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"Poverty" Rural - Urban

Economic growth is must to overcome poverty. For economic growth generation of source of income must be first priority
Major population of the world live in rural villages estimated 55% in developed countries and 70% in develping countries, some more and in some countries is less.  

Among these rural population 60% or more has less land or no land. Majority of those having small land is because of land division among increased number of family. If father / mother have one land that is divided among all children so this small land is not enough to make as source of income. In many cases the lands are less fertile that does not give enough earnings to support family so opted for agricultural employment. That employment became as support.  This partial agricultural employment has been taken over by automation so the scope of employment has reduced. Further to this farmers have been growing their traditions crops since age old which has high competition.


As far as cottage and arts and crafts employment, this sector has been totally ignored or disorganized. There are many areas still to be explored, researched like medicine plants, poultry farms, and the education is not accordingly for rural population. Present education system is for urban economy or clerical, communication, trading etc., etc; if we produce rice only rice should not be the area to concentrate; we need to know how many items can be developed by rice and its related grass, husk. Can medicine, fertilizer, alcohol, cosmetics and other be produced, packed and sold?  This type of education and research we need so we need to rethink why and what is education as reading, signing or writing alone are not education..


Also one of the most affected crisis of employment is that selling products in raw condition if same products are sold from the village in finished packed ready to use would generate employment more, I give one example of pepper/ coffee/ cotton or other spices which are grown in one place and sold to industrial cities who in tern monopolize and buy at cheaper price, grind, finish, pack advertise and sell at very high price to the consumers. This factory generates employment to urban cities by way of technicians, advertisement or others and pays very less to the farmers whose product the factory sells. Ultimately, rural population shifts to urban areas in search of employment which he/ she does not know and opt what employment is available that crowds city. Most of young generation after finishing education in rural areas are unable to find suitable employment, it is because education is not fit enough to provide jobs/ self employment to them due to less or unexplored resources. For poverty in rural areas of populated countries cottage agricultural and arts/ crafts sectors need be given priority as this area consumes more employment.


1.    Social sectors and organizations are so weak in rural areas that they do not know what the real need of society is?

2.    Research, education and training need to be as per requirements so can promote products.

3.    Access to communication about market, information and services. Though this facility is beneficial to sufficient land owners.

4.    Poor political and bureaucratic approach for rural development.

5.    Importance of cottage and agricultural sectors for employment need to be understood by international organizations and work out for its promotions so export is promoted to generate employment. (This is especially beneficial for countries which have thick rural population).

6.    Education alone will not help eradication of poverty it depends type of education. Is it related to rural growth?  

7.    In order to meet competitive world it is essential that from the village major produce should go out as finished product. So from the stage of raw produce to finished and packed produce employment is engaged. This way interference of mediators and their margin is reduced.

8.    Financial institutions are beneficial only when the produce has better market and price. Many financial institutions fail to get back their money as framers or rural entrepreneurs fail to pay back due to lack of demand or return. Thus marketing their products are also very important.

9.    For underdeveloped or poor countries with dense population in rural villages produce be job oriented. research, marketing, designing and communication be automated so accuracy is maintained to make fast and efficient movement.


10. In each case overgrowth of population, education, misunderstood religion, corruption, accountability of expenses of government, unorganized sectors etc; are dangerous for growth of economy. I have separately explained please refer in other pages.


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For many decades many organizations and governments have worked for rural development and still not achieved rather has increased rural poverty, caused due to automation of agriculture, made farm laborers unemployed. Without generation of employment no growth is possible. Basic requirement is food, shelter, and clothes etc; for these one wants source of income to afford. So resource to earn respected money be made available first, other issues like gender, religion, education and others come later. Hospitals without medicine are no good, rather a good hospital with all facilities are good even charges little bit . Big roads are no good without transportation inflow and outflow. Education is no good without jobs. For social / international organizations and government objective of education may be much high, but for an ordinary person education means getting job. these look good in government and international organization files, that they have opened free hospitals, schools, but practically has no use when hospital does not have required doctors or medicines or education/ schools without teachers. we can identify the difference in quality of free education and the quality of education in convent schools. poor education means for poverty:


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School with 252 students and 2 teachers in rural village in Tamil Nadu (India)



If a rural worker does not get job in village will go to city to overpopulate and pollute it.

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-:My appeal to all international bodies:-

  • World population is growing each day generating employment is not easy. Certain sectors need to be hand made so can engage more workers. Like textile home and garments manufacturing, arts and crafts, part of agricultural products and others. Designing / marketing/ communication, transportation etc; is best as automation but too much of automation of manufacturing is too dangerous. Incentive programs must be introduced internationally in order to give boost.
  • Major issue of poverty is lack of buying power. If a person has buying power one is no more- poor as can access to all the facilities. Can send to good schools, can afford good hospitals and above all is governments can get more tax to provide more facilities.
  • Urban population will double by 2015-2020. Too much of urbanization is too much dangerous as urbanization takes away lands of agriculture, so one day we will all have aero planes but food will be scarce. So planning should be that cities take less land.
  • There need be educational revolution and reform. Present education inspires students to become politician, doctor, engineer, executive, actor and musician, teacher, chartered accountant or other (urbanization education). And no one says to own land and become agricultural man, researcher in agriculture. WHY?

Urbanization and food crisis - Urban related economic growth thrusts agricultural land conversion to cities and to accommodate urban population and industries. Over 20% of farm lands of developing countries have been converted to cities and buildings for the past decades and Over 50% of farmlands of villages (close to cities) got merged with cities so can accommodate growing urban population. Global warming - Nature earth’s own modifications and adjustments is the natural. Excessive human population, Excessive concrete buildings – industries (even excessive urbanization has role to warm our globe), carbon fuel based transportations heat up environment to reduce moisture in land results shortage and uncertain rain, river shrinkage, draught, shortage of water and so on.