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Partners of Assault Survivors
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Partners of Sexual Assault Survivors

Partners of Survivors - Partners of survivors go through many of the same feelings as survivors do. Answers and support are needed during this time but is hard to come by. To help partners get the support needed there is an unmoderated discussion list available here.  Scroll down for resources.


Survivors and Friends is a non-profit organization that was founded by annie, a Survivor of sexual abuse herself. Survivors and Friends exists to provide hope, encouragement, and support for survivors of sexual abuse, their friends, and their family.


Dedicated to the non-offending parent and to all those who have suffered the hurt of someone they love being abused or raped.

Contains these resources:

Survivors and Friends
offers support, encouragemnt, information and a voice to Survivors, Friends, and loved ones.

Survivors of Sexual Assault

Partners and Allies of Sexual Abuse Survivors.
This has a variety of information on it as well as ordering information on several books.

Loved Ones of Sexual Abuse

The German word for Allies,  this psychology student (and survivor's partner) is creating a survey for other partners to take. If you can help him with his research please click the link above.



This site has information about how to make romantic relationships work post assault.  "this section of emergence is dedicated to a particular area of healing, that which involves romance, love, and sexuality. this is one of the hardest areas of healing for me, i know, and many others have also expressed this." 

Keeping the kisses sweet emphasizes the survivor feeling safe in romantic situations without feeling pressure. "work on being comfortable with your lover. cuddle, hold hands, kiss lightly, brush each other's hair, spend plenty of time together. it will help you build trust and establish familiarity with your lover, and this way more intense physical contact won't be as much of a shock."

LGBT resources for partners of assault victims


"It is obvious that a sexual assault affects not only the victim, but those closest to her. However, unlike straight couples, in which the man may be sympathetic but basically a stranger to the issue, assault may be a personal experience for both partners in a lesbian relationship. "More often than not," comments a woman who has counseled victims of anti-lesbian violence, "when you're dealing with a lesbian couple, you're dealing with someone who's been raped ten years earlier, and someone who's been raped recently." In other words, so many women are victims of assault at one point in their life that one woman's assault can trigger upsetting or traumatic memories in her lover. This may either allow the partner of a rape victim to be especially supportive; or it may lead to tension and distance if she is unable to cope with her own memories. And like all partners of rape victims, the partner may feel inadequate for not having protected her lover properly, or even angry at her lover for letting the assault happen. All of these reactions are common ones, and a combination of both individual and couple counseling is generally recommended when a lesbian couple is affected by an anti-lesbian assault."

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