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Hi, My name is Sujeet Desai. Suj is my nickname. I am 20 years old. I have an older brother Ninad, who drives a cool car. He is a senior at the University at Buffalo. He is cool! He is a three times Jr. US Olympic Gold medals winner in Tae Kwon Do and was super soccer goalie while in school ! He is a great piano player too! My pet is a west highland terrier dog named Angel. My brother and I have the best teeth in the world as we love our dentists very much and see them every day! Both my parents are Dentist!

On June 22, 2001 I graduated from Fayetteville-Manlius High school in Syracuse, New York with honor roll. ( GPA 4.3) I am the first special education student inducted in the Oak Chapter of FM High school as a National Honor Society member. I have been accepted in Berkshire Hills Music academy in South Hadley, Massachusetts. I will be leaving home this fall to attend the academy for two years to receive a certificate in Music and Human Services.

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Oh! I forgot to tell you I was born with Down syndrome! I am involved in Special Education and Special Olympics. My mom says I am her very special son.

My self-determination plan is to play my music for my career. I am available to perform my solo instrumental recitals. For more information please visit Solo Performance schedule and Resume

A note from my parents,

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank the Internet visitors from all over the world who have visited Sujeet's site. Your complimentary and encouraging E-mails are inspiration to Sujeet as well reward for us. We are glad to see that Sujeet has become an inspiration to many parents especially those of younger children with disability. Each of Sujeet's achievement is a result of his very hard work. Sujeet loves to be around people. Now he enjoys performing his music and seeing his audience happy. All he needs is an opportunity and he makes the best of it. Opportunities do not come easily in the world of disability. We have to constantly advocate for Sujeet in order to have his strengths recognized and not have people dwell on his disability. Sujeet's continuous hard work has opened many doors of opportunity for him this past summer. We are very proud of his achievements in the music as well other area. We are very thankful to those special people who have given him that recognition. We are updating his site with pictures and news about his activities especially his recent International awards of recognition, high school graduation with honor roll and his acceptance in to the Berkshire Hills Music academy in Massachusetts. Sujeet has brought joy in our life and we would like to share those special events with his Internet friends. Hope you enjoy visiting the following links.


Highlights of Summer 98

Highlights of Summer 99

Highlights of 2000

Highlights of 2001

Highlights of 2002

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