Hectic Daydream
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A huge thank you to the following sites.  My humble one would be empty without you (even though it's unbenowst to you) and your in put.... 

http://www.afl.com.au - the place to go to find out the latest about the greatest sport ever.  Live scores and the up coming games. Includes media files and downloads.

http://www.channelv.com.au - Australia's NUMBER 1 music channel. Check out the latest goss on your fave bands and latest tour dates, for certain genres. You can also chat and request a song and even pick up via V's new 'are you hot' section.  Le Rawr!

http://www.mychemicalromance.com - Don't let anyone fool you, this is the official site for photos, new vids, tour info and all that general jazz.  Go Thar Now!  They are currently about to start writing for their new album, so keep your ears open for it.  LOVES!

http://www.apocalyptica.com -
Cello-rockers from Finland that normally cover Metallica but are releasing a new cd of their own stuff (cough feat. Ville and Lauri). Check out their cd's and wallpapers...mmm, yummy...cello rock....mmmmm (choice of German or English type.)
http://www.therasmus.de/index2.html - The official German site for the latest rock sensation to hit our airwaves. Images, bios, tour dates, lyrics and album information...IN GERMAN!!!!
http://www.seanbiggerstaff.com - The official site as created and made by Sean himself.  Bio, photos, filmography and the ORIGINAL glasweigan slang.  Good looking, a smartarse, talented and a computer whiz! 
http://www.bigdayout.com.au - Official site of the music festival.  See whose playing and the dates of the next round.
http://www.heartagram.com - Official HIM website.  Gotta love them.  This one gives you a choice of Languages. This one gives a more fan based service, providing message boards and chat rooms.  You can also view and listen to webcast's made by the members themselves as well as visit the BRAND spanking NEW merch shop. 
http://www.him-music.de/him/screen10/index.htm - Official German site of the Finnish Band HIM. Bio, images, tour dates, discography.  This one is also written in GERMAN!!!!!

http://www.therasmus.com -
The official site of The Rasmus. This one is in english but no where near as comprehensive as the german site.
http://www.clix.to/kurapika - Hunter X Hunter info.  Mainly pictures.
http://dollpalace.com - Doll Palace.  The place to build mini replicas of yourself or your friends.  Build a miniature army.  You know you want to.  You can also make your own animated dolls...but premium membership is needed for this perk sweetheartz!

http://www.go-gaia.com -
Flame and chat and flame some more. Gotta love that. A roleplaying website for chatting to people from all over the globe in hundreds of topics and subjects. (roleplaying not a must)
http://www.nightwish.com - The Official site of the opera-metal sensation from Finland. Check out everything from facts about the members to tour dates and new releases. Thou must visit :P Your ears, soul and loins compell you!
http://www.deviantart.com -View the artistic talents of people from all over the globe or start your own account. For all forms of art from photography to writing and even the odd bit of stick figure craft.
http://www.scissorsisters.com - The Official website of the band.  Images, lyrics and tour dates, as well as an entry form to the 'sisterhood'. RAWR!
http://www.theused.net - The 'Official' The Used site.  Gotta love screamo rock gods.  ORSM!  Has images, tour dates merchandise etc.
http:www.myspace.com - A place to meet new people, catch up with old friends from when you were at school (so long ago...) and even get added as a friend to one of your favourite bands.  Everything a good internet bunny needs.
www.aiden.com - A new big thing sweeping the metal world.  Amazing songs and even better website, made for fans (i.e. gives you a little challenge for those bored of the net...find them all, if you dare!).  Pics, bios, merchandise...the works.
Also the three pages I have linked on my home page...VISIT THEM...
And a big thank you to Shao for the two drawings of me. Thanks heaps!
And a huge thank you of course to you guys for visiting. 

Once again, a huge thank you to Shao for this picture.

All information provided on this site has been written by me or with permission from those included. All other sites used for photos, lyrics, etc. have been listed in the above section. The characters in the stories used are purely fictional and any resemblance to anyone is purely coincedental (except those I have spoken to in regards). DO NOT TRY ANY OF THESE STUNTS AT HOME!