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Letters from Sid Blake which were

printed in the 

Hayle Mail & the Cornubian newspapers

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Both the Cornubian and the Hayle Mail belonged to the Cornishman group of newspapers. Sid Blake, the New York hotel keeper, sent his letters to the editor of the Cornishman who then arranged for them to be published in the other newspapers. The Cornubian newspaper is on microfiche at the Cornish Studies Centre in Redruth and the first correspondence from Sid Blake that I came across was a list of names which was published in the Oct. 5th  1911 issue followed by a letter  and list in the  Dec.7th. issue of the same year. The hard copies of  the Hayle Mail, in the Morrab Library, do not commence until 1912.

Sid's first letter for 1912 was published in the Hayle Mail on May 2nd and is of some importance in that it gives an account about  the Cornish passengers on the Titanic and the events at the hotel at the time. A fact that Sid probably did not know at the time of writing his letters was that one of the lookouts on the Titanic was a Cornishman named Archie Jewell who came from Bude and  the man on the wheel when the Titanic struck the iceberg was another Cornishman named Robert Hitchins from Newlyn. Both survived and gave evidence to the public inquiry. A report of Jewell's evidence is printed in the 9th of May 1912 issue of the  Hayle Mail and a page's can be found on both Robert Hitchens and Archie Jewell along with many other Cornish people  on the Titanic Encyclopedia web site which you can find Here. When you get to the site put Cornwall in the search box. Use your back button to return to this site. 

Other lists for 1912 were: Cornubian, July. 18th.and  Aug. 1st  and the Hayle Mail Jul. 12th Aug.29th All of these contain just the lists of names without any other details,

On September 12th 1912 a letter from Sid was published in which he gave details of the setting up of the New York Cornish Association. He gives the names of those present plus the newly elected officers. He once again attaches the list of names of those travelling.

In 1913 the Cornish papers seemed to have adopted a policy of each printing different letters the Hayle Mail on *May 9thJul. 25th. Sep. 5th whilst the Cornubian published letters on *May.22ndJul.3rd,  *Jul.17th  Aug.14th  


Cornubian 1914

  May 14th  Dec. 3rd   

Hayle Mail 1914

*April,  3rd,  April 10th  *April 17th  *May, 1st   *May 22nd ,*May  29th

*June, 5th  June 12th   *June 19th  *June 26th *July, 3rd  *July 17th

*July 24th *July 31st  *August, 11th  *August 18th  *August 25th 

*Sep. 17th *Oct, 1st  *Oct. 8th  *Oct. 15th  *Oct. 22nd  *Oct. 29th

Nov, 5th  Nov. 12th, Nov. 19th  Dec, 10th, Dec. 17th, Dec. 31st

Cornubian 1915 

Hayle Mail 1915

 Jan 7th /2, 14th /4, Feb. 25th /2, Mar, 11th /2, Apr. 22nd /2 May. 20th /3 

 Jul. 1st /2 Aug. 12th /2  Sep. 9th /2 Oct. 14th / 3   Nov. 11th /2  Dec. 30th / 2.

Hayle Mail 1916

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