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Howard the Duck 14

A Duck Possessed !

First of all I like to mention that this is the Klaus Janson's first issue as regular Inker. This is probably where the book looked its finest. With Gene Colan as Penciler and Klaus Janson as inker every issue was breath taking. and Howard never looked better. Howard is the Son of Satan and has now at his disposal great power. His first act is to escape the mental facility taking Winda with him. In moments however he drops Winda off and continues alone to the apartment of Beverly Switzler. Once there he kidnaps Beverly and brings her into the open and demands to know how she feels about him. However before we are given any answers Howard is struck by a car carrying Winda and Daimon. Howard and Daimon struggle for the trident which Daimon finally claims as his own and one again becomes the Son of Satan. He uses his power to restore Howard to his former self and is reunited with Beverly and his friends. In the epilog we find out that the mysterious Dr. Reich is actually Hitler. Before the next monthly issue Howard's adventures continue in Howard The Duck Annual 1.


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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Gene Colan

Inker:Klaus Janson

Letterer:Jim Novak

Colorist:Iren VartanoffJ

Editor:Steve Gerber



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