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(Fitch), Martha, Mrs (marriage to Abraham Davenport Hon.) (i151)


Abbott, Legrand W. (marriage to Susan Comstock) (i2798)
Abbott, Lucy (marriage to John M. Raymond) (i2819)
Abbott, Mary Imogene (marriage to Julius Crissey) (i2258), b.1841-


Abram, Minnie (marriage to Nathan Judson Buck) (i1856)


Adams, Dorothy Jane (i4618), b.1918-
Adams, Genevieve (i4620), b.1921-
Adams, George Claris (marriage to Ruth Whitney Davenport) (i4616), b.1891-d.1960
Adams, Gerardus P. (marriage to Sarah Louisa Davenport) (i4105)
Adams, James Howard (i4586), b.1961-
Adams, Margaret Louise (i4617), b.1913-
Adams, Mary Katherine (i4621)
Adams, Richard (marriage to Lillian Naomi (Johnnie) Johnstone) (i4584), b.1933-
Adams, Richard Wayne (i4585), b.1959-
Adams, Ruth Elizabeth (i4619), b.1916-d.1919
Adams, Sarah (marriage to Frederick Ascough Archibald III) (i3511)
Adams, William P. (marriage to Mary Rowena Raymond) (i2784)


Addington, Constance Watts (marriage to Frank Bynner Davenport) (i919), b.1886-d.1937


Agate, Frederick J. (marriage to Helen Woolsey Smith) (i3213)
Agate, Frederick J., Jr. (i3214), b.1909-
Agate, Katherine Bacon (i3215), b.1914-
Agate, Mary Virginia (marriage to Winthrop Davenport Smith) (i3211)
Agate, Williams Jackson (i3216), b.1915-


Agner, Katherine Elizabeth (marriage to William Albert Davenport III) (i1127)


Alexander, Anne Davenport (i3912), b.1878-d.1967
Alexander, Eugene Davenport (i3911), b.1875-d.1956
Alexander, Henry Eugene (marriage to Mary Boorman Davenport) (i3908), b.1839-
Alexander, Mabel Whiting (i3910), b.1872-d.1950
Alexander, Margaret Davenport (i3909), b.1869-d.1971
Alexander, Mary Boorman Wheeler (i3913), b.1884-d.1909


Alibert, Simone (marriage to Leonard Bacon Smith) (i3205)


Alice M. (marriage to Cassius (Carey) Davenport) (i716), b.1870-


Alkis, Holis (marriage to Mary Rebecca Laurens) (i3460)


Allen, Annie Martha (marriage to David Low Huntington) (i1351), d.1861
Allen, Clara Felton (i2297), b.1876-
Allen, Frances Mary (i2295), b.1872-
Allen, Grace Irene (i2296), b.1879-
Allen, Lorenzo Dane (marriage to Mary Emily Felton) (i2294), b.1849-
Allen, Mary (marriage to Timothy Dwight Davenport) (i570)


Allgood, Jackson (marriage to Almeda Davenport) (i3546)


Alm, Joanne Christine (marriage to Walter Bell Lockwood) (i4045)


Altgeldte, Celeste (marriage to William Kirtland Zonne) (i4438)


Ambler, Deborah (marriage to John Davenport V) (i155), b.1726-
Ambler, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Davenport) (i5017), b.1731-d.1769


Ames, Laura (marriage to Timothy Clark Crissey) (i2159)
Ames, Phyllis (marriage to Archibald Cox Jr.) (i3038)


Andereek, Ethel Maria (marriage to Mahlon Lloyd Love Jr.) (i3260), b.1897-


Andreas, Emily J. (marriage to Isaac Lewis Davenport) (i507), b.1822-d.1907


Andrews, Sumner A. (marriage to Mary A. Story) (i1848)


Angle, Ernest Lane (i2464), b.1863-
Angle, Harrison Miles (i2465), b.1867-
Angle, Lewis Miles (marriage to Laura Vanera Crissey) (i2463), b.1830-d.1882


Ann P. (marriage to William Albert Davenport Jr.) (i947)
Anne (marriage to Robert Simpson Mack) (i1666)


Apthorp, Catherine (i2980)
Apthorp, Charles Ward (marriage to Elizabeth Coggshall Davenport) (i2975)
Apthorp, Elizabeth Cogswell (i2977)
Apthorp, Emily Sophia (i2979), d.1860
Apthorp, Frances Louisa (i2978)
Apthorp, Mary Mahetabel (i2976), b.1805-d.1906


Arcee, Cassandra Ann (i4767), b.1970-
Arcee, Ruben (marriage to Patricia Ann Maney) (i4766), b.1946-


Archibald, Andrew Crocker (i3509), b.1948-
Archibald, Erica Davenport (i3512), b.1975-
Archibald, Frederick Ascough (marriage to Helen Gautier Fessenden) (i3502), b.1875-d.1956
Archibald, Frederick Ascough, III (i3508), b.1945-
Archibald, Frederick Ascough, Iv (i3513)
Archibald, Frederick Ascough, Jr. (i3504), b.1911-
Archibald, Helen Davenport (i3503), b.1908-
Archibald, William Fessenden (i3510), b.1949-


Arguit, Elmira (marriage to Alson Crissey) (i2313), b.1817-


Arnold, Robert R. (marriage to Virginia Frances Turley Davenport) (i4020)


Atkinson, Barney Rutherford (i4832), b.1952-
Atkinson, Bennett P., III (i4835), b.1973-
Atkinson, Bennett Padgett (marriage to Joy Edith Davenport) (i4829), b.1924-
Atkinson, Bennett Padgett, Ii (i4830), b.1945-
Atkinson, Charles B. (marriage to Daisey Quinan Davenport) (i4465)
Atkinson, Charles Woodruff (i4466), d.1904
Atkinson, Christopher Shawn (i4838), b.1974-
Atkinson, Daniel Scott (i4831), b.1947-
Atkinson, Daniel Scott (i4837), b.1972-
Atkinson, Donna Joy (i4833), b.1956-
Atkinson, Kimberly Marguerite (i4839), b.1976-
Atkinson, Shawn Davenport (i4836), b.1976-
Atkinson, William Henry (i4467), d.1914


Atwater, Jason, Rev. (marriage to Ann Williams) (i1336), b.1759-d.1794
Atwater, Mary (marriage to Davenport Williams) (i1335), b.1763-d.1840


Averill, Amanda (marriage to Samuel Hackley) (i1527)
Averill, Harriet (marriage to Henry Linsley) (i1428)


Aylstine, Jerusha (marriage to Ebenezer Davenport) (i253)


Ayres, Alan Charles (i3673), b.1942-d.1978
Ayres, Bertrand Seymour (i3668), b.1873-d.1915
Ayres, Elwyn Charles (i3671), b.1913-
Ayres, Priscilla Louise (i3669), b.1879-d.1920
Ayres, Thomas Greenley (marriage to Priscilla Allen Davenport) (i3667), b.1842-d.1908


Babcock, Anne Tredwell (i2855), b.1878-
Babcock, Beatrice Edith (i2864), b.1907-
Babcock, Clara Emily (i2852), b.1856-
Babcock, Henry (marriage to Emily Maria Maltby) (i2849), b.1831-d.1899
Babcock, Henry Townsend, Rev. (i2853), b.1872-
Babcock, Howard Lathrop (i2858), b.1888-
Babcock, Howard Noyes (i2851), b.1860-
Babcock, Maltby (i2859), b.1890-
Babcock, Maltby Davenport, Rev. (i2850), b.1858-d.1901
Babcock, Mary (i2865), b.1909-
Babcock, Mary Elizabeth (i2854), b.1874-
Babcock, Perrin (i2860), b.1893-
Babcock, Ruth Emily (i2866), b.1915-


Bach, Anna (marriage to John Davenport Warren) (i2697)


Baco, Polly (marriage to Sylvanus Crissey) (i2416), b.1767-


Bacon, Katherine Wadsworth (marriage to Eugene Smith) (i3200), d.1915
Bacon, Thirza (marriage to William Davenport) (i3164)


Bahm, Jennifer Lara (i4890), b.1978-
Bahm, Robert Michael, Dr. (marriage to Jane Davenport) (i4889)


Bainum, Barry Alan (marriage to Gretchen Deweese) (i4639), b.1941-
Bainum, Jessica Ann (i4640), b.1976-
Bainum, Rebecca Jane (i4641), b.1977-


Bakar, Sara Ann (marriage to George Pierpont Macgowan) (i3364)


Baker, Gertrude Kate (marriage to Edgar Charles Love) (i3274), b.1879-
Baker, Jack (marriage to Gladys Irene Beck) (i4100)
Baker, Sherry Ann (marriage to Michael John Daurer) (i4222), b.1955-


Balduff, Bradley Charles (i3808), b.1964-
Balduff, Brian Paul (i3809), b.1964-
Balduff, Dean Kenneth (i3807), b.1961-
Balduff, Harold Kenneth (marriage to Carol Erma Hacker) (i3806)


Baldwin, Eldon Clyde (marriage to Peggy Lee Kennedy) (i4758), b.1939-
Baldwin, Mark Andrew (i4761), b.1974-
Baldwin, Matthew Eldon (i4759), b.1968-
Baldwin, Michael Christian (i4760), b.1970-
Baldwin, Orrin (marriage to Sarah Hopkins) (i1898)
Baldwin, William Patrick (i4762), b.1975-


Banning, Caroline Livingstone (marriage to Gilbert Lafayette Clark M.D.) (i2201), b.1852-


Barber, Marion Elizabeth (marriage to Frank Davenport Scott Jr.) (i4497)


Barberis, Fanny W. (marriage to John Joralemon Davenport) (i1072)


Bardwell, J. E. (marriage to Martha M. Crissey) (i1982)


Barish, Frank (marriage to Mary Doris Mawby) (i4714), b.1922-
Barish, Franklin (i4716), b.1963-
Barish, Peter (i4715), b.1961-


Barker, Elizabeth (i1331)
Barker, Eunice (i1330)
Barker, James (i1333)
Barker, Joseph (i1332)
Barker, Joseph, Rev. (marriage to Eunice Stebbins) (i1329)
Barker, Rev. (marriage to Ann Williams) (i1341)
Barker, Stephen (i1334)


Barndollar, Charles Wilbur (i3703), b.1890-d.1977
Barndollar, George I. (i3704), b.1893-d.1913
Barndollar, George I. (marriage to Grace Isabel Davenport) (i3700), b.1851-d.1906
Barndollar, Harry Davenport (i3701), b.1883-
Barndollar, James Martin (i3702), b.1887-d.1955


Barnes, Calista A. (marriage to Edwin L. Davis) (i2082), b.1846-
Barnes, Ellen Andrews, Mrs. (marriage to James Walter Crissey) (i2249), b.1829-d.1873
Barnes, R. W. B. (marriage to Jeanette Sturges Davenport) (i4463)


Barnet, Trudi (marriage to David Michael Fackler) (i3899)


Barnett, Evelyn Lee (marriage to Elwyn Charles Ayres) (i3672), b.1920-


Barnhart, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Rufus Roy Davenport) (i591), d.1908


Barnum, Clara (i2827)
Barnum, Fanny (i2826)
Barnum, George W. (marriage to Sarah L. Raymond) (i2824)
Barnum, Laura Ellen (i2825)


Barr, Helen (marriage to Gladstone Fessenden) (i3515), b.1881-d.1915


Bartelloni, Lori (marriage to Matthew Scott Herbert) (i4505)


Bartholomew, Bessie (marriage to Arta A. Crissey) (i2470), b.1873-


Bascom, Aaron, Rev. (marriage to Martha Reynolds) (i1698)


Bates, Addie (i3119)
Bates, Adele (i3116)
Bates, Allen (i3102)
Bates, Charles Ambrose (i3073), d.1915
Bates, Charles Augustus (i3056), b.1807-d.1889
Bates, Deborah Ann (i3132), b.1849-d.1905
Bates, Edgar Theodore (i3076), b.1857-
Bates, Edward (i3101)
Bates, Elbert Cary (i3067), b.1848-
Bates, Eliza (i3074), b.1833-d.1834
Bates, Elmore (i3112)
Bates, Emma H. (marriage to Otis Hamilton Rawson) (i2117)
Bates, Eva (i3104)
Bates, Fanny (i3062), b.1822-d.1906
Bates, Frances (i3061), b.1819-d.1820
Bates, Francis Augustus (i3065), b.1834-d.1915
Bates, Fred (i3118)
Bates, Frederick Waller (i3070), b.1884-d.1892
Bates, George (i3100)
Bates, Grace (i3117)
Bates, Harriet (i3075), b.1842-
Bates, Henry (i3099)
Bates, Henry (i3114)
Bates, John (i3131)
Bates, John Davenport (i3055), b.1806-d.1889
Bates, Johnathan (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i3054)
Bates, Joseph (i3107)
Bates, Julia (i3059), b.1814-
Bates, Julia Weed (i3064), b.1832-
Bates, Margaret Bell (i3105)
Bates, Martha A. (i3072), b.1831-
Bates, Mary (i3066), b.1843-
Bates, Mary (i3109)
Bates, Mary Ann (marriage to Julius Davenport) (i496), d.1885
Bates, Rosemary Sue (marriage to Marvin Byron Stokes) (i4531)
Bates, Sally Elizabeth (i3058), b.1811-
Bates, Sarah (marriage to Julius Davenport) (i502), d.1906
Bates, Susan (i3111)
Bates, Theodore (i3057), b.1809-d.1856
Bates, Theodore (i3113)
Bates, Walter (i3106)
Bates, Walter Henry (i3060), b.1817-
Bates, Wilbur (i3108)
Bates, William Henry (marriage to Sally Elizabeth Bates) (i3098)


Batterson, Edward (marriage to Cora Samantha Sterling) (i2655)
Batterson, Howard (i2657), b.1900-
Batterson, Walter (i2656), b.1898-


Beach, Adolphus (i2054)
Beach, Alvin (i2052)
Beach, Elizabeth Warren (i2718), b.1872-
Beach, Eugene, M.D. (marriage to Sarah Jessup Warren) (i2717), b.1838-d.1909
Beach, Gertrude (i2721)
Beach, Herman (marriage to Polly (Mary) Crissey) (i2051)
Beach, John Parsons (i2720), b.1878-
Beach, Joseph Warren (i2714), b.1880-
Beach, Joseph Warren (marriage to Elizabeth Northrop) (i2714), b.1880-
Beach, Julia (i2053)
Beach, Mary Josephine (i2719), b.1875-
Beach, Northrop (i2715), b.1912-
Beach, Warren (i2716), b.1914-


Bean, Rhoda (marriage to Alan T. Davenport) (i1076)


Beardsley, Betsy (marriage to Edward Potter) (i2941)


Beasi, Barbara Lin (marriage to Charles W. Morley) (i4214)


Beavers, Jamie (marriage to John Frederick Davenport) (i1204)


Beck, Gladys Irene (i4091), b.1906-
Beck, Grethel Mae (i4090), b.1904-d.1951
Beck, Henry (i4093), d.1911
Beck, Inez R. (i4095), b.1916-d.1980
Beck, June Pearl (i4088), b.1900-
Beck, Lloyd Le Roy (i4094), b.1915-
Beck, Margarita (marriage to John Marshall Davenport) (i970)
Beck, Merrield Clifford (i4087), b.1898-
Beck, Orville John (i4089), b.1902-d.1968
Beck, Warren Dave (i4092), b.1908-d.1949


Beeman, Charlotte (i1912)
Beeman, Lucas R. (marriage to Lavinia Crissey) (i1911), d.1852


Behre, Ashley Edith (i4165), b.1976-
Behre, Elizabeth A. (i4158)
Behre, Ethel (i4156)
Behre, Gerald F. (marriage to Ethel Lawrence) (i4154)
Behre, Gretchen Vail (i4164), b.1973-
Behre, John Edward (i4155)
Behre, John Edward, Jr. (i4159)


Bell, Ethel (marriage to Joseph Lathrop Mack Jr.) (i1647)
Bell, Gertrude (marriage to Charles Davenport Lockwood) (i4035)
Bell, Gregory, Dr. (marriage to Katherine Collens Laurens) (i3453)
Bell, Prudence (marriage to John Davenport Vi) (i15), b.1750-d.1794
Bell, Sarah (marriage to John Davenport Bates) (i3063), b.1810-d.1891


Bellamy, A. D., M.D. (marriage to Florence Mercy Crissey) (i2319)
Bellamy, Baby (i2322), b.1887-d.1888
Bellamy, Louise (i2320), b.1885-
Bellamy, Margerie (i2321), b.1886-


Bement, Julia (marriage to James Clark) (i2168), b.1820-


Benedict, Abigail (marriage to William Davenport) (i311), d.1839
Benedict, Deacon Isaac (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i2615), b.1751-d.1840
Benedict, Granville W. (marriage to Frances Emeline Isham) (i1261)
Benedict, Lorana (i2616), b.1795-d.1868


Benjamin, Cerise Jennie (i3582), b.1888-
Benjamin, Everard Delamater (marriage to Emily Susan Davenport) (i3577)
Benjamin, Frederick Betts (i3579), b.1877-
Benjamin, Harold Dartnell (i3581), b.1885-
Benjamin, Leonard Davenport (i3580), b.1882-
Benjamin, William Everard (i3578), b.1872-


Bennett, Catherine Eliza (marriage to James Davenport) (i394), d.1874
Bennett, Harvey Earlyn (i3320), b.1903-
Bennett, Minna Larue (i3319), b.1893-
Bennett, Otto B. (marriage to Mary Abigail Waldo) (i3318)


Bergman, Jenne May (marriage to Bertrand Seymour Ayres) (i3670), b.1885-


Bernhardt, Dorothy (marriage to John Davenport Shankland) (i4419), b.1913-
Bernhardt, Elizabeth Ann (i4420), b.1940-
Bernhardt, John Davenport (i4421), b.1946-d.1949


Berry, Edwin Payson, Capt. (marriage to Mary Eliza Fisher) (i2529), d.1863


Bertelsen, Jean Elizabeth (i3883), b.1953-
Bertelsen, John Frederick (marriage to Elizabeth Root Fackler) (i3879)
Bertelsen, John Frederick, Jr. (i3880), b.1947-
Bertelsen, Nancy Louise (i3882), b.1950-
Bertelsen, Thomas Edward (i3881), b.1948-


Bertha (marriage to George Alfred Davenport) (i3661)


Betts, Aaron (i3616), b.1962-
Betts, Allen Gregory (i3123)
Betts, Benjamin Davenport (i3606), b.1911-
Betts, Benjamin Davenport, Jr. (i3610), b.1946-
Betts, Carmi (marriage to Julia Bates) (i3120)
Betts, Carmi Frederick (i3124), d.1900
Betts, Charles (i3127)
Betts, Ella (i3126)
Betts, Florence (i3129)
Betts, Frederick (i3128)
Betts, George F. (marriage to Katherine White) (i3603)
Betts, Jessica (i3619), b.1970-
Betts, John Bissell (i3605), d.1928
Betts, Julia (i3121), b.1836-
Betts, Margaret (i3604)
Betts, Mary (i1721)
Betts, Matthew (i3617), b.1965-
Betts, May Eleanor (i3122), d.1911
Betts, Meredith (i3618), b.1967-
Betts, Sally (i3608), b.1935-
Betts, Sara (i1719), b.1757-
Betts, Susan (marriage to Darius Davenport) (i344), d.1876
Betts, Susan (marriage to Samuel Davenport) (i332), d.1852
Betts, Thaddeus (i1722), b.1788-d.1840
Betts, Thaddeus (i3609), b.1938-
Betts, Thaddeus, Dr. (marriage to Elizabeth Maltby) (i1718)
Betts, William Maltby (i1720)


Betty (marriage to Charles Davenport Lockwood) (i4039)


Biro, Douglas John (marriage to Anne Putnam Browne Ii) (i3977)


Bishop, Betsey (i2601), b.1787-
Bishop, David (i2602), b.1790-
Bishop, Elsa (i2603), b.1795-
Bishop, Peter (marriage to Lydia Davenport) (i2598)
Bishop, Polly (i2600), b.1785-
Bishop, Samuel (i2599), b.1782-
Bishop, Sarah (marriage to John Davenport Iv) (i18), b.1701-


Black, James Edward (marriage to Mary Katherine Adams) (i4642), b.1916-
Black, James Reeves (i4643), b.1944-
Black, Jennifer Lynn (i4647), b.1975-
Black, Lawrence Richard (i4645), b.1950-
Black, Robert Jeffery (i4644), b.1946-


Blaine, Edwin Everett (marriage to Daisey Addaleen Davenport) (i4296)


Blair, Myrtle Marie (marriage to Cecil Curtis Stokes) (i4541)


Blake, Jeffery Townsend (i3975), b.1965-
Blake, Matthew Browne (i3976), b.1968-
Blake, Roger P. T. (marriage to Marjorie Frances Browne) (i3974)


Blakeslee, Alice Gertrude (marriage to Winfield Scott Linsley) (i1413)
Blakeslee, Arthur A. (marriage to Flora Foote) (i1470)


Blank, Maggie Mae (marriage to Oliver Sidney Davenport) (i819), b.1882-


Bliss, Alvin Crissey, M.D. (i1921), b.1812-d.1890
Bliss, Cynthia Elizabeth (i1925)
Bliss, Eli (marriage to Lydia Crissey) (i1920), b.1779-
Bliss, Lancy (i1922), b.1812-d.1849
Bliss, Walter (i1924)
Bliss, Walter T. (marriage to Minnie Mitchell) (i2036), b.1860-


Bloodgood, (marriage to Laura Nicholson) (i2430)
Bloodgood, C., M.D. (i2431)
Bloodgood, George (i2432)


Blough, Riley (marriage to Vera Davenport) (i4368)


Blount, Alice (marriage to Bennett Padgett Atkinson Ii) (i4834)


Boardman, Stella (marriage to Adelbert P. Foote) (i2927)


Bodley, Florence Dudley (marriage to Rufus Davenport) (i607), b.1861-d.1930


Boehm, Daryl K. (marriage to Deanna Lynn Davenport) (i5004)


Boehmer, Kristian Ludwig (i4975), b.1961-
Boehmer, Louisa (i4976), b.1964-
Boehmer, Peter (marriage to Raquel Davenport) (i4974)
Boehmer, Timothy Joralemon (i4977), b.1966-


Boesch, Fernand Louis (marriage to Katherine Louise Davenport) (i4845), d.1976
Boesch, Janice Victoria (i4847), b.1953-
Boesch, Michael Peter (i4846), b.1951-


Bonar, James Davenport (i4424), b.1973-
Bonar, James Ward (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Bernhardt) (i4422), b.1939-
Bonar, Julie Ann (i4423), b.1970-


Bond, Florence Davenport (i3346), b.1865-
Bond, Jacob Titus (marriage to Nancy Vere Davenport) (i3342), b.1812-d.1888
Bond, James Davenport (i3343), b.1838-d.1840
Bond, Leonard Currier (i3344), b.1840-d.1909
Bond, Leonard Garrison (i3347), b.1868-
Bond, Marcia (marriage to Samuel A. Davis) (i1269)


Bondy, Russel J. (marriage to Paula Davenport) (i4775)
Bondy, Ryan Russel (i4776), b.1977-


Bonnel, Marianna (marriage to Stephen Rintoul Davenport) (i869)


Bonocorsi, Rose Marie (marriage to Paul Adams Taube) (i4625), b.1939-


Bookstaver, Augustus A. (marriage to Harriett Mott Fisher) (i2530)


Boorman, James (marriage to Mary Wells Davenport) (i2959), b.1785-d.1886


Boos, Barbara Ann Davenport (i1192), b.1946-
Boos, Chriatian Arthur (marriage to Lucille Harriet Davenport) (i5018), b.1914-d.1970
Boos, Christian Arthur (marriage to Lucille Harriet Davenport) (i1191), b.1914-d.1970
Boos, Christian Davenport (i4983), b.1952-


Borda, Conrad (marriage to Emma Louise Whitlock) (i4111), d.1910


Boscon, James (marriage to Sarah Webb) (i2607)


Bosio, Angelica (i3926), b.1931-
Bosio, Benedetta (i3928), b.1937-
Bosio, Caterina (i3927), b.1932-
Bosio, T. Gherardi (marriage to Emily Maud Waterworth) (i3924), d.1940
Bosio, Teresa (i3925), b.1929-


Bostic, Rose (marriage to Barney Rutherford Atkinson) (i4840)


Boston, Bruce Fairchild (i2613)
Boston, William Ebenezer (marriage to Esther Treat Busnell) (i2612)


Boswell, Sara Margaret (marriage to William Stanley Finney) (i3194)


Bothwell, Ada Florence (i3239), b.1868-
Bothwell, Amelia (i3244), b.1879-
Bothwell, Clarence Logan (i3248), b.1885-
Bothwell, Elizabeth M. (i3246), b.1879-d.1922
Bothwell, Esther (i3245), b.1878-
Bothwell, Herbert Lloyd (i3243), b.1874-
Bothwell, Laura (i3240), b.1869-d.1870
Bothwell, Leonard R. (marriage to Florence Davenport Lloyd) (i3238), b.1838-d.1922
Bothwell, Leonard, Jr. (i3249), b.1877-d.1877
Bothwell, Mary Isabell (i3242), b.1872-d.1873
Bothwell, May (i3241), b.1871-d.1871
Bothwell, William (i3247), b.1884-


Boulton, Marianne (marriage to David Edward Fackler) (i3894)


Bowen, Barbara Louise (i3682), b.1956-
Bowen, Diana Jean (i3681), b.1955-
Bowen, Gary Morgan (i3683), b.1966-
Bowen, Theodore E. (marriage to Priscilla Munson) (i3678), b.1899-d.1973
Bowen, Theodore M. (i3679), b.1925-


Boyd, Adrian (marriage to Ethel Behre) (i4166)
Boyd, Bruce Behre (i4169)
Boyd, Ethel Margaret (i4167)
Boyd, Gregory Behre (i4177), b.1971-
Boyd, Jeffery Payson (i4168)
Boyd, Karen Suzzane (i4175), b.1970-
Boyd, Melissa Dawn (i4178), b.1975-
Boyd, Pamela Lynn (i4174), b.1966-


Boylston, Lillian (marriage to Frederick Davenport Moore) (i4058)


Bracamonte, Alfredo (marriage to Betty Lou Davenport) (i4885)
Bracamonte, Carla Marie (i4886), b.1969-


Bradford, Rita Mae (marriage to Clifford Glen Davenport) (i997), b.1923-


Bradley, Benjamin (marriage to Jane Tisdale) (i2213)
Bradley, Mary (i2214)
Bradley, Roland Hamilton, Ii (marriage to Edna Jeanne Weir) (i4198), b.1918-
Bradley, Roland Hamilton, III (i4199), b.1950-
Bradley, Susan Catherine (marriage to Edward Arthur Davenport) (i601), b.1871-d.1931


Bragg, Elva Mae (marriage to Orme Davenport) (i666), b.1897-d.1977


Branco, David Samuel (marriage to Cathy Joann Davenport) (i4777), b.1954-
Branco, David Samuel, Jr. (i4778), b.1974-
Branco, Ryan James (i4779), b.1976-


Brandom, Emma G. (marriage to Charles Royce Davenport) (i931)


Branham, Edith (marriage to Frederick Thomas Davenport) (i926), b.1891-d.1976


Brann, Helen (i4353), b.1932-
Brann, Maurice Robert (marriage to Alice Cynthia Wetmore) (i4352)


Brennan, Jonah Sebastian (i4802), b.1972-
Brennan, Nyssa (i4803), b.1976-
Brennan, Sabrina Rose (i4801), b.1969-
Brennan, Thomas A., Dr. (marriage to Lemoine Farwell Voorhies) (i4800)


Bresee, Kathryn (marriage to Sylvester Thomas Rockwell) (i3723), b.1904-


Bridge, Andrew Richard (i4292), b.1963-
Bridge, Christopher David (i4295), b.1972-
Bridge, David (marriage to Margaret Anne Reidel) (i4291)
Bridge, Peter Josiah (i4294), b.1970-
Bridge, Thomas William (i4293), b.1965-


Briggs, Elsie (marriage to Leslie Davenport Burrit) (i4483), b.1901-
Briggs, Ina Theo (marriage to Richard Raeburn Love) (i3264), b.1903-


Brinson, Annie Louise (i2256)
Brinson, Gregory (marriage to Ellen Crissey) (i2255)


Brockett, Catherine Augusta (marriage to Hubert Franklin Potter) (i2936), b.1859-


Brooke, Arabella Eleanor Natalie (i4788), b.1973-
Brooke, Piers Leighton (marriage to Susan Wheeler Davenport) (i4787)
Brooke, Sebastian Piers (i4789), b.1974-


Brooks, Viola (marriage to Leonard Davenport) (i4383), b.1917-


Brouse, Jon (marriage to Karen Rose Davenport) (i5015)


Brown, Aaron (i1889)
Brown, Anna Elizabeth (marriage to George Lansing Warren) (i2687), b.1837-d.1888
Brown, Bertha Dell (i1946), b.1878-
Brown, Bessie Grace (i1945), b.1875-
Brown, Caroline (i1508), b.1933-
Brown, Clara Louise (i3191), b.1868-
Brown, E. T. (marriage to Ruth Harrison Buckley) (i1507)
Brown, Eliza Ann (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Wright) (i2237), b.1838-d.1869
Brown, Eunice (i1891)
Brown, Forrest Clyde (i1944), b.1870-
Brown, Hattie (marriage to Elijah O. Story) (i1843)
Brown, Horace (i1888)
Brown, Jane (marriage to Alfred Mitchell) (i2038), b.1837-
Brown, Jane (marriage to Edward Bates) (i3110)
Brown, Latie (i1947), b.1881-d.1881
Brown, Lucy (i1890)
Brown, Luman Earl (i1943), b.1868-
Brown, Mary Helen (marriage to Winfred Davenport Butler) (i3569)
Brown, Oliver Lorenzo (marriage to Ophelia Patterson) (i1942)
Brown, Polly (marriage to Abraham Davenport Deacon) (i242), d.1842
Brown, Polly Ann (marriage to Hubbell Story) (i1834), b.1833-
Brown, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Williams Stebbins) (i1307)
Brown, Titus (marriage to Lucina Hopkins) (i1887)
Brown, Truman (i1509), b.1937-
Brown, Weltha (marriage to William Taylor Davenport) (i803)
Brown, William S. (marriage to Abigail Louise Scofield) (i3189)
Brown, William Wallace (i3190)


Browne, Anne Louise (i3981), b.1959-
Browne, Anne Putnam (i3957), b.1900-
Browne, Anne Putnam, Ii (i3968), b.1948-
Browne, Charles Raymond (i3972), b.1968-
Browne, Christina May (i3991), b.1943-
Browne, Davenport, III (i3966), b.1942-
Browne, Davenport, Jr. (i3961), b.1920-
Browne, Elizabeth Ann (i3990), b.1940-
Browne, Eric Godfrey (i3983), b.1966-
Browne, George Davenport (i3956), b.1895-
Browne, George Israel (marriage to Mary Freeborn Davenport) (i3955), b.1866-d.1930
Browne, Godfrey (i3963), b.1923-
Browne, Grace Elizabeth (i3982), b.1964-
Browne, Katherine Merrick (i3969), b.1953-
Browne, Marjorie Frances (i3967), b.1944-
Browne, Mary Freeborn (i3958), b.1902-
Browne, Merrick (i3964), b.1926-
Browne, Merrick Browne, Jr. (i3987), b.1964-
Browne, Michael Davenport (i3971), b.1966-
Browne, Michele Ann (i3986), b.1962-
Browne, Putnam Huntington (i3959), b.1904-d.1960
Browne, Putnam Huntington, Ii (i3988), b.1966-
Browne, Ramsey (i3962), b.1922-
Browne, Wendy Gimbernat (i3973), b.1971-
Browne, Yvonne Marie (i3985), b.1959-


Brownell, Herbert K. (i4123), b.1885-d.1904
Brownell, Herbert K. (marriage to Katie Hicks Davenport) (i4122), d.1894
Brownell, William H. (i4124), b.1887-


Bruen, Frances Davenport (i3016)
Bruen, Mary Ann Lundie (i3015)
Bruen, Mary Lundie (i3021)
Bruen, Mathias, Rev. (marriage to Mary Ann Davenport) (i3014), b.1793-d.1829


Bryant, Joan E. (marriage to Frederick Eugene Davenport Jr.) (i1095)


Buck, Anna (i1853)
Buck, Emerson (i1791), b.1810-d.1818
Buck, George (i1852)
Buck, Georgie (i1858)
Buck, Judson (i1854)
Buck, Katherine (marriage to Samuel Fessenden) (i3518), b.1913-
Buck, Lillie (i1857)
Buck, Nathan (i1850)
Buck, Nathan Judson (i1851), b.1845-
Buck, Peter Wendell (i4685), b.1958-
Buck, Philip Davenport (i4686), b.1961-
Buck, Rosetta (i1859)
Buck, Veneria (i1855)
Buck, Wendell R. (marriage to Hazel Louise Davenport) (i4684)
Buck, Zadoc (marriage to Veneria Story) (i1849), b.1801-d.1889


Buckley, Esther Harrison (i1484), b.1910-
Buckley, Helen Elizabeth (i1481), b.1902-
Buckley, Marian Harrison (i1482), b.1904-d.1970
Buckley, Ruth Harrison (i1483), b.1910-d.1972
Buckley, Truman C. (marriage to Bertha Dudley Harrison) (i1480)


Bulkeley, Carrie M. (marriage to Franklin Edwards Davenport) (i648), b.1846-d.1879


Bunker, Charles Garret (i4049)
Bunker, Garret (marriage to Barbara Elizabeth Lockwood) (i4048)


Bunnel, Selina (marriage to Charles Foote) (i1363)


Burchard, Eliza (marriage to Samuel Knapp) (i2670)


Burdett, Ellen Maria (marriage to William Henry Davenport) (i350), d.1846


Burdick, Craig Doyle (marriage to Geneva Beth Davenport) (i4929), b.1951-
Burdick, Wellington W. (marriage to Mary E. Davis) (i2096), b.1846-


Burdorf, Marilyn Cecil (marriage to Stephen Rintoul Davenport Rev. Iii) (i1175), b.1942-


Burgess, Carrie Irene (marriage to Frank Merrill Wright) (i2224), b.1861-d.1894


Burnett, Ernestine Rosell (marriage to Willis Clark Evans) (i4386), b.1930-d.1963


Burr, Elmina (marriage to Ephraim Chauncey Warren) (i2677), d.1831


Burral, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i3232)
Burral, Charles, Jr. (i3233), d.1888
Burral, John (marriage to Julia Davenport) (i3230)
Burral, Samuel Davenport (i3231), b.1834-


Burrit, Barbara Davenport (i4485), b.1934-
Burrit, Edna Crawford (i4469), b.1888-d.1972
Burrit, Leslie Davenport (i4471), b.1900-d.1965
Burrit, Phyllis Martha (i4484), b.1929-


Burritt, Chester Crawford (marriage to Effie Deans Davenport) (i4468), b.1860-d.1930
Burritt, Margaret Kemp (i4470), b.1890-


Burt, Lucy (marriage to Samuel Williams) (i121)


Burwell, Julietta Elizabeth (i3378), b.1887-
Burwell, Robert Noyes (marriage to Ella Augusta Hazel) (i3377), b.1860-
Burwell, Robert Winthrope (i3381), b.1914-
Burwell, Stanley Burgess (i3379), b.1893-


Bush, Margaret (marriage to George Bates) (i3103)


Bushnell, Dotha (i2986), b.1843-
Bushnell, Elizabeth (i2983), d.1837
Bushnell, Frances Louise (i2982), b.1834-d.1899
Bushnell, Horace (i2984), b.1838-d.1842
Bushnell, Horace, Rev. (marriage to Mary Mahetabel Apthorp) (i2981), b.1802-d.1876
Bushnell, Mary (i2985), b.1840-


Busi, Gianpero (marriage to Angelica Bosio) (i3930)


Busnell, Esther Treat (i2611)
Busnell, Lewis (marriage to Sarah Webb) (i2608)
Busnell, Lewis, Jr. (i2609)


Butler, Alfred (i3572), b.1904-
Butler, Alice (i3575), b.1910-
Butler, Helena (i3574), b.1908-
Butler, Herbert Davenport (i3573), b.1907-
Butler, Joseph H. (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i3564), d.1907
Butler, Lemuel Cambell (i3567), b.1872-
Butler, Lemuel Cambell, Jr. (i3576), b.1914-
Butler, Minnie Gamard (i3571), b.1903-
Butler, Rena (i3566), b.1868-d.1871
Butler, Sarah Emily (i3568), b.1877-d.1882
Butler, Winfred Davenport (i3565), b.1866-


Butt, Mary (marriage to Horace Hopkins) (i1895)


Buxton, Harriet (i2886)
Buxton, Harvey (i2885)
Buxton, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Davenport) (i2884)
Buxton, William (i2887)


Bynner, Ada Louise (marriage to Frank Burdette Davenport) (i757), d.1943


Byrd, Alice (marriage to Byrd Warwick Davenport) (i1033)


Cable, Antoinette (marriage to Rufus Davenport) (i255), d.1832


Cady, Clifton P. (i1868), b.1874-d.1889
Cady, David (marriage to Abigail Williams Chapin) (i1228)
Cady, Eunice King (i1230), b.1807-d.1880
Cady, Halsey (i1869), b.1875-
Cady, Harriet Newell (i1231), b.1814-d.1850
Cady, Harrison F. (marriage to Sophronia M. Parker) (i1865), b.1836-d.1882
Cady, Jerusha Emeline (i1229), b.1805-d.1844
Cady, Lena E. (i1866), b.1867-d.1882
Cady, Marion (i1867), b.1872-d.1874
Cady, Myron M. (i1870), b.1879-


Caldwell, Elizabeth L. (marriage to John Rapelyea Davenport) (i610), b.1850-d.1915
Caldwell, Mary J. (marriage to John Davenport Greene) (i2753)


Calhoun, Sarah (marriage to Charles Newton Ransom Rev.) (i1319)


Camp, Estella Evelyn (marriage to Charles Foote) (i1370), b.1847-d.1883


Campbell, Altana C. (marriage to Harmon G. Mitchell) (i2030), b.1840-
Campbell, Annabelle (marriage to Alvin George Davenport) (i1010), b.1920-
Campbell, Betty (marriage to Donald Oliver Tedrick) (i4732)
Campbell, Debra Ann (marriage to Dave Nelson Davenport) (i1206)


Caplinger, Doris May (marriage to Howard Leroy Shearon III) (i4656)


Capron, Martha (marriage to Sherman A. Crissey) (i2457), b.1836-d.1891


Carico, Julia Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Benjamin Davenport) (i940)


Carlson, Doris Jane (marriage to Marvin Byron Stokes) (i4528), d.1952
Carlson, Milet Leroy (marriage to Beverly Ann Stokes) (i4545)


Carlton, Asenath P. (marriage to Wallace H. Parker) (i1864)


Carmichael, Elzemina (marriage to Sherman A. Crissey) (i2462), b.1848-


Carpenter, Cynthia Elizabeth (i3844), b.1960-
Carpenter, Deborah Wilson (i3845), b.1961-
Carpenter, Donald Harlow (i2020), b.1894-
Carpenter, Grace Mills (i3846), b.1964-
Carpenter, Kenneth E. (marriage to Mary Given Scofield Wilson) (i3843)
Carpenter, Vilma (marriage to Frank Wells Mitchell) (i2019), b.1873-


Carrington, Mary Malcom (marriage to Christopher Emory Youngs) (i3439)


