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Rape and Sexual Assault Petitions


Please consider sending this letter concerning the tragedy in Darfur to your representatives or officials.  The form below will take you to an automatic email system to contact them.  This takes about 3 minutes of your time.  Thanks.
There are also other actions you can take.

"Support Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Assault!
November 6, 2003

Please urge your senators and representative to co-sponsor the bill addressing violence and the workplace, the Security and Financial Empowerment Act (SAFE). This timely legislation promotes employment stability, economic security and safety for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking, as well as for their families and household members. "


This petition appears on www.rainn.org.  It's purpose is to help Put Rapists in Jail.  It is from Lifetime and demands that Congress take action to get rapists off the streets.
"Too many rapists are free to attack other women, because DNA evidence that could identify them is sitting on shelves waiting to be analyzed — often for more than 18 months.
Together, we can ensure that rape victims are treated with dignity and their assailants are prosecuted quickly.
Sign now to support passage of the bipartisan Debbie Smith Act/DNA Sexual Assault Justice Act of 2003.”
This petition advocates the rights of rape victims. It is associated with the book After the Silence.  It is a petition which you print out and have your friends sign. Mail it to the address on the bottom.
This is an excellent example of a successful rape advocate petition.  When I signed it there were only 14 signatures.  When I checked back a month and a half later it had 1096 signatures is now closed.  I feel it is a great example of what you can do by signing and passing it on.  Please email these petition links to others.  The purpose was a very good cause. It is described below:
“Please sign online petition
Our local paper prints the names of rape victims'! We want them to STOP! Please read and consider signing and sending on our petition at
Write to 5 newspapers/ media at a time with this NOW form for contacting the press.  Select a state to contact and just check which media you would like to send an email to.
A new petition has been put up in regards to the case of Kirstin Lobato, a 20 year old woman who was unjustly convicted of murder.  I would really love to see women come out in huge numbers in support of her, especially because of what she has gone through as a victim of an attempted rape who was framed for an unrelated murder.

Here is a link to the petition:
Always check the NOW site for petitions on violence against women.
This is the current petition for assault victims. 
Please post any petition you feel is important on this listserv / message board:
Grrl Activistas is a group for those interested in sexual violence. You can share:
complaints about media and other organisations provide information about sexual-violence related campaigns of any kind discuss issues relating to sexual violence in the media details of local events such as V-Day events and survivor conferences details of new books, articles, and papers.

Create your own online petition free at care 2


For more petitions against rape and sexual assault click here.

More petitions are available.

Find journal articles on this topic

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