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Music 101

Tours and concerts, the culminating event of our lives.  They can make or break a love of a band, or cement them deep into our hearts, never to emerge.  This is here to highlight and announce any upcoming, or rave about past such events.



My Chemical 'FUCKIN' Romance...

Oh dear lord.  The new goth-punk gods of music are hitting our shores not only to support Green Day, Kings of rock n roll, but to also perform their own shows.  Expect tickets to sell FAST, so get in early.  With shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the new wave of music gods are here. 
Playing two shows (all ages and 18+) at the Arena in Brisbane, 18th December; Roundhouse in Sydney (all ages) 15th December; and the Hi-Fi (18+) Melbourne 16th December.  Check www.channelv.com.au for more details.


Green Day + Jimmy Eat World + My Chemical Romance.
A very welcome return to our shores for the Punk Rock gods due to the massive success of the American Idiot tour in March.  Presented by Channel V and B105, playing TWO sold out concerts (tickets selling out in under two hours folks...this is BIG!!!!  So big in fact they have to hold it inside two stadiums.) with special guests Jimmy Eat World and the new wave of goth screamo gods My Chemical Romance in Sydney and Melbourne (too bad if we here in Brisbane wanted a peice of the action...) in December on the 14th and 17th respectively.  Expect noise and the odd blast of fire.  This is one for the memory book people!

WELL! Where to start?
My Chemical Romance were fucking insane, as I knew they would be.  The only disappointing fact here was that half the little idiotic, dipshit, fankids in the crowd had no idea who they were.  Cock wanks.
Jimmy eat World were a little disappointing so I feel a bit stupid for waiting five years to see them.
Green Day were absolutley, jaw droppingly, crotch grabbingly amazing.  The dancing bunny was so cute and the crowd reaction as they started was enough to start the rain.  Pyro and crowd rapport all added to this feast for the senses.  With the band trading places with three crowd members and doucing the idiot zone with hoses, as well as playing their best stuff (Hitchin a ride and Minority included) it was simply breathtaking, when you could get some.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: MCR singing 'I'm not okay (I promise)' as their first song, the final accoustic solo of 'Good Riddance (time of your life)' and Billie Joe teasing all the girls in the crowd by torturing us all with his 'goods'.



Finland's numero uno heart throb plays SOLD OUT concert's to mass panic, applause, cigarette smoke and alcohol.  This leg of their WORLDWIDE DOMINATION, including songs from all their albums, including latets release Dark Light. Starts the 7th November 2005 in Cincinatti, US, and ends in New Zealand on 28th March 2006.

Yes, you read correctly.  Ville and his crew of Linde, Mige, Gas and Burton are gracing our oh so pathetic shores for three big nights only.  22nd March, The Tivoli, Brisbane. 23rd, The Bigtop, Sydney.  26th, The Palace, Melbourne and the 28th, St James, New Zealand.  FUCK YES!
...It's going to be a black planet...

For pictures and highlights from HIM's brisbane specatacular, click here

AVENGED SEVENFOLD - AX7 are hitting our shores.
I don't know much about this tour as I'm personally not a fan, but as soon as I find out a sight that is helpful, I shall post it...
CKY are coming to Australia.  YAY!
I missed this concert and I was PISSED!  But according to Luke, my roving scout of a reporter it went off. 
I'm sorry though, if you were playing at the Tivoli after friends HIM, I'd be shit scared.  They were on fire and at their classiest best.

Wish I'd seen it.

Yes, you read correctly.  Australia's very own rockers are back and touring with their brand spanking new album which has been three years in the making.
Touring over FOUR MASSIVE MONTHS they'll be rocking out and spreading their vibe through a town near you.
They start their national tour at:
13 - USQ uni club (18+)...say hi to me if you're there. ;P  (I'll be the drunk chick holding up the bar...)
14 - Cooloongatta Hotel, Gold Coast, QLD (18+)
15 - The Arena, Brisbane, QLD (18+)
19 - Great Northern, Byron Bay, NSW (18+)
20 - The Plantation, Coffs Harbour, NSW (18+)
21 - Armidale Ex Services, Armidale, NSW (18+)
22 - The Cambridge, Newcastle, NSW, (18+)
23 - The Cambridge, Newcastle, NSW, (All Ages)
27 - Beachcombers, Toukley, NSW (18+)
28 - The Metro, Sydney, NSW (18+)
29 - ANU Bar, Canberra, Act(18+)
30 - The Roadhouse, Yallah, NSW, (All Ages-15+)
For the rest of the dates for this HUGE tour check out channel v


Ah, the memories.  When LIVID was King, I was young and I saw these two a lot more then never.  'memories....like the colours of my mind...'