Carson, Margaret (marriage to Arthur Raymond) (i2815), d.1914


Carter, Ann (i3481), b.1922-d.1975
Carter, Barbara (i3482), b.1928-
Carter, Denise (marriage to John Davenport Sloan Jr.) (i4447), b.1948-
Carter, Edna Sanford (i3476), b.1891-d.1977
Carter, Edward Bass Little (i3471), b.1855-d.1918
Carter, Galen Augustus (i3472), b.1857-d.1922
Carter, Galen Augustus (marriage to Mary Caroline Davenport) (i3469), d.1898
Carter, Galen Augustus, Jr. (i3470), b.1854-d.1855
Carter, Harriet (marriage to William Linsley) (i1416)
Carter, Jennifer Lynn (i4925), b.1977-
Carter, Kenneth Woodruff (i3479), b.1889-d.1961
Carter, Richard Stewart (marriage to Carol Sue Davenport) (i4924), b.1943-
Carter, Sanford Davenport (i3477), b.1898-d.1903
Carter, Theodora Davenport (i3473), b.1869-d.1957
Carter, Wells Davenport (i3474), b.1872-d.1873


Casper, (marriage to Sarah Jean Neville) (i4282)


Casselman, Francis Raymond (marriage to Margery Davenport) (i4456), b.1899-
Casselman, Kenneth P. (i4457), b.1918-
Casselman, Phillip R. (i4458), b.1918-d.1932


Castle, Chastina (marriage to Eugene Adelbert Rawson) (i2114), d.1876


Cavalier, Suzanne (marriage to Thomas Addington Davenport Ii) (i1208)


Cecearini, Giovanni, Dr. (marriage to Mary Boorman Wheeler) (i3468)


Chabrier, Jacques, Mrs. (i3208)


Chapin, Abigail Williams (i1227), b.1780-d.1850
Chapin, Anna (i1226), b.1778-d.1842
Chapin, Arthur D. (i1296), b.1850-d.1850
Chapin, Betsey (marriage to William Augustus Williams) (i1353)
Chapin, Edna Gertrude (i1298), b.1876-
Chapin, Ellen Augusta (i1293), b.1844-d.1905
Chapin, Henry William (i1294), b.1846-d.1851
Chapin, Noah (marriage to Mary Williams) (i1225)
Chapin, Ralph Sumner (marriage to Harriet Newell Cady) (i1291), b.1807-d.1881
Chapin, Samuel Cady (i1292), b.1841-d.1883
Chapin, Willis (i1295), b.1848-d.1851


Chase, (marriage to Anna May Dowler) (i2198)


Chemay, Albert Paul (i4854), b.1958-
Chemay, Constance Alice (i4852), b.1956-
Chemay, Frank Louis (i4849), b.1944-
Chemay, Frederick Emerson (i4850), b.1948-
Chemay, Louis Joseph (marriage to Ruth Edith Davenport) (i4848)
Chemay, Mark Thomas (i4851), b.1951-


Cheney, Austin (i2995), b.1876-
Cheney, Charles (i2989), b.1866-
Cheney, Dorothy (i2998), b.1880-
Cheney, Emily (i2988), b.1864-
Cheney, Frank Dexter (i2996), b.1878-
Cheney, Frank Woodbridge, Col. (marriage to Mary Bushnell) (i2987), b.1832-d.1909
Cheney, Horace Bushnell (i2990), b.1868-
Cheney, Howell (i2992), b.1870-
Cheney, Jane Davenport (i3001)
Cheney, John Davenport (i2991), b.1870-
Cheney, Marjorie (i2997), b.1880-
Cheney, Ruth (i2999), b.1884-
Cheney, Seth Leslie (i2993), b.1874-
Cheney, Ward (i2994), b.1875-


Chesebrough, Harriet Grant (marriage to Theodore Davenport Deacon) (i302), b.1812-d.1896


Chetland, Sarah D. (marriage to Judson Crissey) (i2049)


Child, Matilda (marriage to Alexander Milne Davenport) (i4029)


Christman, James Stoudt (i4494), b.1970-
Christman, Martha Davenport (i4493), b.1966-
Christman, Nancy Louise (i4491), b.1960-
Christman, Paul Burrit (i4492), b.1962-
Christman, Robert Harrison (marriage to Barbara Davenport Burrit) (i4490), b.1932-


Christofferson, Amy Elvira (marriage to Paul Edwards Davenport) (i4367), d.1963


Chubbick, Lydia (marriage to Newell Crissey) (i2480), b.1833-


Clark, Alprin (marriage to Sarah Crissey) (i2164), b.1780-d.1825
Clark, Archie Banning (i2205), b.1886-d.1905
Clark, Arthur George (i2184), b.1875-
Clark, Barbara Helen (i4071), b.1911-
Clark, Benjamin (i2173)
Clark, Carina Laura (i2206), b.1896-
Clark, Charles Ernest (i2176), b.1862-
Clark, Dorothy (i4070), b.1904-d.1970
Clark, Edward Everett (i2179), b.1865-
Clark, Ella Marie (i2178), b.1863-
Clark, Emily Inez (i2203), b.1882-
Clark, Frederick (i2166), b.1809-d.1837
Clark, Frederick (i2169), b.1841-
Clark, Gilbert Lafayette, M.D. (i2172), b.1848-
Clark, Gilbert Ralph (i2202), b.1880-
Clark, Grace Elaine (i2204), b.1884-
Clark, Henry Burdette (i2185), b.1877-
Clark, Infant (i2165), b.1807-
Clark, James (i2167), b.1817-
Clark, James Bement (i2174), b.1853-
Clark, Jessica (i4720), b.1977-
Clark, John Rogers (marriage to Maud Mullins) (i4069), b.1864-d.1924
Clark, Josephine (marriage to Thomas Sylvester Davenport) (i788), b.1884-d.1962
Clark, Julia Ettie (i2175), b.1857-
Clark, Marcia Gluck (marriage to Russel Wheeler Davenport) (i874)
Clark, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Francis Taylor) (i1760), b.1842-
Clark, Nancy Ann (i2170), b.1843-
Clark, Sarah Fidelia (i2182), b.1870-
Clark, Sarah Jennie (i2171), b.1846-
Clark, Sheperd (i2181), b.1869-d.1869
Clark, William Austin, III (i4718), b.1945-
Clark, William Austin, Jr. (marriage to Alice Sibley Davenport) (i4717)
Clark, William Stuart (marriage to Caroline Isabella Jerman) (i3563), d.1895


Cline, Elsa Hildred (marriage to Clarence St. John Davenport) (i967)


Clinghan, Richard Stockton (marriage to Barbara Ann Davenport Boos) (i5008)


Clinthrop, Katherine (marriage to Henry White Ryder M.D.) (i3631)


Clock, Sarah L. (marriage to Walter Henry Bates) (i3130), d.1851


Close, Bernice (marriage to Howard Bragg Davenport) (i850)


Coats, A. (marriage to Fanny Louisa Crissey) (i2109)


Cochrane, Marcia, R.N. (marriage to George Allen Hahn Jr.) (i3857)


Coffey, Christian Paul (i4996), b.1973-
Coffey, Michael Daniel (marriage to Katherine Constance Davenport) (i4995)


Coffin, Gordon (marriage to Winifred Seale) (i4144)
Coffin, Gordon L. (i4145)


Coggshall, Mehitabel (marriage to James Davenport Hon.) (i209), d.1804


Coggswell, Alice (i2486), b.1777-d.1851
Coggswell, James, M.D. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i2485)


Colby, Janette R. (marriage to Merritt Chase Shepardson) (i1808)


Coleman, Bertha (marriage to Davenport White M.D.) (i3652)


Collens, Mildred (marriage to Henry Laurens Jr.) (i3448), d.1964


Collier, Jimmy Lee (marriage to Mary Ellen Couper) (i4242), b.1928-
Collier, Michael (i4243), b.1949-
Collier, Randolph (i4244), b.1953-d.1976


Collins, Sylvia (marriage to William Youngs Strong) (i3440)


Colton, Ann (marriage to John Williams) (i89), b.1720-d.1771
Colton, Lyman (marriage to Jerusha Mather Williams) (i1545), d.1863
Colton, Myrtle Louise (marriage to John Morrison Davenport Jr.) (i1114)


Comstock, Alice (i2796)
Comstock, Arthur Bennet (i3536), b.1872-d.1877
Comstock, Clara Louise (i3538), b.1880-d.1934
Comstock, Dwight (i3537), b.1878-d.1932
Comstock, Elisha (marriage to Harriet Abigail Davenport) (i3527), b.1815-d.1901
Comstock, Emily (i2792)
Comstock, Frances Maria (i3529), b.1848-d.1849
Comstock, Frank (i2794), b.1856-
Comstock, George William (i3528), b.1845-d.1938
Comstock, Janet (i3541), b.1906-
Comstock, Jesse Date (i3533), b.1857-d.1857
Comstock, John Raymond (i2791), b.1825-d.1896
Comstock, Mary Jane (i3532), b.1855-d.1855
Comstock, May Catherine (i3531), b.1854-d.1927
Comstock, Nathaniel (marriage to Clarissa Raymond) (i2790), b.1795-d.1872
Comstock, Raymond Berry (i2795), b.1880-
Comstock, Sarah (i2797)
Comstock, Sarah Elizabeth (i3530), b.1849-d.1855
Comstock, Susan (i2793), b.1833-d.1855
Comstock, Walter Vivian (i3535), b.1870-d.1870


Conde, Harold Wheeler (i3225)
Conde, Joseph S. (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Wheeler) (i3220), d.1860
Conde, Julia (i3221), b.1849-
Conde, Mary Amanda (i3223), b.1853-
Conde, William Wheeler (i3222), b.1851-


Conley, Marian Kay (marriage to Delbert James Davenport) (i4822)


Conrad, Bernice (marriage to Merrield Clifford Beck) (i4096)
Conrad, Zoe Charlotte (marriage to Sam Ford Davenport) (i832), b.1884-d.1965


Conway, Butler Donham, Rev. (marriage to Lucy Burt Storrs) (i1539)


Cooley, Ethan (marriage to Almina Crissey) (i2339), b.1788-d.1853
Cooley, Genevia Laura (i2340), b.1838-


Cooper, Caroline Augusta (i3733), b.1884-
Cooper, Christine (marriage to Leonard Garrison Bond) (i3348)
Cooper, Edith Theodora (i3732), b.1880-
Cooper, Henry Richardson (marriage to Caroline Augusta Davenport) (i3729)
Cooper, Henry Richardson, Jr. (i3731), b.1877-
Cooper, James William (marriage to Helen Davenport Archibald) (i3506)
Cooper, Mary Thornhill (i3730), b.1876-d.1910
Cooper, Rose Jane (marriage to Sereno Maltby Foote) (i1395), b.1854-


Copeland, Lucy H. B. (marriage to Franklin C. Davis) (i1271)


Copsey, Joyce (marriage to Roger Orme Davenport) (i853)


Corbet, Donald (marriage to Naomi Jean Davenport) (i4931)
Corbet, Sean Michael (i4932), b.1976-


Cordova, Christopher Joseph (i4928), b.1974-
Cordova, Gilbert, III (i4927), b.1971-
Cordova, Gilbert, Jr. (marriage to Lauren Paulette Davenport) (i4926), b.1949-


Cornell, Henry D. (marriage to Emma Louise Whitlock) (i4112)


Corning, Helen (marriage to John Davenport Swan) (i4011), b.1917-


Cortelyou, Adriance Voorhees (marriage to Phebe Davenport) (i3727), d.1873


Cosel, Linda Davenport (i4978), b.1947-
Cosel, Richard Morton, Jr. (i5020), b.1951-
Cosel, Richard Morton, Sr. (marriage to Georgine Elizabeth Davenport) (i5019), b.1917-


Cotton, Lucy (marriage to Eleazer Williams Storrs) (i1533)


Couper, Brandi K. (i4240), b.1971-
Couper, Carol Lee (i4228), b.1944-
Couper, Casey Lee (i4247), b.1973-
Couper, Christopher Sean (i4241), b.1973-
Couper, Greg (i4230), b.1946-
Couper, John (marriage to Ellen Mary Davenport) (i4225), b.1905-
Couper, John Roy (i4226), b.1928-
Couper, Lea L. (i4238), b.1974-
Couper, Mark (i4232), b.1950-
Couper, Mary Ellen (i4227), b.1930-
Couper, Morgan (i4236), b.1974-
Couper, Stephen (i4231), b.1948-
Couper, Tiffany (i4234), b.1966-
Couper, Tod J. (i4235), b.1968-


Coverston, Rebecca (marriage to Joseph Davenport) (i321), b.1816-d.1892


Cowen, Estella (marriage to Maurice Davenport) (i891), d.1959


Cox, Archibald (marriage to Frances Bruen Perkins) (i3035), b.1874-
Cox, Archibald, III (i3040)
Cox, Archibald, Jr. (i3036), b.1912-
Cox, Louis A. (i3037), b.1925-
Cox, Phyllis (i3041)
Cox, Sarah (i3039)


Craft, Lloyd Vandersmith (marriage to Olive Ellen Goodrich) (i4260), b.1910-
Craft, Lloyd Vaughn (i4261), b.1931-
Craft, Mark Allen (i4263), b.1954-
Craft, Sharon Gail (i4262), b.1952-


Craig, Winona (marriage to Fred Davenport) (i845), b.1901-


Crandall, Charles Henry (marriage to Mary Vere Davenport) (i4021), b.1858-d.1923
Crandall, Clarence Herbert (i4024), b.1894-d.1940
Crandall, Mary Ann (i4028), b.1960-
Crandall, Robert F. (i4022), b.1890-d.1918
Crandall, Roland Davenport (i4026), b.1924-
Crandall, Roland Dimon (i4023), b.1892-d.1972


Crandell, Paul William (i4588), b.1944-
Crandell, Preston Joseph (i4593), b.1981-
Crandell, Randall (marriage to Eva Lorraine Davenport) (i4587)


Crane, Adelaide (marriage to Orson Crissey) (i1973), b.1827-
Crane, Elizabeth Wilcox (marriage to John Lawrence Davenport) (i1124)
Crane, Martha M. (marriage to Eliphalet Mitchell) (i2021), b.1823-


Crawford, Craig Bradley (i4631), b.1975-
Crawford, Lynn Edwards, Jr. (marriage to Ann Adams Von Bremen) (i4630), b.1947-


Creech, Powell A. (marriage to Clara Louise Comstock) (i3543)


Creedman, Mary Patricia (marriage to Merrill Edward Herring) (i4564)


Creighton, Mary Winifred (marriage to Horace Esterbrook Kimball) (i2571)


Crew, Laura (marriage to James Benjamin Davenport) (i731)


Crissey, Abbie Elizabeth (i2306), b.1848-
Crissey, Abigail (i1780), b.1790-d.1881
Crissey, Addie May (i2391), b.1866-
Crissey, Addison (i1930), b.1815-d.1841
Crissey, Alice Ann (i2412), b.1887-
Crissey, Almedia Vashti (i2420), b.1824-
Crissey, Almina (i2332), b.1801-d.1868
Crissey, Alson (i1933), b.1821-
Crissey, Alson (i2310), b.1817-d.1847
Crissey, Alvin (i1781), b.1792-d.1889
Crissey, Ambrose (i2447), b.1859-
Crissey, Anise (i1975), b.1853-d.1856
Crissey, Anna Lucina (i2351), b.1860-
Crissey, Arta A. (i2460), b.1867-
Crissey, Belle (i2364), b.1866-
Crissey, Bertha Emily (i2260), b.1870-d.1879
Crissey, Caroline (i2434), b.1828-
Crissey, Charles (i2050), b.1858-
Crissey, Charles (i2158), b.1806-d.1859
Crissey, Charles Edward (i2252), b.1868-
Crissey, Charles Henry (i2262), b.1873-d.1876
Crissey, Charles M. (i2350), b.1857-d.1888
Crissey, Charles Taylor (i2308), b.1852-d.1885
Crissey, Charles, Jr. (i2247), b.1837-
Crissey, Clara V. (i2481), b.1855-d.1886
Crissey, Clarissa (i2417), b.1801-d.1847
Crissey, Cora Gertrude (i2259), b.1868-d.1872
Crissey, Cynthia (i2336), b.1812-d.1836
Crissey, Cynthia Ann (i2381), b.1845-d.1848
Crissey, Daisy May (i2261), b.1877-
Crissey, Diana (i2267), b.1806-d.1853
Crissey, Earl (i2325), b.1886-d.1889
Crissey, Edward J. (i2380), b.1851-
Crissey, Edwin H. (i2459), b.1861-d.1890
Crissey, Effie (i2458), b.1859-d.1870
Crissey, Ellen (i2253), b.1870-
Crissey, Elverton B. (i2348), b.1843-
Crissey, Estelle M. (i1977), b.1858-d.1875
Crissey, Esther (i2155), b.1794-d.1844
Crissey, Esto Iola (i1978), b.1860-
Crissey, Esto Iola (marriage to Lavern Winsor Lazell) (i1978), b.1860-
Crissey, Eunice (i2153), b.1789-d.1875
Crissey, Fannie (i2461), b.1869-d.1870
Crissey, Fanny Louisa (i2061), b.1821-
Crissey, Florence Mercy (i2315), b.1857-d.1890
Crissey, Forrest (i2318), b.1869-
Crissey, Forrest N. (i2451), b.1876-
Crissey, Forrest Roswell (i2329), b.1889-
Crissey, Forrest Wayland (i2407), b.1848-
Crissey, Frances (i2376), b.1835-d.1837
Crissey, Frank (i1953)
Crissey, George H. (i2357), b.1862-
Crissey, Gould (i1768), b.1760-d.1838
Crissey, Gould (i1779), b.1786-d.1849
Crissey, Hannah Matilda (i2438), b.1838-d.1877
Crissey, Harlow (i2333), b.1802-d.1892
Crissey, Harlow Jacob (i2369), b.1870-
Crissey, Harold Elverton (i2371), b.1883-
Crissey, Harrette (i2250), b.1861-
Crissey, Harriet (i2059), b.1818-d.1881
Crissey, Harriet (i2436), b.1834-
Crissey, Harriet Viola (i2448), b.1862-
Crissey, Horace Edward (i2251), b.1864-d.1865
Crissey, Howard B. (i2358), b.1865-d.1889
Crissey, Infant (i2161), b.1812-d.1812
Crissey, Isaac (i1935)
Crissey, Isaac James, Rev. (i2268), b.1807-
Crissey, James (i1769), b.1763-d.1841
Crissey, James (i2154), b.1792-
Crissey, James Walter (i2246), b.1831-d.1902
Crissey, Jared N. (i2435), b.1829-
Crissey, Jarus (i2423), d.1851
Crissey, Jason (i2334), b.1805-d.1873
Crissey, Jay (i2269), b.1809-d.1809
Crissey, Jay (i2356), b.1861-
Crissey, Jenney C. (i2353), b.1867-
Crissey, Jirah Delano (i2379), b.1842-
Crissey, John (i1767), b.1757-
Crissey, John (i1783), b.1794-d.1857
Crissey, John (marriage to Martha Davenport) (i1766), b.1729-d.1807
Crissey, John Ames (i2160), b.1808-d.1811
Crissey, Judson (i2048)
Crissey, Julia (i2058), b.1816-d.1854
Crissey, Julia A. (i1981), b.1869-
Crissey, Julius (i2248), b.1844-d.1888
Crissey, Justus (i2156), b.1797-d.1858
Crissey, Laura Vanera (i2439), b.1840-
Crissey, Laverne K. (i2316), b.1859-
Crissey, Lavinia (i1776), b.1780-d.1818
Crissey, Leila (i2363), b.1864-d.1865
Crissey, Lena Cornelia (i2368), b.1868-
Crissey, Leroy M. (i2317), b.1859-
Crissey, Leroy Merrill (i2382), b.1848-d.1851
Crissey, Lester W. (i2361), b.1877-d.1877
Crissey, Lida L. (i1980), b.1866-d.1881
Crissey, Loraine (i2264), b.1800-d.1879
Crissey, Lucinda Jane (i2421), b.1826-
Crissey, Lucy (i2335), b.1808-d.1873
Crissey, Lucy Dorinda (i2406), b.1844-d.1891
Crissey, Lucy Love (i2370), b.1873-
Crissey, Lucy Marita (i2065), b.1833-d.1875
Crissey, Luthena M. (i1936), b.1831-d.1863
Crissey, Lydia (i1777), b.1781-
Crissey, Mabel Edith (i2389), b.1869-
Crissey, Malcolm (i1974), b.1850-d.1852
Crissey, Maria (i1928), b.1810-d.1894
Crissey, Marilla (i1931), b.1816-
Crissey, Marilla Rozell (i1955), b.1839-d.1882
Crissey, Martha (i1778), b.1784-
Crissey, Martha M. (i1976), b.1855-d.1882
Crissey, Mary (i2057), b.1814-d.1873
Crissey, Mary (i2450), b.1874-
Crissey, Mary Amanilla (i2377), b.1837-
Crissey, Mary Naomi (i2305), b.1843-
Crissey, Mary Rachel (i2352), b.1864-
Crissey, Mell (i2324), b.1884-
Crissey, Merrill (i2312), b.1820-
Crissey, Miner (i2365), b.1872-
Crissey, Myra Eliza (i2408), b.1856-d.1892
Crissey, Myron James (i2307), b.1845-d.1859
Crissey, Myrta (i2449), b.1869-
Crissey, Nancy (i2157), b.1800-d.1817
Crissey, Nathaniel (i1770), b.1768-d.1852
Crissey, Newell (i2422), b.1827-
Crissey, Newton (i2345), b.1828-
Crissey, Newton Kingsbury (i2360), b.1873-
Crissey, Origen (i1929)
Crissey, Oringe John (i2063), b.1826-
Crissey, Orson (i1934), b.1829-
Crissey, Patty (i2337), b.1815-d.1827
Crissey, Paul (i2330), b.1888-
Crissey, Phanette S. (i2482), b.1859-
Crissey, Polly (Mary) (i1782), b.1793-d.1842
Crissey, Ray (i2326), b.1890-
Crissey, Rhoda (i1774), b.1776-d.1861
Crissey, Roy (i2327), b.1890-
Crissey, Ruby (i2265), b.1802-d.1803
Crissey, Ruby (i2266), b.1804-d.1870
Crissey, Sally (i1775), b.1779-d.1869
Crissey, Samuel (i1771), b.1770-d.1848
Crissey, Samuel (i2338), b.1816-d.1864
Crissey, Samuel Shepherd (i2346), b.1833-
Crissey, Sarah (i2152), b.1786-d.1861
Crissey, Sarah (i2163), b.1815-d.1816
Crissey, Sarah A. (i2062), b.1824-d.1894
Crissey, Sardis Little (i2378), b.1840-
Crissey, Seward M. (i2347), b.1839-
Crissey, Sherman A. (i2437), b.1836-
Crissey, Sophronia (i2064), b.1830-
Crissey, Stanton Winsor (i2375), b.1833-d.1851
Crissey, Stephen (i1932)
Crissey, Sylvanus (i1772), b.1772-d.1858
Crissey, Sylvanus, Jr. (i2418), b.1801-d.1894
Crissey, Timothy Clark (i2151), b.1785-d.1851
Crissey, Timothy Clark (i2162), b.1813-d.1814
Crissey, Verna (i2453), b.1888-
Crissey, Willie I. (i1979), b.1862-d.1863
Crissey, Wilson Holmes (i1971), b.1844-d.1862


Crocker, Priscilla Alden (marriage to Frederick Ascough Archibald Jr.) (i3507)


Crofut, Delia Minerva (marriage to Albert Barnes Davenport) (i688), d.1932


Crone, Ann (marriage to William Wayne Davenport) (i4828)


Crosby, John E. (marriage to Esther Maria Gemmill) (i3333)


Crossette, Aurelia Safford (marriage to Samuel Sparks Fisher) (i2519), b.1831-


Crotty, Gertrude (marriage to Charles Benedict Davenport) (i699), b.1866-d.1946


Crouse, Ms. (marriage to Oringe John Crissey) (i2128)


Crume, Stephen Lyle (marriage to Geneva Beth Davenport) (i4930), b.1955-


Cuderkirk, Lillian Faye (marriage to Roger Edwards Davenport) (i986), b.1900-d.1938


Currier, Frances Augusta (i3350), b.1836-d.1876
Currier, Henrietta Edwards (i3352), b.1840-d.1845
Currier, Julietta Davenport (i3353), b.1840-
Currier, Leonard (marriage to Augusta Wellington Davenport) (i3349)
Currier, Mary Jane (i3351), b.1838-d.1862
Currier, Sarah Maria (i3354), b.1842-d.1865


Curry, A. M., Jr. (marriage to Phebe Davenport) (i3728)


Curtis, Albert (marriage to Anne C. Maltby) (i2848)
Curtis, Albert (marriage to Anne C. Maltby) (i2848)


Cushingham, Margaret Ann (marriage to Godfrey Browne) (i3980), b.1928-


Cushman, Alice Wadsworth (marriage to William Greenleaf Eliot Jr.) (i1590)
Cushman, Grace M. (i2126), b.1890-
Cushman, John E. (marriage to Nina Louisa Rawson) (i2123)
Cushman, Lena N. (i2124), b.1885-
Cushman, Ralph E. (i2125), b.1887-


Custard, Nellie Maude (marriage to Frank Sumner Isham) (i1242)


Daddow, (marriage to Mary Isabel Davenport) (i4297)


Dahlen, Elizabeth (marriage to Theodore M. Bowen) (i3680), b.1925-


Dalton, Joanna (marriage to Addison Patterson) (i1948)


Danaher, James J. (marriage to Patricia Ann Hurford) (i4478)
Danaher, Jennifer James (i4479), b.1977-


Daniels, James Robert (marriage to Constance Emily Davenport) (i4985)
Daniels, James Robert, Jr. (i4986), b.1960-
Daniels, Jamie Davenport (i4989), b.1978-
Daniels, Shelly Dorothy (i4988), b.1963-
Daniels, Tamela Alice (i4987), b.1961-


Darecht, Ruth (marriage to Stephen Couper) (i4237), b.1952-


Darrow, Alberta K. (i3081), b.1888-
Darrow, Cora M. (i3082), b.1890-
Darrow, George A. (i3078), b.1855-
Darrow, George Frederick (i3084), b.1892-
Darrow, Harriet L. (i3083), b.1889-
Darrow, John Henry (marriage to Martha A. Bates) (i3077), d.1862
Darrow, Lillian R. (i3085), b.1897-


Daurer, Kymberly Ann (i4224), b.1977-
Daurer, Michael John (i4221), b.1955-
Daurer, Norris Frederick (marriage to Jean Cliffe Davenport) (i4220), b.1915-
Daurer, Tara Jean (i4223), b.1974-


