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Home - Monthly updates, and links to my other pages.
Welcome - My main index page (graphics-heavy).

The 12 Days of Venezuela - new lyrics; not for those with weak stomachs
American SuperAirlines - a humerous (and factual?) pre-flight announcement
Anne Bradstreet - two poems, one by her, and one by me in her style
Answering Machine Messages - ever get tired of "hi, you've reached so-and-so, please leave a message"?
Are you Digging on my Grave? - a poem by Thomas Hardy
Bad Times Virus Warning - be afraid, be very afraid!
Birch - A Voyager Mary Sue in the works (no ending!)
Bookstore - my commercial enterprise, in partnership with
Bumper Stickers - funny sayings found on cars
Calvin and Hobbes - three good ones
Campus Life - livin' it up in Garden Valley, TX
Christmas - small, but it'll grow every year.
A Cynic's Guide to Life - the way things really are
Daffodils - a lovely poem by Wordsworth
Day 1 - Teen Mania's nation-wide youth conference
Diddle - a funny rhyme by Tolkien
Demotivators - a series of pictures with cynical captions
Emma - a story of mine that was published!
Error Messages - what your computer's really saying
Family - real and adopted
Fantasy - link(s) to my page(s) on fantasy
Fever - new lyrics to an old song
Foreign Countries - Where I've been.
Friends - those who are important to me
Growing Up - a letter from one who stands on the brink of "grown-up-hood"
H5a - part one of our Java assignment
H5b - the second part of the assignment
H5c - link to a great Java game
H5d - a cute little Java applet in motion
Heavenly Pursuits - the Pope gets a shock in Heaven
History - the history of the world, according to student bloopers
Hong Kong - the Asian island that was handed back to China in '97
Honor Academy - a contrast of college and TM's Honor Academy (a one-year program between high school and college)
How to write for TV - my "research paper" for CSJ22
Humor - a whole lot of funny business, plus a couple inspirational pages.
Hymns for the Lukewarm - what do you really mean?
If Dogs Were Our Teachers - sorta like "all I need to know I learned in kindergarden"
Intro to the Internet - everything to do with class, in one place.
Java Happiness - something for when you have a chunk of spare time
Jessie - the beginnings of a novel (just a few chapters)
Jots and Doodles - some or my random sketching
Lord of the Rings Thoughts - my review of the movie
Movie store - some of my personal favorites
Music store - wanna buy some music?
Mythical Quotes - quotes to remind me that what we see isn't all there is
My Writing - Stories, poems, and the like.
The New Dorm - TM's newest edition, Morris Hall
Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, & E-mail - a lesson from my course on the internet
The Night - a memorable evening in Peru
Peru - life on the amazon (not up yet)
Office Pranks - beware...may threaten job security
Only in America - quite ironic
Oops! - things you don't want to hear in surgery
Peru - pictures from my trip to Peru
Picardo's song - a song by Robert Picardo about working on "Star Trek: Voyager"
The Princess and the Dragon - a play my reading group wrote in second grade
PUNishment - a good pun is its own reword
Reached - an exciting true story
Results - what the survey said (not up yet)
Ring Banquet - a collage from a special event
The Road Not Taken - on choices, by Robert Frost
Sci-Fi - links to my two sci-fi pages
Scrapbook - a collection of kodak moments
S.M.A.T.T. - fun Voyager piece - OK to read now, but there will be more later
Sonnet to a Computer - if Willie had written in the computer age
The Spell Checker - ode to the wonderful word processor
Star Trek - my page about the series
Star Trek Top Ten Lists - best in small doses
Star Wars - Lucas' masterpieces
Stuffed - an essay on some special "friends"
The Surprise - a little TNG story
Survey - a survey for Maniacs (not working right now)
Teen Mania - my page about the youth missions organization
The Three Trees - a lovely story about...three trees!
Tom's Place - my reindeer guest room
Trouble at the Inn - the story of a special Christmas pageant
The Unveiling - In the style of "The Lady Of Shalott," with a surprise ending
The Unveiling - A poem by a friend about heaven
Venezuela - a page about the South American country
The Weather in Moscow - a joke for the holidays
What Goes Around... - very nice, short story
You might be a redneck jedi if... - much as I dislike redneck jokes...

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