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Howard the Duck 21

If You Knew Soofi....!

The angry residents start chasing Howard and the Restaurant owner through the streets and our heroes are barely able to escape, but from the help of a friend. Then dear readers we are introduced to an organization known as SOOFI (Save Our Offspring From Indecency). Howard now finds out that the Restaurant owners name is Beverly Switzler and is in fact Bev's (yes our Bev) uncle. Now the SOOFI start committing terrorist act on anything they consider immoral (movies, rock and roll concerts) and as this is going on the leader kidnaps Howard and take him and try to convert him to there cause. Well Howard won't have anything to do with it and just as the spin cycle is finishing (you just have to read it) he gives the leader a sock on the jaw breaking his mask and revealing his face (only to Howard). Howard leaves, leading us out of this issue and into the next.


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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Carmin Infantino

Inker:Klaus Janson

Letterer:Irv Watanbe

Colorist:Glynis Wein

Editor:Steve Gerber




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