Davenport, Abigail (i41), b.1696-d.1766
Davenport, Abigail (i64), b.1672-d.1691
Davenport, Abigail (i172), b.1775-
Davenport, Abigail (i187), b.1768-d.1798
Davenport, Abigail (i228), b.1798-d.1825
Davenport, Abigail Fitch (i210), b.1791-d.1864
Davenport, Abraham (i63), b.1670-
Davenport, Abraham (i147), b.1753-d.1754
Davenport, Abraham, Deacon (i178), b.1767-d.1837
Davenport, Abraham, Hon. (i46), b.1715-d.1789
Davenport, Ada Frances (i438), b.1852-
Davenport, Ada May (i643), b.1875-
Davenport, Adelaide Hutchings (i466), b.1877-d.1878
Davenport, Adelaide Virginia (i435), b.1846-
Davenport, Adolphus (i271), b.1805-d.1826
Davenport, Adrienne (i1123), b.1971-
Davenport, Alan T. (i897), b.1927-
Davenport, Albert Barnes (i484), b.1845-d.1919
Davenport, Albert L. (i513), b.1870-d.1956
Davenport, Albert Shelton (i689), b.1872-d.1962
Davenport, Albert Shelton, Ii (i1069), b.1942-
Davenport, Alexander Milne (i499), b.1851-d.1880
Davenport, Alexis Maryalice (i1210), b.1965-
Davenport, Alfred (i399), b.1854-
Davenport, Alice (i1078), b.1958-
Davenport, Alice Ophelia (i439), b.1854-
Davenport, Alice Sibley (i816), b.1914-
Davenport, Allen Sturges (i571), b.1885-d.1964
Davenport, Almeda (i323), b.1841-
Davenport, Alvin George (i844), b.1918-
Davenport, Amber (i1130), b.1956-
Davenport, Amelia Lewis (i262), b.1822-d.1902
Davenport, America M. (i327), b.1847-d.1925
Davenport, Amy (i518), b.1874-d.1952
Davenport, Amy Marie (i881), b.1947-
Davenport, Amzi (i241), b.1807-d.1871
Davenport, Amzi Benedict (i317), b.1817-d.1894
Davenport, Ann (i174), b.1779-d.1831
Davenport, Ann Eliza (i365), b.1835-d.1856
Davenport, Ann Sidney (i1174), b.1976-
Davenport, Ann Van Vechten (i878), b.1942-
Davenport, Anna Maria Vere (i416), b.1851-d.1941
Davenport, Anna Mary (i387), b.1853-
Davenport, Anna Whiting (i457), b.1838-d.1909
Davenport, Anne (i1120), b.1960-
Davenport, Anne Parrish (i1063), b.1933-
Davenport, Antoinette Cable (i258), b.1832-d.1832
Davenport, Arthur Lloyd (i596), b.1891-d.1926
Davenport, Arthur Mathews (i769), b.1913-
Davenport, Augusta Wellington (i287), b.1814-d.1866
Davenport, Augustus Pierpont (i434), b.1844-d.1923
Davenport, Barbara (i895), b.1921-
Davenport, Barbara Crane (i1125), b.1939-
Davenport, Barbara Joan (i1148), b.1965-
Davenport, Beatrice (i569), b.1885-
Davenport, Beatrix Cary (i678), b.1875-d.1952
Davenport, Benjamin Butler (i685), b.1871-d.1958
Davenport, Benjamin Bynner (i925), b.1919-
Davenport, Benjamin Franklin (i357), b.1850-
Davenport, Bernice Marie (i965), b.1925-
Davenport, Bessie St. John (i615), b.1870-d.1870
Davenport, Bessie St. John (i804), b.1892-d.1917
Davenport, Betsy (i173), b.1777-d.1805
Davenport, Betty Lou (i980), b.1942-
Davenport, Blanche Esther (i583), b.1885-d.1967
Davenport, Bonnie (i1092)
Davenport, Bonnie Jill (i1149), b.1973-
Davenport, Bradforte Warwick (i868), b.1916-
Davenport, Bradforte Warwick, Jr. (i1047), b.1946-
Davenport, Brandi Ann (i1026), b.1975-
Davenport, Brenda Gay (i862), b.1969-
Davenport, Brenda Marie (i1180), b.1958-
Davenport, Brian Arthur (i938), b.1944-d.1952
Davenport, Brian J. (i1079), b.1958-
Davenport, Bruce Bradley (i799), b.1935-
Davenport, Bruce Emerson (i1113), b.1957-
Davenport, Burrall (i348), b.1849-d.1850
Davenport, Byrd Warwick (i865), b.1908-
Davenport, Byrd Warwick, III (i1165), b.1971-
Davenport, Byrd Warwick, Jr. (i1030), b.1941-
Davenport, Callee (i1083)
Davenport, Candra Mae (i1218), b.1977-
Davenport, Carol Sue (i1001), b.1950-
Davenport, Caroline (i341), b.1837-d.1908
Davenport, Caroline (i345), b.1833-d.1834
Davenport, Caroline Ann (i1185), b.1965-
Davenport, Caroline Augusta (i409), b.1848-d.1908
Davenport, Caroline Hayes (i884), b.1957-
Davenport, Cassius (Carey) (i512), b.1868-
Davenport, Catherine (i183), b.1783-d.1813
Davenport, Catherine (i251), b.1816-d.1849
Davenport, Catherine Brown (i250), b.1812-d.1814
Davenport, Catherine Dudley (i641), b.1863-d.1903
Davenport, Catherine L. (i719), b.1900-d.1900
Davenport, Cathy Joann (i856), b.1953-
Davenport, Charles (i501), b.1859-d.1859
Davenport, Charles Augustus (i333), b.1812-d.1853
Davenport, Charles Augustus (i548), b.1857-d.1907
Davenport, Charles Benedict (i494), b.1866-d.1944
Davenport, Charles Benedict, Jr. (i702), b.1911-d.1916
Davenport, Charles Elbin (i660), b.1895-d.1952
Davenport, Charles Elwood (i388), b.1855-d.1921
Davenport, Charles Francis (i66), b.1841-d.1889
Davenport, Charles Francis (i70), b.1871-d.1911
Davenport, Charles Oscar (i362), b.1842-d.1929
Davenport, Charles Quinan (i714), b.1872-d.1902
Davenport, Charles Rayburn (i902), b.1948-
Davenport, Charles Royce (i768), b.1910-d.1978
Davenport, Charles Silas (i375), b.1849-d.1929
Davenport, Charles Walter (i820), b.1905-d.1965
Davenport, Charles Webb (i182), b.1778-d.1841
Davenport, Charles Webb (i260), b.1818-d.1899
Davenport, Charles William (i419), b.1836-d.1838
Davenport, Charles William (i637), b.1860-d.1915
Davenport, Cheryl Marie (i905), b.1945-
Davenport, Chester Webb (i380), b.1864-d.1933
Davenport, Christin Rae (i1159), b.1977-
Davenport, Churchill Gibson (i1041), b.1944-
Davenport, Clarence Gaylord (i748), b.1868-d.1898
Davenport, Clarence Rapelyea (i618), b.1875-d.1888
Davenport, Clarence St. John (i812), b.1896-d.1951
Davenport, Clarissa (i175), b.1782-d.1887
Davenport, Clark (i447), b.1872-d.1873
Davenport, Clifford Glen (i658), b.1892-d.1965
Davenport, Clifford Glen (i839), b.1924-
Davenport, Connie Jo (i909), b.1948-
Davenport, Constance Emily (i1104), b.1941-
Davenport, Cora Ann (i448), b.1875-d.1963
Davenport, Corinne Gay (i906), b.1953-
Davenport, Cornelia Whipple (i875), b.1934-
Davenport, Craig (i1081)
Davenport, Craig John (i846), b.1921-
Davenport, Craig John, Jr. (i1013), b.1943-
Davenport, Daisey Addaleen (i622), b.1881-d.1945
Davenport, Daisey Elizabeth (i595), b.1886-
Davenport, Daisey Quinan (i711), b.1864-d.1903
Davenport, Dalen James (i742), b.1933-d.1933
Davenport, Daniel B. (i546), b.1851-d.1852
Davenport, Daniel Christopher (i156), b.1990-
Davenport, Daniel John (i1221), b.1976-
Davenport, Daniel Webster (i358), b.1852-d.1931
Davenport, Darius (i231), b.1805-d.1887
Davenport, Darlington (i566), b.1883-d.1953
Davenport, Daryl Paul (i1007), b.1956-
Davenport, Dave Nelson (i1100), b.1950-
Davenport, David Carter (i798), b.1935-
Davenport, David Daniel (i1009), b.1961-
Davenport, David Dirk (i1067), b.1937-
Davenport, David Edward (i1183), b.1962-
Davenport, David Royce (i1118), b.1963-
Davenport, Dawn (i848), b.1928-
Davenport, Deanna Lynn (i1153), b.1959-
Davenport, Deborah (i158), b.1757-
Davenport, Deborah Ann (i860), b.1965-
Davenport, Deborah Ann (i1070), b.1943-
Davenport, Deborah Saunders (i961), b.1958-
Davenport, Debra (i1141), b.1958-
Davenport, Debra Sue (i999), b.1956-
Davenport, Delbert James (i901), b.1944-
Davenport, Denice Rae (i1016), b.1951-
Davenport, Denise Kay (i1152), b.1958-
Davenport, Deodate (i31), b.1729-d.1808
Davenport, Deodate (i167), b.1766-d.1839
Davenport, Deodate Summerfield (i558), b.1869-d.1949
Davenport, Deodate, Deacon (i78), b.1706-d.1761
Davenport, Dominique Constanza (i958), b.1971-
Davenport, Donald Ira (i1008), b.1958-
Davenport, Donald Sylvester (i793), b.1917-d.1943
Davenport, Donald Weston (i606), b.1899-
Davenport, Dora (i818), b.1918-
Davenport, Doreen Rae (i1155), b.1964-
Davenport, Doris Elaine (i987), b.1926-
Davenport, Dorothy (i695), b.1887-d.1972
Davenport, Dorothy Elizabeth (i785), b.1914-d.1914
Davenport, Dorothy Irene (i1154), b.1961-
Davenport, Dorothy Ward (i807), b.1904-
Davenport, Douglas Raymond (i939), b.1953-
Davenport, Duane Merwin (i903), b.1952-
Davenport, Dwight Latham (i1057), b.1966-
Davenport, Earl Yardley (i600), b.1903-
Davenport, Ebenezer (i180), b.1773-d.1833
Davenport, Ebenezer (i216), b.1806-
Davenport, Ebenezer Charles (i249), b.1809-d.1841
Davenport, Edgar Joseph (i654), b.1885-d.1887
Davenport, Edith Hoxie (i704), b.1870-d.1872
Davenport, Edith Lucille (i534), b.1896-d.1959
Davenport, Edith Rachel (i587), b.1908-
Davenport, Edith Rachel (marriage to John Edward Davenport) (i587), b.1908-
Davenport, Edith Salisbury (i674), b.1881-d.1955
Davenport, Edna C. (i644), b.1879-
Davenport, Edward Adolphus (i266), b.1834-d.1923
Davenport, Edward Arthur (i391), b.1867-d.1945
Davenport, Edward E. (i532), b.1889-d.1950
Davenport, Edward Sherman (i343), b.1843-d.1891
Davenport, Edwin Arthur (i800), b.1943-
Davenport, Edwin Haskell (i741), b.1924-
Davenport, Edwin Shelby (i1108), b.1947-d.1978
Davenport, Effie Deans (i712), b.1865-d.1946
Davenport, Eleanor Barton (i1109), b.1951-d.1974
Davenport, Eleanor Frances (i772), b.1907-
Davenport, Eleazar (i33), b.1732-
Davenport, Elizabeth (i35), b.1735-d.1808
Davenport, Elizabeth (i56), b.1802-d.1818
Davenport, Elizabeth (i62), b.1666-
Davenport, Elizabeth (i79), b.1708-d.1747
Davenport, Elizabeth (i148), b.1756-d.1779
Davenport, Elizabeth (i154), d.1818
Davenport, Elizabeth (i170), b.1773-d.1792
Davenport, Elizabeth (i189)
Davenport, Elizabeth (i238), b.1796-d.1872
Davenport, Elizabeth (i246), b.1802-d.1826
Davenport, Elizabeth (i326), b.1845-d.1923
Davenport, Elizabeth (i469), b.1907-
Davenport, Elizabeth (i887), b.1906-d.1948
Davenport, Elizabeth Coggshall (i208), b.1781-
Davenport, Elizabeth Gilberta (i1071), b.1949-
Davenport, Elizabeth Holt (i554), b.1872-d.1961
Davenport, Elizabeth Huntington (i200), b.1781-d.1850
Davenport, Elizabeth Leverett (i455), b.1843-d.1918
Davenport, Elizabeth Leverett (i671), b.1875-d.1973
Davenport, Elizabeth Roswell (i1037), b.1947-
Davenport, Elizabeth Southall (i1172), b.1971-
Davenport, Elizabeth W. (i301)
Davenport, Elizabeth Wendell (i1052), b.1957-
Davenport, Ella Mae (i665), b.1908-
Davenport, Ella Maude (i557), b.1867-
Davenport, Ellen Augusta (i627), b.1886-d.1931
Davenport, Ellen Maria (i353), b.1845-
Davenport, Ellen Maria (i445), b.1863-d.1933
Davenport, Ellen Mary (i592), b.1908-d.1968
Davenport, Elmira M., M.D. (i442), b.1847-d.1925
Davenport, Elvin Eugene (i899), b.1937-
Davenport, Emily (i276), b.1817-d.1870
Davenport, Emily (i541), b.1834-d.1895
Davenport, Emily Clarissa (i421), b.1841-d.1902
Davenport, Emily Irene (i893), b.1918-
Davenport, Emily Reine (i1214), b.1978-
Davenport, Emily Susan (i339), b.1825-d.1835
Davenport, Emily Susan (i349), b.1852-
Davenport, Emma (i436), b.1848-d.1849
Davenport, Emma Louisa (i67), b.1846-d.1854
Davenport, Emma Louisa (i715), b.1864-d.1938
Davenport, Ethel B. (i645), b.1886-
Davenport, Ethel May (i790), b.1907-
Davenport, Ethyll R. (i723), b.1892-
Davenport, Eulah Fern (i718), b.1899-d.1980
Davenport, Eunice (i736), b.1900-
Davenport, Eva Lorraine (i740), b.1923-
Davenport, Evelyn Fayrer (i827), b.1910-
Davenport, Faith Ann (i859), b.1966-
Davenport, Fannie Gaines (i582), b.1884-d.1975
Davenport, Fannie Maria (i563), b.1870-d.1937
Davenport, Fanny (i426), b.1826-d.1909
Davenport, Fanny (i647), b.1893-d.1966
Davenport, Fanny Schofield (i389), b.1858-
Davenport, Farwell (i698), b.1895-d.1925
Davenport, Florence (i514), b.1871-
Davenport, Florence (i706), b.1882-d.1884
Davenport, Florence Bodley (i609), b.1888-d.1960
Davenport, Florence Lillian (i575), b.1878-d.1972
Davenport, Florence Virginia (i787), b.1924-
Davenport, Floyd (i663)
Davenport, Frances Augusta (i288), b.1817-d.1894
Davenport, Frances Louisa (i212), b.1795-
Davenport, Frances Maria (i485), b.1848-d.1848
Davenport, Frances Victoria (i404), b.1837-d.1838
Davenport, Francis Gardiner (i495), b.1870-d.1927
Davenport, Francis Marion (i322), b.1840-d.1921
Davenport, Frank (i519), b.1880-
Davenport, Frank (i599), b.1899-
Davenport, Frank Burdette (i550), b.1861-d.1939
Davenport, Frank Bynner (i758), b.1884-d.1936
Davenport, Frank Eugene (i574), b.1871-d.1877
Davenport, Frank Roswell (i638), b.1865-d.1880
Davenport, Frank Winthrop (i370), b.1852-d.1931
Davenport, Franklin Albert (i833), b.1904-d.1941
Davenport, Franklin Bulkeley (i649), b.1871-d.1904
Davenport, Franklin Edwards (i441), b.1845-d.1909
Davenport, Fred (i520), b.1880-
Davenport, Fred (i661), b.1896-
Davenport, Fred Page (i585), b.1889-d.1975
Davenport, Frederick Eugene (i752), b.1879-d.1942
Davenport, Frederick Eugene, Jr. (i915), b.1921-d.1958
Davenport, Frederick St. John (i616), b.1872-d.1911
Davenport, Frederick St. John (i808), b.1907-d.1969
Davenport, Frederick Thomas (i760), b.1889-d.1960
Davenport, Gail (i1088)
Davenport, Gail Keith (i900), b.1939-
Davenport, Gary Allen (i855), b.1952-
Davenport, Geneva Beth (i1003), b.1954-
Davenport, Genevieve May (i598), b.1897-d.1967
Davenport, George (i58), b.1813-d.1898
Davenport, George (i730), b.1906-
Davenport, George Alfred (i363), b.1849-d.1925
Davenport, George Augustus (i234), b.1808-d.1894
Davenport, George B. (i342), b.1839-d.1844
Davenport, George Bailey (i617), b.1873-d.1947
Davenport, George F. (i257), b.1830-d.1898
Davenport, George Leovy (i1049), b.1956-
Davenport, George Little (i401), b.1859-d.1859
Davenport, George Ralsey (i8), b.1843-d.1902
Davenport, George Ralsey, Ii (i71), b.1896-d.1914
Davenport, George Washington (i328), b.1849-d.1924
Davenport, Georgia Elizabeth (i464), b.1869-d.1875
Davenport, Georgiana (i506), b.1858-d.1891
Davenport, Georgine Elizabeth (i72), b.1914-
Davenport, Gilbert Calhoun (i888), b.1910-
Davenport, Gina (i1082)
Davenport, Glorianna Whipple (i879), b.1944-
Davenport, Gould (i30), b.1728-d.1752
Davenport, Gould (i160), b.1762-
Davenport, Grace (i612), b.1873-d.1946
Davenport, Grace Gordon (i1059), b.1974-
Davenport, Grace Isabel (i379), b.1862-d.1949
Davenport, Grace Jean (i834), b.1911-
Davenport, Grace Vere (i620), b.1882-d.1882
Davenport, Hanford (i225), b.1791-d.1875
Davenport, Hannah (i157), b.1755-
Davenport, Hannah (i215), b.1804-
Davenport, Harriet (i248), b.1806-d.1827
Davenport, Harriet Abigail (i319), b.1824-d.1912
Davenport, Harriet Chesebrough (i462), b.1864-d.1880
Davenport, Harriet Chesebrough (i472), b.1882-d.1950
Davenport, Harry Augustus, III (i2), b.1927-
Davenport, Harry Augustus, Jr. (i4), b.1893-d.1974
Davenport, Harry Augustus, Sr. (i6), b.1868-d.1942
Davenport, Harry Pulling (i577), b.1886-d.1944
Davenport, Harvey (i515), b.1872-d.1968
Davenport, Haskell H. (i535), b.1898-d.1975
Davenport, Hazel Louise (i786), b.1917-
Davenport, Heather Sloan (i1056), b.1963-
Davenport, Helen Annie (i580), b.1890-
Davenport, Helen Dorothy (i754), b.1895-d.1978
Davenport, Helen E. (i726), b.1898-d.1928
Davenport, Helen Grace (i589), b.1911-d.1968
Davenport, Helen Hewitt (i946), b.1918-
Davenport, Helen Imogene (i913), b.1905-
Davenport, Helen Irene (i822), b.1918-
Davenport, Helen Louise (i547), b.1855-d.1927
Davenport, Helen Louise (i639), b.1867-d.1906
Davenport, Helen Maria (i505), b.1851-d.1924
Davenport, Helen Matilda (i309), b.1849-d.1905
Davenport, Helen Mildred (i382), b.1875-d.1920
Davenport, Helen Sophia (i430), b.1839-
Davenport, Henrietta Edwards (i285), b.1810-
Davenport, Henry (i713), d.1869
Davenport, Henry Adolphus, Rev. (i422), b.1845-d.1934
Davenport, Henry Benedict (i488), b.1854-d.1920
Davenport, Henry Benedict (i1074), b.1941-
Davenport, Henry Bonnel (i870), b.1929-
Davenport, Henry Caldwell (i611), b.1871-d.1903
Davenport, Henry Joralemon (i693), b.1880-d.1960
Davenport, Henry Orn (i516), b.1875-
Davenport, Henry Snapp (i377), b.1856-d.1903
Davenport, Henry Wilson (i324), b.1844-d.1934
Davenport, Henry, Rev. (i631), b.1876-d.1937
Davenport, Hettie Gouverneur (i679), b.1877-
Davenport, Hezekiah (i195), b.1769-d.1854
Davenport, Hezekiah Ralsey (i269), b.1801-d.1870
Davenport, Hezekiah, Lieut. (i37), b.1737-d.1777
Davenport, Horace (i346), b.1835-d.1837
Davenport, Howard (i517), b.1876-
Davenport, Howard Bragg (i667), b.1930-
Davenport, Howard Joseph (i811), b.1894-d.1954
Davenport, Howard Stoger (i968), b.1924-
Davenport, Huntington (i150), b.1761-d.1769
Davenport, Huntley Gibson (i1035), b.1938-
Davenport, Huntley Gibson, Jr. (i1169), b.1965-
Davenport, Ida Henderson (i755), b.1897-d.1901
Davenport, Inez Whitney (i765), b.1894-
Davenport, Irene Mae (i976), b.1928-
Davenport, Isaac (i191)
Davenport, Isaac Gould (i312), b.1804-d.1839
Davenport, Isaac Lewis (i59), b.1821-d.1900
Davenport, Isaac Sturges (i565), b.1881-
Davenport, Isabel Rintoul (i673), b.1879-d.1969
Davenport, Isabella Augusta (i477), b.1832-d.1832
Davenport, Isabella Augusta (i478), b.1833-d.1844
Davenport, Jack Desmond (i838), b.1921-
Davenport, Jacqueline (i1075), b.1944-
Davenport, James (i12), b.1787-d.1845
Davenport, James (i153)
Davenport, James (i190)
Davenport, James (i268), b.1812-d.1887
Davenport, James (i397), b.1849-d.1951
Davenport, James Augustus (i10), b.1818-d.1855
Davenport, James Benjamin (i522), b.1886-d.1963
Davenport, James Boorman (i307), b.1841-d.1923
Davenport, James Boorman (i454), b.1841-d.1908
Davenport, James C. (i217), b.1808-
Davenport, James Lowell (i733), b.1927-
Davenport, James Percival (i284), b.1807-
Davenport, James Percival (i433), b.1842-
Davenport, James Phillip (i1195), b.1948-
Davenport, James Pierpont (i489), b.1856-d.1929
Davenport, James Radcliffe (i299), b.1812-d.1896
Davenport, James Sidney (i1053), b.1962-
Davenport, James Silas (i244), b.1797-d.1845
Davenport, James Smith (i235), b.1811-d.1905
Davenport, James Theodore (i376), b.1854-
Davenport, James W. (i331), b.1858-d.1907
Davenport, James William (i978), b.1933-
Davenport, James, Hon. (i149), b.1758-d.1797
Davenport, James, Jr. (i398), b.1852-d.1886
Davenport, James, Rev. (i47), b.1716-d.1755
Davenport, Jamie (i1091)
Davenport, Jamie Lea (i1094), b.1980-
Davenport, Jane (i291), b.1825-d.1837
Davenport, Jane (i779), b.1909-
Davenport, Jane (i982), b.1947-
Davenport, Jane Amanda (i68), b.1848-d.1925
Davenport, Jane F. (i744)
Davenport, Jane Hill (i1170), b.1969-
Davenport, Jane Joralemon (i487), b.1852-d.1855
Davenport, Jane Joralemon (i701), b.1897-
Davenport, Janet (i1196), b.1951-
Davenport, Jay (i1086)
Davenport, Jay Beverly (i559), b.1871-d.1932
Davenport, Jean (i896), b.1923-
Davenport, Jean Audrey (i847), b.1922-d.1962
Davenport, Jean Barret (i1173), b.1973-
Davenport, Jean Cliffe (i590), b.1914-
Davenport, Jeanette Sturges (i708), b.1888-
Davenport, Jennifer Ann (i1187), b.1966-
Davenport, Jennifer Leigh (i1216), b.1975-d.1975
Davenport, Jerome Alystyne (i254)
Davenport, Jesse O. (i530), b.1878-
Davenport, Jesse St. John (i625), b.1881-d.1919
Davenport, Jo Ann (i1011), b.1945-
Davenport, Joan (i75), b.1953-
Davenport, Joan (i1077), b.1956-
Davenport, Joanna Rita (i1157), b.1974-
Davenport, Joe Sylvester (i956), b.1949-
Davenport, John (i48), b.1773-
Davenport, John (i61), b.1665-d.1665
Davenport, John (i141), b.1738-d.1820
Davenport, John (i169), b.1771-d.1834
Davenport, John (i218), b.1809-
Davenport, John (i278), b.1794-d.1815
Davenport, John (i306), b.1840-d.1910
Davenport, John (i335), b.1822-d.1902
Davenport, John (i465), b.1871-d.1875
Davenport, John (i475), b.1876-d.1944
Davenport, John (i882), b.1951-
Davenport, John Albert (i784), b.1910-
Davenport, John Alfred (i201), b.1783-d.1864
Davenport, John Alfred (i458), b.1840-d.1890
Davenport, John Alfred (i682), b.1904-
Davenport, John Bradley (i796), b.1943-
Davenport, John Desmond (i995), b.1951-
Davenport, John Douglas (i943), b.1951-
Davenport, John Edward (i602), b.1902-d.1963
Davenport, John Edward (i776), b.1893-
Davenport, John Edward (marriage to Edith Rachel Davenport) (i602), b.1902-d.1963
Davenport, John Elliot (i446), b.1866-d.1948
Davenport, John Emerson (i922), b.1914-d.1973
Davenport, John Emerson, Jr. (i1107), b.1944-
Davenport, John Frederick (i966), b.1929-
Davenport, John Frederick (i1096), b.1946-
Davenport, John Gaylord (i54), b.1799-d.1799
Davenport, John Gaylord, Rev. (i542), b.1840-d.1922
Davenport, John Gould (i290), b.1822-d.1863
Davenport, John Gould (i650), b.1875-d.1877
Davenport, John Harvard (i767), b.1907-d.1908
Davenport, John Havens (i686), b.1873-d.1893
Davenport, John Henry (i57), b.1811-d.1880
Davenport, John Isaacs (i483), b.1843-d.1903
Davenport, John Joralemon (i892)
Davenport, John Lawrence (i945), b.1911-
Davenport, John Leeds (i562), b.1857-d.1928
Davenport, John Leverett (i873), b.1936-
Davenport, John Lloyd (i1043), b.1949-
Davenport, John Marshall (i817), b.1917-d.1969
Davenport, John Michael (i936), b.1938-
Davenport, John Morrison (i761), b.1893-d.1975
Davenport, John Morrison, Jr. (i929), b.1919-
Davenport, John Pierpont (i443), b.1850-
Davenport, John Rapelyea (i407), b.1844-d.1914
Davenport, John Roger (i829), b.1895-
Davenport, John Roger (i858), b.1963-
Davenport, John Rogers (i886), b.1904-d.1977
Davenport, John Rogers, Jr. (i1064), b.1937-
Davenport, John Sidney, III (i864), b.1905-
Davenport, John Sidney, Iv (i1036), b.1941-
Davenport, John Sidney, Jr. (i456), b.1846-d.1937
Davenport, John Sidney, Jr. (i672), b.1877-d.1946
Davenport, John Sidney, Rev. (i297), b.1808-d.1900
Davenport, John Whitney (i551), b.1864-d.1932
Davenport, John William (i313), b.1807-d.1826
Davenport, John William (i479), b.1835-d.1838
Davenport, John William (i481), b.1839-d.1863
Davenport, John William (i1198), b.1954-
Davenport, John, Hon. (i146), b.1752-d.1830
Davenport, John, Iv (i17), b.1698-d.1742
Davenport, John, Jr. (i21), b.1635-d.1677
Davenport, John, Rev. (i19), b.1669-d.1731
Davenport, John, Rev. (i23), b.1597-d.1670
Davenport, John, Rev. (i152), b.1752-d.1825
Davenport, John, V (i16), b.1724-d.1756
Davenport, John, Vi (i14), b.1749-d.1820
Davenport, Joseph (i28), b.1725-
Davenport, Joseph (i161), b.1765-d.1766
Davenport, Joseph (i221), b.1814-d.1884
Davenport, Joseph (i230), b.1803-d.1891
Davenport, Joseph Franklin (i1151), b.1957-
Davenport, Joseph Pierrepont (i802), b.1890-d.1948
Davenport, Joseph Thornton (i330), b.1856-d.1937
Davenport, Joshua Henry (i1205), b.1977-
Davenport, Joshua Paul (i1023), b.1978-
Davenport, Josiah (i38), b.1739-
Davenport, Joy Edith (i916), b.1923-
Davenport, Judith Agnes (i941), b.1939-
Davenport, Julia (i243), b.1795-d.1872
Davenport, Julia (i568), b.1885-
Davenport, Julia Abbie (i356), b.1847-d.1890
Davenport, Julia Ann (i53), b.1794-d.1868
Davenport, Julia Matilda (i296), b.1806-d.1836
Davenport, Julia Matilda (i452), b.1839-d.1930
Davenport, Julius (i318), b.1821-d.1902
Davenport, Julius Bates (i498), b.1849-d.1926
Davenport, Karen Alexandra (i1099), b.1949-
Davenport, Karen Diane (i1137), b.1956-
Davenport, Karen Rose (i1200), b.1957-
Davenport, Kate (i400), b.1856-d.1857
Davenport, Katherine Constance (i1111), b.1951-
Davenport, Katherine Louise (i923), b.1917-d.1974
Davenport, Katherine Louise (i1184), b.1965-
Davenport, Katie Hicks (i549), b.1859-d.1935
Davenport, Katrina (i1207), b.1971-
Davenport, Kenneth Lynn (i854), b.1950-
Davenport, Kim Scott (i1020), b.1954-
Davenport, Kris Lee (i1021), b.1957-
Davenport, Kurt Alan (i1131), b.1963-
Davenport, Laura Nichols (i690), b.1875-d.1956
Davenport, Laura Nichols (marriage to Milton Webster Davenport) (i690), b.1875-d.1956
Davenport, Lauren Paulette (i1002), b.1951-
Davenport, Lauren Theresa (i1201), b.1961-
Davenport, Laurence (i824), b.1907-
Davenport, Leigh Richard (i1115), b.1945-
Davenport, Leonard (i662), b.1905-
Davenport, Leonard Allen (i979), b.1935-
Davenport, Leroy (i738), b.1904-
Davenport, Leslie Anne (i1179), b.1957-
Davenport, Lewis (i240), b.1803-d.1872
Davenport, Lewis Benedict (i315), b.1812-d.1836
Davenport, Lillian (i521), b.1883-
Davenport, Lillian (i709), b.1892-
Davenport, Lillian Estella (i729), b.1903-
Davenport, Lillian Louisa (i749), b.1874-d.1950
Davenport, Linda Ann (i996), b.1953-
Davenport, Linda Lee (i973), b.1952-
Davenport, Linda Marie (i1197), b.1952-
Davenport, Linda Reiver (i984), b.1942-
Davenport, Lizzie Clarissa (i634), b.1881-d.1881
Davenport, Lorenzo Osborn (i536), b.1901-d.1967
Davenport, Lori Ann Favron (i1212), b.1963-
Davenport, Lottie M. (i556), b.1866-
Davenport, Louise Brown (i371), b.1855-
Davenport, Louise Post (i684), b.1867-d.1931
Davenport, Lucille Harriet (i73), b.1917-d.1981
Davenport, Lucy Wickham (i1029), b.1936-
Davenport, Lueda Mae (i721), b.1903-
Davenport, Luke Bonnell (i1060), b.1977-
Davenport, Lydia (i144), b.1746-
Davenport, Lydia (i163), b.1758-d.1837
Davenport, Marcia Hills (i985), b.1942-
Davenport, Margaret Burchell (i619), b.1879-d.1960
Davenport, Margaret Dimon (i490), b.1858-d.1862
Davenport, Margaret Dimon (i890), b.1902-d.1930
Davenport, Margaret Elizabeth (i766), b.1900-
Davenport, Margaret Louise (i762), b.1897-d.1955
Davenport, Margery (i697), b.1889-
Davenport, Marguerite Moore (i1168), b.1961-
Davenport, Marguerite Warwick (i1028), b.1934-
Davenport, Maria Olmstead (i633), b.1879-
Davenport, Mariana Bonnel (i1050), b.1959-
Davenport, Marilla P. (i431), b.1842-
Davenport, Marilyn (i991), b.1928-
Davenport, Marion Adelaide (i813), b.1896-d.1963
Davenport, Marion Lucy (i572), b.1891-d.1967
Davenport, Marisol (i1190), b.1977-
Davenport, Mark Thomas (i861), b.1967-
Davenport, Martha (i32), b.1730-d.1819
Davenport, Martha (i42), b.1699-d.1796
Davenport, Martha (i139), b.1733-
Davenport, Martha (i159), b.1759-
Davenport, Martha (i186), b.1766-d.1807
Davenport, Martha (i196), b.1771-d.1841
Davenport, Martha (i453), b.1840-d.1914
Davenport, Martha Adelaide (i69), b.1852-d.1926
Davenport, Martha Ann (i949), b.1925-
Davenport, Martha Edna (i675), b.1884-d.1975
Davenport, Martha J. (i529), b.1876-
Davenport, Martha Orr (i1046), b.1943-
Davenport, Martin George Elwood (i792), b.1911-d.1975
Davenport, Mary (i65), b.1676-
Davenport, Mary (i166), b.1764-
Davenport, Mary (i179), b.1770-d.1848
Davenport, Mary (i197), b.1771-d.1858
Davenport, Mary (i247), b.1804-d.1866
Davenport, Mary (i280), b.1803-d.1880
Davenport, Mary (i396), b.1847-d.1848
Davenport, Mary (i425), b.1824-d.1908
Davenport, Mary (i687), b.1874-
Davenport, Mary Ann (i211), b.1793-
Davenport, Mary Ann (i220), b.1812-
Davenport, Mary Ann (i236), b.1813-d.1910
Davenport, Mary Ann (i270), b.1803-d.1876
Davenport, Mary Ann (i355), b.1844-d.1933
Davenport, Mary Ann (i418), b.1834-d.1850
Davenport, Mary Boorman (i300), b.1814-
Davenport, Mary Boorman (i459), b.1845-d.1930
Davenport, Mary Bowditch (i1031), b.1944-
Davenport, Mary Caroline (i304), b.1836-d.1891
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i263), b.1824-d.1885
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i366), b.1842-d.1842
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i588), b.1910-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i636), b.1857-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i920), b.1911-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i927), b.1915-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i1065), b.1943-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (i1106), b.1943-
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund Weldon Sheldon) (i636), b.1857-
Davenport, Mary Ellen (i821), b.1908-d.1959
Davenport, Mary Emma (i576), b.1880-d.1885
Davenport, Mary Esther (i373), b.1845-d.1918
Davenport, Mary Esther (i579), b.1885-
Davenport, Mary Frances (i408), b.1846-d.1847
Davenport, Mary Freeborn (i473), b.1872-d.1956
Davenport, Mary Hetty (i294), b.1835-d.1877
Davenport, Mary Isabel (i624), b.1879-d.1910
Davenport, Mary Jane (i316), b.1814-d.1836
Davenport, Mary Jane (i480), b.1838-
Davenport, Mary Lindley (i750), b.1877-d.1959
Davenport, Mary Theodora (i403), b.1835-d.1836
Davenport, Mary Theodora (i500), b.1856-
Davenport, Mary Vere (i493), b.1864-d.1939
Davenport, Mary Virginia (i781), b.1914-
Davenport, Mary Wells (i202), b.1785-d.1869
Davenport, Matilda (i206), b.1798-d.1886
Davenport, Maurice (i692), b.1878-d.1956
Davenport, Max Fay (i849), b.1929-
Davenport, Melanie Gail (i962), b.1964-
Davenport, Merriam Bacheler (i423), b.1851-d.1931
Davenport, Michael Allen (i1145), b.1958-
Davenport, Michael Arthur (i795), b.1944-
Davenport, Michael Charles (i1015), b.1949-
Davenport, Michael David (i933), b.1940-
Davenport, Michael John (i76), b.1958-
Davenport, Millia Crotty (i700), b.1895-
Davenport, Milton Webster (i629), b.1877-d.1949
Davenport, Milton Webster (marriage to Laura Nichols Davenport) (i629), b.1877-d.1949
Davenport, Monica Maria (i1135), b.1954-
Davenport, Myra Jane (i836), b.1919-
Davenport, Nancy (i177), b.1765-d.1815
Davenport, Nancy (i281), b.1815-d.1897
Davenport, Nancy Carol (i974), b.1954-
Davenport, Nancy Faye (i989), b.1940-
Davenport, Nancy Vere (i286), b.1812-d.1893
Davenport, Naomi Jean (i1006), b.1955-
Davenport, Nathan (i29), b.1726-d.1747
Davenport, Nathan (i168), b.1768-d.1817
Davenport, Nelson Whitney (i756), b.1899-d.1948
Davenport, Nelson Whitney, Jr. (i918), b.1924-d.1979
Davenport, Olive Julia (i383), b.1882-d.1892
Davenport, Oliver Sidney (i626), b.1884-d.1942
Davenport, Orme (i450), b.1888-d.1961
Davenport, Ortho (i735), b.1897-
Davenport, Paige Kay (i957), b.1965-
Davenport, Paul Allen (i1117), b.1961-
Davenport, Paul Arthur (i841), b.1929-
Davenport, Paul Edwards (i651), b.1878-d.1959
Davenport, Paul Henry (i393), b.1875-
Davenport, Paul Howard (i851), b.1952-
Davenport, Paula (i852), b.1956-
Davenport, Paula Elizabeth (i937), b.1942-
Davenport, Pearl Myra (i584), b.1887-d.1977
Davenport, Percy Greenleaf (i774), b.1882-d.1949
Davenport, Percy Sheppherd (i814), b.1902-
Davenport, Perlina Street (i283), b.1804-d.1829
Davenport, Phebe (i406), b.1841-d.1912
Davenport, Phillip Edwin (i910), b.1952-
Davenport, Phillip Hayden (i538), b.1894-d.1974
Davenport, Phillip Jay (i971), b.1940-d.1945
Davenport, Phoebe A. (i720), b.1902-d.1902
Davenport, Pierrepont (i696), b.1888-d.1958
Davenport, Polly (i226), b.1796-d.1891
Davenport, Polly (i227), b.1793-d.1796
Davenport, Priscilla Allen (i374), b.1847-d.1903
Davenport, Pruella (i185), b.1764-d.1809
Davenport, Rachel Mary (i727), b.1899-d.1969
Davenport, Ralph (i49), b.1775-d.1779
Davenport, Ralph George (i840), b.1927-
Davenport, Ralsey Adolphus (i405), b.1838-d.1865
Davenport, Raquel (i1073), b.1938-
Davenport, Ray Elwood (i597), b.1895-
Davenport, Reba (i659), b.1894-
Davenport, Rebecca Ann (i205), b.1795-d.1817
Davenport, Res Samuel (i1133), b.1972-
Davenport, Rhoda (i27), b.1754-
Davenport, Richard (i1143), b.1960-
Davenport, Richard Alan (i953), b.1940-
Davenport, Richard Benjamin (i770), b.1914-
Davenport, Richard Benjamin (i1122), b.1969-
Davenport, Richard Carico (i942), b.1945-
Davenport, Richard Tighe (i308), b.1846-d.1847
Davenport, Richard Wolfgang (i1139), b.1957-
Davenport, Robert Atkinson (i1044), b.1951-
Davenport, Robert Benjamin (i1112), b.1953-d.1965
Davenport, Robert Bruce (i603), b.1905-
Davenport, Robert Charles (i1142), b.1959-
Davenport, Robert Chesebrough (i305), b.1838-d.1843
Davenport, Robert Chester (i969), b.1926-
Davenport, Robert Ralsey (i1), b.1950-
Davenport, Robert Ralsey (i74), b.1922-
Davenport, Robert Vernon (i977), b.1930-
Davenport, Roger Edwards (i831), b.1900-d.1970
Davenport, Roger Franklin (i992), b.1931-
Davenport, Roger Orme (i668), b.1931-
Davenport, Roswell (i143), b.1742-d.1749
Davenport, Roswell (i194), b.1768-d.1852
Davenport, Roswell Burrows (i866), b.1911-
Davenport, Rufus (i181), b.1775-d.1857
Davenport, Rufus (i395), b.1844-d.1909
Davenport, Rufus Adolphus (i264), b.1826-d.1833
Davenport, Rufus Bodley (i608), b.1891-d.1896
Davenport, Rufus Cable (i256), b.1828-d.1832
Davenport, Rufus Roy (i381), b.1874-d.1922
Davenport, Russel David (i1132), b.1963-
Davenport, Russel Melvin (i789), b.1904-
Davenport, Russel Robert (i955), b.1933-d.1937
Davenport, Russel Wheeler (i460), b.1849-d.1904
Davenport, Russel Wheeler (i681), b.1899-d.1954
Davenport, Ruth (i830), b.1894-d.1969
Davenport, Ruth Carrie (i655), b.1890-d.1891
Davenport, Ruth Edith (i924), b.1918-
Davenport, Ruth Whitney (i759), b.1886-d.1969
Davenport, Ryan James (i1220), b.1974-
Davenport, Sallie Carter (i959), b.1973-
Davenport, Sally (i239), b.1799-d.1826
Davenport, Sally Ann (i951), b.1930-
Davenport, Sam Ford (i653), b.1882-d.1951
Davenport, Samuel (i165), b.1762-d.1775
Davenport, Samuel (i224), b.1789-d.1852
Davenport, Samuel (i544), b.1847-d.1867
Davenport, Samuel Abraham (i245), b.1799-d.1821
Davenport, Samuel Azra (i429), b.1834-d.1911
Davenport, Samuel Breck (i289), b.1819-d.1899
Davenport, Samuel Chase (i872), b.1933-
Davenport, Samuel Chase Thompson (i1054), b.1965-
Davenport, Samuel H. (i329), b.1852-d.1940
Davenport, Samuel, Deacon (i142), b.1740-d.1810
Davenport, Sandra Lee (i994), b.1945-
Davenport, Sarah (i25), b.1750-
Davenport, Sarah (i40), b.1722-d.1745
Davenport, Sarah (i43), b.1702-d.1746
Davenport, Sarah (i52), b.1783-d.1839
Davenport, Sarah (i138), b.1731-
Davenport, Sarah (i164), b.1760-
Davenport, Sarah (i193), b.1767-
Davenport, Sarah (i275), b.1815-d.1868
Davenport, Sarah (i347), b.1839-d.1888
Davenport, Sarah (i427), b.1829-
Davenport, Sarah Andreas (i508), b.1847-d.1908
Davenport, Sarah Elizabeth (i414), b.1843-d.1874
Davenport, Sarah Elizabeth (i621), b.1877-d.1877
Davenport, Sarah Ellen (i352), b.1841-
Davenport, Sarah F. (i219), b.1810-
Davenport, Sarah Louisa (i334), b.1816-d.1826
Davenport, Sarah Louisa (i540), b.1832-d.1890
Davenport, Sarah Lounsbury (i360), b.1856-d.1921
Davenport, Sarah M. (i552), b.1866-d.1870
Davenport, Sarah St. John (i412), b.1837-d.1838
Davenport, Sean Mauldin (i1161), b.1966-
Davenport, Shannon Michelle (i1163), b.1972-
Davenport, Sharon Ann (i998), b.1946-
Davenport, Sharon Huntington (i883), b.1952-
Davenport, Shirley Ann (i932), b.1936-
Davenport, Sidney Augustus (i823), b.1921-
Davenport, Silas (i36), b.1736-d.1795
Davenport, Silas (i273), b.1811-d.1886
Davenport, Silas Augustus, Rev. (i415), b.1846-d.1928
Davenport, Silas Strickland (i1166), b.1973-
Davenport, Siobain Maureen (i1162), b.1968-
Davenport, Sophia Moen (i310), b.1851-d.1851
Davenport, Soule Frances (i392), b.1872-
Davenport, Stella (i523), b.1890-
Davenport, Stephen (i26), b.1752-d.1777
Davenport, Stephen (i39), b.1741-
Davenport, Stephen Rintoul (i676), b.1892-
Davenport, Stephen Rintoul, Iv (i1176), b.1971-
Davenport, Stephen Rintoul, Jr. (i871), b.1939-
Davenport, Stephen Rintoul, Rev. Ii (i867), b.1915-
Davenport, Stephen Rintoul, Rev. Iii (i1040), b.1942-
Davenport, Steven Charles (i934), b.1945-
Davenport, Steven Mark (i1004), b.1956-
Davenport, Steven Terry (i1146), b.1960-
Davenport, Street (i198), b.1775-d.1867
Davenport, Street L. (i437), b.1850-d.1851
Davenport, Stuart Mills (i1177), b.1973-
Davenport, Sue Ann (i1194), b.1947-
Davenport, Sullivan Shults (i293), b.1828-d.1912
Davenport, Susan Crofut (i1068), b.1939-
Davenport, Susan E. (i553), b.1868-d.1870
Davenport, Susan Lorraine (i911), b.1959-
Davenport, Susan Stuart (i1042), b.1947-
Davenport, Susan Wheeler (i880), b.1946-
Davenport, Sylvester (i60), b.1824-d.1907
Davenport, Tamara (i1089)
Davenport, Thaddeus (i34), b.1733-
Davenport, Thaddeus (i229), b.1800-
Davenport, Theodora (i44), b.1703-d.1712
Davenport, Theodora (i50), b.1779-d.1809
Davenport, Theodora (i468), b.1905-d.1905
Davenport, Theodora (i474), b.1874-d.1948
Davenport, Theodora (marriage to William Davenport) (i50), b.1779-d.1809
Davenport, Theodore (i303), b.1834-d.1913
Davenport, Theodore (i314), b.1810-d.1830
Davenport, Theodore (i463), b.1865-d.1901
Davenport, Theodore (i1087)
Davenport, Theodore Dwight (i492), b.1862-d.1863
Davenport, Theodore Silas (i265), b.1831-d.1897
Davenport, Theodore, Deacon (i204), b.1792-d.1884
Davenport, Theodosia (i203), b.1789-d.1810
Davenport, Theodosia (i298), b.1810-d.1883
Davenport, Thomas Addington (i921), b.1912-
Davenport, Thomas Addington, Ii (i1103), b.1939-
Davenport, Thomas Arthur (i386), b.1850-d.1852
Davenport, Thomas Fitch (i261), b.1820-d.1895
Davenport, Thomas Herbert (i669), b.1933-
Davenport, Thomas Richards (i545), b.1849-d.1912
Davenport, Thomas Sylvester (i594), b.1883-d.1943
Davenport, Thomas William (i1128), b.1953-
Davenport, Thomas Winchester (i1140), b.1958-
Davenport, Timothy Dwight (i359), b.1854-d.1932
Davenport, Todd Raymond (i1188), b.1969-
Davenport, Tony Lynn (i1147), b.1962-
Davenport, Tracey Ann (i1209), b.1964-
Davenport, Valerie (i782), b.1922-
Davenport, Vera (i657), b.1891-
Davenport, Viola Bertha (i791), b.1909-
Davenport, Virgil (i724), b.1896-
Davenport, Virgil O. (i526), b.1878-d.1930
Davenport, Virginia Frances Turley (i4019), b.1907-
Davenport, Virginia Mae (i837), b.1920-
Davenport, Walker Jerome (i809), b.1911-
Davenport, Walter Irwin (i717), b.1894-d.1918
Davenport, Walter W. (i628), b.1888-d.1950
Davenport, Wanda Edith (i843), b.1916-
Davenport, Warren E. (i527), b.1895-
Davenport, Warren Griffith (i510), b.1874-d.1952
Davenport, Wayne Crew (i732), b.1910-d.1917
Davenport, Wendy Sue (i1025), b.1971-
Davenport, Willett Thomas (i385), b.1849-d.1849
Davenport, William (i51), b.1781-d.1860
Davenport, William (i140), b.1734-d.1742
Davenport, William (i188), b.1770-d.1850
Davenport, William (i222), b.1816-
Davenport, William (i279), b.1796-d.1865
Davenport, William (marriage to Theodora Davenport) (i188), b.1770-d.1850
Davenport, William Albert (i561), b.1855-d.1927
Davenport, William Albert, III (i948), b.1923-
Davenport, William Albert, Jr. (i775), b.1887-d.1974
Davenport, William Allen (i325), b.1844-d.1863
Davenport, William Bates (i497), b.1847-d.1929
Davenport, William Becker (i1181), b.1962-
Davenport, William Brown (i252), b.1822-d.1865
Davenport, William Edwards (i491), b.1862-d.1944
Davenport, William Enright (i632), b.1877-d.1970
Davenport, William Henry (i232), b.1807-d.1865
Davenport, William Henry (i337), b.1833-
Davenport, William Henry (i351), b.1840-d.1885
Davenport, William Henry (i826), b.1908-
Davenport, William Hiram (i531), b.1883-
Davenport, William Lawrence (i410), b.1850-d.1897
Davenport, William Porter (i1062), b.1930-
Davenport, William Ralph (i728), b.1901-d.1962
Davenport, William Roswell (i428), b.1831-d.1888
Davenport, William St. John (i413), b.1840-d.1884
Davenport, William Taylor (i614), b.1869-d.1942
Davenport, William Wayne (i907), b.1955-
Davenport, William Webster (i420), b.1839-d.1886
Davenport, William Young (i340), b.1830-d.1892
Davenport, William, Deacon (i274), b.1813-d.1882
Davenport, Willie Augustus (i369), b.1846-d.1865
Davenport, Winona Marie (i1017), b.1958-


Daveport, Charles Francis (i5022), b.1871-d.1911


Davies, Charles (marriage to Louisa Malvina Warren) (i2691), d.1907


Davis, Adelbert (i2080), b.1855-
Davis, Albert E. (i2087), b.1874-d.1887
Davis, Albert L. (i2079), b.1855-d.1863
Davis, Alden, Deacon (marriage to Eunice King Cady) (i1262)
Davis, Alice H. (i2105), b.1881-
Davis, Allen Brigham (i1277), b.1892-d.1892
Davis, Anna E. (i2093), b.1875-
Davis, Bertha M. (i2102), b.1890-
Davis, Clara F. (i2092), b.1873-
Davis, Daniel Marcius (marriage to Mary Arma Isham) (i1254)
Davis, David Cady (i1276), b.1885-
Davis, Delia E. (i1265), b.1842-d.1868
Davis, Edith M. (i2101), b.1889-
Davis, Edith Mary (i1256), b.1872-
Davis, Edwin Cady (i1266), b.1844-
Davis, Edwin L. (i2075), b.1843-
Davis, Eli H. (marriage to Harriet Crissey) (i2074), b.1819-d.1892
Davis, Ella A. (i2098), b.1883-
Davis, Evelyn A. (i2086), b.1871-
Davis, Frank M. (i2104), b.1881-
Davis, Franklin C. (i1267), b.1846-
Davis, Franklin Chapin (i1282), b.1911-
Davis, Fred Cady (i1285), b.1890-
Davis, George Whitlock (i1288), b.1913-
Davis, George Williams (i1268), b.1850-d.1894
Davis, Grace A. (i2094), b.1879-
Davis, Harley (i2100), b.1887-
Davis, Harry E. (i2095), b.1885-
Davis, Henry (marriage to Emily Maria Turnier) (i2882), d.1844
Davis, Homer E. (i2099), b.1887-
Davis, Homer H. (i2076), b.1846-
Davis, Howard Marcius (i1257), b.1876-
Davis, Jean Anne (marriage to John Emerson Davenport Jr.) (i4994)
Davis, John Alden (i1272), b.1876-
Davis, John H. (i2088), b.1876-
Davis, Julia C. (i2084), b.1866-d.1891
Davis, Julius E. (i2083), b.1863-
Davis, Lawrence Copeland (i1275), b.1883-
Davis, Lettie L. (i2090), b.1880-
Davis, Mabel Lee (i1274), b.1879-
Davis, Margaret Alice (i1273), b.1878-d.1884
Davis, Margaret S. (i1264), b.1840-d.1865
Davis, Marion Wheeler (i1280), b.1909-
Davis, Mary (marriage to James C. Davenport) (i3162)
Davis, Mary A. (i2085), b.1868-
Davis, Mary A. (marriage to Ebenezer Davenport Maltby Rev.) (i2839), b.1806-d.1865
Davis, Mary E. (i2077), b.1849-
Davis, Merton A. (i2106), b.1886-
Davis, Nancy Welland (marriage to Andrew Crocker Archibald) (i3514)
Davis, Nellie Fay (marriage to Frank Davenport) (i794), b.1907-
Davis, Rachael Allen (i1279), b.1905-
Davis, Robert Marcius (i1259)
Davis, Ruth Margaret (i1283), b.1915-
Davis, Samuel A. (i1263), b.1839-
Davis, Spencer Harwood (i1286), b.1891-
Davis, Spencer Harwood (i1290), b.1916-
Davis, Vilmeretta A. (i2078), b.1852-d.1868
Davis, William E. (i2089), b.1878-
Davis, Willis M. (i2081), b.1860-
Davis, Winthrop Isham (i1255), b.1870-


Dawnes, Robert W. (marriage to Jean C. Seale) (i4153)


Day, Isabella Frances (marriage to George Frederick Raymond) (i2785), b.1842-d.1914


De Camp, (marriage to Lois Hopkins) (i1897)


De Raymond, Amelia (marriage to Charles Crissey Jr.) (i2257)


De Wolf, Jennet (marriage to William Albert Davenport) (i777)


