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Howard the Duck 30

If This Be Bongsday!

Okay, this issue introduces new Howard writer Bill Mantlo. Bill Mantlo is personally responsible for introducing many of the concepts utilzed in the movie (i.e. Duckworld).

It is also noted that even when the Howard comic is cancelled (anytime now), Mr. Mantlo will go on to write for the Howard magazine which follows.

Prior to Mr. Mantlo, Steve Gerber always utilized the Character of Howard as a sort of Commentary on Human Society, While Mr. Mantlo saw "Duckworld" as the exact duplicate as earth except populated by Ducks.

Also in this issue Al Milgrom, inks over Gene Colan pencils. In my opinion Mr. Milgrom is the worst inker in comic history. This gentlemen has ruined some of the greatest artwork in comics, and to have him work in anyway with Mr. Colan is a shame.

This is it the final show down with Dr. Bong and Iron Duck (what a lame idea, thanks Bill).

It is also noted that Bill Mantlo is the creator of Rocket Racoon.


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Writer:Bill Mantlo

Penciler:Gene Colan

Inker:Allen Milgrom

Letterer:Elaine H.

Colorist:Michele Wolfman

Asst Editor:Mark Greunwald




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