and highlight of problem is solution. As the time changes the needs also change, study should be in accordance. Many areas are still untouched considering as less important or unknown. I give a small example of sports, is treated as wastage of time in poor countries on the other hand this area is now one of the most paying. Similarly many areas are unknown if opened will definitely open fields of employment. Systemized education according to modern and future needs will definitely give birth to scientists, explorers and inventors to poor countries. As students are directly in touch with the practical world along with their theories they will be able to learn better of problems and find ways to solutions. Students should be encouraged to make study reports that need to be discussed, examined. Governments success is when identified the problem and that opens way to solve.
Many systems have changed and are going to change, as one example, World population has grown from 3 billion to 6.2 billion, accordingly, many problems we have come across. To cope with situation and coming future problems new generation should be equipped with better knowledge. Existing Level of growth in population added up by new technology will head acute shortage of employment if new fields are not explored.
20-30 Years back technology of production was different that gave less production, people did not worry of market whatever produced was sold and were in principle lesser the production more the demand but if we stick to same theory others will invade market. New system wants to produce more (to generate employment) and sell more.

Do we expect MBAs  to be clerk one day. They will be when  more MBAs and and less job opportunities.

Should poverty as one of the subjects be included in MBA or any other business studies?


I feel poverty eradication as one of the most important part for MBA education. Business management is a bridge between producer and buyer. When either of them is weak, purpose of management does not exist. Job of management is to promote. This is possible only when poverty level is reduced from 60% to maximum 20-25%. Or too many managers of MBA without job one day.


Construction of education system is; criterion to admission for graduates and postgraduates if based on the work experience will fetch real purpose of higher education, or else is mere wastage of money and energy.

In many undeveloped and underdeveloped countries  schools feel teaching english or other dominating foreign language, and learning english is good education,  has become status symble. If a child can speak or write english means well marked student. Is foreign language too necessary to communicate with own people!!!!! or a good tool for any country's growth? Does this not show they are still slaves and highly dependant on foreign language which has influenced so deep in the mind?
Have these countries been able to establish own identity?

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British education system is our 'greatest national crisis' says David Starkey - Failure of British education system is ‘our greatest national crisis’ and can only be mended through discipline, a leading historian has claimed.
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