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Hectic Daydream

  ..Poison Girl in a Poison World..
  ...I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...



Me and Simon Black at the Lions family fun day Feb 12th.



Hey there team!  Guess what!

for highlights, go to MUSIC 101


Hey everyone.  I have culled, chopped and decapitated til I can cull no more.  Welcome back to the site in it's semi original blazing glory.  I will try to maintain it with my failing ability and keep you updated with high quality shit, the latest crap and so forth.  I thank you all for sticking around during my renovations and hope you continue your support of my site. 
As regular visitors may have noticed, I don't update very often as my internet time is severly limited whilst at uni.  I apologise to the very few loyal supporters I have.  Danke!



Visit my my friend Fiona's site, or you'll regret it.

Chris and Jodi waiting for the bus to the football

While I have had the odd chance to fix things up, I have seen fit to add new and improved random pictures and the odd idiotic shot of me doing something stupid in my pictures pages and heaps more of my friends MWAH!  I have just added a whole bunch of new songs to the LYRICS page.
:::NEW PAGE:::  AN ENTIRE PAGE FULL OF PICS AND GOSS FROM THE HIM CONCERT.  If you have any pictures from any of their other concerts, please feel free to email them to me as I will credit you and rain grace upon in oodles.
11th June 2006: Just letting you all know that I have just added some brand spanking new piccies to the first two pages of said theme, though some older ones do remain because I like them.  Most of them are fairly recent, but I need to eradicate some more of the old ones before you see any more.  Thank you to Elina and Malin who provided these newest happy snaps for me.

NEW PICCIES!! I have posted new pics on my first two pages of piccies as well as on the HIM page.  Hope you all like them. :)

Welcome to Music 101.  What was LIVID 2003 is now a general page filled to the brim with music goss, but mainly tour information (such as the Taste of Chaos tour...whoot The Used...) and photos from said events, if I get to them, like the Green Day/MCR concerts in December.  Will try to update whenever I get a chance.  I will refer you to more in depth sites where the full scale of information can be accessed just so I don't lead anyone astray.

Brendan's website of stuff...the end is nigh, so visit it before we all blow to bits.

Visit Lil dude's website...or else we'll get you.....mwahahahahahaha


Go the mighty LIONS!!!

Who were you expecting, the boogie man?

*End mid-year holidays
*Mid-year enrollments close
*Second semester starts

*Last day to drop subjects
*Asia Cup qualifiers

My songs of the week.

1. 'Decent of the Archangel' Epica
2. 'Miss Murder' AFI
3. 'Angel on my Shoulder' 69 Eyes feat. Ville Valo
4. 'Beautiful' HIM
5. 'Die Romantic' Aiden
6. 'Halleljuah' Jeff Buckley

Why are pumpkins better then men? I'm not sure but there is bound to be at least one reason.


I want one
(rabid fangirl any...me? NO!)


Chocolate is a vegetable...

And 'ho ho ho' is NOT a pick up line...EVER.

The majority of the crap on this site is pretty much just a bunch of photos and useless information on pretty much anything that interests me at the time of edits etc.  All photos are either my own or have been taken off official sites (which I have credited on my links page so no shots at my head - unless they no longer exist) so please don't be theiving them as it took me a fair while to find some of them.  I thank you all once again for taking the time to view my little section of cyberspace. ~raya.

don't look, don't look; the shadows breathe.


I wanna look like THIS
A drawing of me....by Shao

If it's nae scottish....it's crrrap!!!