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Howard the Duck 11


Steve Gerber takes over editing chores with this issue, giving him practically free reign over the character he created!

In this issue, Howard finally wakes from his dream and finds he has been treated by a Doctor for acute exhaustion! In his delirium he starts hearing voices, thinks that Bev doesn't care and catches the first bus headed out of town and discovers it going to Cleveland. On the bus we are introduced to a new ongoing Character, Winda, who besides from speaking like Elmer Fud also thinks that she's possessed by the Devil. Also on the bus, he is continually bothered by hairless apes aplenty, until finally he is confronted by "the Kidney Lady". There is a battle, which ends with a bus accident and Howard and Winda being taken to a hospital along with the Kidney Lady. Oh by the way Howard is in a strait jacket.



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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Gene Colan

Inker:Steve Leialoha

Letterer:Jim Novak

Colorist:Jan Cohen

Editor:Steve Gerber



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