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Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh N.C. as well as International resources for rape and sexual assault.

International Rape Crisis Hotlines, messages boards and research tools.


Rape crisis hotlines:
Chapel Hill 1 866-welisten
Raleigh 919 618-RAPE (7273)
Durham 919 688-2883
This is the best rape crisis center in orange county.  They have a hot line and the counselors are very nice.  You can have a volunteer assigned to you permanently who calls you on a weekly basis.  There are also support groups to join.  1 866-welisten.  You can call 24 hours a day and a counselor on call will contact you.
Rape crisis centers in North Carolina
NC Rape Crisis Centers by county
A second version of the NC Rape Crisis Centers by county database.
The mission of the Carolina Women's Center is to promote an equitable and empowering environment through education,  support, advocacy and diversity. We celebrate women as shapers of the world.  This site has a thorough list of links to resources for rape crisis in the area.
Advocates for Sexual Assault Prevention at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  This is a student group that organizes womens week activities and runs a listserv.
NC Division of Victims Compensation Services
This page describes what to do in case of sexual assault.
Emergency Services and Hotlines in Chapel Hill
Rape Crisis Centers in North Carolina
This site lists support groups and networks.
This site lists Stand Alone rape crisis centers.
Sexual offender registry - You can search this site by zip code or name for sexual offenders.
North Carolina Victim Assistance Network
Providing support and information for crime (rape) victims in North Carolina.  A comprehensive listing of services available in the area.

University information for Rape crisis:
  • Chapel Hill, NC Sexual assault information
UNC student health centers page.  For information about the medical and mental health resources available to you.  You get 8 free sessions with a counselor at CAPS in the UNC Student health building 3rd floor.  
Rape crisis information from CAPS at UNC Chapel Hill.
What to do at UNC Chapel Hill
Virtual library resources
Student group to raise awareness about sexual assault.

  • Raleigh, NC Sexual assault information
N. C. State University rape crisis information
"The Molly Hays Glander - 618-RAPE (7273)

24 Hour Rape and Sexual Assault Response Line
24-hour confidential crisis intervention"
Counseling Center - 515-2423
Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Support Group
1st and 3rd Wed. of each month
  • Durham, NC sexual assault information
Duke University rape crisis information
The Office of Sexual Assault Support
"24-Hour Information Line (for members of the Duke and Durham communities):
Rape Crisis of Durham 24-hours a day call 919 688-2883
  • General Sexual assault information for North Carolina

For more information on rape crisis in Chapel Hill, NC. try this safe google search on rape and healing.

Google research-only online resources for rape in North Carolina.


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