March 12, 2001
The Events Page has been brought up to date.  Thanks to Leanna and everyone else on the listserv for the events.
The Newsletter Archive has been brought up to date.
Added a Gaming Guide covering Eureka and Tiles.
Updated the Alchemy Pages.  They now have ALL the scrolls listed along with prices for each and where each can be bought along with formulas on the second page for all 95 alchemical concoctions.

March 11, 2001
All Merchant Guides have been updated in The Library.
Added Pathina's Warrior Guide.
Added a few updates on the new lockpicking system to Jherle's Lockpicking Guide.
Updated the Storyteller's Guide.
Added a Whittling Guide.
Added a Profession Titles List.

March 10, 2001
Began exhaustive (and boy are they!) updates of the entire webapge.
All maps have been updated on the Maps Page with specials thanks to Kirafern for help with the updates.

August 14, 2000
Did a lot of minor tweaking and adjusting to start updating my page with more current information.  The Storyteller Guide got quite a few things added and replaced and I have update the events page (sort of) and hope to be keeping that up and going in the future.

May 29, 2000
I know it looks I haven't updated my page in forever, but I am constantly doing so... just not updating the update page ;).  Usually when I am done with all the other pages I don't want to do another one!  So let's consider this a MAJOR updates page.
Added 7 Maps to the Maps Page.  Go there and check em out!
Added a link to download old version of unlimited Trail LViewPro for printing my maps.
Added Map of Tashen Samonza Village and surrounding forest along with Price Lists.

November 24
Added Map of the Mausoleum in the Cemetery West of Athens to the Map Section.

November 7
Got all of Egypt mapped and ready to go on the map page.
Got the Alexandria Shopping Guide up in the Library.
Got the Food Guide updated (see Egypt section at bottom for those unusual foods over there.)
Updated Trainer List and Drinking Guide listings to reflect the discovery of Alexandria

October 8
Added a picture of Jherle to the Art Gallery and did some other small updates to various portions of the site.

August 25
Posted a log of The Assembly held by the GMs on August 24, 1999 in The Library.

August 6
Updated some of the backrooms and such on my Price Lists.  Most of these were obtained in the test version of the game, so we are not responsible if they change or are not the same in live... but I assume that the test and live games were identical.  This also means that just because they are thanked for finding out a backroom, they may not have access to it.

July 27
Added the BattleField NW of Thebes to the Odhos Boeotia Map in the maps section.

July 24
Added a Verb Guide consisting of hopefully every verb in the game.
Some pictures added to the Art Gallery, Jaden and Llorien and Pickoer.  Got my Graveyard picture working finally!

July 10
The picture phenomenon continues, I have added pictures to the Fishing Guide.

July 6
Added some pictures to the armor guide.  Also made some additions and corrections, thank you for pointing out the mistake Hamian.

July 5
Added some pictures to the weapon guide.  Also made some additions.

June 16
Added the armory and weapon shop to the Thebes Price List and added future proposed rituals to the Ritual List.

June 13
Added the map of Thebes to my Maps and also updated my Price Lists, Drinking Guide, Trainer List, and Trainer Guide to reflect changes brought upon by the opening of the new city.

June 11
Added a Gem Guide to the Library, featuring pictures and lore about all of the gems in Greece, and even some in Midgard hehe.

June 9
Added a new guide to the Library called The Well Dressed Athenian.  It lets you know what exactly that peplos thingie is that you're wearing... and why the heck can't I wear a caparison with my new pantaloons?!  This guide will let you know why.

June 8
Maps have all gotten a major overhaul  as promised
.  They now all have numbers in the lower right hand corner to make switching between maps easier.  I have also redone all of the Wilds maps so that they fit together better.  Be sure to download these new maps as they are vastly superior to the old ones.

May 31
Updated all maps of Athens and the map of Piraeus, I'll be doing the rest soon and hopefully get Anavyssos and the gorge mapped.  You won't see Cresus' Maze maps on my site because of the nature of the area being a puzzle, the same reason you won't see a way marked to the Swamps of Morae on my maps... we gotta keep some of our secrets, hehe.

