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Howard the Duck 18


At the stare of this issue Howard is in the Evolvo-Chamber and Beverly has agreed to marry Dr. Bong to prevent him from killing Howard. Beverly tries to free howard from the horrid experiment and accidently speeds up the process. Before the experiment ends Bong drags Beverly away to a distant ship to be married by a sea captain. Back at Dr. Bong's castle Howard is transformed into a Human. He escapes with another of Bong's creation "FiFi" to New York city where their ship crashes and FiFi is killed. Howard is feeling much self pity at the end of the issue not being able to handle the fact that FiFi is dead, Beverly is married and he's a hairless ape.


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Writer:Steve Gerber

Penciler:Gene Colan

Inker:Klaus Janson

Letterer:Irv Watanbe

Colorist:Janice Cohen

Editor:Steve Gerber




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