Hectic Daydream
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Poison Girl

Somebody shoot it......
Me, in all my blazing glory!

There is a page on every site that the creator hates, this is that page.
Name: Soraya. (normally called 'raya)
I have changed the format of this because I realised that my keybaord skills are limited and that this way is easeir to both read and to understand.
Age: 20
Loves: Metal (HIM, Nightwish, ApocalypticA, Within Temptation, Zeromancer, Aiden etc.), AFL (GO THE LIONS!), soccer (AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! get them Rangers out of fifth...NOW!), playing music, dancing etc...
Hates: Pop music. God, I'd love to watch it choke on it's own vomit and die a quick, but painful death, but alas, it follows me where ever I go.
I also hate ignorance, racism and bigotism.  Being told I'm goth and look like Ville Valo also won't get you into my good books.  How dare thee insult him so!


I am a bit of a sport freak.  I play a little soccer and umpired AFL up until the end of the 2004 season.  Can't go past hot guys in short shorts now can we?  I am a bit of a dancer, competeing for nine years with eight top ten placings and a choreography win, however I gave it up for umpiring.  A good thing too as I managed to make the academy which was a specialised training group for promising young umpires, the plus side was I ended up umpiring at the Gabba twice.  
I am currently at a loggerhead with myself.  My brain is telling my to continue with my studies, but my heart is telling me to transfer and begin a course in forensic pathology.  No one ever said nursing was easy, but I would love to continue with my second degree of German, which isn't going to continue if I stay at USQ, a sacfrifice, I think, that has to be made.
'das koztz mich an!'

S- is for sassy. S- is for stupid. S- is for Soraya

author: I love the works of Gemmel, Tolkien and Irvine, so yes, I am a fantasy buff.  Unfortunately (spell checker?!?!), I am not yet able to shoot an arrow with the skill of Legolas, but I am practising.  Kidding here by the way. 
spare time: I draw really bad art, write random piles of nonsensical crap and practise the little bit of bass I know when I'm not reading text books and what not.

Hahahahha...all credit goes to Isaviel...

I pretty much fit into the 'simple' box.  I am quite often not the centre of attention, preferring to sit in the background watching everyone else make fool's of themselves, and telling them so later. XD. I can be loud and outspoken, but as much as you may not believe me, I am actually usually quite soft and shy.  It may seem that it takes a great deal to make me smile, but that is not the case.  It takes very little to make me happy, but I often hide my true feelings, expressing them in words on a page or as ink splattered paintings.  (Nick, I'm not a sadist....fully...:D)
I love being by myself, gives me time to think and re-think about certain things, so when I say 'leave me alone' I MEAN leave me alone. 

If you are looking for a Barbie doll, then I am not it.  Being the proud brunette that I am, has gotten me into some trouble in the past and along with my green eyes I am a far cry from the classic oil painting beauty's that grace our screens.   

I feel that pretty much covers it.  I am a rock chick all the way.  Footy girl, dancer, and slight muscian all rolled into one.

This world is a cruel place, and we're here only to lose.
Let's death bless me with you.


The hardest thing I've ever had to do, is watch someone I love, love someone else more then they can ever love me.

some finn to scream about!

All information given on this page was given by me, or with permission from me.  Anyone caught flogging it will be in deep shit, so don't even think about it.