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Howard the Duck 15

The Island of Dr. Bong !

Okay this is a weird one even for Steve Gerber. Howard and Bev are walking along the deck of a cruise ship, when suddenly he is hit from behind by Winda's shuffleboard puck and thrown into the ocean. That is the least of their worries though when a giant sea-serpent with a top hat arrives. Howard defeats the serpent by pressing its pleasure button. That's not the last of there troubles since next there is a shower of boulders which threaten to sink the ship. One of the boulders crack and a concrete swan emerges taking Bev and Howard with it. They fall onto a nearby island where they soon are trapped by quicksand and rescued by lizard men and a Man-Duck only to find themselves in the presence of Dr. Bong!!!!


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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Gene Colan

Inker:Klaus Janson

Letterer:Irv Wantanbe

Colorist:Klaus JansonJ

Editor:Steve Gerber



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