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Role of a school

Role of a school is to develop raw child to perfect. But present system implication in poor and developing countries is that perfect (high marks) child is given opportunity to get enrolled to good schools or collages and if the child is less than the expectations is asked to seek T.C (I call removal certificate). Purpose of schools is irrelevant if childs taste is not developed or child is not made to fit the world. It is schools, which are responsible for childs growth. I give a small example though it has no connection with this, that cubs learn in playing. Lions or lionesses help them to learn in playful way and when the cubs grow become best hunters to survive.

Students feel study as evil and dont enjoy, they feel parents and schools have forced on them that results to mental depression and feel tortured when schools and parents expect their children to secure highest of highest mark. Seeking highest marks has become prestigious symbol for parents and schools. Many students escape schools due to hardship especially this happen to rural students. It is seen that school students carry books of more weight than the student itself. A student up to 5th standard needs to learn IQ development, Discipline, Language, current basic General knowledge, basic arithmetic. To my opinion loading heavy weight of school bags is not necessary. From 6th to 9th standard it is a time for the schools to develop the taste according to childs interest. High school is study in selected field through social/ practical involvement. But on the other hand what is seen is that students from 8th to 12th standard are more involved in books to copy to brain and paste in the answer sheets, if weaker in memory take extra classes (tuition) to copy to brain in better way. It is with most of collage graduation study, students have no time to find or explore the objective of study only seeking better methods to copy them to brain. As a result of education societies inefficient policies students are duped and purpose of education fails when after ranking highest in schools and collages, childs expectation to have better opportunities in real life is failed, as what studied is different from new apparent life. This is where children feel deprived and one of the causes of unemployment among literates.
Education should be attractive that students enjoy study rather than feeling as curse to them.
If a child has sport instinct forcing medicine study will be purposeless.
Primary school students should be encouraged to come forward with the taste. Higher education should also mean to educate.
Presently, teachers job is limited to narrate or write on the black board to students what is written in the books. Teachers job is getting involved with the students and helps them to come with new ideas. Discuss negative and positive part to analyze so student grasps the right one.
Education is a system that makes child to fit for future needs. While educating future should be kept in mind.

English or other dominated foreign languages have so much penetrated in undeveloped and underdeveloped countries that has become first official language in Government offices. Even top brasses use these languages to communicate in the country which has most population of  semi-literate or illiterates.
Education and need of education be better studied as is the instrument of the countries growth.

Higher eduction need to be research based

Over 70% of population of developing countries dont even know what constitution is?

It is the responsibility of the country and its education system to make each citizen to understand the country constitution and the human rights and duties

The Role Of School In Today's Society -
Do we know what the role of the school should be in our contemporary society? One hundred years ago the answer to this question was relatively simple. A high school diploma meant that the graduate was proficient in basic academic subjects and ready for the workplace. Today schools are facing many complex issues and parents are frustrated. While it may be easy to blame the school district's policies or funding, we should be asking the broader question of what we should expect our children to get from their education.

Role of a school - If schools are to serve their communities and the wider society, they must be relevant to present needs. Education systems and theories need to be updated time to time in order to achieve best results.

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