Deal, Grove Davenport (i3769), b.1868-
Deal, Marcelle Somerfield (i3772), b.1874-
Deal, Marcellus S. (marriage to Adelaide Virginia Davenport) (i3768)
Deal, Maril Vere (i3771), b.1870-
Deal, Virginia Vere (i3770), b.1870-


Dearmin, Nadine L. (marriage to John Roy Couper) (i4229), b.1928-


Deeken, Suzann (marriage to James Phillip Davenport) (i1219)


Delaney, Eileen (marriage to Bruce Behre Boyd) (i4176)


Delong, Antoinette Noelle (i4856), b.1978-
Delong, Gregory Lynn (marriage to Constance Alice Chemay) (i4855)


Dennison, Charles E. (marriage to Esther Pratt Lazell) (i2399), b.1863-


Denny, Emily D. (marriage to Charles Otis Kimball) (i2573)


Denue, Pamela Jane (i4006)
Denue, Paul Warren (i4005), b.1968-
Denue, Paul Warren (marriage to Ruth Montgomery Swan) (i4004)


Destors, Susan Mary (marriage to Thomas Addington Davenport Ii) (i1213)


Detomasi, James A. (marriage to Jane Joralemon Davenport) (i4462)


Devenport, Harriette Elizabeth (marriage to John Davenport Wilcox) (i4602)


Deweese, Catherine (i4633), b.1957-
Deweese, Christina (i4636), b.1953-
Deweese, Gretchen (i4635), b.1950-
Deweese, Jan (i4634), b.1948-
Deweese, Robert Kennel (marriage to Genevieve Adams) (i4632), b.1920-


Dewitt, Robert M., Jr. (i1688), b.1943-
Dewitt, Robert Morrison, Capt. M.D. (marriage to Margaret Stuart Mack) (i1687)


Dexter, Dorthea Mary (i3443), b.1888-d.1972
Dexter, Franklin Bowditch (marriage to Theodosia Mary Wheeler) (i3442), b.1842-d.1920


Dibble, Edna May (i3341), b.1869-
Dibble, Fitzhue (marriage to Edna Minerva Walker) (i3339)
Dibble, George Davenport (i3340), b.1867-d.1891
Dibble, Susan R. (marriage to William W. Raymond) (i2810), b.1836-d.1929


Dice, Jacob (marriage to Sophia Hopkins) (i1893)
Dice, James (marriage to Almina Hopkins) (i1894)


Dickens, Sarah Ann (marriage to Charles Sterling) (i2633), b.1848-


Dickson, Charlotte A. M. (marriage to Warren Spencer Dobson) (i2696)


Digeorgio, Joanne Harriet (i4689), b.1952-
Digeorgio, Michael Angelo (marriage to Florence Virginia Davenport) (i4687)
Digeorgio, Susan Estelle (i4688), b.1949-


Dikem, (marriage to Pruella Davenport) (i2883)


Dimmock, E. O. (marriage to Delia E. Davis) (i1270)


Dimon, Jane Joralemon (marriage to Amzi Benedict Davenport) (i486), b.1826-d.1895


Disnesy, Jan (marriage to Richard Carico Davenport) (i1121)


Ditta, David Weir (i4202), b.1950-
Ditta, Louis Gerald (marriage to Hazel Lorraine Weir) (i4200), b.1917-d.1964
Ditta, Patricia Louise (i4201), b.1948-


Dixon, Charlotte Jane (marriage to Willis Clark Evans) (i4390), b.1930-
Dixon, Christopher Hawley (i4683), b.1957-
Dixon, Daniel Davenport (i4681), b.1956-
Dixon, Dora Delaittra (i4679), b.1944-
Dixon, Howard Alexander (marriage to Jane Davenport) (i4677), d.1957
Dixon, John Davenport (i4678), b.1935-
Dixon, Rebecca (i4682), b.1956-


Dobson, Warren Spencer (i2695), b.1871-
Dobson, William Spencer (marriage to Charlotte Elizabeth Warren) (i2694), b.1846-d.1904


Dodd, (marriage to Ethyll R. Davenport) (i4549)
Dodd, Jenny Lou (i4550), b.1929-


Doerhoff, Kenneth Michael (i4570), b.1969-


Doeroff, F. Michael (marriage to Carolyn Raye Herring) (i4569)


Donley, Donald Keith (marriage to Katherine Constance Davenport) (i4997)
Donley, Jennifer Nicolle (i4998), b.1978-


Donohoe, Joan Claudia (i4076), b.1954-d.1958
Donohoe, Katherine Mary (i4078), b.1959-
Donohoe, Robert Paul (i4079), b.1960-
Donohoe, William John (i4077), b.1955-
Donohoe, William John (marriage to Joan Rolfe) (i4075), b.1927-


Douglas, Martha (marriage to John Davenport Swan) (i4017)


Dow, (marriage to Linda Marie Davenport) (i5013)


Dowd, Juliette Gidney (marriage to Lynde Huntington Foote) (i1468)


Dowler, Alice Caney (i2192), b.1872-
Dowler, Anna May (i2191), b.1869-
Dowler, Bertha Evangeline (i2188), b.1871-
Dowler, Ernest Theodore (i2200)
Dowler, Frances Elizabeth (i2197), b.1885-
Dowler, Herbert Crissey (i2195), b.1880-
Dowler, James Ernest (i2193), b.1874-
Dowler, John Armstrong (marriage to Nancy Ann Clark) (i2186)
Dowler, Julia Gertrude (i2189), b.1879-
Dowler, Robert Clark (i2194), b.1878-
Dowler, Samuel S. (marriage to Sarah Jennie Clark) (i2190)
Dowler, Wallace Lafayette (i2196), b.1882-
Dowler, Willis Ellsworth (i2187), b.1864-


Dowling, Michael T. (marriage to Janet Davenport) (i5012)


Downing, Winifred (marriage to Davenport Galbraith) (i3747)


Druse, Alice (marriage to Ambrose Crissey) (i2452), d.1891


Ducate, Andrew Burton (i3979), b.1976-
Ducate, James Curtis (marriage to Katherine Merrick Browne) (i3978)


Dudley, George (marriage to Fanny Smith) (i2905)
Dudley, Helen Amelia (marriage to Johnathan Law Harrison) (i1477)


Dugan, Pamela Arlette (marriage to Duane Merwin Davenport) (i4823)


Dunbar, Frank (marriage to Clary Safford) (i1919)


Dunlap, Mark Leroy (i4878), b.1958-
Dunlap, Ralph Leroy (marriage to Irene Mae Davenport) (i4876)
Dunlap, Vicky Darlene (i4877), b.1950-


Dunn, Marcia Rogers (marriage to John Russel Ramsay) (i4358)


Duque, Marita (marriage to Sidney Fowler Shankland) (i4425), b.1918-


Durell, Etha May (marriage to Harvey Davenport) (i725), b.1873-


Duren, Geoffrey Harp (marriage to Kathleen Mary Young) (i4749), b.1943-


Dutton, Luthenia (marriage to John Crissey) (i1773), d.1838


Early, Charles Wesley (marriage to Fannie Gaines Davenport) (i4203), b.1883-d.1965
Early, Katherine Virginia (i4205), b.1915-
Early, Mary Katherine (i4204), b.1906-d.1906


Eastman, Albert Faxon (i2072), b.1843-d.1884
Eastman, Amos (marriage to Julia Crissey) (i2129), b.1809-
Eastman, Amos (marriage to Sophronia Crissey) (i2129), b.1809-
Eastman, Charles Rollin (i2131), b.1855-
Eastman, Elizabeth Jane (i2070), b.1838-
Eastman, Ella Eugenia (i2132), b.1859-
Eastman, George Amos (i2071), b.1840-d.1883
Eastman, Hamlin Edward (i2133), b.1860-
Eastman, Jennie Mary (i2073), b.1846-d.1852
Eastman, Minnie Adele (i2135), b.1867-
Eastman, Sadie Louise (i2134), b.1865-
Eastman, Wilbur Brainerd (i2130), b.1852-


Eaton, Cora A. (marriage to Walter Franklin Potter) (i2939), b.1882-


Eberman, Mae L. (marriage to Frederick Clark) (i2183)


Edgar, Donald Dixon (marriage to Janet Comstock) (i3542)


Edgerton, Charles Crissey (i1960), b.1872-
Edgerton, Joseph (marriage to Marilla Rozell Crissey) (i1959)


Edmondson, Edith Cliffe (marriage to Chester Webb Davenport) (i586), b.1883-d.1930


Egts, Helena Virginia (marriage to Clifford Glen Davenport) (i835), b.1894-


Eliot, Andrew Ely (i1598), b.1927-d.1927
Eliot, Calissa (i1601), b.1934-
Eliot, Clara (i1581), b.1896-
Eliot, Dorthea Dix (i1574), b.1871-
Eliot, Ellen Smith (i1575), b.1873-
Eliot, Frank Cushman (i1592), b.1938-
Eliot, Grace Cranch (i1576), b.1876-
Eliot, Henrietta (i1600), b.1930-
Eliot, Henrietta Mack (i1577), b.1879-
Eliot, Jean (i1635)
Eliot, Johan Wijnbladh (i1633), b.1921-
Eliot, Mary Ely (i1573), b.1868-d.1878
Eliot, Mather Greenleaf (i1629), b.1911-
Eliot, Michael Hoover (i1599), b.1928-
Eliot, Mignon (marriage to Theodore Sessinghaus Eliot) (i1595)
Eliot, Nancy Greenleaf (i1591), b.1934-
Eliot, Rosemary (i1634), b.1926-
Eliot, Ruth Kayser (i1583), b.1899-
Eliot, Samuel Ely (i1578), b.1882-d.1976
Eliot, Sigrid Margaretta (i1637)
Eliot, Theodore Sessinghaus (i1584), b.1900-
Eliot, Theodore Sessinghaus, Jr. (i1596), b.1924-
Eliot, Thomas Dawes (i1579), b.1889-
Eliot, Thomas Greenleaf (i1631), b.1915-d.1919
Eliot, Thomas Lamb (i1632), b.1920-
Eliot, Thomas Lamb (marriage to Henrietta Robbins Mack) (i1571), d.1936
Eliot, Warner Ayres (i1597), b.1925-
Eliot, William Greenleaf (i1572), b.1866-
Eliot, William Greenleaf, Jr. (i1582), b.1897-


Elizabeth (marriage to Douglas W. Lowell) (i3696)


Elkin, Agnes Mary (marriage to Allen Sturges Davenport) (i780)


Ellis, Elizabeth S. (marriage to Lawrence Copeland Davis) (i1281)


Ely, Beulah (i1552), b.1792-d.1835
Ely, Dudline Pettibone (marriage to Charles Temple Raymond) (i2774)
Ely, Elizabeth (i1551), b.1790-d.1872
Ely, Harriette Almina (i2342), b.1862-
Ely, John Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Gilberta Davenport) (i4973)
Ely, Martha (i1553), b.1795-d.1857
Ely, Mary Reynolds (i1548), b.1787-d.1842
Ely, Mortimer (marriage to Genevia Laura Cooley) (i2341), b.1834-
Ely, Nathaniel, Deacon (marriage to Elizabeth Reynolds) (i1547), b.1751-d.1808
Ely, Nathaniel, Deacon (marriage to Martha Williams) (i1546)
Ely, Samuel (i1549), b.1788-d.1788
Ely, Samuel (i1550), b.1789-d.1797
Ely, Wellington Lyman (i2343), b.1877-


Emely, Charles (i3893), b.1967-
Emely, Charles H. (marriage to Susan E. Lawton) (i3892)


Emery, Virginia (marriage to Edwin Haskell Davenport) (i908)


Emmons, George L. (marriage to Beatrice Davenport) (i4187)
Emmons, Nathaniel (i4188), b.1916-


End, Barbara (marriage to Larom Munson) (i1497)


Enright, Elizabeth M. (marriage to Henry Adolphus Davenport Rev.) (i630), d.1926


Erhard, Madeline Leone (marriage to Richard Cranch Scott) (i1624)


Ernst, Lon Ralph (i4769), b.1943-
Ernst, Ralph (marriage to Jean Audrey Davenport) (i4768), d.1947


Essley, Charline Amine (marriage to Roger Edwards Davenport) (i988), b.1901-


Esther (marriage to John Morrison Davenport) (i928)


Evans, Charles Mckinley (marriage to Ella Mae Davenport) (i4384), b.1901-d.1975
Evans, David (i3157)
Evans, Edwin Davenport (i3158)
Evans, Emily Edith (i3161)
Evans, Erin Maureen (i4389), b.1957-
Evans, Ford Clark (i4388), b.1953-
Evans, Frank (i3159)
Evans, Georgia Kay (Hayden) (i4392), b.1955-
Evans, John W. (marriage to Emily Cordelia Hoyt) (i3156)
Evans, Linda Charlotte (Hayden) (i4391), b.1950-
Evans, Marcia Ann (i4387), b.1951-
Evans, Paul Edward (i4394)
Evans, Terry Mae (Hayden) (i4393)
Evans, William Davenport (i3160)
Evans, Willis Clark (i4385), b.1927-


Evarts, Elizabeth Hoar (marriage to Edward Clifford Perkins) (i3022)


Everhart, Vickie J. (marriage to David King Voorhies) (i4806)


Fabiani, Barbara Camille (marriage to Douglas Wood Hart) (i4674), b.1945-


Fackler, Carol Ann (i3902), b.1957-
Fackler, Cynthia Lee (i3901), b.1955-
Fackler, David Edward (i3876)
Fackler, David Michael (i3895), b.1944-
Fackler, David Morris (i3818), b.1883-d.1915
Fackler, David Parks (marriage to Elizabeth Leverett Davenport) (i3815), b.1841-d.1924
Fackler, Edward Bathurst (i3817), b.1879-d.1952
Fackler, Elizabeth Davenport (i3819), b.1885-d.1970
Fackler, Elizabeth Root (i3874)
Fackler, John Davenport (i3878), b.1931-
Fackler, Julia Davenport (i3816), b.1877-d.1975
Fackler, Karen Elizabeth (i3898), b.1957-
Fackler, Louis Root (i3877), d.1935
Fackler, Marilyn Waite (i3897), b.1951-
Fackler, Ruth Talbot (i3875)


Facko, Diane (marriage to John Frederick Bertelsen Jr.) (i3884)


Falcon, Douglas Stewart (i4865), b.1967-
Falcon, Glen Davis (marriage to Judith Agnes Davenport) (i4863)
Falcon, Michael Davis (i4864), b.1961-


Fannie (marriage to Charles Isaac Sterling) (i2666)


Farnham, Ann Ilsley (i3942), b.1945-
Farnham, Charles Ilsley (i3945), b.1961-
Farnham, Edward Fenn (i3947), b.1969-
Farnham, Elizabeth Davenport (i3941), b.1940-
Farnham, Mary Bourne (i3943), b.1948-
Farnham, Robert Hathaway (i3946), b.1965-
Farnham, William H., Jr. (i3940), b.1936-
Farnham, William Hathaway (marriage to Mary Davenport Ilsley) (i3939), b.1908-d.1972


Farnum, Cornelia Whipple (marriage to Russel Wheeler Davenport) (i680), b.1862-d.1949


Farrell, Catherine Ann (marriage to Lucius Otis Waldo) (i3314)


Farson, Lena (marriage to John Morrison Davenport) (i930)


Farwell, Lemoine (marriage to James Pierpont Davenport) (i694), d.1952


Favron, Ann (marriage to Thomas Addington Davenport Ii) (i1211)


Feister, Sandra Louise (marriage to William Austin Clark III) (i4719)


Fell, Margaret (marriage to Charles Davenport Macgowan) (i3359)


Fellows, Kate (marriage to John Davenport Wheeler) (i3421), d.1909


Felske, Coann Carol (i3797), b.1957-
Felske, Gayle Ann (i3795), b.1951-
Felske, Mary Ann (i3796), b.1953-
Felske, Peggy Ann (i3798), b.1959-
Felske, Robert Lewis (marriage to Alyce Ann Hacker) (i3794), b.1928-


Felton, Annie Pamelia (i2275), b.1856-
Felton, Caroline Serviah (i2288), b.1854-d.1855
Felton, Charles Vernon (i2293), b.1862-
Felton, Cherrey Joseph (i2285), b.1849-
Felton, Clarissa Dewey (i2292), b.1860-
Felton, Frederick Jay (i2278), b.1875-d.1893
Felton, Gay W. (i2277), b.1873-
Felton, James Jay (i2271), b.1821-d.1862
Felton, Janette Elizabeth (i2289), b.1856-d.1856
Felton, Joseph Cheney (i2272), b.1822-d.1864
Felton, Joseph Cheney (marriage to Loraine Crissey) (i2270), d.1822
Felton, Julian Dewey (i2290), b.1858-d.1858
Felton, Julian Edwin (i2291), b.1859-
Felton, Mary Charlene (i2303), b.1894-
Felton, Mary Emily (i2287), b.1852-
Felton, Sherman Eli (i2274), b.1850-
Felton, Uriah Howe (i2286), b.1851-d.1852


Fenn, June Marilyn (marriage to William H. Farnham Jr.) (i3944)


Fennell, Rose (marriage to Gilbert Calhoun Davenport) (i1066)


Ferguson, Grace (marriage to Mahlon Lloyd Love) (i3256), b.1872-d.1910


Ferris, Helen Millington (marriage to Henry Davenport Hooker) (i4032)
Ferris, Joan Adelaide (marriage to Richard Davenport Hart) (i4669), b.1940-


Fessenden, Abbe (i3519), b.1940-
Fessenden, Christopher (i3521), b.1948-
Fessenden, Content (i3501), b.1883-
Fessenden, Gladstone (i3500), b.1880-d.1935
Fessenden, Harriet Chesebrough (i3498), b.1874-d.1874
Fessenden, Helen Gautier (i3499), b.1878-d.1974
Fessenden, Nicholas Buck (i3520), b.1943-
Fessenden, Samuel (i3516), b.1910-
Fessenden, Samuel (marriage to Helen Matilda Davenport) (i3497), b.1847-d.1908
Fessenden, Virginia Barr (i3517), b.1913-


Field, Bernard W. (marriage to Wealthy Ann Winsor) (i2398), b.1834-
Field, Diadema (marriage to Stephen Williams) (i1300)
Field, Raymond Thompson (i2829), b.1886-
Field, William Rundle (marriage to Elizabeth A. Raymond) (i2828), b.1850-


Filler, Janice H. (marriage to Richard Morton Cosel Jr.) (i4982)
Filler, Janice H. (marriage to Richard Morton Cosel Jr.) (i5021)


Fimple, Janet Vi (i4697), b.1963-
Fimple, Katherine Ann (i4696), b.1959-
Fimple, Linda Laverne (i4695), b.1956-
Fimple, Mary Etta (marriage to Martin George Elwood Davenport) (i954), b.1913-
Fimple, Phillip Ray (i4692), b.1933-
Fimple, Phyllis May (i4693), b.1935-
Fimple, Taylor Raymond (marriage to Viola Bertha Davenport) (i4691), b.1912-


Findley, Dana (marriage to Phillip Edwin Davenport) (i1093)


Finney, Benjamin Franklin (marriage to Clara Louise Brown) (i3192), b.1859-
Finney, William Stanley (i3193), b.1892-


Fish, Minnie B. (marriage to James Theodore Davenport) (i3699), b.1875-


Fisher, Alice (i2553), b.1862-d.1863
Fisher, Alice Coggswell (i2510), b.1838-
Fisher, Alice Coggswell (i2535), b.1887-d.1888
Fisher, Anna Caroline (i2549), b.1850-d.1851
Fisher, Anna Foster (i2499), b.1866-
Fisher, Catherine (i2490), b.1810-
Fisher, Charles (i2515), b.1847-d.1847
Fisher, Charles Edward (i2534), b.1885-
Fisher, Clarence Hartley (i2556), b.1877-
Fisher, Edith Aurelia (i2520), b.1862-
Fisher, Eliza Armstrong (i2552), b.1856-
Fisher, Elizabeth Davenport (i2488), b.1806-d.1871
Fisher, Elizabeth Davenport (i2498), b.1863-
Fisher, Elizabeth Stewart (i2511), b.1840-d.1841
Fisher, Emma Donaldson (i2513), b.1843-d.1846
Fisher, Evelyn Foster (i2501), b.1872-
Fisher, Florence Isabella (i2558), b.1883-
Fisher, George Wood (i2547), b.1845-
Fisher, Gordon (i2561), b.1873-
Fisher, Harriet Coggswell (i2491), b.1812-d.1831
Fisher, Harriet Mott (i2536), b.1889-
Fisher, Harriett Mott (i2512), b.1842-
Fisher, Herbert Johnson (marriage to Grace Lathrop Mack) (i1660)
Fisher, Howard Shreve (i2560), b.1871-
Fisher, James Boorman (i2495), b.1833-
Fisher, James Cogswell, Dr. (i2489), b.1808-
Fisher, James Henry (i2514), b.1845-
Fisher, James Henry (i2537), b.1891-
Fisher, Josiah, Rev. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Fisher) (i2494), b.1802-d.1875
Fisher, Lelia Aurelia (i2538), b.1893-
Fisher, Lewis Weld (i2551), b.1854-d.1855
Fisher, Lloyd Wiegand (i2500), b.1868-
Fisher, Margaret Crossette (i2527), b.1896-
Fisher, Mary Davenport (i2493), b.1817-d.1865
Fisher, Mary Eliza (i2509), b.1835-
Fisher, Mary Eliza (i2532), b.1877-
Fisher, Mary Wright (i2497), b.1862-
Fisher, Nettie Henrietta (i2517), b.1850-d.1872
Fisher, Peter Schuyler (i2550), b.1851-d.1854
Fisher, Robert Crossette (i2521), b.1863-d.1874
Fisher, Robert Lewis (i2528), b.1897-
Fisher, Samuel Herbert (i2522), b.1867-
Fisher, Samuel Jackson (i2548), b.1847-
Fisher, Samuel Sparks (i2507), b.1832-d.1874
Fisher, Samuel Ware (i2492), b.1814-d.1874
Fisher, Samuel, Rev. (marriage to Alice Coggswell) (i2487), b.1777-d.1856
Fisher, Schuyler Lyon (i2555), b.1874-
Fisher, Sophia Sparks (i2518), b.1854-
Fisher, Thomas Sparks (i2516), b.1848-
Fisher, William Brinsmade (i2557), b.1880-d.1885
Fisher, William Hubbell (i2546), b.1843-
Fisher, William Stewart (i2508), b.1833-d.1834
Fisher, William Williamson (i2533), b.1882-d.1885


Fitch, Abigail (marriage to James Davenport Hon.) (i207), d.1782
Fitch, George (i1544), b.1800-
Fitch, Mary E. (marriage to Charles Webb Davenport) (i259), b.1796-d.1858
Fitch, Patty (i1543), b.1799-
Fitch, Peabody (marriage to Martha Williams) (i1542), d.1806


Flagg, Jennie Eliza (marriage to Washington Winsor) (i2400), b.1840-


Fleisher, Walter L., Sr. (marriage to Millia Crotty Davenport) (i4459)


Florence, Helen (marriage to Charles Wilbur Barndollar) (i3706), b.1897-d.1977


Fobes, Nancy (marriage to James Cooper Saunders Jr.) (i3864)


Fogg, Nellie S. (marriage to Wilbur Leslie Wright) (i2228), b.1857-
Fogg, Wilford Ethiel (marriage to Florence Esther Wright) (i2223), b.1854-


Foote, Adelbert P. (i2926)
Foote, Albert William (i1377), b.1879-d.1915
Foote, Alexander (i1434), b.1824-d.1894
Foote, Alice Parsons (marriage to Albert William Foote) (i1379), b.1878-
Foote, Amelia Maria (i1449), b.1860-d.1880
Foote, Ann Louisa (marriage to Jerome Williams Foote) (i1456)
Foote, Anna Hall (i1358), b.1800-d.1896
Foote, Bela H. (marriage to Almira Pierpont) (i2925)
Foote, Benjamin Rossiter (i1388), b.1886-d.1947
Foote, Carlton A. (i1448), b.1858-
Foote, Caroline Elizabeth (i1361), b.1817-d.1837
Foote, Caroline Selina (i1365), b.1848-d.1851
Foote, Charles (i1360), b.1815-d.1886
Foote, Charles (i1364), b.1846-
Foote, Clayton W. (i2929), b.1882-
Foote, Clifford P. (i2928), b.1882-
Foote, Daniel (i1384)
Foote, Delia (i1356), b.1792-d.1861
Foote, Delia A. (i1442), b.1839-d.1840
Foote, Dwight Maltby (i1366), b.1852-d.1918
Foote, Dwight Williams (i1381), b.1908-
Foote, Dwight Williams, Jr. (i1383)
Foote, Edward (i1462)
Foote, Edwin (i1355), b.1790-d.1886
Foote, Elihu (marriage to Lucy Williams) (i1354), b.1765-
Foote, Elihu Davis (i1436), b.1828-d.1863
Foote, Elizabeth Imogene (i1368), b.1857-d.1889
Foote, Elizur Harrison (i1438), b.1831-
Foote, Flora (i1469), b.1874-
Foote, Frank Charles (i1371), b.1875-d.1904
Foote, Frank George (i1375), b.1907-
Foote, George Leavitt (i1372), b.1881-d.1907
Foote, Grace A. (i1378), b.1882-d.1965
Foote, Hattie Eliza (i1458), b.1858-
Foote, Henry Franklin (i1443), b.1841-d.1845
Foote, Herbert John (i1398), b.1888-
Foote, Jerome Williams (i1437), b.1829-d.1867
Foote, John Maltby (i1362), b.1819-
Foote, John Maltby, Jr. (i1393), b.1851-d.1851
Foote, Johnathan (i1386)
Foote, Julia (i1457), b.1858-
Foote, Laura Julia Cooper (i1396), b.1879-
Foote, Louisa Selina (i1380), b.1905-
Foote, Lozelle (i1441), b.1838-
Foote, Lucinda Jeanette (i1439), b.1839-d.1882
Foote, Lucy Henrietta (i1435), b.1826-
Foote, Lynde Huntington (i1440), b.1835-d.1903
Foote, Margaret Eugenia (i1445), b.1845-
Foote, Mary Kelsey (i1450), b.1861-
Foote, Mary Rogers (i1369), b.1867-d.1884
Foote, Mary Selina (i1389), b.1887-d.1924
Foote, Myron Philo (i1451), b.1865-
Foote, Philo Beecher (i1444), b.1843-d.1862
Foote, Sarah Monson (i1399), b.1894-
Foote, Sereno Maltby (i1394), b.1853-
Foote, Sereno Scott (i1397), b.1885-
Foote, Stephen (i1385)
Foote, Walter S. (i1446), b.1848-
Foote, Warham Williams (i1357), b.1798-d.1883
Foote, William Maltby (i1367), b.1854-d.1936


Ford, Frances Augusta (marriage to Franklin Edwards Davenport) (i652), b.1857-d.1902


Fort, George L. (marriage to Elizabeth Warren Beach) (i2722)
Fort, Helen Warren (i2723), b.1901-
Fort, Joseph Beach (i2724), b.1908-


Foster, Evelyn (marriage to James Boorman Fisher) (i2496)
Foster, Julia Maude (marriage to Charles M. Crissey) (i2354), b.1859-
Foster, Sadie Louise (marriage to Frank Charles Foote) (i1373)


Fowler, Abbie (marriage to Elizur Harrison Foote) (i1463)


Fraser, Ann (marriage to David Lambert) (i1493)


Frederickson, Roy (marriage to Ruth Davenport) (i4733)


Freeborn, Mary Cornell (marriage to James Boorman Davenport) (i3496), b.1852-d.1922


Freer, Penlope Anne (marriage to Davenport Browne Jr.) (i3965)


Frost, J. Henry (marriage to Adeline Pierpont) (i2930)
Frost, John P. (i2931), b.1859-


Frothingham, (marriage to Bertha Saunders Perkins) (i3031)


Fuller, Amanda B. (marriage to George Davenport) (i503), d.1843


Fulmer, Sarah Jane (marriage to Charles Elwood Davenport) (i593), b.1855-d.1952


Funari, Margaret Ann (marriage to Roger Orme Davenport) (i857)


Furman, Amanda Matilda (marriage to George Ralsey Davenport) (i9), b.1844-d.1918


Galbraith, Davenport (i3742), b.1862-d.1914
Galbraith, Fanny Davenport (i3740), b.1854-d.1892
Galbraith, John Bertram (i3746), b.1895-
Galbraith, John William (i3741), b.1860-
Galbraith, William Ayers (marriage to Fanny Davenport) (i3739), b.1823-d.1898
Galbraith, William Ayres (i3745), b.1889-


Galvin, Edward Ilsley, Rev. (marriage to Mary Ely Mack) (i1568), d.1908
Galvin, Martha Charlotte (i1570), b.1892-d.1915
Galvin, Rebecca Robbins (i1569), b.1883-
Galvin, Rebecca Robbins (marriage to Samuel Ely Mack) (i1569), b.1883-


Gapen, Frank L. (marriage to June Pearl Beck) (i4097)


Garceau, John Curtis (marriage to Joan Rolfe) (i4080), b.1934-


Garrison, Debra Lee Orcutt (i4755), b.1960-
Garrison, Michael Dean (marriage to Judith Ann Kennedy) (i4756), b.1942-
Garrison, Thomas Donald (i4757), b.1969-


Garwood, John (i4821)
Garwood, John (marriage to Janet Langenkamp) (i4820)


Gaspard, (marriage to Sally Betts) (i3611)
Gaspard, Graham Clair (i3614), b.1963-
Gaspard, Jeanette (i3613), b.1960-
Gaspard, Michael Benjamin (i3612), b.1958-
Gaspard, Townsend (i3615), b.1965-


Gates, (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Leverett) (i2974)


Gautier, Helen D. (marriage to John Davenport) (i471), b.1846-d.1932


Gay, Betty Irma (marriage to James Lowell Davenport) (i904)


Gaylor, Georgianna (marriage to George Warren Scofield) (i3175), b.1846-


Gaylord, Abigail Rosette (marriage to George Washington Linsley) (i1408), d.1850
Gaylord, Elizabeth (i1736), b.1736-d.1749
Gaylord, John (i1741), b.1746-
Gaylord, Martha (i1740), b.1743-
Gaylord, Moses (i1738), b.1739-d.1760
Gaylord, Sarah (i1737), b.1737-d.1751
Gaylord, Sarah (marriage to John Davenport Vi) (i55), d.1846
Gaylord, Sarah Maria (marriage to Charles Augustus Davenport) (i539)
Gaylord, Theodosia (i1739), b.1742-d.1742
Gaylord, William (i1735), b.1733-d.1777
Gaylord, William, Rev. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i1734), b.1709-d.1767


Gemard, Rosa Louise (marriage to Lemuel Cambell Butler) (i3570)


Gemmill, Anna Adell (i3326), b.1863-
Gemmill, Esther Maria (i3327), b.1865-
Gemmill, George Earick (marriage to Mary Esther Lyons) (i3324), b.1837-
Gemmill, Laura Augusta (i3325), b.1861-


Gere, John (marriage to Harriet Crissey) (i2456)


Germann, Valarie Jane (marriage to Michael Gene Saalfrank) (i4910)


Germer, Tina (marriage to Robert Alan Mccoy) (i4596)


Gertrude (marriage to Orme Davenport) (i664)


Gibson, Anne Virginia (i3646), b.1952-
Gibson, Henry Hall (i3647), b.1953-
Gibson, Herbert Hall, Jr. (marriage to Katherine Belden Ryder) (i3644)
Gibson, Jane Norton (marriage to Roswell Burrows Davenport) (i1034), b.1914-d.1970
Gibson, Robert Ryder (i3645), b.1950-
Gibson, Susan Stuart (marriage to Stephen Rintoul Davenport Rev. Ii) (i1039)


Giddings, Alberta E. (marriage to Homer H. Davis) (i2091), b.1850-


Gilbert, Ida Abigail (marriage to Albert Reed Sterling) (i2643), b.1870-d.1892


Gilmore, Arnold Plumer (marriage to Fanny Davenport Galbraith) (i3743)


Gimbernat, Abigail Pickett (marriage to Davenport Browne III) (i3970)


Gnosa, Gislinde Edeltraut (marriage to Robert Chester Davenport) (i1138)


Goddard, Priscilla (marriage to Frederick Christian Hart Jr.) (i4666), b.1940-


Goodhue, Mary K. (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Davenport) (i564), b.1854-


Goodrich, Cecil Earl (i4254), b.1907-
Goodrich, Elaine H. (i4275), b.1951-
Goodrich, Guy Elwood (i4259), b.1919-
Goodrich, Lillian Opal (i4256), b.1910-
Goodrich, Louella Mae (i4258), b.1916-
Goodrich, Olive Ellen (i4255), b.1908-
Goodrich, Sarah Genevieve (i4257), b.1912-
Goodrich, William (i4274), b.1948-
Goodrich, William (marriage to Daisey Elizabeth Davenport) (i4253), b.1883-


Goodsell, Sarah (i1701)
Goodsell, Thomas, Rev. (marriage to Martha Davenport) (i1700)


Goodwin, (marriage to Ruth Cheney) (i3003)
Goodwin, Elizabeth Raynolds (i1694), b.1813-d.1831
Goodwin, Lucy Williams (i1696), b.1817-
Goodwin, Mary Estabrook (i1697), b.1819-
Goodwin, Nathaniel Ely (i1693), b.1812-
Goodwin, Timothy, Esq. (marriage to Beulah Ely) (i1692), b.1793-
Goodwin, William Timothy (i1695), b.1815-d.1816


Gorham, Helen (marriage to John Jessup Warren) (i2703)


Gorsline, Douglas (marriage to Elizabeth Evarts Perkins) (i3032)


Gould, Martha (marriage to John Davenport Rev.) (i20), b.1668-d.1712


Grabner, Dennis Lynn (marriage to Sheryl Rae Saalfrank) (i4913)


Grace (marriage to Andrew Gove Roberts) (i3592)
Grace (marriage to Frank Davenport) (i4284), d.1979


Graham, Catherine (i4452), b.1897-
Graham, James Gilbert (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i4451), d.1937
Graham, James Gilbert, Jr. (i4453), b.1899-
Graham, Louise Post (i4454), b.1901-d.1901


Grannis, Edwin (marriage to Delia Ann Linsley) (i1432), d.1889
Grannis, Julia (marriage to John P. Frost) (i2932)


Grant, Julia (marriage to Samuel Crissey) (i2405), b.1816-


Graves, Donald Eugene (i4265), b.1932-
Graves, Donna Lee (i4266), b.1936-
Graves, Glen Lemar (marriage to Lillian Opal Goodrich) (i4264), b.1911-


Gray, Linda (marriage to Mark Couper) (i4239), b.1950-


Grazian, Frank Paul (marriage to Joyce Dorothy Moore) (i4064)
Grazian, Kim Allison (i4065), b.1965-


Green, Beatrice (marriage to Edward Brady Lawrence Jr.) (i4179)
Green, Jennie Bell (i2735), b.1872-
Green, Mabel Warren (i2736), b.1876-
Green, Nancy J. (marriage to Samuel H. Davenport) (i528), b.1857-


Greene, Alice (i2745), b.1878-
Greene, Charles Winston (i2754), b.1905-
Greene, Evelyn Emma (i2756), b.1909-
Greene, Frank Winston (marriage to Julia Elizabeth Warren) (i2742)
Greene, George Russel (i2747), b.1885-
Greene, Gladys Elizabeth (i2755), b.1906-
Greene, Henry Percival (i2743), b.1876-
Greene, John B. (marriage to Anna Ophelia Warren) (i2734)
Greene, John Davenport (i2746), b.1883-
Greene, Warren Walter (i2744), b.1880-


Gregerson, Elizabeth Cowen (i4793), b.1926-
Gregerson, Greger (marriage to Margaret Dimon Davenport) (i4792)


Gregory, Frederick Warren (marriage to Bertha Howard Raymond) (i2788)


Griffith, Martha M. (marriage to Francis Marion Davenport) (i509)


Grimsiud, Anna (marriage to Clarence Douglas Mawby) (i4709), b.1918-


Griswold, Nellie S. (marriage to Myron M. Parker) (i1871)


Groover, Mattie (marriage to Leroy M. Crissey) (i2328), b.1865-


Grosvenor, Clarissa (marriage to Alvin Crissey) (i2047), b.1793-d.1878
Grosvenor, Lucy (marriage to Samuel Crissey) (i2331), b.1770-d.1844
Grosvenor, Lucy S. (marriage to Alvin Crissey Bliss M.D.) (i1923)


Grush, Harley Donald (marriage to Ethel May Davenport) (i4690)


Guevara, Jennie O. (marriage to Ray Elwood Davenport) (i4278), b.1897-


Guillard, Robert Russel (marriage to Elizabeth Cowen Gregerson) (i4794)


Guptell, Harriet (marriage to John Newell Isham) (i1248)


Gwinn, Holly Sue (i4552), b.1952-
Gwinn, Steve (i4553), b.1956-


Haberkamp, Mary (marriage to James Reeves Black) (i4646), b.1945-


Hacker, Alyce Ann (i3783), b.1928-
Hacker, Andrea Marie (i3813), b.1971-
Hacker, Carol Erma (i3785), b.1935-
Hacker, Charles (marriage to Cora Ann Davenport) (i3779), b.1871-d.1907
Hacker, Charles Alva (i3786), b.1935-
Hacker, Leanne Elizabeth (i3812), b.1967-
Hacker, Leoma Jane (i3784), b.1930-
Hacker, Leonard Bixby (i3780), b.1900-
Hacker, Melissa Anne (i3811), b.1965-
Hacker, Pearl Lydia (i3782), b.1923-


Hackley, Abigail (i1518), b.1800-
Hackley, Abigail Loomis (i1524)
Hackley, Amasa Loomis (i1526)
Hackley, Levi (marriage to Abigail Williams) (i1514)
Hackley, Levi, Jr. (i1515)
Hackley, Malvina Woodward (i1525)
Hackley, Nathan Williams (i1521), b.1824-
Hackley, Samuel (i1517)
Hackley, Samuel (i1520), b.1820-
Hackley, Stephen Williams (i1516)
Hackley, William Sheldon (i1522), b.1826-d.1827


Hahn, Anne (i3850)
Hahn, Cynthianna Clock (i3848)
Hahn, Doretta Picasso (i3851)
Hahn, Elizabeth Davenport (i3849)
Hahn, George Allen, Jr. (i3852)
Hahn, George Allen, Sr. (marriage to Cynthia Clock Hawkins) (i3847)


Hall, Ann (marriage to Warham Williams Dr.) (i108), d.1776
Hall, Charles I. (i1905), b.1866-
Hall, Clarice E. (i1906), b.1868-
Hall, Dessie Lemira (i1910), b.1881-d.1881
Hall, Eleanor White (marriage to Ralph Irving Linsley) (i1425)
Hall, Frank W. (i1907), b.1873-
Hall, John Worthington (marriage to Lucia R. Mills) (i1904)
Hall, Laura Catherine (i1908), b.1875-
Hall, Lura Carolyne (i1909), b.1875-
Hall, Mary (marriage to Nathan Williams) (i136), d.1838
Hall, Mary E. (marriage to Amzi Davenport) (i364), d.1842


Halley, Margaret (marriage to George V. Hughes) (i3665)


Halsted, C. S. (marriage to Mary Ann Patten) (i1733)


Halvorsen, Andrea (i4935), b.1973-
Halvorsen, Justin Martin (i4936), b.1977-
Halvorsen, Martin (marriage to Denice Rae Davenport) (i4934)


Hamann, Nancy A. (marriage to Neil Eric Johnson) (i4376)


Hamilton, Mary (marriage to Alfred Davenport Hayes) (i3390)


Hammond, (marriage to Jane F. Davenport) (i4597)
Hammond, Wendy (i4598)


Hand, Theodosia (marriage to Eugene Davenport Alexander) (i3934)


Hanford, Abigail (marriage to Deodate Davenport) (i223), d.1848
Hanford, Sarah Gordon (marriage to John Leverett Davenport) (i1058), b.1944-


