Hectic Daydream
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The Brisbane concert was fucking INSANE!
My voice took a full week to heal, my feet, back and legs all ached for three days.  I was elbowed, trampelled and had a random try and undo my shirt.  I had sweat pouring into my eyes, from my own hair and those around me.  My heartagram shoes are covered in crap and are completely filthy.
From the moment they walked on stage, the room exploded into an uproar of gratitude and love (metal) [hahaha, I'm just that funny...-_-].  From the opening song (Buried Alive by Love) to the close (Solitary man and a cover of a Black Sabbath song - Ville's favourite band) the room was theirs.  Ville was, as ever, the suave star he is while the rest of the band were just as magnificent.  Linde, quiet as he always is, kept to the side lines while Mige and Ville kept up the in house jokes the entire concert time...show ponies XD.  A giant bunch of smartarses, but I love these guys!  Gas threw his drumsticks in every direction except the place I eventually ended up...second concert in a row I've missed out on top band items.  When they gave water to the mosh pit, asking the bar for extra bottles, to keep us all from passing out, I think they have secured their place at the top of my list for not only greatest band EVER, but most decent and appreciative of their audience.  Hottest as well, in more then one sense of the word.

One of the best pics all night...


Another of the better shots.  Shame the girl in front of me was holding her beanie up when I took this, other wise it would have been perfect.  I think this is the only pic of all five members.   (Gas [drums] is behind the beanie...as is the beautiful Valo...)
L - R: Mige, Gas, Ville, Burton (keys) and Linde (guitar)


I know it's dark, and I apologise.  I couldn't get any higher on my toes sorry.  This is Ville (Mige's in there somwheres) dealing with the 'fucking heatwave' the best way possible.  By sculling a VB.  I love this band!


She's now on Lukes hit list. Lucky Bitch!  Got to grab that fine piece of A...


Another of the better ones.  I should have stopped taking random shots and waited for the brighter lights to come on...but that wasn't often enough for impatient me...forgive the bluriness


One from the side...I got four in this shot, and didn't even realise.
Mige, Ville, Gas and Linde on one of his rare wanders across the stage....mmm, smexi


The empty can and a pose of jubilated acomplishment. 



About the only clear shot I was able to get of Gas (far right side, next to speakers)...Sorry


Forgive me again for the darkness of this shot.  The lights dimmed just as I pressed the button.
It is difficult to see, but Ville is actually standing in the middle of the Heartagram they had at the back of the stage.  It kind of looks like wings.