Hectic Daydream
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This is the page dedicated to all those kids picked last in gym class or never had a date to no school dance.  Not really.  It's the list of the important people in my life. My mates.

Adam:  RAWR! go team us! Not only do you whoop my arse at DDR, but we can go up to Tops now knowing one very important thing.  we're hot...and he's not! ...*gloveslap*  Love him to absolute death and beyond.  Nothing more needed to say then that really.

Amanda: A totally orsm chickie over in Scotland.  Know nothing about her really but she's an absolute legend.  She's met Sean, lucky thing.  I am so jealous. I want one of your bunnies!

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Bianca: LIL DUDE!  My cheif law enforcer...just cuz she is younger then me doesn't mean she isn't orsm, cuz she is.  My lil buddie who is now, thanks to me, addicted to Hunter x Hunter like myself...Killua...KILLUA!?!?!  Where's your taste gone bii?
Brendan: Melanie's "ex" from Serena.  We clash on numerous things, such as his love for a certain 'goth "rock"' band *coughevanescence bullshitcough*, but we have learnt to live with the fact that we don't share the same opinions.  He's v orsm.
Bruce: Another friend I have met through Chris. Very quiet and unassuming, but a really sweet guy who has a lot more to say then you would think...gotta love it. :).  Brucey needs to dance! 

Chris: Luv him to absolute death and back.  My rock. He keeps me sane up there in icy pit of hell.  Met him way back in first year and after numerous screaming matches, we have agreed to disagree.  Friends first, chef's after.
Cliffton: Met him through the umpires academy in 2002.  What can I say, goalies are the best.  Didn't see him for a while, til I saw him at the club....tsk tsk....didn't even buy me a vodka...:D...he is too sweet for his own good I think.  Cliffo, can I say summat....mayte, LOVE THE HAIR...GO THE FRO. ;P
Damon: There is nothing that I can say about you that shows how wonderful you really are. You have put up with a lot of crap from me, and I just hope that you can be as wonderful as this forever so that others can bask in your uber large glory!

Fiona: How to describe Fee in the craziness that she herself exudes?  Not exactly sure but I will try to think of a way.  Anime freak...like FULLY!  Anime drives me absolutely bananas, but can't all be the same can we.  Met her through Smellamionie (Melanie) who was doing the same course as her at uni.  She came to LIVID and  helped me through a rough patch when no body else would.  one word....NA NO DA!

Jacqui: My neighbour on the right from Dodgy.  We had a bit of a rough patch through a mistake on my part but we got over it and have kept in touch.  I am lucky she is still living in Toowoomba this next year, gives me somebody somewhat sane (hehehehehe) to talk to.  I can't wait to catch up again, we must go clubbing!  'HO HO HO!'
James: Its kind of hard to describe James without using the term 'tzjus'.  He's the girlfriend I never had, and the male company I never get.  Sounds like a downer, but he's great and I miss him heaps.  DON'T YOU FORGET ME JAMES, DON'T YOU DARE FORGET ME!
Jodi: My fellow lions supporter and companion in picking on the 'girls'.  From meeting in German class to making it our business to make the boys squirm is awesome!  God I miss you girl!  Moved from Toowoomba to Melbourne (AFL capital of the world...lucky thing) in June.  It's not the same without her and now I feel lost.  I miss the Jods!  Cannot wait to see her in December...watch out Melbourne is all I can say....

Jo-jo: This girl is utterly insane!  Luffs her to death though.  Lucky she's in the villas over the break otherwise I would go mentally insane. XD.  Darl, you, me, passionpop and Jimmie all must go out when I get back.
Justine: or Jussie as she is on her website (see link on home page) went to school with Melanie in Serena and it was simply a fluke that we started talking. We have a fair bit in common which is kind of scary cuz I have such weird likes.  yum...maple syrup! She is so lovely and so funny, you just can't not like her.

Kirstie: Sexy legs.  Mayte from dodgy.  Love this girl, makes me laugh even when I am down.  Miss her heaps since she moved out of the Villas and to Wullgutt (spelling?).  It's not the same without you darl!

Letita: I met Tita in grade 8, through Sarah (wow, she did do something nice for someone who wasn't herself!).  So whats that, eight years? ORIGINALE!  She used to be a bit of a hoon, but I haven't been driving with her since long before school ended in 2002.  I miss her craziness cuz she always managed to make us laugh, COME BACK TO US TITA!!!!!!  Rajji and I miss you!