Hanna, Elizabeth (marriage to Adoniram Judson Story) (i1872), b.1833-


Hannaman, Ada Francilla (i3280), b.1854-
Hannaman, Amelia Calista (i3277), b.1846-d.1846
Hannaman, Charles Lucius (i3278), b.1847-d.1890
Hannaman, John W. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i3276), b.1824-
Hannaman, Robert Luther (i3279), b.1852-


Hansen, Astrid Linnea (marriage to Nelson Whitney Davenport Jr.) (i1098)


Harkavy, Edward D., Dr. (marriage to Millia Crotty Davenport) (i4460)


Harris, Reginald G. (marriage to Jane Joralemon Davenport) (i4461), d.1936


Harrison, Abigail Trumball (i1454), b.1852-
Harrison, Albert (marriage to Anna Hall Foote) (i1473)
Harrison, Ann Delia (i1474)
Harrison, Annie D. (i1478), b.1876-d.1877
Harrison, Bertha Dudley (i1479), b.1879-d.1945
Harrison, Clinton (marriage to Alice Ophelia Davenport) (i3775)
Harrison, Johnathan Law (i1476), b.1839-d.1879
Harrison, Leander (marriage to Lucy Henrietta Foote) (i1452)
Harrison, Lucinda (marriage to Warham Williams Foote) (i1433), b.1803-d.1875
Harrison, Nathan (i1475)
Harrison, Theron (i1453), b.1849-d.1861


Hart, Andrea (i4667), b.1960-
Hart, Brian Hathaway (i4972), b.1969-
Hart, David Fennel (i4971), b.1967-
Hart, Douglas Wood (i4665), b.1944-
Hart, Frederick Christian (i4668), b.1963-
Hart, Frederick Christian (marriage to Eleanor Frances Davenport) (i4662)
Hart, Frederick Christian, Jr. (i4663), b.1937-
Hart, Harry Hall (marriage to Deborah Ann Davenport) (i4970)
Hart, Kimberly Wood (i4672), b.1962-
Hart, Lauren Paige (i4673), b.1965-
Hart, Richard Davenport (i4664), b.1939-
Hart, Richard Davenport, Jr. (i4670), b.1959-
Hart, Richard Lorraine Marcia, Jr. (i4675), b.1967-
Hart, Tamra Lynn (i4671), b.1960-
Hart, Tracy Elizabeth (i4676), b.1972-


Hartshor, Betty (marriage to Robert Bruce Davenport) (i797)


Harwood, Myrtie D. (marriage to George Williams Davis) (i1284)


Haskell, Effie Bay (marriage to Joseph Thornton Davenport) (i533), b.1859-d.1952


Hatton, Clyde B. (marriage to Linda Lee Davenport) (i4874)


Haulman, Beverly (marriage to Elvin Eugene Davenport) (i1084)


Hawkins, Clarence (i3826)
Hawkins, Cynthia Clock (i3822), b.1906-
Hawkins, David (i3827)
Hawkins, Elizabeth Davenport (i3821), b.1905-
Hawkins, Franklin (i3828)
Hawkins, Grace Wicks (i3825), b.1911-d.1947
Hawkins, Julia Fackler (i3823), b.1909-
Hawkins, Wilford Judson (i3824)
Hawkins, Wilford Judson (marriage to Julia Davenport Fackler) (i3820), b.1877-d.1959


Hawley, (marriage to Frances Amanda Potter) (i2943)
Hawley, Luella Sturgis (marriage to Darlington Davenport) (i778)
Hawley, William K. (marriage to Julia Hopkins) (i1886)


Hawver, Lotta (marriage to James Percival Davenport) (i642), b.1842-


Hayden, Sadie (marriage to James W. Davenport) (i537), b.1859-d.1957


Hayes, Alfred Davenport (i3387), b.1847-d.1898
Hayes, Alfred Davenport, Jr. (i3392), b.1879-
Hayes, Caroline Pierpont (i3386), b.1845-d.1846
Hayes, Charles Stelle (i3398), b.1877-
Hayes, Edward B. (i3391), b.1877-d.1878
Hayes, Edward B. (marriage to Frances Augusta Davenport) (i3383), d.1909
Hayes, Edward Bailey (i3402), b.1891-d.1909
Hayes, Edward Walker (i3385), b.1842-d.1863
Hayes, Frances Augusta (i3384), b.1840-d.1863
Hayes, Francis Davenport (i3399), b.1879-d.1902
Hayes, Hubbel Lay (i3388), b.1851-
Hayes, Julia (marriage to Roland Dimon Crandall) (i4025), b.1895-d.1971
Hayes, Louisa Provost (i3401), b.1885-
Hayes, Marie Van Vechten (marriage to John Alfred Davenport) (i877)
Hayes, Marjorie Olga (i3393), b.1882-
Hayes, Martha Jane (i3389), b.1853-
Hayes, Owen F. (marriage to Inez R. Beck) (i4103)
Hayes, William Morgan (i3400), b.1883-d.1900


Hayward, Margaret (marriage to Stanley Burgess Burwell) (i3380)


Hazel, Benjamin Davenport (i3376), b.1877-d.1878
Hazel, Edward Davenport (i3372), b.1867-d.1868
Hazel, Ella Augusta (i3368), b.1860-
Hazel, Frances Davenport (i3374), b.1872-
Hazel, George (i3373), b.1870-d.1870
Hazel, George Westlake (marriage to Julietta Davenport Currier) (i3367), b.1835-d.1887
Hazel, Leonard Currier (i3370), b.1864-d.1865
Hazel, Ruth (i3375), b.1873-d.1873
Hazel, Sarah Currier (i3371), b.1866-d.1866
Hazel, Westlake (i3369), b.1862-d.1863


Head, Dr. (marriage to Catherine Apthorp) (i3009)


Heath, Iola E. (marriage to Eugene Adelbert Rawson) (i2116), b.1852-


Heberton, Carolyn Eugenia (marriage to Davenport Plumer) (i3764)


Heffeman, Mary I. F. (marriage to James Wills Maltby) (i2878)


Heintz, Harry (marriage to Jenny Lou Dodd) (i4551)


Helen (marriage to Harry Davenport Barndollar) (i3705), d.1960


Hemingway, Esther (marriage to Roswell Davenport) (i277), d.1839


Hendrie, Betsy (i1512)
Hendrie, Charles (marriage to Esther Harrison Buckley) (i1510)
Hendrie, Marcia (i1511)


Henman, Annetta (marriage to Thomas Herbert Davenport) (i4395), b.1939-


Henning, Mary Shaw (marriage to John William Galbraith) (i3744)


Hensel, Minnie Mae (marriage to Jesse O. Davenport) (i734)


Herbert, Mark Steven (i4504), b.1956-
Herbert, Matthew Scott (i4502), b.1952-
Herbert, Maurice Sanborn (i4503), b.1954-
Herbert, Maurice Sanborn (marriage to Maryan Elizabeth Scott) (i4501)


Herman, Andrew (marriage to Mary Bates) (i3068)


Herring, Carolyn Raye (i4566), b.1949-
Herring, E. Leroy (marriage to Rachel Mary Davenport) (i4558), b.1885-d.1959
Herring, Merrill Edward (i4563), b.1946-
Herring, Merrill Leroy (i4559), b.1919-
Herring, Paul Kenneth (i4560), b.1921-
Herring, Paula Kay (i4567), b.1952-
Herring, Randall Young (i4576), b.1954-
Herring, Scarlett Yolanda (i4575), b.1946-
Herring, Sue Ellen (i4568), b.1960-
Herring, Walter Glen (i4561), b.1922-


Hervey, Dora (marriage to Laverne K. Crissey) (i2323)


Hess, Margaret (marriage to Andrew Hunter Willis Jr.) (i4306)


Hewitt, Effie (marriage to Percy Greenleaf Davenport) (i944), b.1881-d.1971


Heyman, Erma Catherine (marriage to Leonard Bixby Hacker) (i3781), b.1901-


Higley, Elmer Ellsworth (marriage to Alice Caney Dowler) (i2199)


Hildreth, Caroline F. (marriage to Alfred Reddington Kimball) (i2574), b.1842-
Hildreth, Lizzie (marriage to Theodore Joseph Warren) (i2693)


Hill, Caroline (i3561)
Hill, Dudley (i3405)
Hill, Dwight (marriage to Nancy Greenleaf Nelson) (i1612)
Hill, Eugene I., Dr. (marriage to Georgiana Jerman) (i3560), d.1887
Hill, Jean Anderson (marriage to Huntley Gibson Davenport) (i1167), b.1940-
Hill, Marian A. (i3562), b.1882-d.1893
Hill, Sarah Marie (marriage to Charles Walter Davenport) (i975), b.1908-
Hill, Wilbur (marriage to Louisa Provost Hayes) (i3404)


Hills, Evelyn Agnes (marriage to William Enright Davenport) (i825)


Hillyer, Appleton R. (marriage to Dotha Bushnell) (i3004)
Hillyer, Katherine Robbins (i3007), b.1881-d.1883
Hillyer, Lucy Tudor (i3006), b.1885-
Hillyer, Mary Bushnell (i3005), b.1880-


Himebough, William O. (marriage to Julia Ettie Clark) (i2207)


Hitchcock, Bonver Ridgeway (marriage to Elizabeth Mack) (i1652), d.1940
Hitchcock, Deborah Todd (i1657), b.1963-
Hitchcock, Gilbert Ridgeway (i1653), b.1934-
Hitchcock, John Lathrop (i1654), b.1936-
Hitchcock, Stephen Ridgeway (i1656), b.1960-


Hobert, Suzannah (marriage to John Crissey) (i2056), d.1819


Hoch, Edna May (marriage to Roland Davenport Crandall) (i4027)


Hoelzer, David Lynn (i3803), b.1954-
Hoelzer, Mark Charles (i3805), b.1962-
Hoelzer, Paul Elmer (marriage to Leoma Jane Hacker) (i3802)
Hoelzer, Rebecca Jane (i3804), b.1957-


Hofmann, Frederick Wenzl (marriage to Margaret Elizabeth Davenport) (i4661), b.1887-


Holmes, Ruth (marriage to Gould Crissey) (i1927), b.1787-d.1855


Holt, (marriage to Almina Louisa Warren) (i2692)
Holt, Albert (marriage to Sophronia Plumb) (i2069)


Hooker, Henry Davenport (i4031), d.1924
Hooker, Henry Doggert (marriage to Mary Theodora Davenport) (i4030)


Hoops, Eunice Ruth (marriage to Putnam Huntington Browne) (i3989), b.1916-


Hopkins, Almina (i1882)
Hopkins, Clarissa (i1885), b.1816-
Hopkins, Horace (i1883), b.1814-d.1855
Hopkins, Horace (marriage to Sally Crissey) (i1877), b.1770-d.1863
Hopkins, Julia (i1878)
Hopkins, Lois (i1896)
Hopkins, Lucina (i1879)
Hopkins, Luthera (i1880)
Hopkins, Sarah (i1884)
Hopkins, Sophia (i1881)


Hornaday, Barbara A. (marriage to Michael David Davenport) (i1116)


Hortensia (marriage to Henry Benedict Davenport) (i1189)


Hosford, Jermiah Pliny (marriage to Hattie Jane Wright) (i2240), b.1858-


Hoskinson, Edith Faye (marriage to Frederick Eugene Davenport) (i914), b.1897-


Hotchkiss, Frederick W. (marriage to Ruth W. Patten) (i1732)


Houk, Nadine, Mrs. (marriage to Joseph Lathrop Mack Jr.) (i1648)


Howe, Faith Katherine (i4128), b.1906-d.1951
Howe, Helen Elizabeth (i4126), b.1894-d.1903
Howe, Herbert Roys (marriage to Elizabeth Holt Davenport) (i4125), b.1872-d.1913
Howe, Mary Beeman Lovegrove (marriage to Joseph Cheney Felton) (i2284), b.1822-
Howe, Perely Gaylord (marriage to Elizabeth Holt Davenport) (i4129), b.1867-d.1932
Howe, Roys Davenport (i4127), b.1905-d.1905


Hoy, Charles E. (marriage to Jean C. Seale) (i4151)
Hoy, Nantelle (i4152)


Hoyt, Adolphus Davenport (i3284), b.1828-d.1873
Hoyt, Amelia (i3148), b.1823-
Hoyt, Caroline (marriage to John Warren) (i2727), b.1813-d.1888
Hoyt, Charles Edward (i3149), b.1825-d.1865
Hoyt, Emily Cordelia (i3152), b.1835-
Hoyt, John Willis (i3146), b.1820-
Hoyt, Jotham (marriage to Julia Ann Davenport) (i3145), b.1798-d.1857
Hoyt, Julia Augusta (i3151), b.1829-d.1871
Hoyt, Louisa Maria (i3150), b.1826-d.1854
Hoyt, Mary Bell (i3147), b.1822-d.1843
Hoyt, Mary Jerusha (marriage to John Warren Taylor) (i1746), b.1812-d.1888
Hoyt, Nancy (marriage to William Davenport) (i272), b.1782-d.1838
Hoyt, Ralph (marriage to Mary Ann Davenport) (i3283), b.1789-d.1839
Hoyt, Theodora (i3285), d.1897


Hubby, Jean Lavonne (marriage to Charles Rayburn Davenport) (i1090)


Huested, Catherine (i2596)
Huested, Deborah (i2595)
Huested, Shadrach (i2594)
Huested, Thaddeus (marriage to Rhoda Davenport) (i2593)


Huffman, Bill (marriage to Donna Joy Atkinson) (i4841)


Hughes, Adelle M. (i3664)
Hughes, George V. (i3663)
Hughes, John J. (marriage to Mary Esther Davenport) (i3662), b.1838-d.1903
Hughes, Rachel A. (marriage to Henry Wilson Davenport) (i511), b.1850-


Hull, Adeline (marriage to Solomon Linsley) (i1411)
Hull, Mary Belle (marriage to Paul Edwards Davenport) (i4366), d.1938
Hull, Nelson W. (marriage to Julia Foote) (i1459)


Humphries, Barbara Anne (marriage to John Sidney Davenport Iv) (i1171), b.1942-


Humston, Edward Lee (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i4857), b.1914-d.1975
Humston, Janet Anne (i4858), b.1941-


Hunt, Edward (marriage to Armida Safford) (i1917)
Hunt, Kathie (marriage to John Edward Behre Jr.) (i4163)
Hunt, Martha (marriage to Stephen Williams) (i98)
Hunt, Mary Ophelia (marriage to Samuel Breck Davenport) (i432), b.1819-


Huntington, Anna Williams (i1349), b.1845-
Huntington, Charles (i1348), b.1844-d.1845
Huntington, David Low (i1343), b.1834-
Huntington, Elizabeth (marriage to Abraham Davenport Hon.) (i145), d.1773
Huntington, George Lynde (i1345), b.1838-
Huntington, Louisa (i1344), b.1836-d.1836
Huntington, Louisa Almire (i1339), b.1802-d.1854
Huntington, Lydia Louisa (i1346), b.1840-d.1845
Huntington, Lynde (marriage to Ann Williams) (i1337), d.1804
Huntington, Lynde Atwater (i1340), b.1804-
Huntington, Margaret (i1350), b.1848-
Huntington, Samuel Eames (i1347), b.1842-
Huntington, Sophia (i1338), b.1797-d.1853


Hurford, Dennis Charles (i4475), b.1950-
Hurford, Mary Ann (i4477), b.1953-
Hurford, Patricia Ann (i4476), b.1951-


Hurlbutt, Hannah (marriage to William Patten Rev.) (i1726)


Hurley, Claudia N. (i4149)


Iavarone, Diane Mary (marriage to Thomas Edward Bertelsen) (i3885)


Ilsley, Henry Eugene Alexander (i3937), b.1905-d.1926
Ilsley, John Parker (marriage to Anne Davenport Alexander) (i3935)
Ilsley, John Parker, Jr. (i3936), b.1904-d.1923
Ilsley, Mary Davenport (i3938), b.1911-


Immickus, Harold (marriage to Jean Audrey Davenport) (i4770)
Immickus, William (i4771), b.1951-


Irish, Clayton Earl (i2141), b.1878-
Irish, Elwood Irving (i2138), b.1857-
Irish, Harry Raymond (i2143), b.1882-d.1883
Irish, Hettie L. (i2147), b.1881-
Irish, John Palmer (i2137), b.1853-
Irish, Lettie M. (i2139), b.1862-
Irish, Lila A. (i2145), b.1887-
Irish, Lucius A. (marriage to Lucy Marita Crissey) (i2136), b.1831-
Irish, Myrtie A. (i2146), b.1889-
Irish, Roland J. (i2144), b.1884-
Irish, Winifred Ethel (i2142), b.1880-


Isaacs, Catherine M. (marriage to William Davenport) (i320), d.1862
Isaacs, Frances Maria (marriage to Amzi Benedict Davenport) (i482), d.1848


Isham, Abbie Jannes (i1238), b.1841-
Isham, Daniel Cady (i1234), b.1834-d.1901
Isham, Daniel Ralph (i1252), b.1879-
Isham, Daniel Thomas (marriage to Jerusha Emeline Cady) (i1232)
Isham, David Thomas (i1233), b.1833-d.1897
Isham, Delpha Margaret (i1247), b.1909-
Isham, Edith Ambler (i1244), b.1903-
Isham, F. Annabell (i1253), b.1880-
Isham, Frances Emeline (i1239), b.1844-d.1915
Isham, Frank Sumner (i1241), b.1874-
Isham, Frankie Ethel (i1245), b.1905-
Isham, George Alvin (i1246), b.1906-
Isham, Harriet Clements (i1250), b.1875-
Isham, Harvey Alonzo (i1243), b.1901-
Isham, Jerusha Williams (i1235), b.1836-d.1908
Isham, John Burt (i1251), b.1877-
Isham, John Newell (i1236), b.1838-
Isham, Mary Arma (i1237), b.1840-d.1908
Isham, Mary Emeline (i1249), b.1872-


Iverson, James Terry (marriage to Corinne Gay Davenport) (i4827)


Jackson, Anna C. (marriage to Samuel Ware Fisher) (i2544), b.1815-d.1840
Jackson, Jane (marriage to Samuel Ware Fisher) (i2545), b.1814-


Jamison, Marguerite Adella (marriage to Ray Elwood Davenport) (i4277), b.1903-d.1932


Jane (marriage to Peter Morgan Ryder) (i3635)


Jarrett, Etta Frensis (marriage to Charles William Davenport) (i4335)


Jasek, James (marriage to Mildred Degrange Laurens) (i3454)


Jeanette O. (marriage to John Pierpont Davenport) (i3777), b.1860-


Jenkins, Emily (marriage to Jared N. Crissey) (i2446)


Jennie (marriage to Albert L. Davenport) (i722), b.1873-


Jennings, Arthur Jessup (i3087), b.1912-
Jennings, Austin (marriage to Purline Mitchell) (i2001), b.1810-d.1896
Jennings, Brian (i4252), b.1972-
Jennings, Francis S. (marriage to Alberta K. Darrow) (i3086)
Jennings, Jerome (i4250), b.1965-
Jennings, Mary (i2002)
Jennings, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Allen Gregory Betts) (i3125)
Jennings, Norman L. (i4249), b.1964-
Jennings, Robert C. (i4251), b.1970-
Jennings, Robert W. (marriage to Carol Lee Couper) (i4248), b.1942-
Jennings, Zalmon (marriage to Cynthia Crissey) (i2404), d.1894


Jensen, Edith (marriage to Joseph Pierrepont Davenport) (i4702)


Jerman, Caroline Isabella (i3554), b.1857-
Jerman, Edward Davenport (i3557), b.1870-
Jerman, Emily E. (i3555), b.1861-
Jerman, Fanny Sophia (marriage to William Young Davenport) (i560), b.1837-d.1924
Jerman, Florence (i3559), b.1879-
Jerman, Galen A. (i3558), b.1873-
Jerman, Georgiana (i3553), b.1855-
Jerman, William Grant (i3556), b.1865-
Jerman, William Henry (marriage to Caroline Davenport) (i3552), b.1830-d.1885


Jessup, Maria (marriage to Joseph Davenport Warren) (i2698), b.1808-d.1888


Johnson, Alice (marriage to Albert J. Mitchell) (i2023), b.1853-
Johnson, Benjamin Alan (i4880), b.1973-
Johnson, Berger (marriage to Edith Bernita Swope) (i4372), b.1911-d.1964
Johnson, Catherine Elizabeth (marriage to Fancher Burritt Wakefield) (i4474), b.1927-
Johnson, Christine (marriage to James Anthony Scott) (i4506)
Johnson, Doris Ivanella (marriage to Leonard Allen Davenport) (i1144)
Johnson, Ernest W. (marriage to Cora M. Darrow) (i3088)
Johnson, Gerald (i4373), b.1934-
Johnson, James Edward (i4375), b.1958-
Johnson, Jennifer Dawn (i4881), b.1974-
Johnson, Jerry Wayne (marriage to Vicky Darlene Dunlap) (i4879)
Johnson, Mark Allen (i4377), b.1957-
Johnson, Matthew Scott (i4882), b.1975-
Johnson, Michael Eric (i4380), b.1962-
Johnson, Neil Eric (i4374), b.1936-
Johnson, Randal Scott (i4378), b.1959-
Johnson, Robert Brian (i4379), b.1961-
Johnson, Steven Craig (i4381), b.1963-
Johnson, William Darrow (i3089), b.1914-


Johnston, Bert (i4774), b.1953-
Johnston, Bert (marriage to Dawn Davenport) (i4772)
Johnston, Jacqueline Dawn (i4773), b.1949-
Johnston, James Cooper (i3870), b.1976-
Johnston, John G. (marriage to Mary Isabel Shankland) (i4409), b.1928-
Johnston, Marjorie Ann (i4411), b.1960-
Johnston, Mary Elizabeth (i4410), b.1956-
Johnston, Michael Van Doren, Md (marriage to Susan Stihl Saunders) (i3868)
Johnston, Peter Van Doren (i3869), b.1973-


Johnstone, Harry (marriage to Lillian Estella Davenport) (i4582)
Johnstone, Lillian Naomi (Johnnie) (i4583), b.1938-


Jones, (marriage to Donna Lee Graves) (i4267)
Jones, Elizabeth (marriage to Deodate Davenport) (i171)
Jones, Seena Alice (marriage to Earl Yardley Davenport) (i4285)
Jones, William A. (marriage to Lillian Louisa Davenport) (i4599)


Jorden, Cora E. (marriage to John Palmer Irish) (i2140), b.1856-


Jorgensen, Terri (marriage to Greg Couper) (i4233), b.1947-


Joseph, Charles A. (marriage to Charlotte Esther Waldo) (i3310)
Joseph, Charles Waldo (i3313), b.1896-
Joseph, Charlotte Gertrude (i3312), b.1892-
Joseph, Joseph William (i3311), b.1885-


Jozaitis, Carl M. (marriage to Jo Ann Davenport) (i4933), b.1937-


Judd, Howard Carter (marriage to Carolyn Heberton Plumer) (i3767)


Justice, Joan Diane (marriage to James William Davenport) (i4884)


Kaile, Annie J. (marriage to Hanford Warren) (i2739)


Kallameyer, Patricia (marriage to Randall Young Herring) (i4580)
Kallameyer, Zachary Adall (i4581), b.1973-


Kane, Kevin Patrick (i4901), b.1977-
Kane, Robert Patrick (marriage to Sharon Elaine Steinke) (i4900)


Kasemzadeh, Allegra (i3932), b.1959-
Kasemzadeh, Firez (marriage to Caterina Bosio) (i3931)
Kasemzadeh, Monireh (i3933), b.1964-


Katherine (marriage to Wilford Judson Hawkins Saunders) (i3865)


Keeler, Elizabeth (marriage to John Davenport) (i237), b.1773-d.1862
Keeler, Mary (marriage to Charles Edward Hoyt) (i3154)


Kehlbeck, Harvard Albert (i4121), b.1879-
Kehlbeck, Helen Antoinette (i4120), b.1876-d.1879
Kehlbeck, James A. (marriage to Helen Louise Davenport) (i4119)


Kelley, Anna (marriage to Albert Reed Sterling) (i2644)


Kelsey, Enos (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i2580), b.1733-d.1811
Kelsey, Sarah (marriage to Alexander Foote) (i1447)


Kenfield, Abbie Adelia (i1815), b.1856-
Kenfield, Ansel (i1813), b.1850-d.1871
Kenfield, Benjamin (marriage to Aurelia Story Shepardson) (i1812), b.1820-
Kenfield, Byron (i1817), b.1858-d.1861
Kenfield, George Renslow (i1814), b.1853-
Kenfield, Lu Ray Emeline (i1818), b.1861-
Kenfield, Myron (i1816), b.1858-d.1861


Kennedy, Donald Harry (marriage to Virginia Mae Davenport) (i4750), b.1918-d.1977
Kennedy, Frank (marriage to Clara V. Crissey) (i2483)
Kennedy, Fred (i2484), b.1884-
Kennedy, Judith Ann (i4751), b.1941-
Kennedy, Peggy Lee (i4752), b.1942-
Kennedy, Thomas Donn (i4753), b.1949-


Kessler, Charles C. (marriage to Ann Ilsley Farnham) (i3951)
Kessler, Charles Farnham (i3953), b.1972-
Kessler, William Crane (i3952), b.1968-


Ketcham, Edith (marriage to Henry Townsend Babcock Rev.) (i2863)


Ketchems, Ruth (marriage to Hezekiah Davenport Lieut.) (i184), d.1775


Kibby, Donna Ruth (marriage to Ralph George Davenport) (i1000)


Kidder, Laura C. (marriage to John Clinton Mitchell) (i2037), b.1834-d.1863
Kidder, Lucy A. (marriage to Harmon G. Mitchell) (i2025), b.1830-d.1877
Kidder, Olive A. (marriage to Harlow Mitchell) (i2007), b.1826-


Kilby, Charles (marriage to Ellen Maria Davenport) (i3778)


Kimball, Alfred Reddington (i2566), b.1848-
Kimball, Alice (i2564), b.1843-d.1846
Kimball, Arthur Lalanne (i2568), b.1856-
Kimball, Arthur Livingston (i2576), b.1886-
Kimball, Charles Otis (i2565), b.1845-
Kimball, Henry Maxwell (i2579), b.1892-
Kimball, Horace Esterbrook (i2563), b.1839-
Kimball, Horace, Dr. (marriage to Mary Davenport Fisher) (i2562), b.1804-d.1895
Kimball, Kate Davenport (i2572), b.1869-
Kimball, Kate Fisher (i2570), b.1860-
Kimball, Mary Wallace Fisher (i2569), b.1858-
Kimball, Samuel (i2567), b.1852-
Kimball, Stanley (i2578), b.1890-d.1890
Kimball, William Scriber (i2577), b.1887-


Kimmell, Patricia Jo (marriage to Richard Alan Davenport) (i1129)


King, Cora May (marriage to George A. Darrow) (i3080)
King, Robert George (marriage to Louise Perkins) (i3034)


Kingsbury, Ebenezer, Rev. (marriage to Mary Reynolds) (i1699), b.1762-d.1842


Kingsley, John (marriage to Betsey Mitchell) (i2003), b.1796-d.1862


Kinney, Elmer (i2108)
Kinney, Harvey (marriage to Fanny Louisa Crissey) (i2107)
Kinney, Jenny (marriage to Francis Wayland Shepardson) (i1825), b.1836-


Kinzel, Robert Chambers (marriage to Amy Marie Davenport) (i4790)
Kinzel, Will (i4791), b.1974-


Kinzer, Mary Gertrude (marriage to Russel Melvin Davenport) (i952), b.1914-


Kisor, Adda (marriage to William Hiram Davenport) (i737)


Klein, Judy (marriage to John Lindahl) (i4812)


Kleinschmidt, Dawn Oro (i4826), b.1970-
Kleinschmidt, Merle Gene (marriage to Cheryl Marie Davenport) (i4824)
Kleinschmidt, Shane J. (i4825), b.1967-


Klink, L. E. (marriage to Adelle M. Hughes) (i3666)


Klur, Laurence R. (marriage to Barbara Ann Davenport Boos) (i5016)


Knapp, Betsy (i2625), b.1805-
Knapp, Charles (marriage to Betsy Davenport) (i2622), b.1779-d.1826
Knapp, Eliza (i2623), b.1801-d.1892
Knapp, Samuel (i2624), b.1803-d.1871


Kniffen, Robert Paul (marriage to Elaine Carol Schmitt) (i3793)


Knowlton, Theodore, Mrs. (i3226)


Koll, Edda (marriage to Robert Ralsey Davenport) (i1202)


Konertz, William Davenport (i4218), b.1938-
Konertz, William Edward (marriage to Helen Grace Davenport) (i4217), b.1909-


Korson, Henry (marriage to Abigail Adams Scott) (i1626)


Kreuser, Casandra Janece (i5007), b.1981-
Kreuser, Ken (marriage to Dorothy Irene Davenport) (i5005)
Kreuser, Neal Anthony (i5006), b.1979-


Kroger, Ernest Albert (i2648), b.1896-
Kroger, Lawrence (i2649)
Kroger, Louis J. A. (marriage to Alice Sterling) (i2646), b.1868-
Kroger, Louise Stevens (i2647), b.1894-


Kuhlman, Merle (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Treat) (i3907)


Kyrieri, Margarita (marriage to John Marshall Davenport) (i972)


Labbe, Suzanne (i4150)


Labelle, Delores (marriage to James H. Lowell) (i3692)


Ladd, Natalie Potter (marriage to Russel Wheeler Davenport) (i876)


Laffin, Carol (i1492), b.1958-
Laffin, James (i1490), b.1954-
Laffin, Lynn (i1491), b.1957-
Laffin, Richard (i1489), b.1952-
Laffin, Robert (marriage to Joan Lambert) (i1488)


Lambert, David (i1487), b.1928-
Lambert, Joan (i1486), b.1927-
Lambert, Latham (marriage to Helen Elizabeth Buckley) (i1485), d.1978
Lambert, Maude Cecilia (marriage to Davenport White M.D.) (i3648), d.1946


Lamp, Duval Albert (marriage to Phyllis May Fimple) (i4698), b.1932-


Lampson, Edward Rutledge, Dr. (marriage to Elizabeth Leverett Davenport) (i4396), b.1868-d.1955


Langdon, Ada Louise Seely (i3097), b.1896-
Langdon, Gertrude May (i3095), b.1870-d.1879
Langdon, Ida Eliza (i3093), b.1859-
Langdon, William A. (marriage to Harriet Bates) (i3092), b.1829-d.1911
Langdon, William Henry (i3094), b.1866-


Langenkamp, Bruce (i4817), b.1949-
Langenkamp, Janet (i4816), b.1947-
Langenkamp, Joyce (i4819), b.1956-
Langenkamp, Patricia (i4818), b.1952-
Langenkamp, Quinn W. (marriage to Jean Davenport) (i4815)


Langworthy, Mary (marriage to Elverton B. Crissey) (i2367), b.1844-


Larson, Amy (marriage to William Seward Love) (i3267), b.1906-


Lathrop, Caroline (marriage to Howard Noyes Babcock) (i2857)
Lathrop, Sarah Grace (marriage to Henry Ely Mack) (i1639), d.1935


Laurens, Franklin Davenport (i3447), b.1922-d.1965
Laurens, Helen Patricia (i3459)
Laurens, Henry (marriage to Dorthea Mary Dexter) (i3444), b.1885-d.1974
Laurens, Henry, III (i3449)
Laurens, Henry, Jr. (i3445), b.1918-
Laurens, James Campbell (i3452)
Laurens, John, III (i3446), b.1918-
Laurens, John, III (i3457)
Laurens, Katherine Collens (i3450)
Laurens, Martha Dexter (i3458)
Laurens, Mary Rebecca (i3456)
Laurens, Mildred Degrange (i3451)


Lawrence, Edward Brady (marriage to Fannie Maria Davenport) (i4136), b.1870-d.1936
Lawrence, Edward Brady, Jr. (i4139), b.1896-d.1960
Lawrence, Edward G. (i4180)
Lawrence, Edward, Jr. (i4182)
Lawrence, Ethel (i4138), b.1895-
Lawrence, Jennie (i4137), b.1893-d.1952
Lawrence, Margaret (i4181)


Lawton, Craig D. (i3891), b.1954-
Lawton, Deborah D. (i3889), b.1947-
Lawton, Dudley Day, Jr. (marriage to Ruth Talbot Fackler) (i3887), b.1916-
Lawton, Mary F. (i3890), b.1949-
Lawton, Susan E. (i3888), b.1945-


Laycock, Madelyn Joan (marriage to Paul Arthur Davenport) (i1005), b.1932-


Lazell, Esther Pratt (i2397), b.1866-
Lazell, Hiram (marriage to Wealthy Ann Winsor) (i2395), b.1834-d.1868
Lazell, Lavern Winsor (i2396), b.1858-
Lazell, Lavern Winsor (marriage to Esto Iola Crissey) (i2396), b.1858-
Lazell, Ruth Field (i1983), b.1887-


Leach, Flora May (marriage to Sherman Eli Felton) (i2276), b.1855-


Learch, Alan (marriage to Ann Carter Murphy) (i3486)
Learch, Barbara Carter (i3487), b.1970-
Learch, Charles Noxon (i3488), b.1972-


Learned, Barrett (i3053), b.1909-
Learned, Emily Barrett (i3052), b.1908-
Learned, Frank Cheney (i3049), b.1903-
Learned, Henry Barrett (marriage to Emily Cheney) (i3047)
Learned, Horace(Harriet?) Bushnell (i3050), b.1904-
Learned, John (i3048), b.1900-
Learned, Mary Bushnell (i3051), b.1906-d.1906


Lee, Alice Wetmore (i4363), b.1960-
Lee, John K. (marriage to Beatrice Wetmore Van Cleve) (i4362)


Leggett, Jeri Virginia (marriage to James Horton Shankland Jr.) (i4412), b.1936-


Lemoine, Dana Ann (i4992), b.1966-
Lemoine, Elizabeth Michelle (i4991), b.1963-
Lemoine, Larry Luke (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i4990)
Lemoine, Lauren Shelby (i4993), b.1972-


Leogrande, Donald Richard (i5010), b.1967-
Leogrande, Donald Richard (marriage to Sue Ann Davenport) (i5009)
Leogrande, Jacquelyn Kate (i5011), b.1975-


Leonard, Lois Kathryn (marriage to Robert Morgan Ryder) (i3639)
Leonard, Mary Anna (marriage to Samuel Shepherd Crissey) (i2355), b.1834-d.1868


Leovy, Lucy Lothrop (marriage to Henry Bonnel Davenport) (i1048), b.1931-


Leverett, Annie Matilda (i2971), b.1871-
Leverett, Elizabeth Sewell (marriage to John Sidney Davenport Rev.) (i451)
Leverett, John (i2968), b.1866-
Leverett, Josiah Salisbury (marriage to Anna Matilda Lockwood) (i2967), b.1810-d.1899
Leverett, Mary Elizabeth (i2972), b.1873-
Leverett, Samuel Salisbury (i2973), b.1875-d.1877
Leverett, Theodore Lockwood (i2969), b.1867-
Leverett, William Joseph (i2970), b.1870-


Levey, Leona Ann (marriage to Robert Edmund Moore) (i4062)


Levy, Janet Kay (marriage to Gary Paul Schmitt) (i3792), b.1952-


Lewis, Laurence Davenport (i4194), b.1912-
Lewis, Murray Harvey (marriage to Mary Esther Davenport) (i4193)


Lincoln, George A. (marriage to Eleanor Munson) (i3684), b.1906-d.1972
Lincoln, James D. (i3695), b.1976-
Lincoln, Thomas C. (marriage to Jennifer L. Lowell) (i3694)


Lindahl, John (i4809), b.1947-
Lindahl, Kevin (i4813), b.1974-
Lindahl, Melvin A. (marriage to Barbara Davenport) (i4808)
Lindahl, Roger (i4811), b.1955-
Lindahl, Steven (i4810), b.1950-


Lindon, Joyce (marriage to Robert Jeffery Black) (i4648), b.1948-


Lindsay, George William (i2300), b.1888-
Lindsay, Mary Emily (i2299), b.1886-
Lindsay, Robert (i2301), b.1892-
Lindsay, Robert D. (marriage to Clarissa Dewey Felton) (i2298)


Lindsley, Urial, M.D. (marriage to Polly Smith) (i2901)


Linsley, Carey Gertrude (i1430), b.1859-d.1889
Linsley, Delia Ann (i1407), b.1829-d.1889
Linsley, Elijah (marriage to Delia Foote) (i1400)
Linsley, Evalina (i1429), b.1853-d.1877
Linsley, Florence Irving (i1421), b.1879-
Linsley, George Washington (i1401), b.1815-d.1891
Linsley, Gertrude Isabella (i1427), b.1888-
Linsley, Harriet Irving (i1426), b.1886-
Linsley, Harry (marriage to Carey Gertrude Linsley) (i1431)
Linsley, Henry (i1405), b.1825-
Linsley, Henry Gilbert (i1410), b.1848-
Linsley, Jared (i1415)
Linsley, John Hancock (i1406), b.1827-
Linsley, John Meig (i1417), b.1850-
Linsley, Marcia Isabella (i1419), b.1857-
Linsley, Mary (i1402), b.1817-
Linsley, Noah (i1412), b.1859-
Linsley, Ralph Irving (i1418), b.1853-d.1903
Linsley, Solomon (i1403), b.1819-
Linsley, Sophia James (marriage to Noah Linsley) (i1414)
Linsley, William (i1404), b.1823-d.1903
Linsley, Winfield Scott (i1409), b.1846-


Lintner, Roy Bushnell (marriage to Helen Davenport Archibald) (i3505)


Litchfield, Herbert Scott (marriage to Rexie Rockwell) (i3721), b.1886-
Litchfield, Herbert Scott, Jr. (i3722), b.1920-


Lloyd, Charles (i3235), b.1841-d.1852
Lloyd, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Fitch Davenport) (i384), b.1832-d.1892
Lloyd, Florence Davenport (i3236), b.1844-d.1931
Lloyd, Isabel (i3237), b.1849-d.1909
Lloyd, Mahlon Buckles (marriage to Amelia Lewis Davenport) (i3234), b.1815-d.1882


Lockwood, (i4041)
Lockwood, Anna Matilda (i2966), b.1837-d.1909
Lockwood, Barbara Elizabeth (i4038)
Lockwood, Charles Davenport (i4034), b.1877-d.1925
Lockwood, Charles Davenport (i4036), b.1908-
Lockwood, Charles Davenport, III (i4040)
Lockwood, Eugene Beach (i2726)
Lockwood, Frederic Tallenadge (marriage to Mary Josephine Beach) (i2725)
Lockwood, Henry (marriage to Helen Maria Davenport) (i4033), b.1843-d.1925
Lockwood, James Boorman (i2964), b.1831-d.1831
Lockwood, John Davenport (i2961), b.1825-d.1844
Lockwood, Karen Christine (i4047), b.1974-
Lockwood, Mary (marriage to Amzi Lewis Scofield) (i3172), b.1827-d.1885
Lockwood, Mary Elizabeth (i2965), b.1835-
Lockwood, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Webster Davenport) (i567), b.1852-
Lockwood, Nancy Warde (i4043)
Lockwood, Peter, Rev. (marriage to Matilda Davenport) (i2960), b.1798-d.1882
Lockwood, Radcliffe Boorman (i2963), b.1829-d.1913
Lockwood, Theodore Davenport (i2962), b.1827-d.1831
Lockwood, Walter Bell (i4037), b.1911-d.1970
Lockwood, Walter Bell (i4044), b.1938-
Lockwood, Walter Bell, III (i4046), b.1980-


Long, Gerald Hayes (i3395), b.1909-
Long, Mary Lucille (i3396), b.1911-
Long, Raymond David (marriage to Marjorie Olga Hayes) (i3394)


Loomis, Amasa, Deacon (marriage to Abigail Williams) (i1528), d.1836


Lord, James Stephen (i4938), b.1963-
Lord, James Stephen (marriage to Marguerite Warwick Davenport) (i4937), b.1934-
Lord, John Sidney Davenport (i4939), b.1964-
Lord, Nathan Mcacams (i4940), b.1968-


Lori (marriage to Michael John Davenport) (i213)