May 16
Maps have been given their own section.

May 7
Added a Sandcastle Building Guide to the Library.

April 20
There is now a frameless version of my webpage.

April 15
Rearranged The Library section a bit and added guides to the Gods in Norway as well as Egypt to it.

April 8
Posted a picture of Jaden in the Art Gallery.

March 20
Made the changes that were done to the Mental list on my Ritual Page, special thanks to Apollonius for the updates.

March 15
Added a picture of Kalipso done by Epoclaen to the Art Gallery.

March 10
Did some general updates to a few of the guides.
Posted Epoclaen's maps of the Warrens in the Library.
Also added Themistocles' Tomb to the Piraeus Map.

March 5
I got message boards now!  Check em out...

February 28
Added a picture of Tusk to the Art Gallery.

February 20
Updated the Ritual List to reflect current changes, still missing a couple Spiritual spells though.

February 18
Updated the Alchemist Formula page and made it a tad easier to use.  Forumlas and scroll descriptions are now on seperate pages.
Did some work updating the Price Lists to reflect current changes.

January 31
You prolly already noticed, but I redid the home page a bit and added a No Music version of my pages for all you humbug folks out there.

January 24
My Drinking Guide is back up!  At long last I've rescued the scraps from the demon we know as AOL and after long hours of piecing things back together it is finally whole once again!

January 14
Updated my Storyteller's Guide to include more information on Fame, Books, and Masks.

January 9
Added a new picture of Sunder to the Art Gallery.

January 6
Added Jherle's Rogue's Guide to Ancient Greece to the library.

January 3
Added the desks in Squirrel's Knotty Pine to Eleusis and Oinoe Price List.

December 28
Added Real Audio Chats with R. J. Stewart (Executive Producer of Xena) and Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (Head Writers of Hercules)

December 3
Updated some of the Price Lists, thanks to Vaftel for letting me know of changes

December 2
Did some work on the Gods and Titans page, it should now reflect the changes in skill favors and disfavors.

November 30
The Who's Who of Trainers list has been updated, added Mihieros, Syllabus, and the Norse trainers...if anyone can think of anything for Rissa, Laphiera, or Mannassos it'd be greatly appreciated.
We aim to please!  Added a picture of Milk to the Art Gallery as requested by, who else, Bonk.

November 29
640x480 Version of the site is now available.
Trainer List has been updated.

November 28
Foraging Guide has been updated, if I'm missing anything please let me know
Wilds Map #6 has been fixed, thanks to Beldin for catching the mistakes.  And no I didn't forget to map the Swamp of Moarae and yes it still exists, but I feel it's just too much of a puzzle to put on a map, it'd be like mapping the underworld...sorry, just don't think it'd be right. ;)

November 27
Alchemical Solution List has been worked on a bit, but still not complete by far...information needed would be appreciated :)

November 26
Wilds Map #6 has been added containing Boeotia, Kastelli Hill, Kithaeron Forest, and the Neverborn Carverns

November 21
Added some how tos to my Fishing Guide plus a list of a few known fishing spots
Added a few fan links and removed broken links from the Links Page

November 20
Midgard Price List updated to show Fatunya's Fashions and Gimcrack's Shamania
Midgard map updated to show Fatunya's and Gimcrack's
Added new scroll formula descriptions to Alcehmical Solution guide

November 18
Wilds Section 5 has been added featuring the new area NW of Piraeus
Art Gallery - ok, Derexal's picture actually works now, sorry about that...and I added another of my pictures, this one of the graveyard

November 5
Added Map of Midgard
Added Midgard Price List
Armor and Weapon guides have been updated

November 4
Well, in case you haven't noticed my pages have a bit of a new look 
A page has been made available for resolution 800x600
New sections have been added:

A fishing guide has been added (let me know if you find any other places to fish and I'll post them, with credit given of course)
All of my maps have been updated and Wilds Map #4 added (still need to map Anavyssos and Norway, look for them soon)
All of my price guides have been updated (look for Norway guides soon)