Hectic Daydream
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This is what happens when the Lions play a muck around game and a group of umpires are present with cameras.  Enjoy...and keep a bib handy.


Kaitlyne and Clark 'crackers' Keating at Coorparoo footy club.  He's way tall....dammit


My god I'm a bloody fangirl...Me and ex Mt gravatt Vulture Joel McDonald at this years (2005) Lions family fun day at Yeronga.  RAWR!


Kaitlyne and Blake Caracella.  He is sooo cute.  Dammit! Damn you Eddie and Buckles! You stole him from us...and we wants him back! He's so under rated...give him the brownlow...Blake and Simon.

*wails*...come back to us Blake...come back to us!


Well, this is me and Kaitlyne after my five minute brush with fame.  Yes I am drinking Jim Beam, yes, it is my third one.  And yes, Kaitlyne is my portable coaster....


BLAKE, BLAKE he's our man (along with Simon) if they can't do it, no one can....and we'd be pretty much stuffed.