Lounsbury, Betsy (i2584), b.1775-
Lounsbury, Carrie (marriage to John Leeds Davenport) (i4135)
Lounsbury, Deborah (i2592)
Lounsbury, Elizabeth (marriage to Allen Bates) (i3115)
Lounsbury, Jemima (i2587), b.1781-
Lounsbury, John Davenport (i2590), b.1792-
Lounsbury, Monmouth (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i2581), b.1748-d.1805
Lounsbury, Monmouth, Jr. (i2583), b.1772-
Lounsbury, Nancy (i2586), b.1779-
Lounsbury, Polly (i2585), b.1777-
Lounsbury, Prudence (i2588), b.1783-
Lounsbury, Sally (i2582), b.1771-
Lounsbury, Tamar (i2589), b.1790-
Lounsbury, William (i2591)


Love, Donald Evan (i3262), b.1927-
Love, Edgar Charles (i3255), b.1882-
Love, Elizabeth (i3253), b.1875-
Love, Imogene (i3268), b.1927-
Love, James Richard (i3266), b.1932-
Love, Janet (i3269), b.1929-
Love, Jean Louise (i3265), b.1930-
Love, Joan Tenny (i3273), b.1925-
Love, John (i3251), d.1870
Love, Katherine Isabel (i3275), b.1907-
Love, Leane (i3270), b.1931-
Love, Mahlon Lloyd (i3252), b.1872-d.1902
Love, Mahlon Lloyd, III (i3261), b.1924-
Love, Mahlon Lloyd, Iv (i3263)
Love, Mahlon Lloyd, Jr. (i3257), b.1897-
Love, Priscilla (i3272), b.1920-
Love, Richard Raeburn (i3258), b.1899-
Love, William (marriage to Isabel Lloyd) (i3250), b.1842-d.1895
Love, William Arthur (i3254), b.1877-
Love, William Seward (i3259), b.1900-


Lovekin, Amy Rogers (i4965), b.1965-
Lovekin, Elizabeth Adams (i4962), b.1956-
Lovekin, Jonathan Roads (i4963), b.1958-
Lovekin, Timothy Parrish (i4964), b.1961-
Lovekin, William Stevens (marriage to Anne Parrish Davenport) (i4961)


Loveless, Donald Edmund (i4317), b.1955-
Loveless, Elizabeth Jane (i4315), b.1949-
Loveless, John Mitchell (i4318), b.1964-
Loveless, Kathryn Elizabeth (i4322)
Loveless, Richard S. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Willis) (i4314)
Loveless, Stephen Hunter (i4316), b.1952-


Low, Margaret Adams (marriage to Lynde Atwater Huntington) (i1342)


Lowell, Douglas W. (i3690), b.1953-
Lowell, Graham (i3698), b.1975-
Lowell, James H. (i3686), b.1927-
Lowell, Jennifer L. (i3689), b.1950-
Lowell, Mary Ellen (i3691), b.1955-
Lowell, Melissa (i3697), b.1975-
Lowell, Priscilla Louise (i3687), b.1931-
Lowell, Wade H. (marriage to Lucie Munson) (i3685), b.1889-


Lufkin, Clara Louise (marriage to George William Comstock) (i3534), b.1848-d.1890
Lufkin, Flora Dupee (marriage to Henry Benedict Davenport) (i691), d.1935


Lyon, Belinda (marriage to Thaddeus Davenport) (i336), d.1875
Lyon, Mary L. (marriage to William Hubbell Fisher) (i2554), b.1841-


Lyons, Enos Miller (marriage to Nancy Davenport) (i3321), d.1879
Lyons, Maria Elizabeth (i3323), b.1843-d.1857
Lyons, Mary Esther (i3322), b.1839-d.1879


Maccabe, Eva Ely (marriage to Howard Joseph Davenport) (i964), b.1904-


Macgowan, Alexander Bartholomew, Capt. (marriage to Frances Augusta Currier) (i3356), d.1904
Macgowan, Charles Alexander (i3360), b.1902-
Macgowan, Charles Davenport (i3357), b.1860-d.1911
Macgowan, Francis (i3362), b.1906-
Macgowan, George Pierpont (i3358), b.1863-
Macgowan, Jean (i3366), b.1913-
Macgowan, Margaret (i3361), b.1904-
Macgowan, Richard Pierpont (i3365), b.1908-
Macgowan, Ruth Ida (i3363), b.1909-


Mack, Charles Samuel (i1567), b.1856-d.1930
Mack, Charles Standish (i1685), b.1924-
Mack, Cornelia (i1565), b.1852-d.1853
Mack, Cornelia Rebecca (i1674), b.1898-
Mack, David (i1676), b.1910-
Mack, David, Gen. (marriage to Mary Reynolds Ely) (i1554), b.1778-d.1854
Mack, Edward Ely (i1673), b.1895-
Mack, Edward Ely, III (i1690), b.1943-
Mack, Edward Ely, Jr. (i1684), b.1918-
Mack, Edward Pitcairn (i1566), b.1855-d.1865
Mack, Elizabeth (i1643), b.1906-
Mack, Ephraim Robins (i1562), b.1848-d.1848
Mack, Francis Test (i1672), b.1894-d.1935
Mack, Grace Lathrop (i1645), b.1915-
Mack, Harriet Rebecca (i1563), b.1849-
Mack, Harry Patterson (i1680), b.1924-
Mack, Henrietta Robbins (i1561), b.1845-d.1940
Mack, Henry Ely (i1564), b.1851-d.1916
Mack, Henry Ely (i1662), b.1880-
Mack, John Parker (i1686), b.1926-
Mack, Joseph Lathrop (i1640), b.1877-d.1952
Mack, Joseph Lathrop, Jr. (i1642), b.1905-d.1970
Mack, Julian Ellis (i1675), b.1903-
Mack, Laura Elizabeth (i1678), b.1918-
Mack, Lyman Pease (i1557), b.1818-d.1822
Mack, Margaret Stuart (i1679), b.1920-
Mack, Mary Elizabeth (i1667), b.1913-
Mack, Mary Ely (i1560), b.1843-d.1902
Mack, Nathaniel Ely (i1555), b.1813-d.1814
Mack, Rebecca Amelia (i1559), b.1842-d.1842
Mack, Rebecca Robins (i1661), b.1879-d.1965
Mack, Rebecca Robins (i1669), b.1923-
Mack, Robert Simpson (i1665), b.1918-d.1975
Mack, Roberta (i1644), b.1909-
Mack, Roberta Lathrop (i1649), b.1954-
Mack, Samuel Ely (i1556), b.1815-d.1866
Mack, Samuel Ely (i1663), b.1882-
Mack, Samuel Ely (marriage to Rebecca Robbins Galvin) (i1663), b.1882-
Mack, Samuel Ely, Jr. (i1668), b.1915-d.1944


Madden, Kathleen (marriage to David Edward Fackler) (i3896)


Magretta, Eliza Kay (marriage to John Lathrop Hitchcock) (i1658)


Malone, Linda (marriage to Gary Alan Shearon) (i4659)


Maltby, Albert Sylvester (i2838), b.1802-d.1862
Maltby, Anne C. (i2840), b.1833-d.1914
Maltby, Anne C. (i2845), b.1864-d.1896
Maltby, Anne C. (marriage to Armstrong Maltby) (i2840), b.1833-d.1914
Maltby, Armstrong (i2844), b.1820-d.1893
Maltby, Armstrong (marriage to Anne C. Maltby) (i2844), b.1820-d.1893
Maltby, Charles David (i2836), b.1797-
Maltby, David (i2875), b.1818-
Maltby, David (i2876), b.1823-
Maltby, David (marriage to Nancy Davenport) (i2831), b.1759-d.1807
Maltby, Ebenezer Davenport, Rev. (i2837), b.1799-d.1858
Maltby, Elizabeth (i1708), b.1726-d.1789
Maltby, Emily Maria (i2841), b.1836-d.1895
Maltby, Francis Wills (i2877), b.1826-d.1846
Maltby, Hannah Matilda (i2843), b.1840-
Maltby, Henry Wiles (i2846), b.1867-d.1867
Maltby, James Rufus (i2834), b.1793-
Maltby, James Wills (i2873), b.1814-d.1873
Maltby, John Robert (i2835), b.1795-d.1824
Maltby, John, Rev. (i1709), b.1727-d.1771
Maltby, Marian Davis (i2847), b.1868-d.1912
Maltby, Mary (i1713)
Maltby, Mary Catherine (i2833), b.1791-d.1848
Maltby, Mary Davis (i2842), b.1847-d.1855
Maltby, Sarah (i1711), b.1731-
Maltby, Selina (marriage to Edwin Foote) (i1359)
Maltby, William (i1710), b.Apr-
Maltby, William (i1712), b.1731-
Maltby, William Davenport (i2832), b.1789-
Maltby, William Davenport (i2874), b.1816-d.1899
Maltby, William, Capt. (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i1707), b.1700-


Maney, Patricia Ann (i4765), b.1950-
Maney, William A. (marriage to Wanda Edith Davenport) (i4764), b.1920-


Mansfield, Caroline (i2917)
Mansfield, Cornelia (i2919)
Mansfield, Delia (i2918)
Mansfield, Jane (i2916)
Mansfield, Richard (marriage to Charlotte Potter) (i2915)
Mansfield, Sereno (i2920)


Mantz, Christine Ann (marriage to Joseph Franklin Davenport) (i1217)


Marchant, Diana (marriage to Jeffery Payson Boyd) (i4173)


Marchie, James A. (marriage to Betty Mcmiller) (i4186)


Marsalis, Thomas (marriage to Lillian Davenport) (i4464)


Marsh, Herbert Edward (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i4842)
Marsh, Marian Louise (i4843), b.1945-d.1974
Marsh, Michael Donald (marriage to Virginia Sheldon Willis) (i4313)


Martha (marriage to Haskell H. Davenport) (i745)


Martin, Nettie (marriage to Henry Wilson Davenport) (i524)


Mary (marriage to Walter W. Davenport) (i4298)


Mason, Eliza Tabb (marriage to John Sidney Davenport III) (i1032), b.1903-d.1976


Mastergeorge, Diane Marie (marriage to John William Davenport) (i5014)


Mateer, Martha Ellen (marriage to Silas Augustus Davenport Rev.) (i623), d.1892


Mather, Warham (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i77)


Mathews, Alice C. (marriage to Pierrepont Davenport) (i894), d.1957


Mattes, Mary Louise (marriage to Clement Scofield Wilson) (i3839)


Matthewson, Jeanetta (marriage to Dudley Ely Raymond) (i2780)


Mattocks, Caroline Shirley (marriage to Samuel Chase Davenport) (i1055), b.1933-


Mavroleon, Caitlin (i4786), b.1966-
Mavroleon, George Mace (i4784), b.1962-
Mavroleon, Mace Gwyr (marriage to Ann Van Vechten Davenport) (i4783)
Mavroleon, Marina Elizabeth (i4785), b.1963-


Mawby, Amos Edward (i4707), b.1919-
Mawby, Amos Edward (marriage to Marion Adelaide Davenport) (i4705)
Mawby, Clarence Douglas (i4706), b.1916-
Mawby, Douglas (i4710), b.1947-
Mawby, Mary Doris (i4708), b.1922-


Maxwell, Griswold (marriage to Lewis Davenport) (i3229), d.1852


Mcadams, Edna Wylie (marriage to John Sidney Davenport III) (i1027), b.1909-d.1966


Mcbride, Cheryl Lynne (i4904), b.1973-
Mcbride, Douglas Laurence (i4903), b.1970-
Mcbride, Rodney Laurence (marriage to Nancy Faye Davenport) (i4902)


Mccann, Francis Wyllie (marriage to Barbara Helen Clark) (i4081), b.1905-
Mccann, John Clark (i4083), b.1937-
Mccann, John Michael (i4086), b.1970-
Mccann, Lisa Helen (i4085), b.1968-
Mccann, Patricia Eileen (i4082), b.1933-


Mccarthy, William J. (marriage to Grace Jean Davenport) (i4736), d.1960


Mccartney, Margaret Esther (marriage to John Whitney Davenport) (i764), b.1874-


Mccleverty?, C. C. (marriage to Harriet E. Roberts) (i3594)


Mccollum, Luther Francis (marriage to Roberta Mack) (i1659)


Mccormick, Kate (marriage to Robert Luther Hannaman) (i3281)


Mccoy, Brian Douglas (i4595), b.1980-
Mccoy, Robert Alan (i4591)
Mccoy, Stephen Douglas (i4590), b.1953-
Mccoy, William E. (marriage to Eva Lorraine Davenport) (i4589)


Mccracken, Anna Sanford (marriage to Edward Bass Little Carter) (i3475), b.1858-d.1913


Mccutchen, Patti (marriage to Stephen Douglas Mccoy) (i4594)


Mcdougall, Patricia (marriage to Robert John Zonne R.) (i4437)


Mcglhenny, Bernice Marilla (i3759), b.1903-
Mcglhenny, Frances Plumer (i3758), b.1900-d.1904
Mcglhenny, Henry Plumer (i3760), b.1910-
Mcglhenny, John Dexter (marriage to Frances Galbraith Plumer) (i3756)
Mcglhenny, John Dexter, Jr. (i3757), b.1899-


Mckissick, Ethel Marie (marriage to Haskell H. Davenport) (i739)


Mcmaster, Christopher Barton (marriage to Katherine Davenport Willis) (i4329)
Mcmaster, Melissa Anne (i4330), b.1976-


Mcmiller, Anne (i4184), d.1934
Mcmiller, Betty (i4185)
Mcmiller, Paul Raymond (marriage to Julia Davenport) (i4183)


Mcmurray, George Edward (marriage to Ivy Frances Rockwell) (i3712), b.1882-
Mcmurray, George Edward, Jr. (i3713), b.1910-
Mcmurray, Richard Hawley (i3714), b.1913-
Mcmurray, Robert Lloyd (i3715), b.1916-


Mcnichol, Margaret Ann (marriage to David Thomas Isham) (i1240)


Mcrea, Mary Madeline (marriage to James Horton Shankland) (i4404), b.1912-


Mcwilliams, Frank Joseph (i4917), b.1967-
Mcwilliams, Lee Franklin (marriage to Sandra Lee Davenport) (i4918)


Mead, Louisa C. (marriage to William Wallace Scofield) (i3181), b.1834-d.1903


Means, Clara Fromes (marriage to William Henry Langdon) (i3096)


Meeker, (i4615)
Meeker, Gary Meeker (i4614)
Meeker, Helen Dorothy Emily (i4613), b.1915-
Meeker, Joshua Van Brimmer (marriage to Helen Dorothy Davenport) (i4612)
Meeker, Martha Ann (marriage to James Augustus Davenport) (i11), b.1815-d.1902


Meiz, Frank (marriage to Lena Cornelia Crissey) (i2372), b.1857-
Meiz, Robert Crissey (i2373), b.1892-


Melbourne, Deborah Lynn (i4610), b.1966-
Melbourne, James W. (marriage to Elizabeth Devenport Wilcox) (i4608)
Melbourne, Linda Diane (i4609), b.1962-


Melroy, James Mathias (marriage to Louella Mae Goodrich) (i4272)


Mendez, Manuel (marriage to Catherine Graham) (i4455)


Menken, Ida Isaac (marriage to Adolphus Davenport Hoyt) (i3286)


Menzies, Frederick (marriage to Hettie Gouverneur Davenport) (i4450)


Mercado, Ida (marriage to Edward Wetmore Ramsay) (i4359)


Merchant, Robert (marriage to Julia Conde) (i3224)


Merrill, Sabrina (marriage to Filbert Leander Wright) (i2219), b.1824-


Metz, Valla (marriage to Leonard Davenport) (i4382), b.1907-d.1961


Meyer, Helen Mathilde (marriage to Edmund James Moore) (i4059), b.1902-


Midlin, Ruth (marriage to Craig John Davenport) (i1012), d.1944


Millar, Bessie Catherine (marriage to Kenneth Vernon Tedrick) (i4725)


Miller, (marriage to Carol Ann Shaefor) (i4271)
Miller, Anna Marie (marriage to Jack Desmond Davenport) (i993), b.1926-
Miller, Carl (i2046), b.1892-
Miller, Cynthia Barbara (marriage to Frank Louis Chemay) (i4853)
Miller, Cynthia R. (marriage to Newton Crissey) (i2349), b.1828-
Miller, Donna (marriage to James H. Lowell) (i3688)
Miller, Ernest (i2043), b.1880-
Miller, Laura (marriage to Origen Crissey) (i1952)
Miller, Leroy (marriage to Jennie Mitchell) (i2042), b.1858-
Miller, Linda (marriage to John William Theodore Youngs Jr.) (i3435)
Miller, Mary I. (marriage to Forrest Wayland Crissey) (i2411), b.1854-
Miller, Maud (i2044), b.1882-
Miller, Maude (marriage to Charles Aaron Waldo) (i3309)
Miller, Minnie (i2045), b.1885-


Mills, Alfred (marriage to Clarissa Hopkins) (i1899), b.1812-
Mills, Evangeline O. (i1903), b.1852-d.1853
Mills, Lucia R. (i1901), b.1846-
Mills, Nancy Judson (marriage to Addison Crissey) (i1954), b.1819-
Mills, Sarah (i1902), b.1849-
Mills, Ward S. (i1900), b.1840-


Minnie (marriage to Herbert Sterling) (i2664)


Minshull, Alexis Hazel (i3407), b.1876-d.1881
Minshull, Pierrepont Vere (i3408), b.1878-
Minshull, Pierrepont Vere (i3410)
Minshull, William H. (marriage to Martha Jane Hayes) (i3406)


Mitcham, (marriage to Mark Leroy Dunlap) (i4883)


Mitchell, Albert (i1999), b.1830-d.1836
Mitchell, Albert J. (i2022), b.1844-
Mitchell, Alfred (i2000), b.1830-
Mitchell, Alice Emily (marriage to Thomas Addington Davenport) (i1102)
Mitchell, Alvin (i1991), b.1813-d.1831
Mitchell, Arthur (i2034), b.1878-
Mitchell, Betsey (i1992), b.1815-
Mitchell, Charles L. (marriage to Sarah Ellen Davenport) (i3584)
Mitchell, Daisy (i2024), b.1879-
Mitchell, Eliphalet (i1996), b.1822-
Mitchell, Eugenia (Jean) (i2032), b.1874-
Mitchell, Fannie O. (i2010), b.1854-
Mitchell, Fanny L. (i1993), b.1817-d.1878
Mitchell, Frank Wells (i2012), b.1867-
Mitchell, Franklin R. (i3585), b.1868-
Mitchell, George Warren (i2028), b.1856-
Mitchell, Harlow (i1995), b.1820-
Mitchell, Harmon G. (i1997), b.1824-
Mitchell, Helen (i2015), b.1884-
Mitchell, Herbert S. (i2026), b.1850-d.1865
Mitchell, Hiram (i1994), b.1819-d.1841
Mitchell, Jennie (i2040), b.1860-
Mitchell, John (marriage to Abigail Crissey) (i1989), b.1783-d.1861
Mitchell, John Clinton (i1998), b.1820-d.1887
Mitchell, John K. (i2027), b.1852-
Mitchell, Leila Ruth (i2014), b.1881-
Mitchell, Lewis A., Rev. (i2039), b.1858-
Mitchell, Lottie A. (i2011), b.1856-
Mitchell, Lucy (i2035), b.1880-
Mitchell, Minnie (i2029), b.1866-
Mitchell, Orville D. (i2008), b.1850-
Mitchell, Purline (i1990), b.1812-d.1883
Mitchell, Rosetta L. (i2009), b.1852-


Mitchell?, F. R. (marriage to Caroline N. Roberts) (i3593)


Moll, Elaine (i4146)


Mona (marriage to Phillip Hayden Davenport) (i746)


Monnig, Marcia Marie (marriage to John Edward Young) (i4745), b.1948-


Monroe, Estella Porter (marriage to Harry Pulling Davenport) (i783), b.1888-d.1980


Monson, Sarah Ann (marriage to John Maltby Foote) (i1392), b.1823-d.1889


Montgomery, Jane (marriage to Joseph Rockwell Swan Jr.) (i3998), b.1914-


Moomaw, (marriage to Elaine H. Goodrich) (i4276)


Moore, Angela Lee (i4862), b.1962-
Moore, Charlotte Gregory (marriage to Bradforte Warwick Davenport Jr.) (i4960)
Moore, Clement Lefevre (marriage to Jane Amanda Davenport) (i4050), b.1847-d.1897
Moore, Dorothy Estelle (i4055), b.1899-d.1914
Moore, Edmund James (i4053), b.1885-d.1952
Moore, Electa (marriage to Charles Webb Davenport) (i372), d.1860
Moore, Frederick Davenport (i4052), b.1876-d.1943
Moore, Frederick Davenport (i4057), b.1906-
Moore, Jack Lee (marriage to Shirley Ann Davenport) (i4859)
Moore, James Davenport (i4063), b.1961-
Moore, Joyce Dorothy (i4061), b.1934-
Moore, Julie Ellen (i4861), b.1961-
Moore, Margaret (marriage to George Washington Davenport) (i525)
Moore, Mark Brandon (i4860), b.1956-
Moore, Nancy Lou (marriage to Russel Wheeler Strong) (i3431)
Moore, Robert Edmund (i4060), b.1925-
Moore, William Bryant (i4051), b.1871-d.1935


Morgan, Barbara Jeanette (marriage to Kenneth Woodruff Carter) (i3480), d.1971
Morgan, Dale George (marriage to Mary Ann Felske) (i3799)


Morley, Charles (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i4212)
Morley, Charles W. (i4213)
Morley, Christopher Wells (i4215)
Morley, Elyssa Rose (i4216)


Morris, Elizabeth (marriage to John Davenport Rev.) (i45), b.1675-d.1758
Morris, Ethel (marriage to Warren Dave Beck) (i4101)
Morris, Mary Fairfax (marriage to John Alfred Davenport) (i677), d.1924


Morrison, Emma (marriage to Stephen Alfred Stebbins) (i1323)


Morrisy, Kathleen Marie (marriage to Merrick Browne) (i3984), b.1929-


Mors, Eunice (marriage to Gould Crissey) (i2150), b.1763-d.1841


Morse, Maria (marriage to Sardis Little Crissey) (i2388), b.1842-


Morton, Joanna (marriage to William N. Raymond) (i2830)


Mullenax, Fannie Margaret (marriage to Roger Franklin Davenport) (i1150), b.1936-


Mullins, Charles Frederick (marriage to Martha Adelaide Davenport) (i4066), b.1855-d.1926
Mullins, Francis Russel (i4067), b.1876-d.1988
Mullins, Maud (i4068), b.1879-d.1942


Munson, Charles Elmer (marriage to Priscilla Louise Ayres) (i3674), b.1863-d.1954
Munson, E. L. (marriage to Marian Harrison Buckley) (i1494)
Munson, Eleanor (i3676), b.1904-d.1973
Munson, Gail (i1496), b.1932-
Munson, Larom (i1495), b.1927-
Munson, Lucie (i3677), b.1906-
Munson, Michael (i1498)
Munson, Priscilla (i3675), b.1902-d.1931
Munson, Sara (i1501)
Munson, Sherry (i1499)
Munson, Timothy (i1500)


Murphy, (i3484)
Murphy, Ann Carter (i3485), b.1946-
Murphy, David Williams (marriage to Ann Carter) (i3483)
Murphy, Kelley (i4579), b.1974-
Murphy, Malcolm Thomas (i4487), b.1953-
Murphy, Marcia Elaine (i4489), b.1959-
Murphy, Margaret Carter (i3489)
Murphy, Nathan Scott (i4578), b.1971-
Murphy, Russel Ned (marriage to Scarlett Yolanda Herring) (i4577)
Murphy, Shane Barclay (marriage to Phyllis Martha Burrit) (i4486)
Murphy, Shane Burrit (i4488), b.1956-


Myers, Claudia Ann (i4867), b.1971-
Myers, Michael (marriage to Judith Agnes Davenport) (i4866)


Nash, George B. (i3551)
Nash, Horace Raymond (marriage to Edith White) (i3620)
Nash, John W. (marriage to Helen J. Seale) (i4148)
Nash, Richard (marriage to America M. Davenport) (i3550), b.1829-d.1910
Nash, Winifred White (i3621)


Neal, Jack (i3638)
Neal, Morgan (i3637)
Neal, Stephen, Lcdr (marriage to Abigail Clinthrop Ryder) (i3636)


Neisz, Dianne E. (marriage to Charles Alva Hacker) (i3810), b.1940-


Nelson, Alice Davenport (i4949), b.1976-
Nelson, Charles Morris Kinloch (marriage to Mary Bowditch Davenport) (i4946)
Nelson, Christopher (marriage to Eleanor Devenport Wilcox) (i4611)
Nelson, Eliot Wilbur (i1609), b.1952-
Nelson, Ida Emily (marriage to Charles Augustus Davenport) (i753)
Nelson, Kinloch (i4947), b.1970-
Nelson, Nancy Greenleaf (i1608), b.1947-
Nelson, Ollie P. (marriage to Orville D. Mitchell) (i2013), b.1855-
Nelson, Richard Stewart (i1610), b.1952-
Nelson, Robert (marriage to Megan Elizabeth Tassini) (i4518)
Nelson, Robert Bowditch (i4948), b.1973-
Nelson, William Newell (marriage to Elizabeth Fuller Wilbur) (i1606)
Nelson, William Newell, III (i1607), b.1945-


Neville, Harold (marriage to Genevieve May Davenport) (i4279)
Neville, Jo Ann (i4281), b.1925-
Neville, Sarah Jean (i4280), b.1922-


Newby, Harold E. (marriage to Grace Jean Davenport) (i4735)


Newell, Mehetable Woodward (marriage to James Radcliffe Davenport) (i470), b.1812-d.1904


Nichols, Julie (marriage to Edward Wetmore Turner) (i4346), b.1921-
Nichols, Ruth (marriage to John Davenport Sloan) (i4445), b.1916-d.1969
Nichols, William J. (marriage to Charlotte Ann Pixley) (i4209), b.1926-d.1976


Nicholson, Ambrose (i2427), b.1834-
Nicholson, Cornelius Hull (marriage to Clarissa Crissey) (i2424), b.1800-d.1860
Nicholson, Laura (i2426), b.1831-
Nicholson, Mary (i2425), b.1828-d.1875
Nicholson, Mary (marriage to Sylvanus Crissey Jr.) (i2433), b.1808-d.1884
Nicholson, Sylvanus (i2428), b.1839-d.1861


Norman, Ann (marriage to William Davenport Konertz) (i4219)


Northrop, Cyrus (marriage to Anne Elizabeth Warren) (i2710), b.1834-
Northrop, Cyrus, Jr. (i2712), b.1870-
Northrop, Elizabeth (i2713), b.1871-
Northrop, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Warren Beach) (i2713), b.1871-
Northrop, Julia Anna (marriage to William Albert Davenport) (i773)
Northrop, Sarah M. (marriage to Frederick Clark) (i2177), b.1836-
Northrop, Winnie Warren (i2711), b.1864-d.1874


Noyes, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Lamb Eliot) (i1636)


O'Brien, Katherine (marriage to Howard Stoger Davenport) (i1136)


O'Neill, Margaret Marie (marriage to Paul Kenneth Herring) (i4565)


Olmstead, Charles Northrop (marriage to Elizabeth Warren) (i2757), b.1816-d.1891
Olmstead, Mary (marriage to James Smith Davenport) (i361), b.1819-d.1894
Olmstead, Thomas Warren (i2758), b.1853-d.1896


Olsen, Mildred Louise (marriage to William Kearney Carr White) (i3653)


Oppenheim, Raymond Leonard Liander (marriage to Marian Louise Marsh) (i4844)


Orcutt, James Richard (marriage to Judith Ann Kennedy) (i4754), b.1941-


Orr, Martha (marriage to Bradforte Warwick Davenport) (i1045)


Ortell, Rose Clara (marriage to George Leavitt Foote) (i1374)


Orton, Naomi Hard (marriage to James Crissey) (i2263), b.1764-d.1857


Osborn, Emily Caroline (marriage to Charles Sterling) (i2631), d.1864


Osborne, Elizabeth Sheldon (i4333), b.1920-
Osborne, Elizabeth Sheldon (marriage to David Bryant Turner Jr.) (i4333), b.1920-
Osborne, Jack Gifford (marriage to Helen Davenport Sheldon) (i4332)


Ottle, Lillian (marriage to Lloyd Le Roy Beck) (i4102)


Overton, Alice May (i2468), b.1853-
Overton, Charles Everett (i2469), b.1857-d.1871
Overton, Charles Morse (marriage to Almedia Vashti Crissey) (i2466), b.1824-
Overton, Lillian Virginia (i2467), b.1851-d.1893


Owen, George Ernest (marriage to Jane Morton Perkins) (i3033)


Page, Eliza (marriage to Oringe John Crissey) (i2127)
Page, Nettie Rachel (marriage to Henry Snapp Davenport) (i581), b.1861-d.1940


Palmer, James (marriage to Catherine Davenport) (i267)


Pamula, Karen (marriage to Mitchell Sheldon Willis) (i4331)


Parker, Beth (i1503)
Parker, Eleanor (marriage to Edward Ely Mack) (i1683)
Parker, George (i1506)
Parker, Melvin (marriage to Emeline R. Story) (i1860), b.1809-
Parker, Myron M. (i1863), b.1843-
Parker, Peter (i1504)
Parker, Peter (marriage to Gail Munson) (i1502)
Parker, Sophronia M. (i1862), b.1842-
Parker, Todd (i1505)
Parker, Wallace H. (i1861), b.1839-


Parmenter, Savila (marriage to Stephen Crissey) (i1970)


Parminter, E. Grace (i2018), b.1875-
Parminter, Samuel (marriage to Fannie O. Mitchell) (i2017), b.1848-


Parrish, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John Rogers Davenport) (i1061), b.1905-


Parsons, Alice Francis (i2541), b.1887-
Parsons, Aurelia Blair (i2540), b.1885-d.1885
Parsons, Charles Edward (i2542), b.1889-
Parsons, Francis Henry (marriage to Sophia Sparks Fisher) (i2539)
Parsons, Julia A. (marriage to Luther Windsor Waterbury) (i1964), b.1834-d.1873
Parsons, Theodora Davenport (i2543), b.1891-d.1893


Pasco, Martha (marriage to Laurence Davenport) (i981)


Passo, Sandra Fay (i4009), b.1960-
Passo, Thomas Herman (i4010), b.1962-
Passo, Thomas Herman (marriage to Theodora Davenport Swan) (i4008), b.1938-


Pate, Beresford Linsley (i1423), b.1902-d.1905
Pate, Howard Albert (i1424), b.1904-
Pate, Thomas Albert (marriage to Florence Irving Linsley) (i1422)


Patience, Wesley F. (marriage to Louisa Selina Foote) (i1382)


Patten, George W. (i1731)
Patten, Joseph (i1729)
Patten, Mary Ann (i1730)
Patten, Ruth W. (i1728)
Patten, William (i1727)
Patten, William (marriage to Ruth Wheelock) (i1724)
Patten, William, Rev. (i1725)


Patterson, Addison (i1940), b.1846-
Patterson, Alvah (marriage to Maria Crissey) (i1937), b.1807-
Patterson, Blanche Seeley (marriage to Francis Test Mack) (i1677)
Patterson, Clinton (i2455), b.1889-
Patterson, Joseph H. (marriage to Harriet Viola Crissey) (i2454)
Patterson, Leroy (i1941), b.1850-
Patterson, Lyman (i1938), b.1839-d.1854
Patterson, Nellie (i1950), b.1885-
Patterson, Ophelia (i1939), b.1842-
Patterson, Pearl May (i1949), b.1878-
Patterson, Sylvia (marriage to Alson Crissey) (i1972), b.1835-


Paul, Adrianna M., Mrs. (marriage to Samuel Cady Chapin) (i1297), d.1915


Pearl (marriage to Edward E. Davenport) (i4104), d.1947


Pearsall, Andrew (marriage to Louisa Maria Hoyt) (i3155)


Pease, Claudius B. (marriage to Ellen Augusta Chapin) (i1299)
Pease, Eva Lorain (i2280), b.1878-
Pease, Grace W. (i2283), b.1885-
Pease, Leon C. (i2282), b.1883-d.1883
Pease, Marion Chloe (i2281), b.1881-
Pease, Tyler E. (marriage to Annie Pamelia Felton) (i2279)


Peck, Eilene (marriage to Craig John Davenport) (i1014), b.1927-


Peckham, Caroline C. (marriage to William Bates Davenport) (i703), d.1871


Pellegrino, Matthew Alexander (marriage to Nancy Carol Davenport) (i4875)


Pemberston, Beulah Mae (marriage to Nelson Whitney Davenport Jr.) (i1101), d.1976


Perkins, Bertha Saunders (i3026)
Perkins, Charles Bruen (i3020), b.1860-
Perkins, Charles Callahan (marriage to Frances Davenport Bruen) (i3017), b.1823-d.1886
Perkins, Edward Clifford (i3019), b.1858-
Perkins, Elizabeth Evarts (i3027)
Perkins, Frances Bruen (i3024)
Perkins, Jane Morton (i3029)
Perkins, Louise (i3028)
Perkins, Mary Eleanor (i3018), b.1856-
Perkins, Maxwell Evarts (i3023), b.1884-d.1947
Perkins, Nancy Galt (i3030)


Perrett, (i2244), b.1895-
Perrett, Edgar John (marriage to Adelaide Theresa Wright) (i2241), b.1857-
Perrett, Elliott Benjamin (i2242), b.1891-
Perrett, Ruth May (i2243), b.1893-


Perrin, Cassius B. (marriage to Lucy Dorinda Crissey) (i2409), b.1845-
Perrin, Edith Fern (i2410), b.1878-


Perrine, Arthur (marriage to Bessie St. John Davenport) (i4703)


Perry, June (marriage to Edward Ely Mack Jr.) (i1689)
Perry, Maryon (marriage to William Porter Davenport) (i1178)


Peters, Cynthia Ann (marriage to Elvin Eugene Davenport) (i1080)


Peterson, Edmond W. (marriage to Linda Ann Davenport) (i4914)


Pfaff, Beverly (marriage to David Curtis Shankland) (i4415), b.1947-


Phelps, Alexander (marriage to Theodora Wheelock) (i1723)


Philmore, Marion (marriage to Stephen Williams Hackley) (i1523)


Pierce, Abbie A. (marriage to George Renslow Shepardson) (i1819)


Piercy, William A. (marriage to Elmira M. Davenport M.D.) (i3776)


Pierpoint, James (marriage to Abigail Davenport) (i1222), b.1659-


Pierpont, Adeline (i2923), b.1826-
Pierpont, Alfred (marriage to Eliza Potter) (i2921), b.1795-d.1870
Pierpont, Almira (i2922), b.1823-d.1853
Pierpont, Martha Elizabeth (i2924), b.1829-d.1916
Pierpont, Philena (marriage to Hezekiah Davenport) (i282), d.1827


Pierson, Abigail (marriage to John Davenport Jr.) (i22), b.1643-d.1718


Pixley, Charlotte Ann (i4207), b.1937-
Pixley, Howard John (marriage to Katherine Virginia Early) (i4206), b.1909-d.1977
Pixley, William Howard (i4208), b.1941-


Plumb, Elias (marriage to Mary Crissey) (i2066), d.1868
Plumb, Highland (i2067)
Plumb, Sophronia (i2068), d.1873


Plumer, Ann Catherine (i3755), b.1907-
Plumer, Carolyn Heberton (i3766), b.1909-
Plumer, Davenport (i3753), b.1879-
Plumer, Davenport (i3765), b.1907-
Plumer, Edwin Baldwin (marriage to Marilla P. Davenport) (i3748), d.1903
Plumer, Elvira Gilmore (i3751), b.1870-
Plumer, Frances Galbraith (i3750), b.1869-
Plumer, Henry Adams (i3749), b.1867-
Plumer, Margaret (i3752), b.1875-


Portell, Vernon (marriage to Carolyn Raye Herring) (i4571)


Porteous, Albert E. (marriage to Anna Adell Gemmill) (i3328)
Porteous, Frank E. (i3329), b.1882-
Porteous, George R. (i3332), b.1897-
Porteous, Lillie B. (i3330), b.1887-
Porteous, Mary E. (i3331), b.1890-


Post, Louise Eugenie (marriage to John Isaacs Davenport) (i683), b.1841-d.1902


Potter, Catherine A. (i2940), b.1909-
Potter, Charlotte (i2910), b.1796-
Potter, Edward (i2912), b.1802-
Potter, Edward Jr., Dr. (i2942)
Potter, Eli (marriage to Martha Davenport) (i2909)
Potter, Eliza (i2911), b.1802-d.1888
Potter, Emma A. (i2934), b.1856-
Potter, Frances A. (marriage to William Brown Davenport) (i368)
Potter, Frances Amanda (i2914), b.1809-d.1836
Potter, Horace Brockett (i2938), b.1896-
Potter, Hubert Franklin (i2935), b.1857-
Potter, Lyman (i2913), b.1805-
Potter, Samuel Franklin (marriage to Martha Elizabeth Pierpont) (i2933), b.1825-d.1874
Potter, Walter Franklin (i2937), b.1883-


Potts, Barbara (i3491), b.1951-
Potts, James Carter (i3493)
Potts, Jeremiah (i3494)
Potts, John Meckley (marriage to Barbara Carter) (i3490)
Potts, Kenneth Carter (i3492), b.1954-


Pouch, Grace Valentine Pentz (marriage to Roland Hoyt Sloan Jr.) (i4444)


Poulsen, Edmund Cooper (i3736), b.1911-
Poulsen, Margaret (i3735), b.1909-
Poulsen, Sveinung (marriage to Caroline Augusta Cooper) (i3734)


Powell, Cynthia (i3856)
Powell, Kenneth (marriage to Anne Hahn) (i3855)


Prentice, Anna (marriage to James Boorman Davenport) (i3814)


Prentiss, Edward Houghton (marriage to Ruth Kayser Eliot) (i1593)
Prentiss, William Eliot (i1594), b.1922-


Preston, Cary (marriage to Edward Arthur Davenport) (i604)


Priestly, Charles M. (marriage to Luthena M. Crissey) (i1984)
Priestly, Flora Marie (i1986), b.1857-
Priestly, Forrest Malcolm (i1985), b.1854-
Priestly, Howard Holmes (i1988), b.1861-
Priestly, Rosella Jane (i1987), b.1859-


Promfet, David Marshall, Ii (marriage to Ruth Montgomery Swan) (i4001)
Promfet, David Marshall, III (i4002), b.1956-
Promfet, Robert Wallace (i4003), b.1958-


Props, Wilma Louise Creamer (marriage to Craig John Davenport) (i1018), b.1928-


Provost, Clara Howard (i3139), b.1892-
Provost, Elsie May (i3138), b.1888-
Provost, Fitch (marriage to Bessie Jane Smith) (i3136), d.1930
Provost, Gertrude (i3140), b.1899-
Provost, Lizzie J. (marriage to Hiram Hoyt Taylor) (i1755)
Provost, Lucy Ada (i3137), b.1887-d.1888


Pullan, Elizabeth C. (marriage to John Desmond Davenport) (i1156)


Pulliam, Doris (marriage to Joseph Lathrop Mack Jr.) (i1646)


Pulling, Emma Jane (marriage to Charles Oscar Davenport) (i573), b.1850-d.1937


Pundy, Douglas W. (i3143)
Pundy, George L. (marriage to Clara Howard Provost) (i3142)


Putnam, Elbert (i2006), b.1858-d.1872
Putnam, Elisha (marriage to Fanny L. Mitchell) (i2004), b.1820-d.1884
Putnam, Florella (i2005), b.1850-
Putnam, George F. (marriage to Myra Eliza Crissey) (i2413), b.1854-
Putnam, Harriet Mary (marriage to Charles Vernon Felton) (i2302), b.1865-
Putnam, Lotta May (i2414), b.1884-
Putnam, William Samuel (i2415), b.1889-


Pynchon, Dr. (marriage to Sarah Williams) (i1513)