Kathleen:  Not a school friend.  One of THE nicest people on the planet.  We met in mid '99 whilst on holidays at the same resort.  Cedar Lake.  Poor lass, had to put up with me for the last 5 days.  Have some VERY fond memories of that week!  Lives in Blackwater.  Was at the sunny coast last year for uni, still doesn't mean I don't miss her!   Hopefully she is still there this year so I can go visit......
Luke: Also known as Corbin DeSeer on gaia.  This kid is mental.  Do not get in the way of him and his rum, it's not a pretty picture, you dont want to do it! :P.  After all the strange conversations and what not over the net and in O'Malley's...I'm surprised either of us have any brain cells left that aren't completely screwed! He's mental and a little twisted but they are all part of his perks...VERY popular with the ladies. XD...Leave my bizitch alone!
Matthew: I met Matty through, wait for it, umpiring...such a surprise...He's a fieldie (and a damn good one at that but shh, you didn't hear that from me) but we won't hold that against him.  Damn you.  Matthew is one of the few people I trust with my life. Matty, you drive me absolutely banana's, even though I love you to the absolute end of the world.  Miss you heaps and I wish you were still here...Damon is leading you astray without my help!  NOT FAIR!!!!!  Just you wait til I come down there...
Melanie: haven't seen her in like forever....
Melita:  The person I have known longest after Lana.  We've known each other since grade 2.  Almost 12 years.  Scary how she has been able to put up with me for this long, I am not that great.  It's weird, we get asked if we are sisters a lot.  just cuz we both have curly hair, doesn't mean we are related. Honestly, some people.  Do not insult poor Melita like that!!!  A great person whom I miss dearly!

Nick: Another one of Chris' friends.  He may be pretty but he's not dumb, all the time, and he takes a lot of the shit I give him, though I normally get it back twice as bad.  Good taste music, beer and alcohol in general...9 CORONA'S! *is my bitch*...Pity about his taste in football teams though...the Collywobbles?!?!?!

Phil: An absolute sweetie from umpiring.  And yet another friend who is moving away.  I miss him already even though we hardly see each other.  Tassie sounds amazing, so I must add that to my list too now.
Rajwinder:  Damn this crazy girl to hell.  Met her at school in about grade...*thinks*  grade 9 (?).  She helped keep me some what sane and "out of" trouble.  Lucky for me she is one of the few nice people from school. GOD DAMN SCHOOL SUCKED!  I miss her heaps and our constant bitching about everyone.  Good times, good times! 
Rebecca:  Kathy's sister.  Total opposite to Kathy!  Loud, brash, crazy.  kinda like me, only a year older.  Hates Blackwater as much as her sister does.  Am very sure both her and Kathy have fond memories of Cedar Lake too!  Still lives in BW, i wish she was at the sunny coast too.  I'd love to see both  of them soon!  I MISS YOU BOTH HEAPS!

Ruth:  Ruthie, Rufus, whatever you wanna call her, was the softy in our group.  GO TEAM RUTHIE!!!  one word - LEGEND!  My fellow punkster, love hanging with her, I don't feel quite so alone in the world of barbie dolls and bimbos.  Studying here in Brisbane as well.  Why can't I be smart?  Absolutely fabulous in so many ways.  Is there anything this girl cannot do?
Sue: The stooges.  Damn we rule.  Got an "oscar" like me.  My second family!  Bad taste in footy teams though! the KANGAROOS?  damn!  TEAM STOOGE!  I KNOW you can make senior footy, you can do it!

Warwick: Another friend from umpiring.   I hadn't seen him for a year and he still rememebred me, which totally sent me into feather mode, as in you could push me over with one...filthy thinkers.  State level umpy like Matty and Sue.  Lucky ducks, but they all deserve it, all except Brent 'tinkerbell' Cue.  I so cannot wait to see you at the DD...its gunna be hucking filarious....

Zia: Met her in grade 8.  We were in cit ed together.  I was her vegie, even tho we ended up being in the same grade after she came back from japan.   After school we both moved away.  I went to Toowoomba, she ended up in New South Wales.  Now we are both back in Brisvegas.  Time for catch up's, drink offs and perve on's.