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Need Jobs

Illiterates and semi-literates opt for prostitution and educated like to be called as call girls/ boys. Number of call girls/ boys growing day by day. Is it an indication of growth of unemployment among educated class?
It is generally misunderstood that by inviting investments on heavy and high tech industries will solve the employment problem. This is beneficial to only few thousands rich international rich companies, enjoy their investment and returns which further benefits to rich countries and few urban literate population who get employment or change for betterment whereas nearly 70% of population of poor countries live in villages are illiterate or semi-literates having major percentage of unemployment. This rich category invests in poor countries to get products made at cheaper labour cost and sell at high price.

Rather this section requires more attention for generation of employment as due to dominant category in population of the country are directly related to poverty and programs. For example, industrial development should be framed in such a pattern that rural illiterates grow fruits (labour intensive) and modern machines (capital intensive) governed by literate class process fruits and sell in the market. This way both categories are benefited. This process should follow until the illiteracy level is achieved.

LABOUR MARKET: Developed and rich countries should open international labour market free for unskilled and semi skilled workforce from poor countries. Study reveals that more and more industrialization and literacy people opt to go for white and blue color jobs, mainly in rich and developed countries there is still enormous demand of such workers like carpenters, laborers, painters, plumbers, mechanics, helpers, cleaners and other low skilled workers. Local population of rich and developed countries pay hefty amount to get overflowing tap repaired of a kitchen even then you call and take time. This reveals the gap between demand and supply, can be pruned by employing from poor nations will also definitely consume some percentage of unskilled and semi-skilled workers lying unemployed in poor countries. Salary received by them is highly useful to balancing trade deficit and will have chances to launch capital-intensive projects or social security.

"Heavy recession world wide recent days is due to limited buying power of world population". One of the ways to overcome unemployment is to increase number of customers in the world, depends on increasing income of world population that is possible only by generating employment

Employment for rural illiterates


Unemployment level is nearly 40-45% in poor countries among which rural village illiterates/ semi-literate contributes major percentage.
The global aviation industry may have shed as many as 400,000 jobs in the aftermath of the 11 September attacks on the United States, according to study by the International Labour Organisation

Need Jobs does not only mean producing number of graduates. Present policies have deeply misunderstood education system. Education should also mean improving research for job creation prospects

Present high rate of competition and minimum numbers of customers will increase unemployment graph. This graph will increase both developed and undeveloped countries.

Many developing countries believe to introduce service charges or taxes on credit or debit cards. This will only discourage people to use cards in order to escape extra taxes.


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