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Enosh - The Israel Mental Health Association

   The Enosh Association was founded in 1978 by a group of families, volunteers, professionals and other activists headed by Mrs. Hanita Rodney. The Association's mission to promote the cause of individual and family mental health in the community.
   Enosh is directed by an elected nine-person executive committee and an assembly of delegates from the association's branches.
   With curtailed hospitalizations and emphasis on medication, mentally ill patients are returning to their families and communities that will facilitate their integration and functioning.
   The Enosh Sssociation operates community rehabilitation services in three regions. Each region is headed by an administrator, a senior social worker and regional supervisors.

Activities for consumers

   Enosh promotes paticpation of consumers (people with mental health disabilities and their families) through the fallowing committees:
   An independent national advocacy committee, compromised of the president of Enosh, retired judge, a psychiatrist, an Enosh social worker, a member of the executive ommittee, a public figure, a representative of the families, a representative of the patients' support groups and a branch director. The committee functions as an ombudsman for complaints about mental health services at Enosh and in the community.
   The Committee's address is: P.O. Box 1834, Ramat Hasharon 47113 Israel

   Enosh operates via three regional committees mandated to initiate, oversee and control the quality of services for the rehabilition of the mentally ill in the community. Through these committees, Enosh strives to maintain its advocacy and presence among its clients in order to ensure the level and quality of rehabilation services in the community.

Activities for families

Group Meetings, Workshops and Lectures
   These programs focus on helping the family cope with distress through dissemination of information, support and mutual help.
   The Association runs regular support groups facilitated by professionals as well as self-help groups. The support groups allow members to share their difficulties, receive support and encouragement and acquire up-to date information about mental illness, ways of copying, legal advice, rehabilitation and more.

   National and regional activities include vacations, conferences, and seminaries incorporating social and professional activities.

Counseling centers

   Counseling and information centers at Enosh headquarters and branches provide counseling and information on all aspects of mental health and the rights of the mentally ill, including short term legal advice for the individual and the family. Reference libraries are available to the public at the three regions.

Publicity and education

   Publicity and educational activities, both in Israel and abroad, aim at heightening public awareness and understanding of the plight of the mentally ill and their families:
   Lobbying in the Knesset and its committees.
   Lobbying public and decision- making figures.
   Publicity in local and national media.
   Publication in Enosh , a newsletter containing reviews of activities and scientific articles.

Activities for people with mental health disabilities

   Enosh operates 53 local branches working towards the integration of the mentally ill into the community. These centers provide recreational, social and vocational services to counter isolation and enhance the patient's quality of life.

Social cubs

Social cubs are focal points for both social rehabilitation and afternoon and evening activities. Members spend time together and participate in activities such as: group games, special interest clubs, lectures, parties and trips in a supportive environment under the guidance of professionals and volunteers.

Pre- vocational clubs

   Pre- vocational clubs serve those who are not yet ready for sheltered employment for rehabilitation centers. The clubs teach participants elementary work habits and self- confidence in preparation for the job markets or vocational rehabilitation services.

Vacations in Israel and abroad.

   The clubs offer the members special vacation packages at hotels and resorts both in Israel and abroad.


   Enosh operates three types of community housing as an alternative to hospitalization. Housing is adapted to the varying needs of the residents:
   Independent living in supported apartments serves residents who are almost able to function independently. Residents live in apartments in the community and are supervised by a social worker and a house - mother.
   Sheltered half - way houses serve those who require more supervision. A social worker and a housemother are on the premise 3-5 days a week.
   Hostels serve those who can function outside of a hospital setting but require a sheltered and supportive environment. Hostels house 18-22 residents and are supervised by a professional staff.


   Enosh makes a special effort to support, advance and raise funds for research in the field of mental health.

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ENOSH Center: P.O.Box 1593, Ramat Hasharon 47113, Tel. 03-5400672 Fax. 03-540047

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