Quinan, Grace Anna (marriage to Charles Francis Davenport) (i710), d.1872


Rachel (marriage to Gould Davenport) (i214), b.1776-


Radcliffe, Elizabeth Huntington (i2958), b.1813-d.1813
Radcliffe, Peter W., Hon. (marriage to Elizabeth Huntington Davenport) (i2956)
Radcliffe, William Davenport (i2957), b.1808-d.1809


Rader, Glenn (marriage to Grace Jean Davenport) (i4737)


Rambo, Jane Woolston (marriage to Theodore Davenport) (i467), b.1872-d.1952


Ramsay, Edward Wetmore (i4356), b.1950-
Ramsay, James Russel (marriage to Cynthia Van Cleve) (i4354)
Ramsay, John Russel (i4355), b.1948-
Ramsay, Robert Reynolds (i4357), b.1954-


Ramsey, Joy Cynthia (i4360), b.1974-
Ramsey, Katherine Merrick (marriage to George Davenport Browne) (i3960), b.1896-
Ramsey, Scott Joseph (i4361)


Randall, Esther M. (marriage to Bruce Fairchild Boston) (i2614)
Randall, John Edward (i3289)
Randall, John F. (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i3288)


Rankin, Edith Neven (marriage to Henry Adams Plumer) (i3754)


Ransom, Adelaide Louise (i1317), b.1882-d.1883
Ransom, Annie Sophia (i1310), b.1845-d.1892
Ransom, Caroline White (i1312), b.1852-
Ransom, Charles Newton, Rev. (i1313), b.1857-
Ransom, Edward Stebbins (i1309), b.1843-
Ransom, Elijah (i1315), b.1861-
Ransom, Elijah (marriage to Sophia Eunecia Stebbins) (i1308), b.1816-d.1885
Ransom, Emma (marriage to John Schauffler Ransom) (i1316)
Ransom, George (marriage to Cerise Jennie Benjamin) (i3583)
Ransom, Henry Cecil (i1318), b.1887-
Ransom, Howard Stebbins (i1320), b.1897-
Ransom, Jeanette (marriage to Elihu Davis Foote) (i1455)
Ransom, John Schauffler (i1311), b.1848-
Ransom, William Stebbins (i1314), b.1859-


Rapelyea, Mary (marriage to Hezekiah Ralsey Davenport) (i402), d.1877


Rapisardi, Giancarlo (marriage to Teresa Bosio) (i3929)


Ratterree, Dianne (marriage to John Davenport Dixon) (i4680)


Raup, Charlotte Cranch (i1589), b.1933-
Raup, Joan Eliot (i1586), b.1926-
Raup, Robert Bruce (marriage to Clara Eliot) (i1585)
Raup, Robert Bruce, Jr. (i1588), b.1929-
Raup, Ruth Mitchell (i1587), b.1927-


Rawson, Blanche E. (i2119), b.1881-
Rawson, Chester H. (i2115), b.1875-
Rawson, Edward Bates (i2122), b.1889-
Rawson, Eugene Adelbert (i2111), b.1851-
Rawson, Harold H. (i2120), b.1884-
Rawson, Horace (marriage to Sarah A. Crissey) (i2110), b.1817-d.1861
Rawson, Iola E. (i2121), b.1888-
Rawson, Nina Louisa (i2113), b.1858-
Rawson, Nina May (i2118), b.1879-
Rawson, Otis Hamilton (i2112), b.1855-


Raymond, Ann (i2760), b.1805-d.1883
Raymond, Arthur (i2814), b.1860-d.1903
Raymond, Bertha Howard (i2786), b.1869-
Raymond, Charles (marriage to Ann Raymond) (i2766), b.1784-d.1859
Raymond, Charles Temple (i2773), b.1856-d.1897
Raymond, Charlotte Frances (i2777), b.1858-d.1862
Raymond, Clara Amelia (i2811), b.1859-
Raymond, Clarissa (i2761), b.1806-d.1897
Raymond, Clarissa Davenport (i2772), b.1855-
Raymond, Dorothy (marriage to Arthur Mathews Davenport) (i935)
Raymond, Dudley Ely (i2775), b.1887-d.1947
Raymond, Eliza Prime (marriage to John Davenport Raymond) (i2802), b.1812-d.1893
Raymond, Elizabeth A. (i2809), b.1850-d.1919
Raymond, Ely (i2776), b.1890-
Raymond, Frank Vail (i2787), b.1873-
Raymond, Frederick Ward (i2778), b.1865-d.1927
Raymond, George Frederick (i2768), b.1831-d.1919
Raymond, George Nelson (i2805), b.1837-d.1903
Raymond, Grace D. (i2812), b.1867-
Raymond, Grace E. (i2816)
Raymond, Harriet (i2764), b.1812-d.1812
Raymond, Helen S. (i2817)
Raymond, Henry E. (i2804), b.1834-d.1862
Raymond, Howard C. (i2820), b.1865-d.1865
Raymond, John Davenport (i2763), b.1809-d.1881
Raymond, John M. (i2806), b.1839-d.1888
Raymond, Lydia (marriage to Deodate Davenport) (i162), d.1773
Raymond, Mary Catherine (i2807), b.1842-d.1916
Raymond, Mary Rowena (i2783), b.1890-
Raymond, Nathaniel (i2770), b.1844-d.1890
Raymond, Robert Howard (i2779), b.1878-d.1882
Raymond, Sally (i2762), b.1807-d.1883
Raymond, Samuel (i2767), b.1830-d.1908
Raymond, Samuel (i2782), b.1887-d.1887
Raymond, Samuel (marriage to Clarissa Davenport) (i2759), b.1780-d.1816
Raymond, Sarah L. (i2808), b.1846-d.1887
Raymond, Susan Frances (i2769), b.1837-
Raymond, William N. (i2765), b.1814-d.1854
Raymond, William W. (i2803), b.1832-d.1891


Raynolds, Lucretia (marriage to William Stebbins Rev.) (i1304), b.1791-


Read, Harriet Hubbard (marriage to Charles Crissey) (i2245), b.1809-


Reardon, Joseph E. (i3774)
Reardon, T. B., Hon. (marriage to Ada Frances Davenport) (i3773)


Rebecca (marriage to Phillip Hayden Davenport) (i743)


Redfield, Thirza (marriage to Amzi Davenport) (i367)


Reed, Alice Byrd (i4958), b.1971-
Reed, Cora (marriage to Lewis A. Mitchell Rev.) (i2041)
Reed, Darius (i2619)
Reed, Eliza (i2620)
Reed, Frederick Scott (marriage to Martha Orr Davenport) (i4956), b.1940-
Reed, Frederick Scott, Jr. (i4959), b.1973-
Reed, Labbeus (marriage to Abigail Davenport) (i2618), d.1851
Reed, Laura Dean (marriage to Harold Alexander Waterworth) (i3918)
Reed, Louise Warwick (i4957), b.1969-
Reed, Roswell (marriage to Rhoda Sterling) (i2658)
Reed, William (i2621)


Reidel, Margaret Anne (i4290), b.1944-
Reidel, Robert Bruce (i4289), b.1943-
Reidel, William R. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Young) (i4288)


Remsber, Doris Lou (marriage to Melvin Myron Stokes) (i4535)


Reynolds, Abigail (i134), b.1763-d.1774
Reynolds, Elizabeth (i131), b.1759-d.1841
Reynolds, Hezekiah (marriage to Martha Davenport Wolcott) (i1704)
Reynolds, John Davenport (i1705)
Reynolds, Martha (i132), b.1761-d.1852
Reynolds, Mary (i135), b.1765-d.1792
Reynolds, Samuel (i133), b.1762-
Reynolds, Samuel, Dr. (marriage to Martha Williams) (i130), d.1774
Reynolds, William Augustus (i1706), d.1874


Rice, Will (marriage to Frances Elizabeth Ward) (i3720)


Richardson, Amanda (marriage to Emerson Shepardson) (i1804), d.1880


Richey, Alfred Newton (marriage to Eulah Fern Davenport) (i4520)
Richey, Jeanie (i4521)


Rintoul, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John Sidney Davenport Jr.) (i670), b.1848-d.1940


Ritter, Laura C. (marriage to William Bryant Moore) (i4054), b.1870-d.1951


Riveras, Gladys (marriage to David Bryant Turner III) (i4343)


Robbins, Rebecca Amelia (marriage to Samuel Ely Mack) (i1558), b.1814-


Roberts, Alice L. (i3587), b.1865-
Roberts, Andrew Gove (i3588), b.1867-
Roberts, Caroline N. (i3589), b.1871-
Roberts, Ellen Davenport (i3590), b.1873-
Roberts, Fanny (i3549)
Roberts, Harriet E. (i3591), b.1875-
Roberts, J. William (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i3547)
Roberts, Joyce Laverne (marriage to Phillip Ray Fimple) (i4694), b.1938-
Roberts, Mabel (i3548)
Roberts, William, Capt. (marriage to Ellen Maria Davenport) (i3586), b.1830-d.1905


Robertson, Harry M. (marriage to Linda Ann Davenport) (i4919)
Robertson, Shan William (i4920), b.1975-


Robinson, Benjamin Harrison (marriage to Dorothy Ward Davenport) (i4704)
Robinson, Elmer Wallace (marriage to Nellie Cecelia Scofield) (i3179)
Robinson, Georgianna Laura (i3180), b.1913-


Rockwell, Clarissa (marriage to William Davenport Deacon) (i417), b.1812-d.1892
Rockwell, Elizabeth Anne (i3725)
Rockwell, Floy Elizabeth (i3709), b.1886-
Rockwell, Francis Hawley (marriage to Fanny Schofield Davenport) (i3707), b.1857-d.1924
Rockwell, Ivy Frances (i3708), b.1884-
Rockwell, John Davenport (i3724), b.1933-
Rockwell, Louise (marriage to Charles Isaac Sterling) (i2654), d.1899
Rockwell, Rexie (i3710), b.1888-
Rockwell, Sylvester Thomas (i3711), b.1892-


Rodgers, Brooke (i4516), b.1978-
Rodgers, Jason Ian (i4515), b.1974-
Rodgers, John Allen (marriage to Mary Inez Tassini) (i4514)


Rogers, Anne Pomeroy (marriage to Albert Shelton Davenport) (i885), b.1880-d.1961
Rogers, Jean (marriage to Paul Henry Davenport) (i3726), b.1894-
Rogers, William Floyd (marriage to Martha Jane Young) (i4744), b.1943-


Roi, Larry (marriage to Nancy Greenleaf Nelson) (i1611)


Rolfe, Barbara Helen (i4073), b.1925-
Rolfe, Claude Hamilton (marriage to Dorothy Clark) (i4072), b.1899-d.1949
Rolfe, Joan (i4074), b.1930-


Romo, Rebecca Lynne (marriage to Steven Mark Davenport) (i1158), b.1958-


Root, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Bathurst Fackler) (i3873)


Rose, Linda T. (marriage to William Taylor Davenport) (i801)


Rossiter, Lois (marriage to William Maltby Foote) (i1387), b.1857-


Roy, Norma (marriage to John Michael Davenport) (i1119)


Royse, Eston L. (marriage to Katherine Virginia Early) (i4210), b.1900-


Rubright, Richard Scott (marriage to Monica Maria Davenport) (i5002), b.1953-


Runyon, Jennie (marriage to Charles Stelle Hayes) (i3403)


Russel, Alexander Macdonald (i3922), b.1962-
Russel, Angus M. (marriage to Elizabeth Dean Waterworth) (i3920)
Russel, Jane Eliza (marriage to Elizur Harrison Foote) (i1461)
Russel, John Davenport (i3923), b.1969-
Russel, Laura Dean (i3921), b.1960-
Russel, Mary Wilcox (marriage to John Davenport Cheney) (i3000)


Russell, Isadore (marriage to Lozelle Foote) (i1471)


Rust, Mary L. (marriage to Scott Emory Waterbury) (i1967)


Rustemeyer, Debora Allison (i4981), b.1974-
Rustemeyer, Elizabeth Ann (i4980), b.1970-
Rustemeyer, William Gordon (marriage to Linda Davenport Cosel) (i4979), b.1941-


Rutledge, Shirley Schliemann (marriage to Robert Ralsey Davenport) (i1199)


Ryan, May (marriage to Frank R. Scofield) (i3187)


Ryder, Abigail Clinthrop (i3633)
Ryder, Dorothy Davenport (i3623), b.1909-
Ryder, Douglas (i3642)
Ryder, Eli M. T. (marriage to Winifred White) (i3622)
Ryder, Eli Morgan Talcott, Ii (i3634)
Ryder, Elizabeth (i3643)
Ryder, Henry White, M.D. (i3625), b.1913-
Ryder, Johnathan Leonard (i3640)
Ryder, Katherine Belden (i3627), b.1918-
Ryder, Mary Davenport Talcott (i3624), b.1911-
Ryder, Peter Morgan (i3632)
Ryder, Robert Morgan (i3626), b.1915-
Ryder, Timothy (i3641)


Saalfrank, Abbie Ann (i4912), b.1978-
Saalfrank, Amy Dee (i4909), b.1965-
Saalfrank, Cathy Sue (i4908), b.1959-
Saalfrank, Meggin Elizabeth (i4911), b.1976-
Saalfrank, Michael Gene (i4906), b.1949-
Saalfrank, Raymond Albert (marriage to Marilyn Davenport) (i4905)
Saalfrank, Sheryl Rae (i4907), b.1951-


Safford, Armida (i1914)
Safford, Charlotte (marriage to Ozias Story) (i1828), b.1809-d.1889
Safford, Clary (i1916)
Safford, Harvey (marriage to Charlotte Beeman) (i1913)
Safford, James (i1915)


Sala, Donna (marriage to Andrew Christopher Tassini) (i4517)


Salisbury, Dina (marriage to Jirah Delano Crissey) (i2390), b.1840-


Sampson, Joseph (marriage to Emily Sophia Apthorp) (i3008), d.1872
Sampson, Mary Frances (marriage to Roswell Burrows Davenport) (i1038), b.1915-


Sanders, Louise (marriage to Maxwell Evarts Perkins) (i3025)


Sanderson, Adolphus Davenport (i3291), b.1837-d.1863
Sanderson, Emily Texiana (i3292)
Sanderson, Harvey D. (marriage to Emily Davenport) (i3290)
Sanderson, Isabella (i3293)


Sargent, Margaret (marriage to Samuel Herbert Fisher) (i2526)


Saunders, Iris Gibson (marriage to Frederick St. John Davenport) (i960), b.1923-
Saunders, James Cooper (marriage to Grace Wicks Hawkins) (i3858), b.1911-
Saunders, James Cooper, Jr. (i3859)
Saunders, John Joseph (i3861)
Saunders, Mary Temple (i3863), b.1945-
Saunders, Peter Caven (i3867)
Saunders, Susan Stihl (i3862), b.1944-
Saunders, Wilford Judson Hawkins (i3860)
Saunders, Wilford Judson Hawkins, Jr. (i3866)


Savariano, Toni (marriage to Steven Lindahl) (i4814)


Sawter, George (marriage to Mary Louise Scofield) (i3188)


Schleuder, Linda Sue (marriage to Leigh Richard Davenport) (i1215), b.1948-


Schmitt, Colin Michael (i3788), b.1949-
Schmitt, Elaine Carol (i3790), b.1955-
Schmitt, Gary Paul (i3789), b.1951-
Schmitt, Raymond G. (marriage to Pearl Lydia Hacker) (i3787)


Schneider, Judith Ann (marriage to John Douglas Davenport) (i4868)


Schneiderhan, Pauline Whilhelmena (marriage to Harry Augustus Davenport Jr.) (i5), b.1891-d.1978


Schnider, Edwin C. (marriage to Laura Elizabeth Mack) (i1681)
Schnider, Edwin Calvin, Jr. (i1682), b.1944-


Schoolcraft, Florence A. (marriage to Adelbert Davis) (i2097)


Schultz, Carina Dorianne (i3872), b.1975-
Schultz, Paul Arden (marriage to Mary Temple Saunders) (i3871)


Schulz, Annie Maria (marriage to William Davenport Maltby) (i2879), d.1875


Schwab, John Christopher, Prof. (marriage to Edith Aurelia Fisher) (i2523), b.1865-
Schwab, Katherine Fisher (i2524), b.1898-
Schwab, Norman Van Post (i2525), b.1904-


Schwartz, Amy Davenport (i4782), b.1964-
Schwartz, Cornelia Whipple (i4781), b.1962-
Schwartz, Harvey Layton (marriage to Cornelia Whipple Davenport) (i4780), b.1929-


Scofield, (marriage to Martha Davenport) (i2597)
Scofield, Abigail Louise (i3170), b.1827-
Scofield, Amzi (marriage to Polly Davenport) (i3166), b.1794-d.1863
Scofield, Amzi Lewis (i3167), b.1821-d.1863
Scofield, Cyrus (i3168), b.1823-
Scofield, Cyrus (i3174)
Scofield, Cyrus Levoy (i3177)
Scofield, Frank R. (i3183), b.1861-d.1894
Scofield, George Warren (i3173), b.1847-d.1895
Scofield, Henry (i3171), b.1829-d.1876
Scofield, Henry Nelson (i3186), b.1890-
Scofield, Isaac Mead (i3182), b.1859-
Scofield, Louis Gaylor (i3176)
Scofield, Martha Ann (marriage to Henry Scofield) (i3195)
Scofield, Mary Louise (i3184), b.1863-
Scofield, Nellie Cecelia (i3178), b.1878-
Scofield, William Wallace (i3169), b.1825-d.1892


Scott, Abigail Adams (i1623), b.1912-
Scott, Ada Josephine (marriage to Charles Augustus Davenport) (i751), b.1858-d.1923
Scott, Frank Davenport, Jr. (i4496), b.1888-d.1940
Scott, Henry Eliot (i1621), b.1909-
Scott, James Anthony (i4499), b.1924-
Scott, James William (marriage to Emma Louisa Davenport) (i4495), b.1858-d.1910
Scott, June Alva (i4500), b.1927-
Scott, Maryan Elizabeth (i4498), b.1921-
Scott, Peter Chardon (i1627), b.1917-d.1934
Scott, Richard Cranch (i1622), b.1910-
Scott, Richard Cranch, Jr. (i1625), b.1938-
Scott, Richard Gordon (marriage to Grace Cranch Eliot) (i1620)


Scriber, Lucilla P. (marriage to Arthur Lalanne Kimball) (i2575), b.1856-


Scroggins, Helen (marriage to John Laurens III) (i3455)


Seale, Claude L. (marriage to Jennie Lawrence) (i4140)
Seale, Helen J. (i4142)
Seale, Jean C. (i4143)
Seale, Winifred (i4141)


Seaman, May (marriage to Augustus Pierpont Davenport) (i646), b.1864-d.1953


Sears, Frances (marriage to Johan Wijnbladh Eliot) (i1638)


Seeley, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Winthrop Isham Davis) (i1258)


Seffron, Cecelia (marriage to Orville John Beck) (i4098)


Selleck, Franklin (marriage to May Catherine Comstock) (i3544)


Sesse, Amy Jennifer (i4172), b.1976-
Sesse, Eugene Adrian (i4171), b.1973-
Sesse, Warren C. (marriage to Ethel Margaret Boyd) (i4170)


Sessinghaus, Minna Charlotte (marriage to William Greenleaf Eliot) (i1580), d.1944


Sexson, (marriage to Jo Ann Neville) (i4283)


Shackelford, Ronald Dale (marriage to Karen Alexandra Davenport) (i4984)


Shaefor, Carol Ann (i4270), b.1942-
Shaefor, John Douglas (marriage to Sarah Genevieve Goodrich) (i4268)
Shaefor, Richard Allen (i4269), b.1937-


Shaffer, Doris Jane (marriage to John Davenport Fackler) (i3900), b.1935-


Shankland, Barbara (i4427), b.1945-
Shankland, Cynthia (i4414), b.1962-
Shankland, David Curtis (i4407), b.1944-
Shankland, Edith Davenport (i4398), b.1906-
Shankland, Fowler (marriage to Isabel Rintoul Davenport) (i4397), b.1875-d.1948
Shankland, Gayle Ann (i4413), b.1959-
Shankland, James Horton (i4399), b.1908-
Shankland, James Horton, Jr. (i4406), b.1935-
Shankland, John Davenport (i4400), b.1910-
Shankland, Louisa Fowler (i4402), b.1919-
Shankland, Marita Elizabeth (i4428), b.1948-
Shankland, Mary Isabel (i4405), b.1932-
Shankland, Sarah Elizabeth (i4408), b.1945-
Shankland, Sidney Fowler (i4401), b.1913-
Shankland, Sidney Fowler, Jr. (i4426), b.1943-
Shankland, Susan (i4429), b.1955-


Sharpe, Verna Hayes (marriage to Howard Leroy Shearon Jr.) (i4653)


Shaw, Sadie (marriage to Leonard Currier Bond) (i3355)


Shearon, Gail Lynne (i4657), b.1965-
Shearon, Gary Alan (i4655), b.1948-
Shearon, Howard Leroy (marriage to Inez Whitney Davenport) (i4650), b.1897-d.1957
Shearon, Howard Leroy, III (i4654), b.1939-
Shearon, Howard Leroy, Jr. (i4651), b.1919-
Shearon, James Alan (i4660), b.1977-
Shearon, Lavinia Dorothy (i4652), b.1920-
Shearon, Stewart Brent (i4658), b.1969-


Sheldon, Charles Hovey (i3300), b.1846-d.1848
Sheldon, Charles William (i4301)
Sheldon, Edmund Weldon (i3302), b.1857-
Sheldon, Edmund Weldon (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Davenport) (i3302), b.1857-
Sheldon, Elizabeth Davenport (i4299), b.1885-d.1975
Sheldon, Helen Davenport (i4300), b.1898-
Sheldon, Mary Honor (i3301), b.1850-d.1875
Sheldon, Philo B. (marriage to Mary Esther Waldo) (i3299), b.1817-d.1902
Sheldon, William (i1541), b.1788-
Sheldon, William, Dr. (marriage to Eunice Williams) (i1540)


Shepard, Mary (marriage to Stephen Hunter Loveless) (i4321)


Shepardson, Alva (i1799), b.1824-d.1825
Shepardson, Ansel (marriage to Lu Ray Story) (i1796), b.1793-d.1876
Shepardson, Aurelia Story (i1800), b.1826-
Shepardson, Byron W. (i1821), b.1857-
Shepardson, Dumont A. (i1823), b.1861-
Shepardson, Edward (i1802), b.1829-d.1829
Shepardson, Edward (i1805), b.1848-d.1889
Shepardson, Emerson (i1797), b.1820-d.1877
Shepardson, Emily A. (i1820), b.1853-
Shepardson, Essie Leona (i1826), b.1866-d.1880
Shepardson, Fannie Viola (i1827), b.1872-
Shepardson, Francis Wayland (i1803), b.1836-
Shepardson, Gardner (i1807)
Shepardson, George Newton (i1824), b.1868-
Shepardson, George Renslow (i1801), b.1827-
Shepardson, James (i1810), b.1847-
Shepardson, Lulu E. (i1822), b.1859-
Shepardson, Merritt Chase (i1798), b.1823-d.1890
Shepardson, Nettie (i1811)
Shepardson, Sarah (i1806)
Shepardson, William B. (i1809), b.1849-


Shepherd, Anna (marriage to Harlow Crissey) (i2344), d.1894
Shepherd, Charlotte (Lottie) (marriage to William Bates Davenport) (i705), d.1931


Sherman, Chloe (marriage to James Jay Felton) (i2273), b.1822-d.1882
Sherman, David Paul (i4729), b.1970-
Sherman, Devin Lee (i4730), b.1970-
Sherman, Edwin C. (marriage to Frances Emeline Isham) (i1260)
Sherman, Marlo Gail (i4731), b.1973-
Sherman, Paul (marriage to Sharon Loewaine Tedrick) (i4728)


Sherwood, Emily Augusta (marriage to George Nelson Raymond) (i2818), b.1844-d.1926


Shimabukuro, Mira Chigko (i4638), b.1972-
Shimabukuro, Robert (marriage to Catherine Deweese) (i4637), b.1946-


Shirk, Elizabeth W. (marriage to William Roswell Davenport) (i635), b.1833-d.1895


Shoemaker, Gertrude (marriage to David Low Huntington) (i1352)


Sholes, Charles E. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Babcock) (i2867)


Short, Ann (i4131)
Short, James (i4132)
Short, James F. (marriage to Sandra Lee Davenport) (i4916)
Short, James F., Jr. (i4915), b.1972-
Short, Margaret Esther (i4133), b.1944-d.1961
Short, Martin (marriage to Faith Katherine Howe) (i4130)


Shreve, M. A. (marriage to Samuel Jackson Fisher) (i2559)


Shriner, Frances Isobel (marriage to William Henry Davenport) (i983)


Shults, Nancy Maria (marriage to Street Davenport) (i292), d.1875


Sibley, Mary Alice (marriage to George Bailey Davenport) (i815), d.1976


Silverman, Jessica (i4805), b.1970-
Silverman, Peter (marriage to Julliet Cranford Voorhies) (i4804)


Simpson, Ethel Wayne (marriage to Henry Ely Mack) (i1664)


Simrill, Spenser (marriage to Susan Stuart Davenport) (i4954)
Simrill, Spenser Davenport (i4955), b.1976-


Single, Jessie F. (marriage to Charles Silas Davenport) (i578), d.1921


Skinner, Frances Davenport (i3044)
Skinner, Helen (i3046)
Skinner, James Davenport (i3045)
Skinner, Mary Ann Davenport (i3043)
Skinner, Thomas Harvey, Rev. (marriage to Frances Louisa Davenport) (i3042), d.1878


Slack, Jefferson Merlin (i5000), b.1963-
Slack, Jerry Merlin (marriage to Barbara Crane Davenport) (i4999)
Slack, Townley Crane (i5001), b.1966-


Slaughter, Gordon (marriage to Winifred Seale) (i4147)


Slewick, Agnes R. (marriage to John Lawrence Davenport) (i1126)


Sloan, Arthur (i4440), b.1910-d.1926
Sloan, John Davenport (i4442), b.1914-d.1970
Sloan, John Davenport, Jr. (i4446), b.1946-
Sloan, Mary Elizabeth Rintoul (i4443), b.1918-
Sloan, Roland Hoyt (marriage to Martha Edna Davenport) (i4439), b.1882-d.1956
Sloan, Roland Hoyt, Jr. (i4441), b.1912-


Slocum, Genevieve Helene (marriage to Guy Elwood Goodrich) (i4273)


Sluyter, (marriage to Theodora Hoyt) (i3287), d.1864


Small, Annie (marriage to John Whitney Davenport) (i763)
Small, George (marriage to Jean Elizabeth Bertelsen) (i3886)


Smith, Alice Mabel (i3203), b.1878-
Smith, Anna Griswald (marriage to Galen Augustus Carter) (i3478), d.1942
Smith, Annabelle (marriage to Charles Wilbur Whitlock) (i4113), d.1961
Smith, Bessie Jane (i3135), b.1858-d.1935
Smith, Cora (marriage to John K. Mitchell) (i2031), b.1852-
Smith, Davenport (i2893)
Smith, Denyse B. (i3209)
Smith, Elly (marriage to Leroy Patterson) (i1951)
Smith, Enos (i2891)
Smith, Etta (marriage to Frederick Eugene Davenport Jr.) (i1097)
Smith, Eugene (i3198), b.1839-
Smith, Fanny (i2897)
Smith, Helen Woolsey (i3204), b.1884-
Smith, Henry E. (marriage to Hattie Eliza Foote) (i1460)
Smith, Hezekiah (i2894)
Smith, Ira (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i2889)
Smith, Isaac (i2899)
Smith, James Burton (marriage to Barbara Shankland) (i4430), b.1943-
Smith, Jeffery Shane (i4431), b.1970-
Smith, John (i2892)
Smith, John (marriage to Marcia Hills Davenport) (i4891)
Smith, Joseph James (i4433), b.1975-
Smith, Josiah (marriage to Fanny Bates) (i3134), b.1803-d.1878
Smith, Julia Sophia (marriage to Henry E. Raymond) (i2813)
Smith, Karen (marriage to John Clark Mccann) (i4084), b.1939-
Smith, Kimberly Joy (i4892), b.1962-
Smith, Leonard Bacon (i3201), b.1873-d.1956
Smith, Leonard E. (i3207)
Smith, Lorinda (i2896)
Smith, Lura (i2900)
Smith, Marcel A. (i3206)
Smith, Maria E. (marriage to John Willis Hoyt) (i3153)
Smith, Matthew (marriage to Mary Ann Davenport) (i3196), d.1849
Smith, Matthew Burton (i4432), b.1972-
Smith, Nancy (i2895)
Smith, Polly (i2890)
Smith, Polly (marriage to Nathan Davenport) (i233)
Smith, Roberta Covington (marriage to Joseph Lathrop Mack) (i1641), d.1945
Smith, Sarah (i2898)
Smith, Sereno Newton (i3197), b.1836-d.1907
Smith, Simone M. (i3210)
Smith, Virginia Agate (i3212), b.1904-
Smith, Winthrop Davenport (i3202), b.1874-


Sneden, Sarah Rebecca (marriage to Leonard Currier Bond) (i3345), b.1843-d.1875


Soper, John W. (marriage to Pearl Myra Davenport) (i4211), b.1899-d.1961


Soule, Elenora Alma, M.D. (marriage to Edward Adolphus Davenport) (i390), b.1842-d.1917


Southwick, Stella (marriage to George Warren Mitchell) (i2033), b.1853-


Sparkman, Anne Hatheway (i3950), b.1967-
Sparkman, Palmer D. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Farnham) (i3948)
Sparkman, Palmer D., Jr. (i3949), b.1966-


Sparks, Eliza (marriage to James Cogswell Fisher Dr.) (i2506), b.1812-
Sparks, Patty (marriage to Randolph Collier) (i4246), b.1956-


Spears, Charles Thomas (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Shankland) (i4416), b.1941-
Spears, Donald Thomas (i4417), b.1965-
Spears, Stephen Alan (i4418), b.1967-


Speer, Louisa (marriage to John Crissey) (i2060), b.1797-d.1858


Speich, Lori (marriage to Colin Michael Schmitt) (i3791)


Spence, John Emerson (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i3954), b.1901-d.1964


Spock, Benjamin (marriage to Jane Davenport Cheney) (i3002)


St. John, Almina (marriage to George Alfred Davenport) (i3660), b.1849-d.1916
St. John, Betsy Ann (marriage to Silas Davenport) (i411), d.1900
St. John, Hannah (marriage to Hanford Davenport) (i3165), d.1874
St. John, Irving, Rev. (marriage to Anna Maria Vere Davenport) (i3737), b.1832-d.1916


Stafford, James Scott (marriage to Paula Kay Herring) (i4572)
Stafford, Neil Herring (i4573), b.1980-


Staniland, Frank Charles (marriage to Content Fessenden) (i3526), d.1946


Stearns, Mary Ann (marriage to Elbert Cary Bates) (i3069)


Stebbins, Ann (i1327), b.1792-d.1874
Stebbins, Edward Raynolds (i1321), b.1824-d.1840
Stebbins, Eunecia (i1302), b.1784-d.1816
Stebbins, Eunice (i107), b.1759-
Stebbins, Louisa (i1324)
Stebbins, Samuel Williams (i1305), b.1818-
Stebbins, Sophia Eunecia (i1306), b.1821-d.1906
Stebbins, Sophia Eunecia (i1326), b.1787-d.1806
Stebbins, Stephen Alfred (i1322), b.1829-d.1877
Stebbins, Stephen Stuart (i1325)
Stebbins, Stephen Williams, Rev. (i106), b.1758-d.1843
Stebbins, William (marriage to Eunice Williams) (i105), d.1805
Stebbins, William, Rev. (i1303), b.1786-d.1858


Steigerwald, Elizabeth (marriage to Harry Augustus Davenport Sr.) (i7), b.1873-d.1962


Steinbach, Jay Daniel (marriage to Denise Kay Davenport) (i5003)


Steinke, David Eugene (i4895), b.1953-
Steinke, Diane Kathleen (i4897), b.1959-
Steinke, Gene E. (marriage to Doris Elaine Davenport) (i4893)
Steinke, Linda Janette (i4898), b.1962-
Steinke, Richard Davenport (i4896), b.1956-
Steinke, Sharon Elaine (i4894), b.1950-
Steinke, Susan Marie (i4899), b.1963-


Stelle, Kate Parker (marriage to Hubbel Lay Hayes) (i3397)


Sterling, Albert Reed (i2634), b.1869-
Sterling, Alice (i2635), b.1870-
Sterling, Charles (i2627), b.1826-
Sterling, Charles (i2669)
Sterling, Charles Earl (i2645), b.1902-
Sterling, Charles Isaac (i2637), b.1872-
Sterling, Charles Isaac (i2662)
Sterling, Clara (i2663), d.1866
Sterling, Clara May (i2638), b.1878-
Sterling, Clarissa Mortimer (i2639), b.1878-
Sterling, Cora Samantha (i2640), b.1881-
Sterling, Ellice (i2630), b.1842-
Sterling, Esther (i2668)
Sterling, Flora (i2632), b.1862-d.1881
Sterling, Herbert (i2660)
Sterling, Ida (i2661)
Sterling, Isaac (marriage to Eliza Knapp) (i2626), b.1789-d.1853
Sterling, John (i2667)
Sterling, Lina Libble (i2636), b.1874-
Sterling, Nathaniel (marriage to Betsy Knapp) (i2671)
Sterling, Rhoda (i2628), b.1829-
Sterling, Walter Wallace (i2642), b.1887-
Sterling, William (i2629), b.1833-
Sterling, William (i2665)
Sterling, William Knapp (i2641), b.1885-


Stevens, Anna S. (marriage to John Meig Linsley) (i1420)
Stevens, Elizabeth Davenport (i3836)
Stevens, John Clement (i3835)
Stevens, Joseph W. (marriage to Julia Davenport Wilson) (i3833)
Stevens, Katharine Lourden (i3834)
Stevens, Mark Hambleton (i3838)
Stevens, Matthew (i3837)


Stewart, Charlotte (marriage to John Davenport Waldo) (i3303), b.1834-d.1901
Stewart, Mary Virginia (marriage to Walker Jerome Davenport) (i963), b.1919-
Stewart, Pearl (marriage to Spencer Harwood Davis) (i1289)


Stokes, Annette Marie (i4543), b.1957-
Stokes, Barbara Elaine (i4536), b.1950-
Stokes, Beverly Ann (i4527), b.1933-
Stokes, Cecil Curtis (i4526), b.1926-
Stokes, Christine Kay (i4542), b.1953-
Stokes, David Duane (i4529), b.1950-
Stokes, Dennis Alan (i4537), b.1952-
Stokes, Diane Leigh (i4546), b.1955-
Stokes, Gary Lee (i4530), b.1952-
Stokes, Harry (marriage to Lueda Mae Davenport) (i4523), b.1900-d.1967
Stokes, Janice Lynn (i4548), b.1957-
Stokes, Jimmy Lynn (i4532), b.1954-
Stokes, Julie Ann (i4540), b.1961-
Stokes, Leanne Rae (i4539), b.1960-
Stokes, Mark Alan (i4544), b.1958-
Stokes, Marvin Byron (i4524), b.1924-
Stokes, Marvin Paul (i4534), b.1957-
Stokes, Melvin Myron (i4525), b.1924-
Stokes, Michael Dale (i4533), b.1955-
Stokes, Neil Eugene (i4538), b.1957-
Stokes, Renee Jean (i4547), b.1956-


Stone, Anne Butterick (i2871), b.1914-
Stone, Caroline Babcock (i2870), b.1908-
Stone, Charlotte Desers (i2869), b.1906-
Stone, Harold (marriage to Anne Tredwell Babcock) (i2868)


Stonell, John (marriage to Sarah Smith) (i2906)


Storrs, Eleazer Williams (i1530), b.1799-
Storrs, Eleazer Williams, Jr. (i1536), b.1847-d.1857
Storrs, Eunice Conant (i1531), b.1801-
Storrs, Lucy Ann (i1537), b.1829-
Storrs, Lucy Burt (i1532), b.1803-
Storrs, Richard S., D.D. (marriage to Ann Stebbins) (i1328)
Storrs, Richard Salter (i1534), b.1830-
Storrs, Richard Salter (marriage to Sarah Williams) (i1529), b.1763-d.1819
Storrs, Sarah Williams (i1538), b.1832-
Storrs, Stephen Williams (i1535), b.1843-d.1844


Story, Adoniram Judson (i1795), b.1823-d.1892
Story, Aurelia (i1786), b.1798-d.1822
Story, Belle Dutlin Douglas (i1876), b.1871-
Story, Bertie J. (i1837), b.1862-
Story, Charles (i1842)
Story, Charles Eligesh (i1873), b.1856-d.1865
Story, Edith M. (i1839), b.1869-
Story, Effie C. (i1836), b.1859-
Story, Elijah (marriage to Rhoda Crissey) (i1784), b.1778-d.1830
Story, Elijah O. (i1831), b.1835-
Story, Emeline R. (i1792), b.1812-d.1891
Story, Harriet (i1793), b.1814-d.1825
Story, Hattie (i1844)
Story, Howell (i1829), b.1832-
Story, Hubbell (i1830), b.1832-
Story, Ida May (i1874), b.1858-d.1865
Story, Judson Robert (i1875), b.1867-d.1867
Story, Lavinia (i1785), d.1818
Story, Lavinia C. (i1832), b.1836-d.1864
Story, Leon (i1846)
Story, Lewis S. (marriage to Lancy Bliss) (i1926)
Story, Lu Ray (i1787), b.1801-d.1880
Story, Mabel H. (i1838), b.1865-
Story, Mary A. (i1833), b.1843-
Story, Mary Ann (i1794), b.1818-d.1818
Story, Maud (i1845)
Story, Nettie E. (i1835), b.1857-
Story, Ozias (i1788), b.1803-d.1884
Story, Saphronia (i1790), b.1808-d.1825
Story, Sumner (i1847)
Story, Veneria (i1789), b.1805-d.1849
Story, Winifred A. (i1840), b.1870-


Stottler, Malcolm Warren (i2709), b.1892-
Stottler, Victor E. (marriage to Helen Warren) (i2707), b.1859-d.1906
Stottler, Victor Warren (i2708), b.1888-d.1890


Stoudt, Wilford L. (marriage to Lucie Munson) (i3693), b.1908-


Straziuso, Susan Kaye (marriage to Gary Allen Davenport) (i1024)


Street, Eunecia (marriage to Stephen Williams Stebbins Rev.) (i1301), d.1817
Street, Mary (marriage to Samuel Davenport Deacon) (i192), d.1803


Strickland, Ann (marriage to Byrd Warwick Davenport Jr.) (i1164)


Strong, Ann H. (marriage to Sylvester Davenport) (i3545), b.1824-d.1911
Strong, Caroline Amelia (i3425), b.1876-d.1877
Strong, Cornelia Theodosia (i3423), b.1869-d.1958
Strong, Elizabeth Davenport (i3424), b.1874-d.1966
Strong, Helen Emory (i3429), b.1911-
Strong, Jessie (marriage to Isaac Mead Scofield) (i3185)
Strong, Kate Wheeler (i3426), b.1879-d.1977
Strong, Louise Morgan (marriage to Henry Joralemon Davenport) (i889), d.1977
Strong, Marguerite Davenport (i3430), b.1912-
Strong, Russel Wheeler (i3427), b.1886-d.1971
Strong, Selah Brewster, Jr. (marriage to Julia Davenport Wheeler) (i3422), b.1841-d.1931
Strong, William Youngs (i3438), b.1914-
Strong, William Youngs, Jr. (i3441), b.1957-


Sturges, Alice F. (marriage to Julius Bates Davenport) (i707), d.1948
Sturges, Mary (marriage to George Augustus Davenport) (i354), b.1812-d.1884


Suker, Bonnie (marriage to Albert Shelton Davenport Ii) (i1186)


Sutton, W. Dale (marriage to Marion Lucy Davenport) (i4192)


