Hectic Daydream
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Yet more piccies

This page is currently under construction, but there are new pics to look at, so please feel free to poke around.


Leanne, Jess, Jo and I at the uni club for the first, very disappointing, installment of the annual MANHUNT model search.


Me and Jo-Jo strutting and posing our stuff after the crap boys at the club. 
There really is NO talent up here whatsoever.


Nice pose boys.
Matt and Pete after origin 2. :)


Hahaha, good play Jacob.
The rest of us.  Poor jacob.  He was our judge on the other side.  He thinks the boys were shit too.


Dan, Jo, Edel and Kel at the uni club.


Jess (-_-), Leanne, me and Jo-jo at the club after second origin.  This would have been such a nice photo...