Hectic Daydream
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please ignore this page until further notice, further repairs have taken place or until I can bothered to fill it with something more interesting then this unecessary prattle about what not and something or other.

So...I figured I really should do something with this page.  What better way to waste some space then by playing a game of some sorts.  Plus, I feel the need to prepare everyone before i finish this work and publish it on fictionpress.com

The following list is the list of the main charcters in my latest pile of crap that I have written over the last few weeks...(venting is so much fun! XD.)
Each one is based on someone in particular, and yes, I have their permission so no claims of what ever the word is. I honestly can't think of what it is right now, so forgive me.

I'm so pissed! I worked so hard on that damned thing...stupid page glitches...grargh!

(I'm leaving that there simply because this page frustrates me, but I am too lazy to delete it.)


Now HERE is the list...be warned, some of them are still being developed...
these are only very basic descriptions, more will be shown when I get the pics up.


Anne: The pacifier.  Anne is the 'go to' girl when trouble arises.  Smart, evil, caring and conservative.  Anne's always the one getting everyone else out of trouble, while remaining cool and calm at all times.

Eavan: The 'one of the guy's'. She's clumsy, evil, dark, mischeivious, blunt, not so smart, exception being science and curious.  Plain and simple, this girl is crazy enough to try anything once and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty.

Riley: The 'pretty' one.  He's open, funny, easily distracted, mischievious and out for a good time.  Riley's one of the calmest.  Standing more in the background his humour is his strong point and the ability to remain focused on the important things.  Like his hair.

Matthew: The trouble maker.  Mischeivious, tricky, venegful, protective and observant.  Matthew is the cause, problem and solution to all of the devilery at all times. 

Chris: The trouble maker's partner in crime.  Slippery, watchful, protective, evil, sporty and watchman.  More often then not the one getting caught and blamed for mischeif, Chris is wiser then he lets on, choosing to rather be the joker then the brains.

William: The smart one.  Intelligent, observant, crazy, shadowman, and listener.  Though he is seen as the conservative, sensible one, William won't say no to a challenge and will defend himself and his choices to the end.

Beth: The ditzy one.  Hyperactive, confused, caring, protective and easily lead. (she's NOT based on anyone in particular.)


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