Hectic Daydream
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Raya's wrap up


Try without looking
Also contains some course language.  Parental guidance recommended

Welcome to the page where you can get all your latest Bitching information.  I warn you now that there may be some course language, so it is recommended that children under the age of 10 do not read it...hahaha

"there is no such thing as 'omosexual.  It's laziness." - Linda, Gimme Gimme Gimme

season's don't fear the reaper...nor does the wind, the sun or the rain...

HOLY SHIT!!!! I SAW HIM!!!  I haven't screamed or moshed that hard EVER!  Not even at Green Day/MCR.  I had a random try to undo my top and a tall fucker stand right in front of me.  But that does not matter. I saw the best band on the planet and nothing can take that away from me.
How dumb are some people?  Honestly, and how pretentious...I never knew being nice and civilised was difficult in todya's society, but clearly it is.  If you can't sya somethign nice to someoine, then just keep you cesspool of a mouth shut.  I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be because i know that I too have been one to open my mouth and sprout off; but why must girls be so damn fuckign horrible all the time.  It is well known I am no oil painting, nor do I want to be classed as a dumb bimbo.  But that is no excuse to rag out, abuse and spread nasty rumours about us.  Those of us with brains and personalities of our own CHOOSE to look and act the way we do; rather then have it chosen for us.  Don't like it, then tough.  Look at yourselves in the mirror and think about why you all dress, look, act and think the same.  I can guarantee it will be because you are all so insecure and uncomfortable within yourselves that you have nothing better to do then cling on to the tail end of another like you and target others. 
I am so over holidays!  I want, and need to, something intellectually stimulating to do with my time. As fun as sitting on my arse watching dodgy movies is, it's just not the same as expanding one's vocabulary and intelligence level.  I've lost all my overly large and difficult to pronounce insults!  It's just not the same if you can't confuse the person.  It looses all meaning if you can't make them cry and think.
There is nothing HUMANLY funnier then a fat  man crying.  NOTHING!  If you can prove me wrong, email me. ;P
What is so wrong with a girl not wanting to stand out in a crowd?  No, it's not because I hate myself and I want to die in an emo show of faith (oh emily! help me!..not bloody likely, because as far as my concern goes, emos are just fuck wits who can't get off their arse to change.)   I mean, is it wrong to not be the centre of attention? In case you didn't know, I'm incredibally shy and most of the time will seem rude and snobbish.  Not every person wishes to be seen and approached all the damn time, so it is not really anybody's business what the reason for wearing a ceratin colour is.
I have a very sudden craving for not only waffles and maple syrup, but also for apple crumble, trifle and even a shot of vodka... a little odd...but maybe I'm just over stimulated.


Well, the time has come my little friends to talk of other things...of shoes and ships and ceiling wax and savages and kings.....
Bitching bloody men.  I can't handle their emotional mood swings.  One day, it'll be lovely and wonderful and the next, they'll be bitching and calling someone horrible names.  If they can't accept the truth, then maybe they shouldn't do stupid things that make us ragy and depressed, YOU ALL BITCH MORE THEN WE DO! At least we have the hormonal imbalance once a month as an excuse! XD
This is probably going to be a VERY stupid question, but how many times does someone need to say I don't want to be in a relationship for the other person to listen?  I mean, christ all bloody mighty!  I am not one to be bought!  In fact, I hate gifts from friends because it feels like I owe them.  Don't make me feel guilty for your own stupid mistake.  Is it a general thing to expect someone to drop their friends and plans because you want to buy their affection?  It just doesn't make any sense!  AM I just so strange that I don't see the meaning behind gifts and the such, or do I just not articulate my words clearly enough for retards to understand? 
Well, in times like this, one can only laugh.  Give it up for Raya the idiot...Never EVER mistake someone's name for a city.  You'll just never live it down.  *D'oh*  Plus, there is the added bonus of everybody on the internet thinking you are a complete and utter wanker.  Give it up for me. XD

mmmmm, Ville.
Can I go to hell too?

"I'm in distress"..."I'm in THIS dress." - Tom and Linda, Gimme Gimme Gimme

My soul for a doughnut...I mean, DVD.


All shall fade...out of memory and time

Sex = Cello rock

Oh trogdor...i pine for thee