Hectic Daydream
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More Piccies

This page is just another page of pictures that didn't fit on the last one so there is not really much of an order or theme. Enjoy. 


Jacob and his little friends.

I'm not quite sure what his obsession was with stealing everyone's drinks that night, but it paid off with classic shots just like this one.


Tamara, James, Jo-jo, Jacob and Isaac.
We're such typical uni bums...drinking and drunk...
And drunkest...


Y helo thar! 
Dom, Chris and I standing around looking like idiots at the uni club.
Isaac, Matt, James and Jo behind us found something better to look at rather then us. Good for them. :)


Jess, rockin' out with her latest model of Broom-tar.  Rock out darl!


This is the result of finding out the Lions lost again.

Not happy Jan!


Bahahahaha, we'e all such drunks!
Thank god we don't all drink Passionpop though


'Cuz you're FILTHY....and we're gorgeous...'
I love being sober at the uni club. 
You can pull stupid faces and not regret it in the morning.
Me and Chris, that'll teach him for keeping me awake when I had exams the next day.



Ah, the joys of pimping off my friends...cept I don't think they quite understand the concept. 
Jonna, Malin, Me and Jo-jo at the uni club's State of Origin Party.


Zia and me in the Elephant and Wheelbarrow (it's a pub in the Valley) before the HIM concert...


Butt-face and Bishie
The new Odd Couple.  XD.
Again in the Elephant and Wheelbarrow.


The gorgeous girls...Elina, Malin and Jonna


Jo, Leanne, Pete and Chris on St Pats. day.

hmmm, for some strange reason there is a massive text window...oh well...


Now my sacred dream won't fail...the sacrament is you.