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War and rape

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War and rape

Military womens issues- sexual assault
War and Women's Human Rights: The Silent Crimes (DigiPack)      From: XanEdu.  This is an educational pack advertized at the start of the war with iraq in 2003.
This site discusses how Armies At War Use Rape as a Weapon.  This has been a problem in particular in Bosnia.  Recently it has come to light that German women were raped by Russian soldiers and are only now able to reveal their trauma.  Rape was not considered a polite topic of conversation and it is often considered a kindness not to ask if you think a woman has been raped in certain cultures.
This site discusses Women, War, and Rape: Challenges Facing The International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Google research-only online resources on war and rape.

For more information try this CNN search for articles on rape and war.

Find journal articles on this topic

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