Swan, David Beatty (i4013), b.1945-
Swan, Douglas (i4016), b.1966-
Swan, John Davenport (i3997), b.1914-
Swan, John Davenport, Jr. (i4015), b.1956-
Swan, Joseph Rockwell (marriage to Theodora Davenport) (i3995), b.1873-d.1948
Swan, Joseph Rockwell, Jr. (i3996), b.1908-
Swan, Peter Davenport (i4012), b.1943-
Swan, Ruth Montgomery (i3999), b.1936-
Swan, Susan Joy (i4014), b.1948-
Swan, Theodora Davenport (i4000), b.1939-


Swartz, Reva (marriage to Merrill Leroy Herring) (i4562), d.1946


Sweeney, Mary Cecilia (marriage to Nelson Whitney Davenport) (i917)


Swits, Willis S. (marriage to Ella Maude Davenport) (i4134), b.1864-d.1903


Swope, Edith Bernita (i4371), b.1913-d.1939
Swope, Perry (marriage to Reba Davenport) (i4370), d.1958


Szabo, Dawn Marie (marriage to Thomas Donn Kennedy) (i4763), b.1957-


Taber, Annie Lucille (i2479), b.1867-
Taber, Elbert Ray (i2473), b.1876-
Taber, Eugene (i2475), b.1880-
Taber, Inez Elnora (i2477), b.1861-
Taber, Laberne C. (i2478), b.1863-
Taber, Orson Lysander (marriage to Alice May Overton) (i2472), b.1846-
Taber, Raymond Kelly (i2474), b.1878-
Taber, Thomas Elwood, Jr. (marriage to Lucinda Jane Crissey) (i2476)


Tagliaren, Anthony (marriage to Mary Doris Mawby) (i4711), b.1904-d.1951
Tagliaren, Francis Anthony (i4713), b.1947-
Tagliaren, Gerralyn (i4712), b.1945-


Talbot, Anne (marriage to Donald Fackler Treat) (i3906)


Tallman, Katherine Eliot (marriage to Maltby Davenport Babcock Rev.) (i2856)


Tamaleah, Sosopo (Lynn) V. (marriage to Gail Keith Davenport) (i1085)


Tassini, Andrew Christopher (i4509), b.1955-
Tassini, Lawrence Edward (i4513), b.1964-
Tassini, Mary Inez (i4508), b.1953-
Tassini, Megan Elizabeth (i4511), b.1958-
Tassini, Raymond James (marriage to June Alva Scott) (i4507)
Tassini, Raymond James, Jr. (i4510), b.1957-
Tassini, Steven Matthew (i4512), b.1960-


Tates, Nellie M. (marriage to Willis M. Davis) (i2103), b.1861-


Taube, Barbara Ann (i4624), b.1936-
Taube, Karl Adams (i4627), b.1963-
Taube, Paul Adams (i4623), b.1934-
Taube, Paul Carl (marriage to Margaret Louise Adams) (i4622), b.1912-
Taube, Teresa Babette (i4626), b.1961-


Taylor, Addaleen Howell (marriage to William St. John Davenport) (i613), b.1846-
Taylor, Cora Lorain (marriage to Frederick Ward Raymond) (i2781)
Taylor, Elisha (marriage to Elizabeth Ely) (i1691)
Taylor, Emily Louisa (i1748), b.1841-d.1849
Taylor, Emily Louisa (i1761), b.1864-
Taylor, Francis Gilbert (i1751), b.1868-
Taylor, Frederick Clark (i1762), b.1866-
Taylor, Frederick Gaylord (i1749), b.1842-d.1849
Taylor, Frederick Heath (i1765), b.1896-
Taylor, Harriet Dorothy (i1764), b.1894-
Taylor, Henry Davenport (i1753), b.1876-d.1876
Taylor, Henry Francis (i1750), b.1832-
Taylor, Hiram Hoyt (i1747), b.1836-
Taylor, Jennie (marriage to Dwight Comstock) (i3540), d.1932
Taylor, John Warren (i1745), b.1810-d.1876
Taylor, John Warren (i1756), b.1859-
Taylor, Lily (i1758), b.1865-
Taylor, Lizzie (i1757), b.1865-
Taylor, Louisa (marriage to Ephraim Chauncey Warren) (i2678), b.1808-d.1839
Taylor, Mabel (i1759), b.1877-
Taylor, Mary Ann (marriage to George Bailey Davenport) (i810)
Taylor, Mary Hoyt (i1754), b.1881-d.1881
Taylor, Sarah Howe (i1752), b.1870-
Taylor, Seth (i1743), b.1771-d.1837
Taylor, Seth (marriage to Martha Gaylord) (i1742)


Teachout, Ellen Elizabeth (marriage to Charles Webb Davenport) (i378), b.1839-d.1908


Teal, Edith M. (marriage to John Elliot Davenport) (i656), b.1870-d.1946
Teal, Sarah (marriage to Sullivan Shults Davenport) (i449)


Tedrick, Catherine Ann (i4727), b.1961-
Tedrick, Donald Oliver (i4724), b.1945-
Tedrick, Kenneth Vernon (i4722), b.1939-
Tedrick, Kenneth Vernon, Jr. (i4726), b.1959-
Tedrick, Sharon Loewaine (i4723), b.1942-
Tedrick, William Vernon (marriage to Helen Irene Davenport) (i4721)


Temple, Mary H. (marriage to Samuel Raymond) (i2771), b.1835-


Tenny, Florence (marriage to William Arthur Love) (i3271), b.1888-


Terrell, Nancy Kate (marriage to Churchill Gibson Davenport) (i4953)


Terwilliger, George, Jr. (marriage to Elsie May Provost) (i3141), d.1911


Test, Laura Gordon (marriage to Charles Samuel Mack) (i1671)


Thomas?, (marriage to Sarah F. Davenport) (i3163)


Thompson, Allen William (i2445), b.1891-
Thompson, Asena (marriage to Enos Smith) (i2902)
Thompson, Edwin (i2441), b.1856-
Thompson, Edwin (marriage to Caroline Crissey) (i2440), b.1825-d.1858
Thompson, Edwin Lavern (i2444), b.1888-
Thompson, Eliza C. (i2953), b.1836-d.1864
Thompson, Emeline Amelia (i2954), b.1839-d.1861
Thompson, James (marriage to Luera Woodward) (i2951)
Thompson, James, Jr. (i2955), b.1844-d.1845
Thompson, Jeffery Scott (i4161), b.1965-
Thompson, Joanna Louise (marriage to Stephen Rintoul Davenport Jr.) (i1051), b.1933-
Thompson, John Woodward (i2952), b.1833-d.1894
Thompson, Leigh Behre (i4162), b.1971-
Thompson, Levi (marriage to Nancy Smith) (i2903)
Thompson, Minnie (i2442), b.1858-d.1870
Thompson, Patty (marriage to Sylvanus Crissey) (i2419), d.1861
Thompson, Pearl (marriage to Max Fay Davenport) (i1019)
Thompson, Robert C. (marriage to Elizabeth A. Behre) (i4160)


Thorell, Jean (marriage to John Frederick Davenport) (i1203)


Tilley, Elizabeth H. (marriage to Frederick Clark Taylor) (i1763)


Tilson, Holmes (marriage to Ada Francilla Hannaman) (i3282)


Tisdale, Ann Eliza (i2209), d.1881
Tisdale, Henry (i2212)
Tisdale, Jane (i2210), d.1894
Tisdale, Riley (marriage to Eunice Crissey) (i2208)
Tisdale, William (i2211)


Todd, Amanda D. (marriage to Edwin Thompson) (i2443), b.1851-
Todd, Ellen Johnson (marriage to Charles Belden White Ii) (i3654)
Todd, Shirley Buell (marriage to Gilbert Ridgeway Hitchcock) (i1655)


Tompkins, Theodore O. (marriage to Harriet L. Darrow) (i3090)
Tompkins, Theodore Otter, Jr. (i3091), b.1915-


Towey, Floyd (marriage to Dorothy Davenport Ryder) (i3630)


Townsend, Arthur Lee (i1957), b.1856-
Townsend, Eleanor (marriage to Benjamin Davenport Betts) (i3607)
Townsend, Stephen (marriage to Marilla Rozell Crissey) (i1956), d.1860
Townsend, Warren D. (i1958), b.1858-


Toyne, Gordon (marriage to Jeanie Richey) (i4522)
Toyne, Irma M. (marriage to William Ralph Davenport) (i898), b.1913-


Tozzi, Arthur Joseph, Jr. (i4967), b.1958-
Tozzi, August, Jr. (marriage to Susan Crofut Davenport) (i4966)
Tozzi, Sara Ann (i4969), b.1963-
Tozzi, Stephen Michael (i4968), b.1960-


Tracy, Eunice (marriage to Merrill Crissey) (i2314), b.1834-d.1888
Tracy, Helen (i2149), b.1884-
Tracy, Hira G. (marriage to Lettie M. Irish) (i2148)
Tracy, Phylance (marriage to William Davenport) (i424), b.1801-d.1882


Trager, Beth (marriage to Michael Collier) (i4245), b.1955-


Treacy, Daniel Francis (marriage to Theodora Davenport Carter) (i3495), d.1916


Treat, Donald Fackler (i3904), b.1925-
Treat, Elizabeth Avves (marriage to Lewis Busnell Jr.) (i2610)
Treat, Mary Elizabeth (i3905), b.1926-
Treat, Roger Eddy, D.D. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Fackler) (i3903), b.1891-d.1971


Troyer, Mary Lou (marriage to David Dirk Davenport) (i1182)


Tryling, Florence (marriage to Edmund Sheldon Willis) (i4323)


Tubbs, Viola L. (marriage to Frederick Clark) (i2180), b.1839-


Turley, Marietta Leech (marriage to John Davenport) (i4018), b.1881-d.1963


Turner, Andreas (i4345), b.1968-
Turner, Bryant (i4347), b.1947-
Turner, David Bryant (marriage to Beatrice Davenport Wetmore) (i4340), d.1932
Turner, David Bryant, III (i4342), b.1943-
Turner, David Bryant, Iv (i4344), b.1967-
Turner, David Bryant, Jr. (i4334), b.1919-
Turner, David Bryant, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Sheldon Osborne) (i4334), b.1919-
Turner, Edward Wetmore (i4341), b.1921-d.1951
Turner, Judith (marriage to Elijah O. Story) (i1841), d.1878
Turner, Robert (marriage to Luthera Hopkins) (i1892)
Turner, Stephen Besch (i4348), b.1949-


Turnier, Emily Maria (i2881), d.1871
Turnier, John (marriage to Mary Catherine Maltby) (i2880)


Tuttle, Anna (marriage to William Davenport) (i2888)
Tuttle, Bradford (marriage to Julia Beach) (i2055)
Tuttle, Florence Althea (marriage to Henry Clarence Wright) (i2236), b.1871-
Tuttle, Mary (marriage to William Sterling) (i2659)
Tuttle, Polly (marriage to Charles Augustus Bates) (i3071), b.1806-d.1851


Twiss, Lavina (marriage to Sullivan Shults Davenport) (i444), b.1836-d.1886


Tyler, David Budlong (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Rintoul Sloan) (i4448), b.1899-
Tyler, Sandra Rintoul (i4449), b.1963-


Vail, John J. (marriage to Susan Frances Raymond) (i2789)
Vail, Katherine C. (marriage to John Edward Behre) (i4157)


Van Cleve, Beatrice Wetmore (i4351), b.1927-
Van Cleve, Cynthia (i4350), b.1922-
Van Cleve, John Reynolds (marriage to Alice Cynthia Wetmore) (i4349)


Van Eps, M. Edward (marriage to Mary Amanda Conde) (i3227)


Van Fleet, Roger Edwin (marriage to Gayle Ann Felske) (i3800)


Van Sickler, Charles (marriage to Alice Greene) (i2748)
Van Sickler, Charles Theodore (i2749), b.1899-
Van Sickler, Earl Winston (i2750), b.1900-
Van Sickler, Esther Elizabeth (i2751), b.1902-
Van Sickler, Lewis Richard (i2752), b.1906-


Vanfleet, Lora L. (marriage to Paul Howard Davenport) (i1022)


Veale, Adelaide (i4365), b.1913-
Veale, Willard (marriage to Fanny Davenport) (i4364)


Vinas, Manuellita Maria (marriage to Pierrepont Vere Minshull) (i3409)


Vincent, Mary (marriage to Levi Hackley Jr.) (i1519)


Virginia (marriage to Franklin Davenport Laurens) (i3461)


Voelkel, Brigette (marriage to Nicholas Buck Fessenden) (i3522)


Von Bremen, Ann Adams (i4629), b.1947-
Von Bremen, Berend Henry (marriage to Dorothy Jane Adams) (i4628), b.1913-


Von Manderscheid, Elsa (marriage to Samuel Ely Eliot) (i1628), d.1978


Voorhees, Mary (marriage to Merriam Bacheler Davenport) (i3738)


Voorhies, Coerte Van (i4799), b.1956-
Voorhies, David King (i4798), b.1952-
Voorhies, Dereck (i4807)
Voorhies, Earle Crawford (marriage to Emily Irene Davenport) (i4795)
Voorhies, Julliet Cranford (i4797), b.1947-
Voorhies, Lemoine Farwell (i4796), b.1943-


Wade, (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i1224)


Wadsworth, Harry Hyde (marriage to Clara Emily Babcock) (i2861)
Wadsworth, Katherine Babcock (i2862), b.1906-


Wagner, Ellwood (marriage to Virginia Barr Fessenden) (i3523), b.1911-
Wagner, Josephine (i3525), b.1947-
Wagner, Peter (i3524), b.1946-


Wakefield, Fancher Burritt (i4473), b.1926-
Wakefield, Fancher Everett (marriage to Margaret Kemp Burritt) (i4472), b.1891-d.1972


Waldo, Aaron (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i3295), b.1792-d.1886
Waldo, Aaron Hovey (i3297), b.1826-d.1841
Waldo, Charles Aaron (i3304), b.1855-
Waldo, Charlotte Esther (i3305), b.1859-
Waldo, Esther Marie (i3317), b.1896-
Waldo, Harvey Stuart (i3307), b.1865-
Waldo, Henry Otis (i3316), b.1891-
Waldo, Herbert John (i3315), b.1889-
Waldo, John Davenport (i3298), b.1831-
Waldo, Lucius Otis (i3306), b.1863-
Waldo, Mary Abigail (i3308), b.1871-
Waldo, Mary Esther (i3296), b.1824-d.1896


Waldron, Gladys (marriage to Walter Irwin Davenport) (i4519)


Walker, Aldace Atwood (i3335), b.1838-d.1861
Walker, Alice Henrietta (i3336), b.1841-d.1845
Walker, Alice Mae (marriage to Frederick St. John Davenport) (i806), b.1880-d.1961
Walker, Edna Minerva (i3337), b.1843-
Walker, Kate (marriage to Samuel Azra Davenport) (i640)
Walker, Lucius (marriage to Henrietta Edwards Davenport) (i3334)
Walker, Lucius Pierpont (i3338), b.1848-d.1872
Walker, Pierre Jaqua (marriage to Edith Davenport Shankland) (i4403), b.1894-
Walker, Ray (marriage to Ruth Davenport) (i4734)


Wall, Edith (marriage to John Davenport Wilcox Jr.) (i4606)


Wallace, Clarke Southall (marriage to Lucy Wickham Davenport) (i4941)
Wallace, Clarke Southall, Jr. (i4944), b.1967-
Wallace, Emily Dunn (i4945), b.1973-
Wallace, John Gordon, Ii (i4943), b.1965-
Wallace, Otway Byrd (i4942), b.1962-


Wallen, Robert R. (marriage to Gertrude Provost) (i3144)


Walsh, Adalina Beatrice (i4116), b.1912-
Walsh, Charles Augustus (i4117), b.1914-
Walsh, Emily (marriage to Gaylord Gorham Whitlock) (i4115)


Walters, Charles Mahlon (i2738), b.1903-d.1903
Walters, Claude L. (marriage to Mabel Warren Green) (i2737)


Ward, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Loveless) (i4319)
Ward, Elizabeth Sheldon (i4320), b.1976-
Ward, Frances Elizabeth (i3717), b.1915-
Ward, George Dean (i3718), b.1917-
Ward, Irving Dean (marriage to Floy Elizabeth Rockwell) (i3716), b.1876-
Ward, Jeremiah (marriage to Sally Davenport) (i3228)
Ward, John Davenport (i3719), b.1920-


Warde, Vera (marriage to Walter Bell Lockwood) (i4042), d.1975


Warner, Charlotte (marriage to George Davenport) (i504), d.1914
Warner, Julia Barnum (marriage to Ephraim Chauncey Warren) (i2681), b.1816-d.1893


Warnke, Jessie Anna (marriage to Benjamin Bynner Davenport) (i1110)


Warren, Abigail (marriage to Seth Taylor) (i1744)
Warren, Almina Louisa (i2682), b.1843-
Warren, Anna Ophelia (i2728), b.1838-
Warren, Anna Ruana (i2686), b.1854-d.1858
Warren, Anne Elizabeth (i2700), b.1835-
Warren, Archie Delavan (i2386), b.1871-
Warren, Caroline Louise (i2729), b.1842-d.1844
Warren, Carrie B. (i2741), b.1871-
Warren, Charles (i2689), b.1861-d.1861
Warren, Charlotte Elizabeth (i2684), b.1850-
Warren, Elizabeth (i2676), b.1818-d.1899
Warren, Emily Frances (i2701), b.1837-d.1842
Warren, Ephraim Chauncey (i2673), b.1808-d.1865
Warren, Frances Louisa (i2731), b.1844-d.1851
Warren, Frank K. (i2740), b.1872-
Warren, George Lansing (i2679), b.1834-d.1880
Warren, Hanford (i2732), b.1847-
Warren, Helen (i2704), b.1861-d.1892
Warren, Henry (i2730), b.1842-d.1842
Warren, Henry Joseph (i2705), b.1863-
Warren, John (i2675), b.1813-d.1857
Warren, John (i2688), b.1861-d.1861
Warren, John Davenport (i2685), b.1852-
Warren, John Jessup (i2699), b.1833-d.1900
Warren, Joseph Davenport (i2674), b.1809-d.1900
Warren, Julia Elizabeth (i2733), b.1852-
Warren, Katherine (i2706), b.1867-
Warren, Louisa Malvina (i2690), b.1863-
Warren, Lucien (i2387), b.1881-
Warren, Lucien C. (marriage to Mary Amanilla Crissey) (i2383), b.1833-
Warren, Martha (marriage to James Davenport) (i13), b.1793-d.1875
Warren, Miner Sardis (i2384), b.1861-d.1871
Warren, Minnie Deete (i2385), b.1867-
Warren, Sarah Jessup (i2702), b.1840-d.1907
Warren, Theodore Joseph (i2683), b.1845-
Warren, Thomas (marriage to Ann Davenport) (i2672)
Warren, William (i2680)


Warwick, Louise Marguerite (marriage to John Sidney Davenport Jr.) (i863), b.1880-d.1968


Waterbury, Day M. (i1968)
Waterbury, Hirman William (marriage to Marilla Crissey) (i1961), b.1811-d.1892
Waterbury, Lottie L. (i1966), b.1867-
Waterbury, Luther Windsor (i1962), b.1840-
Waterbury, Lyle C. (i1965), b.1867-
Waterbury, Mabel (i1969)
Waterbury, Scott Emory (i1963), b.1843-


Waters, Elizabeth Ann (i4871), b.1957-
Waters, Georgia Elizabeth (Williams) (marriage to Theodore Davenport) (i461), d.1894
Waters, Glenn Davenport (i4872), b.1959-
Waters, Laurence Elliot (i4873), b.1965-
Waters, Richard Bruce (i4870), b.1952-
Waters, Wesley E., Jr. (marriage to Martha Ann Davenport) (i4869)


Waterworth, Elizabeth Dean (i3919), b.1937-
Waterworth, Emily Maud (i3917), b.1899-d.1968
Waterworth, Harold Alexander (i3916), b.1897-d.1970
Waterworth, Henry Wetherhead (marriage to Margaret Davenport Alexander) (i3914), d.1915
Waterworth, Mary Louise (i3915), b.1895-d.1896


Watson, Charles Newton (i1391), b.1886-d.1904
Watson, Jonathan Edward (marriage to Elizabeth Imogene Foote) (i1390)


Webb, David (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i2604)
Webb, Henry (i2800)
Webb, John (marriage to Sally Raymond) (i2799)
Webb, Mary (marriage to Silas Davenport) (i176), d.1798
Webb, Nathan (i2605)
Webb, Nathaniel (i2801)
Webb, Sarah (i2606)


Weber, David Ryder (i3629)
Weber, Louis Abraham (marriage to Dorothy Davenport Ryder) (i3628)
Weber, Marjorie (marriage to Robert Ralsey Davenport) (i1193)


Webster, (marriage to Isabella Sanderson) (i3294)
Webster, Betsy Polly (marriage to Isaac James Crissey Rev.) (i2304), b.1819-
Webster, Lucille (marriage to Russel Melvin Davenport) (i950), b.1908-


Weed, Fannie Ellen (marriage to William Henry Davenport) (i555)
Weed, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i1223)
Weed, Susan M. (marriage to Walter Henry Bates) (i3133), d.1879


Wehner, Alison Farah (i4923), b.1975-
Wehner, Ronald Paul (marriage to Sharon Ann Davenport) (i4921), b.1943-
Wehner, Shannon M'Ree (i4922), b.1970-


Weil, Frank Tuthill (i1615), b.1908-d.1923
Weil, Fred Alban (marriage to Ellen Smith Eliot) (i1613), d.1933
Weil, Janet Hobart (i1616), b.1912-
Weil, Thomas Eliot (i1614), b.1906-


Weimer, Robert Donald (marriage to Phyllis May Fimple) (i4701), b.1925-
Weimer, Sandra May Lamp (i4700), b.1959-
Weimer, Susan Lynn Lamp (i4699), b.1956-


Weir, David A. (marriage to Helen Annie Davenport) (i4195), b.1889-d.1971
Weir, Edna Jeanne (i4196), b.1916-
Weir, Hazel Lorraine (i4197), b.1920-


Wells, Harriet (marriage to Sereno Newton Smith) (i3199), d.1914
Wells, Mary Sylvester (marriage to John Davenport Hon.) (i199), d.1847


Wemple, John J. (marriage to Rosetta L. Mitchell) (i2016), b.1849-


West, Charles Stuart (marriage to Janet Hobart Weil) (i1617)
West, Pamela Eliot (i1619), b.1943-
West, Priscilla (i1618), b.1939-


Westbrook, Daniel Davenport (i4191)
Westbrook, James (marriage to Beatrice Davenport) (i4189)
Westbrook, James Seymour (i4190)


Westcott, Alice (marriage to John Gaylord Davenport Rev.) (i747), d.1911


Westerhold, Grant Paul (marriage to Coann Carol Felske) (i3801)


Westfall, Clyde (i4556)
Westfall, Ethel (i4554)
Westfall, Helen Clara (i4555)
Westfall, Russell (i4557)


Westmeir, Howard Elliot (marriage to Margaret Louise Davenport) (i4649)


Weston, Grace (marriage to Soule Frances Davenport) (i605), b.1872-


Wetmore, Alice Cynthia (i4339), b.1902-d.1958
Wetmore, Beatrice Davenport (i4337), b.1889-d.1932
Wetmore, Edward Ditmars (marriage to Helen Louise Davenport) (i4336)
Wetmore, Rachel Wetherbee (i4338), b.1892-d.1900


Wheaton, Ralph (marriage to Vera Davenport) (i4369)


Wheeler, Delia R. (marriage to John Alden Davis) (i1278)
Wheeler, Eliza Maria (marriage to John Alfred Davenport) (i295), d.1859
Wheeler, Elizabeth Davenport (i3464), b.1839-d.1890
Wheeler, Emily Matilda (i3467), b.1853-d.1930
Wheeler, Evelyn Foster (i2504), b.1890-
Wheeler, Frances Addison (i2503), b.1888-
Wheeler, George Waterbury (marriage to Mary Wright Fisher) (i2502)
Wheeler, James Boorman (i3465), b.1842-d.1842
Wheeler, John Davenport (i3417), b.1834-d.1922
Wheeler, Josiah William (marriage to Mary Boorman Davenport) (i3462), b.1807-d.1882
Wheeler, Julia Davenport (i3419), b.1844-d.1913
Wheeler, Julia Emeline (i3218), b.1825-d.1846
Wheeler, Mary Boorman (i3463), b.1837-d.1903
Wheeler, Mary Waterbury (i2505), b.1891-
Wheeler, Russel Canfield (marriage to Theodosia Davenport) (i3416), b.1795-d.1847
Wheeler, Sarah Elizabeth (i3219), b.1828-d.1910
Wheeler, Theodosia Mary (i3420), b.1847-d.1941
Wheeler, William (i3418), b.1836-d.1864
Wheeler, William (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport) (i3217), d.1871
Wheeler, William Rupell (i3466), b.1847-d.1852


Wheelock, Eleazar, Rev. (marriage to Sarah Davenport) (i1714)
Wheelock, Ralph, Rev. (i1717)
Wheelock, Ruth (i1716), b.1740-d.1831
Wheelock, Theodora (i1715)


Whelpley, James Davenport, Dr. (i3011), b.1817-d.1872
Whelpley, Philip Melancthon (i3012)
Whelpley, Philip Melancthon (i3013)
Whelpley, Philip Melancthon (marriage to Abigail Fitch Davenport) (i3010), d.1824


Whiled, Vernon (marriage to Grethel Mae Beck) (i4099)


White, (i3412), d.1871
White, Ambrose Lipscourt (i3602), b.1881-d.1898
White, Benjamin L. (marriage to Mary Hetty Davenport) (i3411)
White, Burt (i3415), b.1876-
White, Charles Belden, Ii (i3651), b.1918-
White, Charlotte Cecilia (i3656), b.1946-
White, Colin Sturgis, Lt. (marriage to Rebecca Robins Mack) (i1670)
White, Colin Sturgis, Lt. (marriage to Rebecca Robins Mack) (i1670)
White, Davenport, Jr. (i3649), b.1910-d.1920
White, Davenport, M.D. (i3601), b.1879-
White, Diane Ellen (i3655), b.1944-
White, Dinah (marriage to Nathaniel Crissey) (i2309), b.1779-d.1818
White, Edith (i3599), b.1875-
White, Frances (i3596), b.1870-d.1878
White, George Belden (marriage to Mary Ann Davenport) (i3595), d.1881
White, George Bennet (i3414), b.1874-
White, John Davenport (i3659), b.1952-
White, Katherine (i3598), b.1872-d.1964
White, Mary Elizabeth (i3657), b.1948-
White, Mary Sturges (i3597), b.1871-d.1871
White, Mercy (Merrill), Mrs. (marriage to Nathaniel Crissey) (i2311), b.1779-d.1855
White, Warren Lyttle (i3413), b.1872-d.1873
White, William Kearney Carr (i3650), b.1916-d.1961
White, William Lambert (i3658), b.1949-
White, Winifred (i3600), b.1877-


Whitestone, Henry (marriage to Lillian Virginia Overton) (i2471), b.1859-


Whitlock, Augustus (marriage to Emily Davenport) (i4106), d.1895
Whitlock, Carrie Augusta (i4110), b.1869-d.1894
Whitlock, Charles Wilbur (i4109), b.1862-d.1948
Whitlock, E. (marriage to Lorana Benedict) (i2617)
Whitlock, Emma Louise (i4108), b.1858-
Whitlock, Gaylord Gorham (i4114), b.1889-
Whitlock, Janet (marriage to Fred Cady Davis) (i1287)
Whitlock, Minnie Louise (i4107), b.1855-d.1858


Whitney, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to John Davenport) (i543), b.1829-d.1891


Wick, Allison Elizabeth (i4481), b.1977-
Wick, Jessica Catherine (i4482), b.1977-
Wick, Robert Vincent (marriage to Mary Ann Hurford) (i4480)


Wijnbladh, Sigrid Victoria (marriage to Thomas Dawes Eliot) (i1630), d.1942


Wilbur, Earl Morse, Rev. (marriage to Dorthea Dix Eliot) (i1602)
Wilbur, Elizabeth Fuller (i1604), b.1907-
Wilbur, Thomas Lamb (i1605), b.1912-d.1932
Wilbur, William Eliot (i1603), b.1902-d.1902


Wilcox, Eleanor Devenport (i4605), b.1953-
Wilcox, Elizabeth Devenport (i4604), b.1943-
Wilcox, Frank Alonzo (marriage to Belle Crissey) (i2366), b.1858-
Wilcox, Herbert Joel (marriage to Mary Lindley Davenport) (i4600), b.1877-
Wilcox, John Davenport (i4601), b.1910-
Wilcox, John Davenport, Jr. (i4603), b.1940-
Wilcox, Minnie Groff (marriage to George William Comstock) (i3539), d.1928
Wilcox, Nancy Lynn (i4607), b.1964-
Wilcox, Roxanna (marriage to John Gould Davenport) (i440)


Wildman, Bessie Peck (i2823), b.1876-
Wildman, Chester Ely (i2822), b.1862-
Wildman, James Beach (marriage to Mary Catherine Raymond) (i2821), b.1838-


Willett, Mae (marriage to Charles Elbin Davenport) (i842), b.1899-d.1973


Williams, Abigail (i92), b.1751-d.1769
Williams, Abigail (i116)
Williams, Abigail (i117)
Williams, Abigail (i123), b.1763-
Williams, Andrew (i101), b.1761-
Williams, Ann (i91), b.1749-d.1769
Williams, Ann (i113)
Williams, Ann (i127), b.1772-
Williams, Belle (marriage to James Safford) (i1918)
Williams, Benjamin Douglas (i1465), b.1863-
Williams, Damion Babaluyia (i4888), b.1969-
Williams, Davenport (i86), b.1731-d.1758
Williams, Davenport (i112), b.1763-d.1840
Williams, Davis Foote (i1467), b.1871-d.1906
Williams, Douglas (marriage to Lucinda Jeanette Foote) (i1464)
Williams, Douglas (marriage to Margaret Eugenia Foote) (i1472)
Williams, Dr. (marriage to Lura Smith) (i2908)
Williams, Eleazer (i97), b.1764-
Williams, Eunice (i83), b.1723-d.1805
Williams, Eunice (i100), b.1751-d.1776
Williams, Eunice (i125), b.1767-
Williams, Eunice K. (i118)
Williams, Herman Hoadley (i1466), b.1869-
Williams, Inez Julia (marriage to Dwight Maltby Foote) (i1376), b.1851-
Williams, Jerusha Mather (i129), b.1783-d.1844
Williams, John (i81), b.1720-d.1791
Williams, John (i96), b.1761-
Williams, Jonathan Law (i111), b.1757-d.1777
Williams, Lucy (i115), b.1765-d.1839
Williams, Lucy (i122), b.1761-d.1815
Williams, Martha (i87), b.1733-d.1825
Williams, Martha (i99), b.1749-d.1751
Williams, Martha (i126), b.1769-d.1819
Williams, Mary (i93), b.1753-d.1836
Williams, Nathan (i88), b.1735-d.1829
Williams, P. A., M.D. (marriage to Lorinda Smith) (i2904)
Williams, Patty (i104), b.1766-d.1766
Williams, Polly (marriage to Isaac Smith) (i2907)
Williams, Robert (marriage to Jane Davenport) (i4887)
Williams, Samuel (i85), b.1729-d.1807
Williams, Samuel (i119)
Williams, Samuel (i128), b.1779-
Williams, Samuel Hall (i110), b.1756-d.1790
Williams, Sarah (i95), b.1757-d.1758
Williams, Sarah (i120)
Williams, Sarah (i124), b.1765-d.1846
Williams, Stephen (i82), b.1722-d.1795
Williams, Stephen (i90), b.1747-d.1750
Williams, Stephen (i94), b.1755-
Williams, Stephen (i102), b.1762-
Williams, Stephen, Rev. (marriage to Abigail Davenport) (i80), b.1693-d.1782
Williams, Susan M. (marriage to Frederick Davenport Moore) (i4056), b.1876-d.1933
Williams, Timothy (i103), b.1764-
Williams, Warham (i109), b.1755-
Williams, Warham, Dr. (i84), b.1726-d.1786
Williams, William Augustus (i114)


Williamson, Henriette Augusta (marriage to Thomas Sparks Fisher) (i2531)


Willis, Andrew Hunter (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Sheldon) (i4302)
Willis, Andrew Hunter, Ii (i4327), b.1957-
Willis, Andrew Hunter, Jr. (i4303), b.1915-d.1979
Willis, Andrew Mitchell (i4307), b.1948-
Willis, David (i4310), b.1967-
Willis, Edmund Sheldon (i4305), b.1924-
Willis, George Hunter (i4325), b.1952-
Willis, Katherine Davenport (i4324), b.1950-
Willis, Mary Elizabeth (i4304), b.1920-
Willis, Mitchell Sheldon (i4326), b.1955-
Willis, Nadine (i4311), b.1973-
Willis, Rebecca Anne (i4328), b.1961-
Willis, Samuel (i4312), b.1976-
Willis, Virginia Sheldon (i4308), b.1949-


Wills, Francis (marriage to William Davenport Maltby) (i2872), b.1792-


Wilson, Clement Scofield (i3831), b.1935-
Wilson, Clement Scofield, Dr. (marriage to Elizabeth Davenport Hawkins) (i3829), b.1905-d.1948
Wilson, David Hawkins (i3841), b.1961-
Wilson, Ellen Fisher (i3842), b.1966-
Wilson, Hannah (marriage to Isaac Gould Davenport) (i476)
Wilson, Julia Davenport (i3830), b.1933-
Wilson, Mary Given Scofield (i3832), b.1937-
Wilson, Mary Hamill (marriage to Joseph Rockwell Swan Jr.) (i4007)
Wilson, Pearl Imogene (marriage to Frederick Eugene Davenport) (i912)
Wilson, Steven Mattes (i3840), b.1959-


Winchester, Albert E. (marriage to Carrie Augusta Whitlock) (i4118)


Winslow, Franklin Hawkins (i3854)
Winslow, Richard (marriage to Cynthianna Clock Hahn) (i3853)


Winsor, Ada Pauline (i2401), b.1864-
Winsor, Charlotte Flagg (i2403), b.1876-
Winsor, Chauncy (marriage to Lucy Crissey) (i2392), b.1808-d.1877
Winsor, Lucy Eliza (i2402), b.1865-d.1869
Winsor, Roxana (marriage to Jason Crissey) (i2374), b.1812-d.1900
Winsor, Washington (i2394), b.1836-
Winsor, Wealthy Ann (i2393), b.1834-d.1891


Wolcott, Jeremiah (marriage to Sarah Goodsell) (i1702)
Wolcott, Martha Davenport (i1703)


Wolff, Theophilus Heness (marriage to Frances Davenport Hazel) (i3382)


Wood, Alice Paulina (marriage to Deodate Summerfield Davenport) (i771)
Wood, Betsy (marriage to Charles Augustus Bates) (i3079), d.1877
Wood, Lucy (marriage to Seward M. Crissey) (i2362), b.1838-


Woodruff, Florence (i2653), b.1902-
Woodruff, Lola (i2651), b.1896-
Woodruff, Margarite (i2652), b.1898-
Woodruff, Salina (marriage to James Walter Crissey) (i2254)
Woodruff, Wilbur (marriage to Lina Libble Sterling) (i2650)


Woods, (marriage to Mary Nicholson) (i2429)


Woodward, Eliza (i2945), b.1802-d.1830
Woodward, Emeline (i2950), b.1814-d.1864
Woodward, John (marriage to Mary Davenport) (i2944), d.1819
Woodward, John, Jr. (i2946), b.1807-d.1821
Woodward, Luera (i2948), b.1810-d.1891
Woodward, Lydia (marriage to Deodate Davenport Deacon) (i137)
Woodward, Lyman (i2947), b.1810-d.1885
Woodward, Roswell (i2949), b.1811-d.1864


Wooley, Elizabeth (marriage to John Davenport Rev.) (i24), b.1603-d.1676


Wright, (i2227), b.1886-
Wright, Adelaide Theresa (i2239), b.1864-
Wright, Benjamin Franklin (i2218), b.1834-d.1898
Wright, Earle Emmons (i2230), b.1887-
Wright, Ella Ann Judson, Mrs. (marriage to Samuel Shepherd Crissey) (i2359), b.1841-
Wright, Filbert Leander (i2216), b.1816-d.1886
Wright, Florence Esther (i2220), b.1850-
Wright, Frank Merrill (i2221), b.1854-d.1888
Wright, Harriett Jane (i2233), b.1854-d.1859
Wright, Harvey (marriage to Esther Crissey) (i2215), b.1786-d.1858
Wright, Hattie Jane (i2238), b.1862-
Wright, Henry Clarence (i2235), b.1867-
Wright, Howard Fogg (i2229), b.1885-
Wright, Jane Alura (marriage to Julius Marion Wright) (i2231), b.1828-
Wright, Jane Roswell (i4951), b.1971-
Wright, Joan Carmela (marriage to John Frederick Davenport) (i1134)
Wright, Julia May (i2234), b.1857-d.1857
Wright, Julius Marion (i2217), b.1821-
Wright, Leslie Stanley (i2225), b.1883-
Wright, Marian Allen (marriage to John Emerson Davenport) (i1105), d.1974
Wright, Minnie Irene (i2226), b.1884-
Wright, Nellie Emogene (i2232), b.1852-
Wright, Paula (marriage to Paul William Crandell) (i4592)
Wright, Stewart Harner (i4952), b.1974-
Wright, Wilbur Horace, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Roswell Davenport) (i4950), b.1946-
Wright, Wilbur Leslie (i2222), b.1856-


Yeager, Jean Ann (marriage to Harry Augustus Davenport III) (i3), b.1927-


Young, Allison Marie (i4748), b.1977-
Young, Amanda Marie (i4747), b.1975-
Young, Amy Marie (i4746), b.1973-
Young, Carl Edward (marriage to Myra Jane Davenport) (i4738), b.1918-d.1976
Young, Carl Richard (i4741), b.1947-d.1962
Young, Carol (marriage to Craig John Davenport Jr.) (i1160), b.1945-
Young, Charles Dunster (marriage to Margaret Burchell Davenport) (i4286)
Young, Clifford Joseph (i4742), b.1948-
Young, Elizabeth Davenport (i4287), b.1917-
Young, John Edward (i4740), b.1945-
Young, Julia (marriage to Joseph Davenport) (i338), b.1807-d.1880
Young, Kathleen Mary (i4743), b.1951-
Young, Leslie (marriage to Andrew Mitchell Willis) (i4309)
Young, Martha Jane (i4739), b.1943-
Young, Vivian (marriage to Walter Glen Herring) (i4574)


Youngs, Christopher Emory (i3434), b.1944-
Youngs, Helen (marriage to Russel Wheeler Strong) (i3428), b.1887-d.1954
Youngs, Hope Elenore (i3437), b.1970-
Youngs, John William Theodore (marriage to Marguerite Davenport Strong) (i3432), d.1970
Youngs, John William Theodore, III (i3436), b.1970-
Youngs, John William Theodore, Jr. (i3433), b.1941-


Youse, Florence Vivian (marriage to Franklin Albert Davenport) (i990)


Zeigler, Carl Augustus (marriage to Margaret Plumer) (i3761)
Zeigler, Margaret Plumer (i3763), b.1908-
Zeigler, Marilla Davenport (i3762), b.1906-


Zieck, Hanna (marriage to William Taylor Davenport) (i805), d.1976


Zimmerli, Benjamin Putnam (i3994), b.1972-
Zimmerli, Edward Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Browne) (i3992), b.1933-
Zimmerli, Laura Jane (i3993), b.1969-


Zimmerman, Minnie Edna (marriage to Franklin Bulkeley Davenport) (i828), b.1873-d.1967


Zipperian, Magen Aileen (i1651), b.1980-
Zipperian, Thomas Edmund (marriage to Roberta Lathrop Mack) (i1650)


Zonne, Robert John (marriage to Louisa Fowler Shankland) (i4434), b.1916-
Zonne, Robert John, R. (i4435), b.1942-d.1970
Zonne, William Kirtland (i4436), b.1946-

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