"poverty" A SUBJECT

Over one sixth of world population can not read or write.

Nearly 50% of population of poor countries is uneducated. Awareness of education is still lacking in some rural areas where poverty level is high. Many families dont afford to send their children to schools rather they prefer sending children to work for want of money or to clear debt obligations. For them even if school education is made free will not solve purpose due to poverty. Also social evil like bonded labour and debt payment forces them to think only work. These areas should be given special attention and facilities of study and earn. Children of poor should be avoided to go to work.

.Governments taking help of international organizations and NGOs is purposeful to identify areas where the bonded and slavery exists most. Work on to penalize who forces poor to work on these terms. Insurance and finance sectors should be encouraged to promote their schemes in rural villages.

·In areas where less interest is shown poor parents are unable to send children for education due to survival problem Government and NOGS to introduce study and earn. Items may be identified from those areas, which are suitable to young child. It would be rather educational apprenticeship in playing way with basic education. It is not crime but support to a needy child and better understanding of crisis of child labour.

·Or to identify the poor parents, who dont send their children to work due to financial crisis, support by donation to educate their children. It is little tricky as some parents may take money and dont send child to school. In such cases donations to be based on school attendance. Come to school and earn

·Some of interior rural villages have primary education schools far- far away and are hard to reach. Urban high schools and college students can be of grate help. Not only the rural children are educated but it also provides opportunity to urban students for social involvement with rural population. To my opinion it should be made mandatory as higher education becomes purposeful which updates the plights and brings ideas of solutions. This would be a right step to involve them in socio economic.

Education to begin from 4th standard on constitution of the country will help child to understand country.

childlabour with profession of shoe polish

Education on human rights from 6th standard will provide students to understand rights and responsibilty towards own country.

Purpose of education is to gain social and economic knowledge to sustain. Education is survival tool to stay fit in social and material world.

Nearly 50% of population of poor countries is uneducated

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